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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seven at Sennen

Well 07.15 to be precise and we arrived at Sennen Cove in a bid to catch the wind the tide and the car park!  The latter of the two we got right but the former we had to wait for!  However Mark L was rigged and ready for when it came and made a near perfect first flight on the Hangy for his first flight off the hill after a long lay off.  Mark performed a super take off and did a good flight down to the beach for a nice landing.

Waiting for the wind

I got some physical exercise in carrying the wing back up by which time it was flyable for the Paragliders so sneaked a nice flight in whilst Mark recovered ;))  After his rest it was time to do it all over again so off he went, hmm not quite such a good take off so asking the Paraglider who had decided to rig on launch to move was a good idea, why do they do it ??  Still an acceptable flight down and another landing under his belt Mark was pretty happy as the tide began to come in and the car park fill up.

Yep it's arrived :)

The Tandem gets flying

The wind was nicely on so it was time to Tandem with Alison and Darren (Birmingham) both down on holiday taking advantage of the conditions for a super flight in stunning surroundings.  Despite her initial nerves Alison soon settled into the flight and took great delight in checking out the various roof tiles in a bid to select some suitable ones for their home renovation project, ideal.  With Darren being somewhat taller than myself I enjoyed a slightly longer flight than him and he did a fine job of staying on his feet to make life easy.

On finals

Alison back down to earth

Conditions just got better and better so Kaz made the most of them whilst with the arrival of Dan H down from Sussex to collect his shiny new Wills Wing U2 160 (test flown yesterday) I introduced him to it and showed him the finer points of rigging.  Looking well pleased Dan gave it a float test and all seemed good so we loaded it onto his car and along with wife Lorreta who had enjoyed the views off they went.

Kaz flies in as the car park fills, cracking sky inland ;)))

Flown out and with a few others arriving we took our leave and headed back east, what a super day.

Quote of the day "natural or not?"

Friday, August 22, 2014

Off to the North and off at St Agnes

Sometimes you just have to make the most of what you have got and where you are and sometimes you just don't!

Perranporth and the wind was on and looking good so we rigged the hangers with myself popping a nice new U2 160 together for test flying.  Kaz was ready to go, hangy Dave was in the air and Mark L rigging the Falcon, Kaz waited while I tested the U2 which turned out to be handy as it turned out.

Hangy Dave landed and I took off as the wind moved a little more to the north.  The glider was just lovely, perfectly set up and light as a feather despite being a little large on me but the sink rate was superb!  With the wind moving steadily to the north I popped her in after 20 minutes with the lift becoming very limited and the windsock well off.

That is where it stayed for the rest of the day despite various forecasts saying it would come back. Plenty of fun flying on the Falcon along with a few danglers but with the tide coming in so no chance of throwing Mark off we finally cracked at the sight of Tim J circling above St Agnes and headed west.

Sure enough on arrival the wind was on and somewhere between ideal Hang Gliding and Paragliding, hmm which to do.  With a couple of Paragliding Tandems on the cards we decided to test conditions to see if suitable for them so it was out with the Tandem Paraglider.

A brisk enough launch convinced us it was not ideal for paying customers although the lift was superb once away. A swift climb out saw us soon joined by Phil L on his Paraglider, Carez and Tim on their Hangies and we all had great fun chasing the sea thermals as they came through.  Tim got it cracked and circled away over the back soon becoming a dot in the distance.  Kaz and myself got oh so close but a little greed on my behalf saw us pull out of  a steady climb in the hope of even better!

Climbing out and looking back at Perran

Still a fun flight and a great learning curve for Kaz in thermalling.  Carez and Phil had a ball as the temperature dropped and we all headed back in to warm up :))

Well done to Tim who made it just short of Carnon Downs where I found him with a huge grin on his face.  Also well done to the guys who stayed at Perran and made the most of it with some mini XC's, just like the old days.

Some people get all the luck, nice one Tim

Quote of the day " i don't think we will do that again!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dom & Domer at Chapel

it's not as bad as it sounds, honest.  With a nice slot forecast for some flying at Chapel Porth we headed off for some fun flying and hopefully  couple of Tandems to complete.

Things were not ideal on arrival but after an assessment of conditions and based on the forecast things seemed to be heading the right way so we contacted our potential passengers and got the Tandem Hangy rigged.  

By the time our first "victim" had arrived conditions were spot on so we wasted no time in getting them briefed and ready.  Dom  (Norfolk) had seen us flying on his arrival with his family on their holiday and mentioned that he "would like a go at that".  His mum Claire did a quick search and found us on the internet and hey ho here he was on his 17th Birthday gluing into the air, how lucky is that!

We had a cracking flight in perfect conditions in a mixture of ridge and thermal lift giving plenty of height to play with. Dom had a ball and did a fine job of flying the glider so giving me a rest ;)  Spiralling down we rounded it off with a super landing and round of applause from his family, thanks guys and girls.

Happy Birthday Dom

Next up was Dom G (Falmouth) who's flight was also in celebration of his birthday but it was a while ago.  After a bit of untangling after launch we had a nice fly around with Dom amazed at the unique perspective that flying the hanger gives.  With the wind beginning to back as fore sat we kept a close eye on it before nipping in as the lift began to drop off.  Another lovely landing and big smiles all round.  The wind backed and picked up so we sat and waited to see what would happen, well actually we went to the cafe on the beach for a coffee.

Flying High with Dom 2

On return Tim J was in the air and things looked bait better so Mark L  took the opportunity whilst waiting to start his hill conversion on the Hangy for a Tandem and gained some useful experience in both the art of soaring and got his hands back on the base bar after a long lay off.

That was it all down safe and sound then off home for a rest.

Quote of the day "you have no idea"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prop er Job

With 2 Taster Days cancelling off Kaz could relax as I headed off to the field to meet up with Jeff P to get his paramotor training underway having completed an EPC plus course with us on the Paraglider.

With a bit of dampness in the air we went through the theory side and checked out the tasks already well covered in his training.  Spot on time the skies cleared and the sun came out as did the Paramotor and the wing :)  Geoff got his first taste of ground handling with a power unit on his back which stated off less than ideally reinforcing tha fact that you can never practice it enough.

Ready to "play"

Still with a bit of encouragement and a few rests he soon improved and by lunchtime what seemed impossible started to become doable.  Next we got the beast fired up and practiced some runs under power up to take off stage which went well.  With conditions mellowing and after a test of the kit and the air by yours truly Geoff was ready for the BIG One.  Suitably nervous he went for it and on his second attempt made a fine launch up and away.

Flying high Geoff just loving it

somewhere in there is Geoff and the Banner Plane

He soon settled in and climbed nicely to enjoy a super flight around the field clocking up his first 15 minutes of solid airtime.  Despite the still lumpy conditions he relaxed a little and enough to come in and do a pretty acceptable landing all rounded off with a huge smile.

Sums it up

A cracking day for him and a tough one as well but hopefully thats the bulk of it sorted and things should get easier from here.  Great to watch Wyn D coring away from "the Brea" under a good looking sky and nice to talk to Chris H to find out what was going on.

the evening sunset :00

A nice spot of fishing in the evening saw plenty of Mackeral to pop in the smoker, nice

Quote of the day "I wish I had"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mixing and Matching

NO pressure today with Ralph (Ireland) making his way down from the Isle of Whight by public transport for a Tandem Hang Gliding flight and just here for the day in fact he had to catch the train back at 14.30!

Having successfully made it to Redruth I picked him up from the railway station and we headed to Perranporth where amazingly it looked doable :)  We wasted no time in rigging the Hangy and after the brief and checks were soon on launch.  A couple of steps and we were away into the blue and soon floating nicely above the cliffs and dunes.  Ralph just loved it and with the added bonus of some very close views of a Kestrel that flew with us it was something special.

Kaz dives for cover as Ralph and myself go for it

The lift varied from pretty good to not so good and bit by bit it dropped off leaving us scratching around as the Paragliders began to launch.  The sight of them also struggling did not inspire hope for a top landing so after a super flight we opted for the beach where we had a classic landing on the wheels, they are always such good fun.  Thanks to hangy Dave for the help up the dune where, having passed Ralph over to Kaz to drive him to the station where he caught his train with one minute to spare (this guy is seriously lucky) I managed to fly the glider back up saving a full on carry up.

just classic

on the beach ........

A bit of a rest then with the wind filling in it was Darrens (Plymouth) turn on the Hangy n what were now loftier if bouncier conditions.  We had a fun time with Darren achieving a long time desire to experience Hang Gliding and finally getting his 40th Birthday present!  With plenty of height to play with came back in on top for gentle landing having observed Hangy Daves excitement from the air ;)

Darren gets the camera angle 

the moment of aviation

Ian was along for a Tandem Paraglide and with the forecast for the wind to ease back he patiently waited.  the site of the hangies however impressed him sufficiently to get him to give it a go.  Harnessed up and briefed the wind duly eased so it was back to plan A and out came the Paraglider.

Up and away there was plenty of lift as we mixed it with a few others who had also waited on.  Again the lift came and went making it a game of chess to stay in the best areas as we shared the air with Colin N who was having a ball.  With some nice lift coming through we popped in for a top landing as the clouds darkened out to sea and the sun got low.  Ian had a great time and we look forward to seeing him back for a go on the Hangy soon :)

Colin was last one in as darkness fell making the most of it as usual and kindly helped me reload the hangies back onto the van in the gloom.

A fun day again with plenty going on which varied from the exciting to the very exciting to the more than exciting ....

Quote of the day "for that kind of excitement it should have lasted longer"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Now that was FUN :)

The front passed the rain cleared and we headed out to Chapel Porth for some Hang Gliding.  Phil was already there reporting plenty of wind if a tadge off to the right.  Chris W was at Perran with the wind smack on so we thought we would be sociable aided by the sight of good clouds that way.

Chris launches as we arrive under a super looking sky.  We rig PDQ and I launch into a brisk breeze, a bit of a play down low to settle in then lest see if these clouds are working?  Yep lift everywhere and soon circling up and up under a fine looking street. With crystal clear air after the front passing the views were amazing, never got a camera on when you want one!  It was just like a spring sea thermal day and in fact as good as I have ever known it in August at Perran, fantastic.

Phil  L joined in the fun and a bit later  James R (Dorset) also made the best of it.  A truly fun day and hardly anybody there amazing, all rounded off with a bite to eat in the Green Parrot.

Quote of the day "I could feel my face"

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting High & Stoned

It's not quite as bad as it sounds .........  Perranporth was on for the day and whilst the forecast was for the wind to increase in the afternoon it never really happened and it was largely flyable for Paragliders for most of the day.

Perran gets going nice and tidily ;))

After some fun flying on the Para's it was time to to take Penny A up for a Tandem flight who was really looking forward to it and had patiently waited for the right day over the last few weeks.  We had an absolutely lovely flight in what were changeable conditions with the lift filling in nicely throughout the flight giving us the opportunity to fly the whole length of the ridge, nice.

Penny really appreciated it and was full of questions about how and why whilst soaking in the views and keeping a close eye on the birds of prey as they hunted for lunch.  It was great for Penny to experience what her son Carl R who we taught a few months ago now does for fun and no doubt talks about, shame Carl was not there to fly alongside but work got in the way.

Penny gets in amongst the action on the Tandem

The rest of the day was taken up with a bit more flying and carrying out an assessment on Simon S to sort out his Paragliding rating, always an interesting exercise from both sides and Simon took it all well. Simon also took the opportunity to have a fly on my Delta 2 his reaction ......  well I nearly did not get it back!

There was plenty else going on including a few altercations involving a Dog, a "pilot" and some projectiles.   All interesting ones, but at the end of the day who has most to lose?

Quote of the day "where's Adie ? Oh he's only a stones throw away ;))))))"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flipping and Flapping

ready to play

Well what to do and where to go that was the question.  With Phil L and Peachy arriving in quick succession and the news from Chapel Porth that it was well off to the south we had a coffee and a vote.  With Kaz wanting to go to the beach we opted for a day at Carne to make a change.  Gliders loaded we all piled into the Van and headed off with Phil and Peachy nattering in the back.

Peachy and the wall

It was off to the west and windy so it was down to the beach for an ice cream before heading to the low cliffs with the mini wings.  Phil convinced us it would come on and bit by bit it did.

We had a fun time with some flying on the smaller wings and also on the Delta during a nice lull allowing soaring from Nare Head along to Pendower and back.   Peachy and Kaz honed their skills on the Zero's and Phil proved that the rotor comes further up the hill the squarer the wind is on!

Kaz floats off

Peachy braces himself or is he doing something else

Kaz ended up in the sea so we boys thought we had better wonder down to check out the scenery and have another ice cream before we headed home after Kaz had dried off.

There has got to be a caption in this one .....  Kaz Zero's in on Peachy .....

 Quote of the day "has your cup cometh over?"

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Oh what fun

Don't you just love it when the forecast is good and the reality is even better!  It was off to Perranporth where the wind was pretty much smack on and a nice and fresh 22-24 mph.  A few mini wings were playing so having rigged the Tandem Hang Glider in readiness I joined them on the Ozone Zero for a play before handing it over to Bill N to have a go.

Andy ready for the off

Andy (Dad) and James (son) arrived smack on time for their Tandem flights (birthday presents) having travelled down from Bristol the day before and staying on the camp along with Mike (other brother) and Mum Rebbeca.  With the guys briefed and ready, conditions perfect Andy was the first to go.  Off and away into cracking lift we had a super flight playing like a bird and ducking and diving in the abundant lift. Andy had a go at flying the glider and did a fine job before after a good 20 minutes we headed in for a two step top landing to give James a go.

Andy just loving it

inbound for a super landing

With a few stone less on board we went even higher and could have played all day long in the mixture of ridge and thermal lift.  James's ability to control the glider was marginally ahead of Andy's and that was pretty good!  Putting the glider through her paces before once again heading for another tippy toe top landing and they were sorted.  Big smiles then they headed off to St Agnes for the best pasties in Cornwall, well possibly.

James starts his flight as Chris w legs it

what a cracking day

James's face says it all :)

Bill N returned the Zero and you can expect to see a 19 version soon.............  Chris W put in a nice flight on his Wills Wing 155 before performing an excellent top landing then making the mistake of offering me a go.  Fun fun fun I know I rant on but these gliders are so much FUN.

Chris rounds off a lovely flight with a lovely landing

Flown out and talked out it was an early day before heading out on the good old 'Bonnie" for an evening meal out.

Quote 0f the day "how long?"