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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hanging out on Monday

 Dave gets the attention on his first day on the winch

 By the middle of the day Daves looking good as he flies the field

 Dean gets set for his first high flights on a hangy

 Paul l sets off as a qualified HG tow pilot

Dean back from the skies sets up a super landing approach

After our trip away to the canals up north it was good to be back out in the field and getting some training going again.  After letting a weak front pass over in the morning we hit the field at midday and were soon up and running with three hangies out to play.

Dave d Newquay was out for his second day (his first in the field) after having a day at Perranporth just over a week ago.  His previous experience paid off and we soon had him on the tow and flying across the field nicely.  The tethers came off and by the end of play he had put in eleven flights and moved well into his EPC with release flights and turns to his credit and a big smile on his face. Another good day should see him to the top of the tow line :)

Next off was Paul L (Plymouth) who had a fab day tidying up his CPC tasks, take offs and landings and looking very smooth by the end of his 12 tows. Paul is now fully CPC'd on the tow and it will be off to the hill when conditions permit although you may well see him in the field to keep his skills up in the meantime.

Dean F made a return to the "Dark side" and despite some pre light nerves he had a super day settling back in quickly and moving into his CPC tasks with high flights basebar and prone conversions taken all in his stride.  His 12 flights saw him looking very comfortable again and it would be good to get another day in before he disappears off to work for another couple of months!

A nice day out with everyone getting loads of flying in and where they wanted to be.  Thanks to John for the piccies and hopefully Daisy enjoyed his mushrooms ............

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh on Friday

After yet another visit to the dentist I dropped out to Chape Porth on the Bonnie to meet up with Kaz who had already arrived with the truck and the gliders.  Nigel W was already rigging and the Tandem was not far behind.  Conditions were smack on at 18 -20 so all looked good for both Nigels second soaring flight and the three Tandems we had booked in.

By the time I took Nigel's Sport 2 up for a test fly things were getting breezy and by the time I landed they were a bit breezier. By the time Nigel put his helmet on they were breezier still and by the time the Tandem passengers said hello they were very breezy!

We put things o0n hold for an hour after which the wind had eased back to fresh from strong.  Taking the  slot Di D (Oxford) came up for a Tandem flight and we had a fun time saving holiday makers from being cut off by the tide whilst bouncing around in the less than smooth conditions, Still Di had a whale of a time totally amazed at the whole experience.  Landing in a wind now a lot stronger than we took off in gave my arms some exercise  but was tippy toe all the same.

Despite hoping for another lull it was not to be so unfortunately Di's wife Amanda missed out as did Ollie and Nigel, sorry guys but there is always another time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday theory

With the wind forecast to pick up as the day went on we made an early start in the field with Keith B(Dartmoor) on the Paramotor.  By 09.30 Keith had popped in 3 nice flights to complete his CPC tasks and enjoyed every minute of them as he soaked in the views from 1000' plus.

The Hangies arrived at 10.00 and duly rigged whilst i attended to some running repairs on the bike.  By 11.00 it was breezy and bouncy so after a few test flights we decided to concentrate on the theory and see what the wind would do.  Mid afternoon saw the guys take their exams and much to their delight they all passed so congratulations to Dean F (Falmouth), Paul L (Exeter) and Keith B on gaining their CPC theory and particularly to Keith who is now a qualified CPC Paramotor pilot, nice one.

Whilst Tim and myself had some fun both flying and winching conditions remained on the edge for the guys so we called an early day, frustrating but not a total waste of time as I would rather do theory when it's not flyable then when it is !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfect at Perran

Well what a fine day it turned out to be after such a windy spell and no surprise there were plenty out to enjoy it. 

On arrival it was still fairly blowy at 20 -22 so we took the chance to pop in a Tandem flight on the hangy with Dave d (Newquay) who was along for a taster day on the hangy. Dave and myself had a lovely flight along with Paul h and a couple of paragliders who braved the top end conditions.  Ending the flight with a nice landing was enough to convince Dave to take up the sport so his Taster day quickly turned into day one of his EPC.

Next we rigged the Condor and soon Dave was getting his first go as pilot in command. By the end of the day he was flying sweetly "down the top" on tethers and looking good, he even remembered to take his arse with him once or twice.......

With the wind easing back the sky got busy with Paragliders enjoying the smooth lift.  Steve D (Chairman) arrived and we wasted no time in getting the tandem Paraglider out to crack on with Steve's tandem training. We had a fun time popping in the take offs and landings as Steve perfected his techniques. Five flights sees him half way through the practical stage  so hopefully another good day should see him sorted.

Dougie (Plymouth) popped by on his Mantra M4 and showed us just what it can do by floating around at the top of the stack although to be fair Mike on his delta was not far behind

Russell S (Torquay) arrived as things  quietened off and after a hill brief and some ground handling to get him used to the hill he was off on his first hill flight ever.  Russell did a fine job putting in a good 10 minute flight before the lift dropped seeing him on the beach. Despite a couple of "moments2 he did well, learnt a lot and even managed a smile!

A super day to be out and nice to see so many there, thanks to the tether guys, Bill, Shuan,   Addie and Kaz for their help. Lets hope its the start of an Indian summer.

Quote of the day " only if i have got roller skates on"

Friday, September 02, 2011


I just love it when a plan comes together and today was one of those days. With a cracking forecast and plenty to do we met up in the field at 09.00 only to find it fogged in! Still whilst viz was poor we made use of the time carrying out the Tow brief for Dave C (Lankashire) who wished to add towing to his hill paragliding ratings.  By the time Kaz arrived with Richard B (Tavistock) who was along for a taster day on a Paraglider things were looking better and the wings were coming out.

Still the weather played tricks with the wind being fickle and giving us the run around until nearly lunch time with only a few tows getting going .  Then it cracked, the wind settled the sun shone the clouds popped up and we were away.  The guys had a great day getting nicely organised making the tows flow. Dave C completed his tow endorsement having fun along the way and even some nice thermalling and Richard B had a super taster day ending with some lovely flights across the field and a very smiley face, be good to see you again Richard.

Meanwhile Steve W on his second day had a cracker (as soon as he relaxed) and moved all the way through his tasks putting in turns and rounding off with his first high flight and circuit to start his CPC , well done Steve.

Russell S had a fun day towing high, playing with thermals and practicing landing approaches in preparation for the hill and by the end of play was looking ready for it, nice one.

With the paraglider boys all sorted or worn out and the day calming down it was time to get the Paramotors out.  Kieth B (Dartmoor) was first up and did a great job on the school kit putting in 3 super flights to add to his one previous and looking pretty good on all of them.  An excellent experience for him adding reverse launching to his forward technique so giving him total versatility, another day and he should be CPC'd not bad in just 5 days.

Rodney G was next off and did a fine job of running on his first launch all the way till he lifted off, brilliant not even the hint of a jump! Rod had a nice flight circling the field to bring to fruition his efforts over the last two years which despite a few set backs (not flying ones) has seen him stay focused and determined, fantastic.  Rods second flight was even better and a super stand up landing saw him finish off the day in near perfect fashion.

So despite a dodgy start it came together with everyone exceeding expectations and getting where they wanted to be. Thanks to Tim (winch) Bill and Kaz for all your efforts in making it happen so smoothly ;)