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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bon Voyage

Yes we are in "Sunny " France well at least it has been sunny for the past few days although we have had a little rain this morning hence time to catch up the blog.

First day here we spent relaxing in 27 degrees in the Gorge whislt watching the gliders circling way above under a blue sky. Next day whilst the girls went shopping we made a late trip up the hill but did not bother to rig as conditions looked fickle.

Yesterday went up and got the girld off the south launch on the Paraglders for a nice flight to the fish field then rigged up on top. By the time I was ready things were looking not too hot but after a long wait my flying buddy Steve G got off and climbed in gentle lift whilst I waited for the next cycle. 10 minutes later after encountering strong lift, being sucked into cloud, getting totally disorientated and coming out in an unrecoverable spiral dive he cam down under his parachute landing with no hysical injury although his glider was not so good. Hmm, keep well clear of cloud and make sure you have a big Parachute. Hope things improve soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Toy for a happy Boy

Guess it's something in the air but new gliders seem to be arriving thick and fast and today it was Graham M's turn. having dropped around after lunch we assembled his New Wills Wing Sport 2 175 from its short packed transport state then headed out to St Sgnes to test fly it.

Conditions were perect and after a good pre flighting and float test Graham was off and up. It was obvious as his feet left the ground that he was Happy and the rest of his flight confirmed it. Perfect landing huge smile and the comment "it goes where you want when you want" kind of said it all. Grahams been flying for over 25 years and also has a Talon (Topless) so knows his gliders, my feeling is the Sport 2 will be the one he flies most.

Whilst out on site Laura (Hampshire and husband Paul dropped by for a tandem flight as a late Honeymoon present, Laura was going to go Paragliding in Scicilly but judged it as a bit risky so opted for something back in the UK. She had a super flight despite a few nerves in the classic conditions. Having never done anything like it before she did well although a air sickness tablet may have helped!

Anothet lovely day in Cornwall

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dual duals!

With a fresh northerly on the forecast we canned towing and headed to the hill for some Hang Gliding. With the wind smack on and at around 22 -24 it was superb conditions for tandem flying on the Hang Glider and Kaz and myself were soon in the air to test conditions, they were great.

Spot on time Sarah (Southampton) and her partner Dave arrived for a surprise flight for Sarah, it was not until she saw us flying that she had any idea what was going on. despite having done sky dives, bungee jumps and several other exciting things around the world she was a bit nervy and on the quiet side as we got ready to go.

A perfect take off saw her settle down and relax and within a few minutes she was loving it. we had a great time playing with the air currents and flying with the seagulls. Patrick B came up on his hanger to join us and do a short aerobatic display for us to add to the experience. Sarah had a go at flying the glider and did a pretty good job at it then after a few more tight turns , 360's and stalls it was off into land. What a different girl, we could not stop her talking bout it! In fact she was so excited that she convinced her partner Dave to come up so we did it all again!

Dave also had a great time giving them plenty to talk about afterwards.

Quote of the day "that was bl**dy awesome" where have I heard that before??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing at Perran

Classic view of Perran with a very very low tide!

The Tandem floats by the launch

Jonathon enjoys his flight under a Blue Blue sky

Another classic day at Perranporth saw us out there early to get things going. On arrival the wind was spot on and brisk enough for paragliders but do able so we wasted no time getting them out and getting up there. After a short flight things eased a bit so it was time for Rozz (Derbyshire) to get her canopy out and show us what she can do. despite being understandably nervous after her history we took thing slowly and bit by by bit she relaxed. Within a short time she was inflating it nicely controlling it well and collapsing it perfectly also looking a lot happier! Mike C (Perranwell joined her and they both did a fine job of ground handling in fact making some of the more "experienced" pilots look a bit average!

Mark W came along and rigged the hanger for some ground runs and practiced through the day to get a better feel for the glider a stay relaxed which he achieved by the end of play.

Kaz picked up a tandem Jonathon 9 (Yorkshire) who was down on holiday and fancied a flight so we were soon in the air together enjoying the views and mixing it with the other gliders all of whom were very considerate. The beach was really busy and even the sky felt a bit so with several helicopters around.

Barry H got two days on the trot with his new Buzz Z3 and whist we had to encourage him a little as he thought it a bit strong based on his previous wing when he did give it a go he made it look all to easy. Another good flight for Barry and another hour or so into his log book so nearly using up his years quota!

It was a lovely day with plenty of flying going on, even I managed some free flights, Paul H set a new record for packing up then un packing again for one last flight and Mike and Rozz were both very happy with what they achieved and are ready for more.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BuZZing Barry

Having been hard at the paperwork all morning it was a welcome break as the front passed and the weather cleared and we headed to Perranporth. On arrival it was well north and breezy but patience is a virtue and a bit of weather knowledge helps too and within an hour it was nicely flyable.

Rozz M (Derbyshire) was along to hopefully get sorted on her paraglider having started elsewhere but deciding to give us a try and have a holiday in Cornwall at the same time. While the weather sorted it self out we made good use of the time doing a bit of theory and working out just how much she had done and how much she remembered!

Barry H was out to pick up his new wing an Ozone Buzz Z3 to replace his old Firebird Matrix and was hoping it would be the spark to get his Paragliding career going again. As conditions improved Kaz showed the way on her Buzz Z3 which encouraged us to get Barry's out and do a bit of groundwork. Despite his apprehension Barry did a great job on his very first inflation and was amazed at his new found ability! A couple of test inflation's more and he was up and away for a super flight settling into the new wing nicely. 30 minutes later he was back down (finally) after a few attempts with the new problem of actually having too much height, something he had never experienced before. To say he was pleased would bean understatement, ask him yourself...

Conditions were still a bit breezy for Rozz so instead after testing her wing she came up for a Tandem flight to experience ridge soaring for the first time and had a good time of it too.

Kev T joined us as the sunset for a lovely evenings flying in classic conditions and only us there, yummy

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Busy Bee's

It was all go in the tow field in lovely sunny conditions. Whilst Coady took the three Taster day hang Gliders I had the rest with the aim of getting them towing early. However, best laid plans have a habit and with a few late comers and a lot of fiddling about things got a little behind resulting in not as much towing as we would have like.

Still by the end of the day we had manged 60 tows so i guess it wasn't that bad! The Taster days had a fine time working hard and by the end of play they were all "flying" across the field with Coady and myself in hot pursuit. Terry and Alison (Barnstable) both ended with good flights and landings whilst Trev (Paignton) got the basics of it in readiness for his next day as he has decided to go for the EPC it was that good!

On the more experienced front Mark W (N. Ireland) got his first towed flights on the Mars along with Erik O (Bristol) as they worked on their EPC's. Dave K (Bristol) converted to his "new" harness before converting to the chest release on the Calypso and loving it.

For the Paragliders Karen M (Bristol) finished off her CPC tasks so gaining her qualification with some nice Big Ears, Asymmetrics and active flying, well done. Tamsin H (Sennen) was out for her second day with us and finished off her EPC tow tasks and popped in a high flights to set her up for her CPC.

Justine (Australia) dropped by to watch proceedings and took the opportunity for a Tandem flight to get a great view of the North Cornish Cliffs at their best.

Pete L and myself had a few flights on the Paramotors to do a bit of "advertising" as the Radio modeller's show was on next door. It was a long day but thanks to Paul h on the winch, Coady on the Tethers and Kaz on the Ball it all worked out.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ground hog day at Perran !

I can't believe it, yet another cracking day at Perranporth giving more super training conditions all coinciding with plenty of pilots being up for it.

We arrived spot on 09.00 just as the rain cleared and the wind came on the hill, perfect timing. Terry P (Exeter) was nearly rigged as we arrived and after a quick check out flight on his glider he was up and away on day two of his Hill conversion. Terry put in a couple of super flights both with really nice top landings to complete his Hill work so now 2leaves" us as a fully CPC'd Hangy pilot in both Tow and Hill to start his flying career. he will be flying with the Devon and Somerset Condors so watch out for him.

Andy S (London) was down to get his Hill tandem rating re validated having not flown tandem on a Hanger for several years. in perfect conditions I took him up first before he treated me to a couple of flights as passenger doing an excellent job of it too. next we let him loose on Alan H (Bideford) who was down to get back into hang Gliding after a 20 year lay off and having already tried a taster day on the Paraglider with us. They had a good flight with Andy letting Alan have a go at flying and convincing Alan that getting back on the Hangy was the way to go. Andy did a great job with a nice attitude to the whole thing so is now sorted and qualified to take passengers once again, nice work.

Shad C (Surrey) mad best use of his time down here and popped in numerous flights on the Calypso having qualified on the hill on Thursday all with lovely take offs and top landing. By the end of the day he even crossed his legs!

Steve J (Oakhampton) joined in the fun and was along for a bit of refresher to get his landings sorted. He put in a couple of great flights in the first class conditions and put in some extra practice on his landings with a couple of overshoots. But he did not let it phase him and he managed a couple of good ones and learnt a lot along the way so going home with a big smile.

Mark W (N Ireland), Erik O (Bristol) and Alan H (Bideford) all played on the mars with some tethering as the tide came in and the wind picked up. Useful work getting Alan back into the feel of things and the other two ready for some towing tomorrow.

John L (Scarborough) took advantage of the conditions to have a Tandem flight on the Hanger and had a ball. Given the flight as birthday gift having seen it in Peru he may just have a go at taking it up sometime.

Add to this Karen M (Bristol) and Shad passing their CPC exams and it was a very useful day. Good to see several other hangers out there enjoying the conditions and a few Paragliders making use of it as things eased off in the evening. Thanks to the guys for helping out on the tethers and helping each other out at launch another good day.

Quote of the day "is that the normal way to land?"

Will try and add a couple of piccies tomorrow zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Party time at Perran

Angie M gives a wave to the camera as we fly by on the Tandem

Terry P sets off on his first soaring flight

The hangy glider riiging area fill sup whilst Paul H flies

Sam A gets in a bit of tetehering before going soaring

Kaz and Paul look happy after a cracking flight

Wow what a day we had at Perranporth with super flying and super company, it was a cracker. The forecast was what it said it would be with a moderate/fresh WNW but with the advantage of no rain!

On arrival it was clearly a day for the Hangers and they wasted no time in getting into the air with Kaz leading the way.

Shad C Surrey) was next who was back down to hopefully finish off his hill endorsement having already completed his CPC tow with us. He had a super day putting 5 soaring flights all with excellent top landings and even getting 360's under his belt as well. By the end of the day he was well sorted and qualified in Hill as well as tow CPC, well done Shad.

Next up was Angie M (Truro) for a Tandem on the Hang Glider which was given to her as a birthday present. We had a lovely flight in classic conditions with Angie getting a go at flying the glider as well as enjoying the super views of the beach that she knows well from a different angle. A sweet top landing rounded it off with a big smile, nice to meet you Angie and the rest of the family that came to watch.

Terry P (Exeter) made it down by lunch time for his first go at hill soaring having again learnt with us on the tow over the past few months. Whilst he rigged and we waited for the tide to drop back we made good use of the time doing some tether work with Mark W (N. Ireland) who is back to continue his training which he stated back in Easter. mark quickly got the feel of it back and by the end of the day after another session he was looking pretty relaxed.

With the beach opened up Terry was off for his first soaring flight and what a beauty it was. he looked smooth from the start ( the benefit of keeping current i9n the tow filed) and made it all look nice and easy. After a solid 20 minutes he cam in and performed a first class top landing with on of the biggest grins I've seen in a long time. After a break to let others fly Terry was off again for another excellent flight in even better conditions and performed the same super smooth top landing to add another 20 minutes to his tally. he rounded off the day with a slightly more tricky flight in lighter conditions but held in well then sneaked in for a very neat landing back on top. What a day for terry 3 flights and an hours airtime, one more good day on the hill and he is sorted.

Sam Allum (Launceston) turned up and after a few tethered hops to settle his nerves hooked into the Mars and set off on his first Hill soaring flight on a Hang Glider (having learnt to fly Paragliders with us last year). He need not have worried he did a fine job soaring the cliffs and settled down quickly. 20 minutes later he came in and performed a "classic" Mars top landing to a round of applause. He sneaked another in at the end of the day in much lighter conditions to give a different experience but did a fine job and managed to slip back in on top although the "Sam Legs" syndrome did return!

Add top this Rebbekah S, Kaz P, Paul H, Karez C, Patrick B, Andy R and even a visiting Frenchman all out on hangers and there was a lot going on. Thanks to Nigel W and Bill N for their help on the tethers and to Paul H for his coaching with Kaz , Shad and Rebbeka . Ohh forgot to mention we even got Michelle K up on the Tandem HG so watch out guys he could be taking it up!
Quote of the day " that was bl**dy awesome"

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Popping out to Perran

With an occluded front passing through around lunchtime there was a likely slot for flying at Perran in the afternoon. Arriving at 14.00 things were getting better and by the time Holly and Harry (portsmouth) arrived it was almost flyable. Holly had bought a Tandem flight for Harry as an eighteenth birthday present and whilst they were down on holiday.

Kaz kindly tested the air then we were off with Harry doing a fine job on launch. We cruised the cliffs with several others and the seagulls before spotting an approaching rain shower so we nipped in to let it clear. Ten minutes later and we were back up again in steadily improving conditions. Harry had a great flight taking plenty of pictures and enjoying the whole thing. A nice top landing rounded it all off giving them a super start to their holiday in Cornwall

Monday, August 02, 2010

Gardeners World

Malin L flies off on the Paramotor whilst Kaz demonstrates to Alan & Harry

Harry sets off on his first Paraglider flight in fine style

Alan straight on the case as he checks his wing

Harry comes back to earth after a Tandem flight

After a false start on Sunday when the weather shut us down Monday turned up trumps with perfect conditions.

Alan H (Bideford) and Harry C (Falmouth) were both along for taster days on Paragliders and Malin L (Plymouth) was back for day 4 on the Paramotor.

Alan and Harry had a busy day working through the ground work whilst Malin made the most of conditions putting in 3 super flights and climbing well up into the atmosphere (around 2,500 feet), enjoying the view, looking relaxed and doing super take offs and landings. By the end of the day he was CPC'd on the Paramotor having passed the theory in fine style, well done Malin.

The Paraglider boys then got going on the tow line quickly getting it sorted and both had a cracking time managing to end up with release flights on their last goes so putting the icing on the cake. Harry also had a Tandem flight as part of his birthday present and just loved it both enjoying the view and the tight turns, reckon he may be back.

With both Harry and Alan being professional gardeners they had plenty in common making it a very sociable day.