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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for both at Carbis

Settling in on the T2 C
Pulling in on the T2 C

Chilling out

With some unexpected time on our hands due to last minute changes we headed to make the most of it at Carbis bay. On arrival it was very nicely Paraglideable and myself and Kaz had a fine time sharing the air with several others whilst checking out the scenery as pointed out by Bill......

By mid afternoon the wind had filled in and it was time to get the hanger out giving me a chance to get a little practice in for the upcoming BOS series in Wales over the next few days. Always good to get back on the T2C and what a fun time I had racing the trains and chasing the seagulls. With kit checked and instrument s tuned looks like I am as ready as I will ever be. Lets see what the next few days bring.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Location, location

Kaz and Rob share the air
Adi practces on the ground
Rob takes his CPC exam in a super location

Nigel W hasa fine day out

Big Phil sneaks back around the point

With a light NE forecast we headed to the tow field with a mixture of students all wanting different things. On arrival it was breezier then expected in fact quite breezy, Rob B (Wollacombe) and Adrian P (Devon got out their Paragliders to show us what they could do and spent an hour playing whilst we waited to see what went on weather wise.

With the wind remaining on the strong side for towing we upped sticks and headed to Carbis Bay where it was nicely flyable for Paragliders but a bit light for the hangers.

Rob who was down for a check out and hopefully CPC rating having learnt some years ago at a non BHPA school wasted no time and after a site brief and demo was up and away. Four flights, Big ears, an asymmetric, some slope landings and top landings later we were convinced with his flying ability and attitude. Taking time out he went through the theory side with Kaz before taking his exam which he passed in fine style to gain his rating, nice one. It is always good to see pilots getting sorted and hopefully apart from that Rob learnt a bit more along the way and a few holes which may just keep him safe in the future get filled in.

Adrian put in some more ground handling on the hill in preparation for getting back onto his Paramotor and possibly taking up free flying as well, we shall see.

Nigel who had come down with his hanger to get onto a power unit took the chance of a Tandem Paraglider flight and had a fun time with me scratching the front as the lift dropped off before a small thermal gave us enough to pop it back in on top, phew.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Field Training

Charlie K gets set to go

Pete W does a nice take off

Charlie shows them how it's done

Pete W starts to get the hang of it

It was another sunny day and with lighter winds we opted for the hill which proved to be a wise move by all accounts. The forecast was to pick up as the day went on so we canned the Paragliders and went ahead with the hangers.

We had Charlie K (Winchester) on day one of her HG course along with Pete B (Newquay) and Pete W (Newquay) both on taster days and yes they did come together and were father and son in law.

Things soon warmed up in the filed with the ground training getting going and by lunch time everyone was ready for a break whilst we set the winch out. The afternoon saw the guys getting into the air and little by little each one started to get the hang of it and even relax, although in fairness to charlie relaxing was never a problem.

By the end of play although not perfect we had made progress and with all the hard work done everyone was well set for another good one should they choose to return! watch out for Charlie who should be back in June if all goes to plan.

Kaz and Bill returned from the hills where things were poor at best and several people had visited the beach at Carbis and even more not flown at St Agnes......

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Patience Patience Panic!

Charlie K gets her tandem in

We were always on a time scale as previous commitments meant we were booked up from 13.00 hrs so time was of the essence.

It was back to St Agnes for some more hill soaring and whilst conditions were flyable they were not good enough to tempt me off on a tandem so we waited. As sods law says as the deadline approached things began to get better with an increasing breeze and lift. In fact things began to get that good that we managed to renegotiate an hours time extension and what a fine job we did.

Charlie K (Winchester) down to start her HG training took the slot and we had a good time up on the hanger for her first flight on a hanger despite having been around the sport since a child, even now she is only 16. Charlie was very chilled and did well at flying the glider as we flew with the gulls.

back on planet earth we packed up and made it with plenty of time to spare, nice one but sorry Pat.....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soaring at St Agnes

Elanor at Launch
The Tandem takes off

Flying high in a blue blue sky
Elanor and Kerry after their flights

It was a strange day at St Agnes and the theme from Vault bay continued with wind but lift that was not as good as expected. However we still had fun and as the low cloud lifted conditions improved with fun for all.

On arrival the Paragliders were having a fun time with "Uncle" Bill N enjoying his Rush 3 and showing us how it is done. I had a nice play on the Delta and Kaz got back in the air on her Buzz Z3 in fact it looked like an Ozone demo day! Lee K took the chance to fly the Delta and did a super job of it looking quickly in touch, flying smoothly and enjoying the extra speed and glide that it provides along with feeling comfortable and solid on it, big smile and "how much do you want for it?"

With conditions better Sue K took the opportunity for a Tandem flight on the Paraglider and had a great time putting her fear of heights behind her and thoroughly enjoying the whole experience and the amazing views of the cliffs.

By the time we had landed the wind had filled a little more and it was time to get the hangies going. Elanor and daughter Kerrie were up for Tandem flights and it was not long before with a small yelp at launch Kerrie was up and away. Her nerves soon settled and we both enjoyed a cracking flight as the sun shone and the seagulls soared alongside. After landing and a bit of a break as we let conditions improve again Elanor got her flight something she has wanted to do for a long time " exactly as I thought it would be " was the comment just after launch, fantastic.

So nice to take all the guys tandem who appreciated both the flying and the environment so much, thanks guys.

Good to see a nice crowd out on both Para's and hangies such a good place to be., more tomorrow ??

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sun Worshippers

Perfection in formation ground handling

Bill launches one to many times

It was a glorious day at Vault Bay with a pleasant on shore breeze and no lift! Still we had fun with some ground handling and Bill and myself sneaked in a couple of quick flights before Bill took one too many resulting in a walk up from the beach.

Even though the flying was lacking it was a grand day out soaking up the rays and a very useful one for Adi C getting used to the site and the difference between the hill and the fleld. Hopefully tomorrow will see some more action.

Sorry about the lack of piccies we have had camera problems but hopefully all soted now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

Well the title of today's blog is what Bill N said after I asked him what he thought of his new Rush 3 which he got to fly on the hill on Sunday, if you want a more in depth account ask him yourself!

Back to the days activities and it was another super sunny day in the field where we had Kieron d down from Plymouth on a Paragliding taster day along with Jim S (Wiltshire) for a taster day on a Hang glider and Richard g (Praze) on his second taster day also on a hanger. Dan L (Truro) joined us for some keep his hand in/ experience flights whilst he waits for the wind to play ball for the hill.

It was a cracking morning as the guys worked through their ground based activities and it was a warm bunch that sat down for lunch having cracked the bulk of it. Whilst the wind sorted it self out we did the tow brief then with it settling in a light NE we set the winch and got going.

Dan led the way and had a fun afternoon popping in some high flights in amongst the students. Richard G on his second day showed a vast improvement and was soon of the kingpost tether and by the end of the day was flying untethered very nicely across the field to much applause.

Jim S showed his natural ability and also got off the kingpost tether in a couple of flights looking very smooth and controlled, I get the feeling learning to hang Glide would not be a problem for him should he decide to carry on.

On the Paragliding front Kieron did 3 super flights across the field floating along and keeping the wing nice and straight making life easy for Tim on the winch.

To round off the day Jim added a Tandem flight to his day on the Paraglider and had a ball enjoying both the views and the thrill of what a Paraglider can do....

A fun time for all and good enough for Richard to decide to go the whole way and learn to fly a Hanger, watch this space.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tasting Day

Summer is really here with another glorious day in the field and with four taster days on board the conditions were ideal. Gary P (Swansea) Pablo F (Swansea) and Richard G (Praze) were all along for day one taster sessions on the hanger whilst Richard M (St Austell was on the Paraglider so giving a nice mix. Everyone turned up on time so we made a prompt start and all worked hard through the morning doing the ground work whilst the fair weather clouds drifted by over head ....... Mid morning saw Steve G (a friend from Surrey) join us for a look at our operation to get and give some ideas which we make make more of in the future. After a relaxed lunch things really got going and the guys got on the winch. To be fair the Hangies made me work pretty hard although bit by bit they got the hang of it, some more than others and by the end of play they were showing promise. Hopefully Richard who is on a 2 day taster will put it all into practice on his next day with us and Gary who would like to continue to learn will do the same and Paoblo I am sure we can sort out with a little more effort. On the Paraglider Richard had a much easier time and was looking sweet as he flew across the field on his flights getting nicely up to 60' and landing on his feet every time to result in a pretty much perfect day for him. Everyone had fun and caught the sun and it was a tired but happy group that left the field at the end of the day. Steves views on the operation were very positive and having tested out other activities on taster days reckoned we were well ahead in both value for money and "slickness" of operation, nice to hear.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Toms Twenty, Sam Screams & Adi Adjusts

Tom comes in watched by Tot (dad) as the Calypso awaits

Sam waiting to go Sam looking happy after her flights
Tom (the young one at 16) and Phippsy (the older one) pose for a CPC celebration photo

With Tom D coming all the way down from Birmingham we made a special effort to get out despite no other students booked in.

In very nice conditions Tom went for it on the hangy and moved onto the tow release on the mars before cracking prone, slow flight appreciation, prone flying and spot landings ohh and yes converting onto the Calypso over a total of 20 flights to complete his CPC! Tom worked hard yet took it all in his stride making for a very pleasant and relaxed day, thank you and well done.

He got a break in the middle when Sam (Essex) came along on her 25th Birthday for a Tandem flight on the Paraglider and had a fun time ending with a "fairground" ride down and plenty of screaming. Nice to meet her and Darius and Darius junior and hope they enjoy the rest of their holiday.

Adi C (Illogan) also took the pressure off Tom in the afternoon by putting in some experience tows on the Paraglider as well as getting his new Velvet 2 harness sorted and adjusted to both his liking and so getting in and out is nice and easy.

Good to have Paul H back on the winch for the day and have to say his towing was just like he had never taken a break, super. Looks like the next couple of days should see more in the field.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Chris comes back down after playing with the thermals

Carolyn after her first high flight

the sky clears at the end of the day

After the wind of yesterday what a contrast with a light NW breeze in the tow field giving perfect towing conditions along with some nice thermals giving plenty of lift as well.

We had a mixed bag of hangers and para's making it an interesting day and plenty going on. Whilst the Paras got themselves sorted and did a bit of groundwork the hangers got rigged and going.

Chris W (Bristol) was along for a recap and to practice his landings having learnt to fly over 5 years ago but having not put a lot of time in. Chris had a good day getting his confidence back and also converting to a chest release on the tow. His flying got smoother his landings better and he even had time to enjoy the views, whats more turns out he lives just down the road from Martin H who was down yesterday, small world.

Adrian A got high again on the hangy and began his base bar conversion after practicing them yesterday on tethers. His flying was fine but his enthusiasm resulted in his first XC as he wandered from the filed so landing "out". Kaz and Carolyn were soon on their way to fetch him back.

Carolyn ( once the glider was returned) cracked on with her EPC tasks and did a great job of them again with yesterdays tethering paying off and by mid afternoon was sorted. She finished her day off with a couple of high flights putting the icing on the cake along with an even bigger smile:) congratulations Carolyn.

On the Paragliding front Paul S (Wiltshire) was back after his taster day for some more and had a full on day putting in the tows and working higher up the line and building turns. Not sure which was louder his "cries" at launch or yelps of glee at landing......

Chris B (Plymouth) came along and polished off his CPC tasks with some Big Ears and Asymmetrics before taking his exam and becoming qualified on the tow. Having got sorted he used the rest of the day to play and had some cracking flights and thermals looking every part a pilot as he circled up.

With a relatively early close i managed to get some nice tows in on the Delta and boy does it tow well, a very nice package .

Meanwhile Pete C had been out on his new Rush 3 firstly at St Agnes then up Carn Brea where he had launched into a nice thermal and put in a cracking XC to Cadgwith with heights of 4,500 ' on the way. His view of the Rush 3 "10 out of 10" well done Ozone, book your test flight now.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Puffing at Perran

Adrian A's Wallace impression

Alan H flies high in the only good soaring slot of the day

Alan H looking pretty pleased with himself

Carolyn B "soaring" on tethers and always smiling

Gliders and Aliens

It was always going to be a Hangy day at Perran with a fresh NW breeze forecast and there were plenty of hopefuls there for ridge soaring and hill conversions.

As the mist cleared we arrived and got rigging as the wind filled in. By the time gliders were ready it was breezy enough so the good old Mars was pressed into service with some tethering. After a demo by Alan H (Bideford) we put Carolyn B (Lincon) and Adrian A (Gloucester) through their paces. Conditions were good and they both began to get a good feel for the glider with extended flights in conditions very different from the tow field.

A lull in conditions saw Alan H take advantage of the slot and pop in a very nice soaring flight his first in nearly 20 years before coming in for a good top landing as the wind picked up again.

Boy did it pick up keeping us all grounded except for the guys on tethers who had a ball with conditions now such that they could "soar" for pretty much as long as they wanted giving them plenty of time to sort out all sorts of things. Trev H (Paignton) and Paul C (Plymouth) took advantage of the Mars to pop in some tethering themselves to keep their hands in.

As the wind picked up to over 40mph at the front we called it a day and headed home in a wind blown state. A bit frustrating for the guys hoping to complete their hill conversions but still a fun one and very sociable with several up country pilots making new friends.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shikira "Hips don't lie"

Adi heads off up the line nice and straight

Dave does his nodding dog to keep it straight

Paul looks chuffed with himself during a fun day out
Big Ray auditions as a male model

Big ray takes the last tow of the day

Days don't get much nicer than this with wall to wall sunshine and a perfect teaching sea breeze across the field.

With two taster days paragliders on and three Hangies it was a nicely busy day without being too busy, nice. Paul S (Wiltshire) and Dave M (Falmouth) both got to grips with the basics of Paragliding through the morning whilst Dan L (Truro), Adrian A (Gloucster) and Carolyn B (Lincon) played with the Hangies.

Dan had a good time getting back into flying having not flown for 9 months since gaining his CPC and was quickly on the case as he converted to a chest release and popped in plenty of high flights in the classic conditions.

Adrian A changed onto the Mars and tackled his final EPC tasks which finally came together just after lunch to see him suddenly become a pilot not a passenger! With his airspeed, roll control and hip movement sorted (thanks to Shikira) he made great progress and rounded off his day with a couple of super high flights as good as they come. The completion of his EPC exam gave him his EPC, well done.

Carolyn B also having had a long break carried out some recap flights and again made steady progress moving into release flights by the end of play and looking smoother with each one.

With the ground work done Paul and Dave came over to the winch and were soon heading up the line for their first flights. They both survived the first one so were back for more with each successive flight getting a bit higher. By the end of the day they were getting up to 60' in the air and releasing the line finish off a cracking day.

Big Ray also popped in and after a bit of ground work got on the line to have some super flying and even a bit of "thermalling" showing us that he has not forgotten it and vowing to get out again soon.

Thanks to all on the field for such a fun day and well done to all

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Vindy Vault and Ving Mirrors

Kev S flies high to complete his hill conversion

The Tandem comes into land after a super flight Gary
S back on the ground and looking like he had a good time

The gang enjoy the sun behind a paraglider wall

Michel pleased to be back down safetly whilst Steve J enjoys it on his hangy

It was a breezy enough day at Vault bay keeping the Paragliders in the bags, well almost all of them ....... Still the hangies had a good time and whilst we had to pick and choose our time as the wind peaked then eased again there was some great flying to be had with 800'of ridge lift around.

After a few demo flights to suss conditions we got Kev S (Yeovil) into the air for his third soaring flight and he had a fine time in what were bouncy enough conditions dealing with them well before popping in for a nice top landing and his normal calm grin. Big Gray was out making the most of it and had some stunning flying looking very relaxed on his Sport 2 and getting himself tuned in for the up and coming comp's.

Gary S (Looe) came along for a Tandem flight and had a cracker with plenty of lift giving us space to play and him plenty of time to fly the glider. He really enjoyed the flight and was amazed at how subtle flying a hang glider can be.

Steve J (Oakhampton) got back on the horse after a long break and put in a couple of super flights to get his confidence back, good to see that big smile again Steve :)

Kev completed his hill conversion with another good flight as conditions got nicer towards the end of the day so going from zero to hero in just 5 weekends and a total of 9 days, nice one.

Kieth S (Oakhampton) also got in on the act having a fun time so giving Steve J a good flying partner for times to come. Yes it was Michel on the Paraglider proving if you want it enough you can do it, just....

Ohh yes does anyone have Pampas grass in their front garden???? or a spare wing mirror for a renault ?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Taking it easy

Chris comes in for a landing

sharing a joke with Adi at launch
Adi's best side

Bill on his new wing

Happy chappies at the end of the day

It took a while for the mist to clear giving us time to catch Chris B (Plymouth) up on his EPC theory before heading to the field at midday. Timing was spot on and as the clag lifted the sun came through and the breeze was perfect.

We got towing by just before one and the demo flight showed conditions as nice and lifty. Chris was soon up and away moving into his CPC tasks as well as enjoying some super flying and stunning views as the clouds came and went. Adi C (Illogan) joined in the fun and quickly rattled off his remaining CPC flights so becoming qualified on the tow and ready for the hill, well done Adi.

Mark (Bedfordshire) dropped by with his Paramotor for some practice and certainly got some resulting in a quick flight around the field but still needs a bit more.

Bill got his new Rush 3 out of the bag and after a ground handling session took it in the air for the first time on the tow and made a cracking job of it landing with a Big Bill Grin on his face, I think he is happy.

By the end of the day Chris had moved over half way through his flights with a total of 12 more flights to his credit and Adis's towing had improved imensely giving him higher tows .

Bill finally took to my hints and I sneaked in two flights on his Rush 3 to find out just what a nice glider it is, a worthy replacement for the Rush 2 ? You bet :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


PC plays with the all new Rush 3

The dance begins
everything crossed

brace yourself

A beautiful Sunny day and a day "off" from flying with some paperwork to catch up some maintenance to do and most importantly some new gliders to receive.

They arrived mid afternoon and within minutes Pete C was around to pick up his new Rush 3 to get it out and try ground handling it as the breeze was a bit much for flying.

On return from a very nice ride on our old "Bonnie" Kaz and myself dropped by Godrevy to see how he was getting on and try it for myself. Big smiles all round...... Coadys leg work has to be seen to be believed, he can nearly do the splits!