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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good to be back in the saddle

After a bit of a break what with trips etc it was good to get out for a bit of teaching. The site was Perranporth with Luke C (Bath) along to hopefully complete his hill endorsement and get him onto his new Sport 2. On arrival the wind was well north and light ish but we rigged anyway whilst a couple of Paragliders made the best of it. Surely enough the wind came more on the hill and the sea thermal activity increased making periods of good lift and periods of poor lift, not overly good for learning to soar.

Still patience is a virtue and whilst I played on a Paraglider Luke waited and watched. Early afternoon and the wind filled in getting top endy for para's so it was time to try a hangy. After a cracking flight on the Calypso thermalling up with Steve H on his Paraglider it was time for Luke to get going.

By the end of the day he had put away four excellent flights, two on the Calypso followed by two on his Sport 2 all with good top landings and got plenty of thermal experience as well. So with another hour and forty five in his log he is now CPC qualified in both hill and tow, watch out for him on the hills and well done.

Several others had a good time to on hangers including Graham A and Kieth S who both had super soaring and landings and also Geoff b who took my T2 for a spin and promptly circled up and disappeared inland under some big clouds, guess that's the last time I'll see that glider then.

Here's to more of the same to come over the Christmas break