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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relaxation therapy

Good to be back in the field after a few day "off", Saturday and Sunday due to unexpected wind (actual wind not mine) and Monday because we needed a day out! The weather was much brighter than forecast and although cooler than the last few days was ideal for running around in.

Anna D and John M were along for a Taster day on the hanger having travelled down for a week in Cornwall from the Wirral. They had a full on day of it working through the ground based activities in the morning then moving onto the tow line after lunch. Slowly they began to relax and as they did the flying became easier and by the end of the day they were both putting in some good flights across the field and landing on their feet. Think they will sleep well!

Paul C (Plymouth) also took his time to relax but when he did his progress on the Hang Glider leapt ahead and by the end of the day he was high flighting and moving onto the base bar, lets hope he stay relaxed for the next time out.

Keiron C and Sam K were out with the Paragliders and worked hard in the morning practicing ground handling whilst the breeze was still a little fresh for them to fly. By mid afternoon it eased back and they both put in some nice flights with Sam moving within spitting distance of his CPC tasks and Keiron having completed his rounding off the day by passing his exam so become CPC qualified on the tow, well done.

Jonathon P (Bristol) dropped by and put in a few more tows on his Hang Glider looking very competent with it and also helped out with the tethers alongside Sam and Paul, thanks guys.

Nice day, nice people even I nearly relaxed!

Friday, May 21, 2010

From the ground up

Hangers rigged and ready to go

Alan s ground handles whilst Jonathon P comes in to land

Bob H gets in tune with the wing

Paul C heading up

Jonathon P floats arounsd whilst we shelter from the sun!

Strange day in the tow field as the easterly wind played tricks. On arrival it was already breezy enough for the Paragliders so they set off across the field for some ground handling. They being Mike C (Perranwell), Bob H (Tavistock) and Alan S (Falmouth).
Meanwhile the Hangers got cracking with a real mixture of things going on. Jonathon P (Bristol) was along for some refresher work and to get back into towing and had a great day settling in and enjoying some good flights the last of which saw him floating around the field having climbed out from almost setting up to land.
Paul C (Plymouth) continued into his EPC and despite a "slow" start finally got more relaxed and sorted out his airspeed to get his turns going. Hopefully he will now be set up to move into his CPC next time out.
Simon C (Honiton) on his second day moved nicely off the tethers and put in some super flights across the field as he prepared for his first release flights. He took an early bath after tweaking his shoulders but is looking good for his next day out to move on to higher flights and turns.
Gary M (Bath) came down to have another days practice on his landings and had a fine time starting off on the Mars then moving onto the Calypso. His confidence steadily built and hopefully he will soon be happy to get back into the air (and down again) on his rigid.
Shame we could not get the Para's into the air but a couple of test flights quickly made it plain that it was not good up the boys however did well and the ground work they did will pay dividends in the future.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cool hand Luke

Having written off the day for flying it was a surprise when the misty/fog suddenly lifted and Luke C (Bath) was on the phone wanting to get going on his Powered Hang Gliding conversion. So it was a late start made a bit later by some sheep retrieving and fuel sorting but we did get going.

After the basics i did a quick demo flight ob his Wills Wing Sport 2 / Mosquito NRG combination which reminded me what cracking pieces of kit they both are and make a superb match when together. Conditions were near ideal, nice and smooth although light enough for the take offs.

Luke got on with it and did two super flights both with excellent take offs and landings although he needs to work on "the spot" to save some walking. In the air he looked relaxed almost from the word go taking to it in fine style. We finished early so I could go to the doc's with Kaz for an update on her knee (skiing injury) which was pretty positive so fingers crossed she will be back in the air soon. Busy day tomorrow so early night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finishing school

Always good to find a four leafer at the start of the day

Luke acts as "nose man" whilst Hywell gets set to go

Nice and level with undercarriage down Hywel sets up to land

Four Fours are whats needed if you are going to find a lost radio!

With the weather forecast to go damp tomorrow we decided to head to the field to "finish off" Hywel's CPC Hang Gliding on the tow line.

Whilst Hywel rigged his glider Kev T got in some ground work on the Condor to start off his Hang Gliding training in earnest so watch this space.

In classic conditions Hywell put away 8 tows polishing off his slow flight appreciation and adding to his overall experience and landings. By lunchtime all that was left to do was to find the radio that I had lost in the field.

An organised search pattern amazingly found it much to everyones surprise, thank you Luke. may be it was something to do with the 4 four leaf clovers i found as we rigged the Condor.

Will pop some piccies on later.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"That was lovely"

Keiron looking like an old hand as he completes his CPC tasks

Jackie W starts to get higher on her way to her EPC

The skies got bluer and the start gate busier

Pete L returns on his new Dudek Synthesis wing with a big smile

What a cracking day in the tow field with a whole lot going on. First to get going were the hangers with Hywel (Pembrokshire) and Shad (Surrey) putting in the high flights and moving through their CPC tasks. By the end of the day Hywel had converted from the Mars to the Calypso and Shad was getting to grips with the chest release. The title quote came from Hywel after landing the Calypso for the first time.

Kieron C (Boscastle) was out on the Paraglider and had a fab' day finishing off his CPC flying tasks by performing Big Ears (and they were very Big) and some very nice Asymmetric collapses. He then spent the rest of the day having fun and building experience, nice one.

Jackie W came along after a bit of a break and had a stunning day (afternoon) racking up a Dozen tows to complete her EPC flying tasks and rounded off with a lovely high flight which really put the icing on the cake.

Pete L was along with his Paramotor ready to try out his new wing (Dudek Syntesis) which after a bit of ground handling he took to the air with. The reply to my question from 1000' was "absolutely fabulous" as he cruised around the sky learning more about his new toy. A bit quicker at launch and landing but a lot quicker in the air. Big smile and one happy customer, enjoy Pete.

Looks like light winds all week so we should be out for some more including some powered Hangies over the next few days. Will pop piccies on later.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Afternoon Delight

Derek J reaxes his fingers as he floats by

The whole ridge to himself, one of the benefits of Hang Gliding

Soaring the wind sock

Patience was the name of the game and with the cold front over us in the morning we had to wait for it to clear. a close eye on what what was happening saw us head out about 13.00 so we were nicely on site as the sky cleared on the wind veered.
Derek J was keen to get some hill soaring in before returning to Wales and with Perranporth to ourselves it was perfect. He had a lovely hours flying in super conditions practicing all sorts of things and looking very competent with it. Hywel and Shad came along for a look and picked up lots of tips and useful information along with getting to know the site where they may well do their first soaring flights.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top of the line

Dave K launches on the Hangy

Karen M floats down on one of her higher flights

The Hangy Boys hang out together

Hywel comes in after his first high flight and circuit

Decisions Decisions, it was a tricky call whether to head to the hill or to the field but the field won in the end. It proved to be a good choice as the conditions on the coast were light and off and when it did become flyable it was Busy!
In the field we got moving pretty quick and with a string of hangers and an odd Paraglider we had plenty to do.

On the Hangers Dave K (Bristol) was back to continue into his EPC having given up with another school, Shad (London) was down for his first day with us having also given up with another school and Hywel (Pembrookshire) on his 4th day made up the novice class.
They were also joined by Terry P (Exeter) and Derek J (Caerphilly) who were out building experience tows.
On the Paragliders (which we thought would be blown out) was Karen M (Bristol) on her second day of her EPC.
Conditions settled down and we got underway with a good atmosphere and everyone mucking in. The Hangy students worked hard and despite a few techniques that needed sorting they all clicked with the gliders and made huge progress. Putting in 10 flights each they all managed to get to high flights by the end of the day and were all looking nice and relaxed, almost like Hang Glider Pilots! Congratulations to them all on getting sorted and through their EPC's.
Karen had a great time on the Paraglider and after practicing some ground handling managed to slip in 9 flights to take her through her EPC flights in fine style before the breeze became just a little too much for Paragliders.
Terry and Derek had a great time using the lines putting in 15 and 5 flights respectively, hopefully off to the hill with them tomorrow.
Great news from Wales where Pete C was away on one of his coaching trips and informed us that ex students Graham A (Hanger) and Davis L (Para) had gone XC completing 26K and 18 K respectively, well done guys and well done Coady!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Bundle of Fun in the Sun

Lovely sky as the Tandem does its thing
Up in the great blue yonder

Its a Family affair, great bunch, great fun

Sam K does his impression of the Angel of the North

Easy Rider

What a wonderful day, almost like summer in the tow filed. We were blessed by a light sea breeze for most of the day and then the luxury of a little convergence near the end of the day giving excellent conditions.

Hywel PR (Pembrokshire) made good progress on the Hang Glider moving off the Condor and onto the Mars as he towed to higher altitude over his 10 flights giving time to build his turns and by the end of play they were nicely upto 90 so setting him up nicely for high flights after another couple.

Sam K was back on the Paraglider and had a fabulous dayas he moved well into his CPC rattling off Weight shift, speed bar, 180 turns over his 11 flights and having the added bonus of some super thermalling under the convergence to give him a couple of "long" flights.

Lunch time saw the arrival of a family group 5 of whom were up for Tandem flights and what a fun group they were. Having come all the way from India (well via London and StIves) they were making the most of Cornwall and what it has to offer. They all had great flights some more noisily than others and all appreciated the stunning views along the coast and across to Penzance. Great fun to have along and a pleasure to meet.

Congratulations must go to Pete C (yes winch man Pete) who sneaked past the tow field at cloudbase under the convergence having taken off at Rosewall and landed at Redruth, nice one.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leggy Blonde or Windsock?

The guys gat ready to fly, is that a leggy blonde in the background, oh no its Hywel

Mike C comes into land as Hywel gets ready with the Hang Glider

A fun day in the field saw plenty going on lots of progress made. The wind kept us on our toes as it moved around the field which gave us plenty of practice at moving locations.

On the Hang Glider Hywel PR (Pembrokshire) got his first taste of the winch and alongside Paul C (Plymouth) did a nice job of working well into their EPC's getting as far as release flights and gentle turns by the end of the day. With 14 flights each they certainly made the most of it.

Said Z (Bracknell) returned and had a busy day with 13 flights to finish off his CPC and gain his qualification but getting it right and landing near the windsock although in his head it was something else!!!!!

Sam A (Tavistock) turned up mid afternoon and had a good time on the Hang Glider sorting out base bar conversions and getting into prone flying over 5 flights as he approaches the end of his CPC course so will soon be able to add Hang Gliding alongside his Paragliding skills.

On the Paraglider Mike C (Peranwell) had a good one putting away 10 flights to take him well into his CPC tasks and looking more competent with each one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cool Hand Luke

After a brief visit to the tow field we headed to Carbis Bay as the wind was already on the breezy side. Arriving we found ex student Luke C rigged and ready along with very hopeful Steve M and Bill N with their Paragliders.

The sea looked pretty exiting so we held fire but not long after Steve and Bill departed things moderated and it was time to fly. Luke had a couple of cracking flights on his Wills Wing Sport 2 Hang Glider making two super take offs in the still challenging conditions and followed them up with two first class landings. Huge smile said it all and so good to see young enthusiastic Hang Glider pilots out there doing it.

I managed to sneak in a nice flight on the T2 C and had a fine time playing with the sea thermals as they drifted through.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Starter for one

With the forecast for the wind to pick up we made the best of the day by heading to the tow field with Hywell PR (Pembrokeshire) to get the basics out of the way in readiness for a full days towing next time out. Hywell had done an EPC back in 1995 so it was interesting to see how he got on. By just after lunch we had him pretty much sorted and his previous experience made life easier although as expected he was a little rusty.

With the hand tows out of the way he is looking forward to getting onto the winch and back into the air. He is down all week so lets see what he manages to achieve.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Racing and Pacing

The new T2 C 144 attracts attention as soon as it was out of the bag

Colourfull gliders on top of Merthyr

Studying the sky before setting off to Porthcawll

Stunning view of gliders and countryside on top of Forest farm

We headed to wales to take part in the first round of the British Open Hang Gliding Series based at Crickhowell near to Abergavenny. The first three days saw not ideal weather although no tasks were set some did manage to get some flying in including our man Kev T on his Paraglider at Merthyr after everyone else had left!

However the Bank Holiday Monday saw good conditions as forecast and we found ourselves sat on top of Forest farm site with a 75 k race to goal on the coast. This was the first time I had got to fly the T2 C in thermic conditions and she was great, climbing well and very nicely behaved on fast glides even in the choppy air. It was a fun day and despite getting stuck for 10 minutes or so on a ridge I made it to goal in an hour and seventeen minutes good enough for 4th place. Wills Wing T2's made up 3 of the top four places a great result for the "team".

Sunday looked good but proved trickier with some getting away quickly and having an easy time of it as they headed to towards Usk 60k crosswind whilst others struggled to get away and struggled to get 20k under there wings before landing at the foot of the Hay Bluff ridge and others went down at launch. Still it was all flying and whilst I fell into the middle category it was great to see what some guys can do in the variable conditions.

A fun time away with plenty of interest in the new wing which I am sure will lead to some more converts, sorted out some Parachutes for some pilots who were replacing the tiny ones they had been flying on for the last 15 years and helped out the guys with their new instruments which they bought from us as they used in competition for the first time.

Wills Wing did well with second (Craig Dolwin T2) and 4th (PhippsyT2C) in the main class and Ist (Greg Emms Eagle) in the club class. In the ridigds Paul Harvey took the honors no doubt helped by his new Tenax 3 Harness which we supplied and adjusted for him at the comp'

Here's to the next one.