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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adios Algo' 2013

So the final day arrives and guess what, it's still raining despite the forecast to dry up but there is time yet.  Kaz cooks a fried breakfast for those that want it whilst others clean up whats left.  A house clean sweep and  bit more table tennis and we were ready to roll.

Michel performs a perfect forward lunch

With the clouds still low some opted to head to Ronda for sightseeing before taking the scenic route towards Malaga whilst others opted to hang around Lijar to see if it would clear up enough for some flying.

ETT on the lower slopes of Lijar

So Kaz's car headed south and mine north and up the hill, well as far up as the sun was as the top was still in cloud.  A nice picnic table ideal for extreme table tennis (ett) and lunch and collecting ammunition.  As cloud base thinned a couple of vans full of pilots headed up and in due course we followed.  Still a bit murky so out with the catapult and more ett, not sure the other groups know what to make of us, they just don't get it ;)

The catapult finally comes out to play

brightening skies on Ponientte


Bit by bit the skies lifted and the Vultures appeared and gliders took off, Pilot x, Michel, Ollie and myself all had a fun flight with cloud base easily obtainable and plenty of Vultures to chase.  The notice board filed gave it's usual entertainment and one pilot nearly got a shock as he glanced the power lines, Cloud 9 team were exemplary.

Pilot x does a bit of crabbing

then goes flying

So with gliders packed we left Algo' and headed west taking the normal route home and pleased with our last flight.  Passing by Teba we noticed the windmills were not as far off as expected and as Pilot X had never been to launch before we decided to take him up there.

ETT at Teba

Something else at Teba

Pilot X at Teba

10 minutes later Michel was unpacking his kit yet again, Ollie was in the air and Pilot X was enjoying his first visit to the site with a nice flight.  Peachy and myself decided to study the bits and bobs on launch and chat to john b (hangy Hippy) who had also pitched up.  Ollie and Wyn finally go down and Michel comes in on top for another final packing session.

Ollie on top

Michel comes back in on top

The other car had had a nice time in Ronda and a very stunning drive through the mountains and finally found a nice restaurant where we met up for something to eat before heading to the airport.  naturally we got separated with the tom tom taking us through the nearest thing to Beirut out side of Beirut from which were pleased to survived.

The gym we had to drive past at least 3 times !

Strangely enough both cars arrived within a minute of each other at Malaga car where returned our trusty steeds nearly unscathed and with the same tyres on as we started with, bonus.

Cars dropped off and all sorted

So ended Algo' 2013 which it has to be said saw more flying than anyone expected and some superb flying at that.  Ollie C returned 31 hill  flights to his credit having started with none,  around 10 hours airtime and most of his Pilot rating tasks completed!  Graham K got the first flight to Ronda la V and had the best flight of his life to boot. Shaun S had his first taste of big hills and lively air and will hopefully be back for more with a bit more experience. Phil L had his first flight on his Delta 2 and managed to keep it in the right place and even get blown away on it.  Martin J replaced his nick name from Sinky to Lifty before confirming his Barbie one.  Julie S on her first trip with us fitted in like one of the gang and gave us a load of laughs as well as having some lovely flying.  Michel K flew whenever it was flyable and sometimes when it was not and gave us all hope for the future with his enthusiasm.  Kaz as well as providing the packed lunches had some great flying both in the smooth and the rough.  Peachy faced his demons and overcame them and introduced a new acro manoeuvre to be known as the Peachy Poo (or the "did you see me").  Pilot X turned up flew XC, led Ollie astray and never stopped learning, the man is like a sponge just soaking it all in.  And me, well largely thanks to Martin had more flying than expected, enjoyed a super XC and just loved watching everyone having fun and developing in their flying.

Thanks to everyone for making it one of the best trips yet and none of you are on the banned list :) so feel free to book in for next year if you wish …… others are welcome too.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Karting Kapers and Cowboy Hats

Well finally the weather as forecast a week ago gave us a break from going up hills and flying around, never thought I would say that.

A different morning view as the clouds rumble in

So with no pressure we had a really chilled morning with coffee in the square as the forecast rain approached before getting together and heading off to Jerez for a Go karting and shopping trip.  The idea was to meet up with FlySpain group for the annual interim challenge.  Whilst we did meet up we were unable to race at the same time so it had to be done on times, probably a good idea in fact as the carnage that may have ensued may have got us banned for further visits.

So with the FlySpain boys sorted and suitably sweaty Cloud 9 took to the track. Pilot X's  tip of going near naked under the overalls turned out to be a good one as did not putting go pro's on helmets.

Changing room antics

The tension built as we did our warm up laps and initial qualifying times, tyres screeched Michel overtook on the very first follow my leader lap and we quickly warmed up under our suits.  The first race set off as you would expect and by the 2nd lap tiger Lyons was pulled over for "BUMPING"  despite his claims that i spun in front of him the video evidence proved otherwise.

Ollie in control

Peachy gets some air

Testosterone bubbled over as Julie and Kaz returned from the shops to watch and I was next to pt in the sin bin!  So to the final and all to play for, woos off we went, Peachy got airborne with all 4 wheels off the ground on the first corner and was still there when we came round on the second lap desperately trying to avoid him.  Things "settled" down a little although the struggle for 2,3 and 4 was intense with subtle bumps being the name of the game.

What goes on in the changing room stays in the changing room

Every picture tells a story

'buff said, read them and weep Fly Spain 

Good news was no one got hurt (much) and we convincingly beat the FlySpain boys times so a Victory all round.  Prize giving over and having cooled down we headed off to Decathelon for a spot of retail therapy.  A fun hour or so was spent playing around and we even managed to but a few things as well.

Hat shopping and country dancing

tongues …...

Back in Algo it was still raining so we played with the new toys and viewed the evidence regarding peachy's flight then headed out for our "last supper" in the town and a very nice one it was too.

new toy

Michel (from Birmingham) plays a mean game

the culprits are identified …….

 With the chance of flying tomorrow most packed kit in a suitable manner so we could make the most of what was to be.

the last supper and it was super

Quote of the day " I'm not used to not winning"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dummy's and Detours

With a little bit of confidence rebuilding required we headed of with car one a little earlier than normal to sneak one in before the heat kicked in and play a bit.

Relaxing wee time

Phippsy leads the guys off

Floating in the breeze

Peachy back in the saddle

Nicely soarable on the southerly launch saw me off first followed by Ollie and Peachy into nice ridge lift with a bit of thermal mix. Having gained a bit of height Peachy headed off towards the landing filed and en route played with Big ears, damping tighter turns and a bit of Roll reversal (he instructed me whilst in womens clothing). Ollie followed us down a bit later having sucked on his birthday present (this could be the next big thing in Paragliding)and a very nice flight indeed, a trapped nut on landing gave Peachy and myself some entertainment.

Wing man as we float out

says it all

all's good here

Phil was down and ready for us so we wasted no time in packing and heading back up to join the rest. Main launch was still working on the southerly although it looked pretty hard going to get high. Michel launched and showed us just how exciteable it could get using the full lenghth of his arms to damp the wing and wishing he had a few more inches (don't we all).

Think i recognise this man

Pilot X joined in the fun and so did Graham K both get some nice climbs but not enough to get away on. Phil was off again and it was not long before the team were on their way back up as we moved to Ponientte launch.

Julie chilling

lifes not bad at all

The keen beans were soon ready again with Michel leading the way and reporting conditions as civilised, Martin enquired if that was English or French civilised …........ Pilot X went off and the pair of them were soon climbing out as the wind increasd. 3000' ATO saw Pilot X on his way and Michel “a sitting duck” over the landing field a grand above and stationary. Graham K launched climbed then though better of it and joined Michel for a vertical landing in the notice board field.

Looking back at Ponientte as Pilot X drifts away

coming in 18k away all looks well

Meanwhile we had a fun time on the hill watching the various antics before message from our XC guru some 18 k away. The retrieve car set off in the wrong direction resulting in a 50 K round trip and a joke about a generator…........

Looks like a “day off” tomorrow

Quote of the day “ to little to late really ”

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early doors or late night..not sure..

The morning drive up, not many around ;)

Bike race on hill closed road from 8am..Phil, Phippsey and Mr Koller left at 7.15 to beat the spandex to the top..mystery man continued to talk on the "great white phone "...in Welsh ... while birthday boy Ollie gave a great corpse impersonation while his liver worked overtime.

Chilled at base and "book" reading

Ollie on re hydration

guess it worked

Leisurely breakfast, feet tanning and mommy porn from Julie...maximum "chillaxinrelaxin", we waited for the 3 amigos to fly. Phew ...it was hot...

Hansel and Gretal finally surfaced at noon..blamed everything on altitude, 43 metres apparently.

Sunrise on Lijar

What a spot to write a blog

hat and coat on a wall

The winner

The 3 amigos requested red riding hood to take lunch up the hill..couldn't understand why nobody offered to oblige .. Another day in fairytale land...how glad am I that I stayed in bed at witching hour . Man of mystery surfaced looking like an " etiolated bean shoot", and was rapidly dispatched to clean the upstairs loo, sink, bin, floor, cystern and walls, repaint the ceiling and do a deep clean of the shower plughole...

Ollie rehydrated on the patio while Captain Peacock launched the boys into the great blue.. Graham K headed for space and thermal Phil followed...man of mystery groaned..looking greener than earlier today

Two in the blue with the whole of the sky to themselves, nice

another field in Spain for Phil between Lijar and Ronda

Massive chaos as the skipper instructed us to "lock and load", the "kitchen squirrels" prepared potato for this evenings celebration, Julie eyeing the choritso in the salad box keen to return to her holiday reading ....

Little did we know what was to follow...

We loaded and locked (sphincters) and foolishly headed to Poinette...
Getting out of the vans we assumed the position ...like Jesus in a crowd...arms outstretched facing the wind....what is that all about ???...must re-read the manual...

Ponientte set up and nice clouds

gaggle above

Michele and the man of mystery rigged and launched into the lift....disappearing into the white stuff...rapidly followed by G Koller. The three field mouse minced and tried to stay on Terra Firma, but Phippsey intimidated us into the air...wuff, “Boating” we asked for, but basting we got, Kaz fresh from her last bashing, launched into the lift...”rock and roll”, Ollie (field mouse 2) launched and decided to go olive collecting in the trees.

I...epic launch, headed skywards, textbook thermalling gained height...with the big boys...

Pushing out over the field, a little wee came out...

Like Icarus I rose, and rose...Malaga on view I decided downwards was needed...how....bugger, what was this “ears” about...never required in 7 years I radioed in...any body...anybody...

Kaz “safely”in the notice board field, confirmed outer lines....alone and afraid, and with more than a little wee coming out, I performed a FULL STALL , swinging forwards like a happy kid on a swing, I managed to find some sink “it was working well”, never got big ears in, but in silence, I headed to the landing field, executed a textbook landing, a bag of one expletive later, glad to have 2 working arms , legs and a fully functioning spinal column I relaxed,….

Peachy enjoying the view

and not enjoying a different view …..

Kaz and I consoled each other as we watched G Koller land through the gate between the barbed fence...he said this was intended , we all believe him...! Why wouldn't we..

Mystery man and Phippsey headed for Rhonda..”over the back”..as you do....

That will do lets go …...

All down and resolved not to fly again that day, we headed for a late boat at Rhonda ridge... where we found the two amigos taking on coke and smiling a lot.

Kaz rigged and up, like “a rat up a drain pipe”...she was exorcising some demons...Ollie top of the stack...boating as ever.. we mixed it with the Fly Spain students... (after permission )...shouted at a few

Kax tempts Peachy back into the air

Phil, and the mice flew out, followed by the Welsh whirling dervish, we did XC for the road....

All in the field, me in a a very sinky thistle ditch ...(fixated)...dunno why, we headed home for birthday celebrations

What is it that attracts him to bushes ???

Heinz beans, red sauce, mash, fried onions, and sausage...followed by a big cake we celebrated Ollies 29th....what a day....

Birthday bash

Big ears to do, weight shifting and “role reversal”....no nothing to do with surgery, tape or cross dressing...bed was favourite....

Monday beckons….

Thanks again to Mr Peach for writing the blog think it must be nervous energy coming out

Quote of the day " **** **** ***** **** **** thank **** for that am I glad to be down, did you see me?"