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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Return of the tasters, and Nick

 The start of a beautiful day as the guys get ready to roll

 Dave R on his Taster day flight gets it together

 Steve T on his second day out gets hooked :)

 Nick C gets attached and ready to go

Jack E works his way up the line on his second day with us

A glorious summers day in the tow field saw lots of happy faces and a few sun tanned ones as well!  Pleasantly busy would be the way I would put it with Dave R (Plymouth) along for a Taster day with a view to taking up Paragliding to compliment his Kite boarding, Nick C back after a year long break to carry on with his EPC Pg, Paul L (Plymouth) on the Hanger cracking on with his CPC and Steve T (Luton) along with Jack E (Polzeath/Southampton) coming back after their taster Days having had so much fun  looking for more.

Whilst the Paragliders got set up and the boys sorted out their ground handling Paul got onto the winch and moved nicely into prone flying as well as sorting out his landing technique making use of the quiet period.

Jack then joined us and moved deep in to his EPC tasks mastering release flights and by the end of the day turns as well so pretty much completing his EPC in 2 days, oh to be young again. 
Steve (featherlight) T joined in the fun and also cracked release flights and gentle turns so having a cracking second day with us and making him more determined to return in the near future and it will be great to see him. Steve has had a cracking week in Cornwall learning both surfing and flying and enjoying the super weather, i get the feeling that heading back to Luton i not top of his list.....

Next Nick C got back into the air and after a recap flight was ready for release flights but somehow they never quite happened, maybe next time, still he had not forgotten everything and by the end of play was pretty much back where he left off.

Dave R who had been working hard all morning joined the winch que in mid afternoon and was soon off across the field for his first flight.   Despite a hop skip and a jump Dave soon had it cracked and was looking good by his third one with a super landing to boot.  Dave must have a good day as by mid evening he had let us know he is up for more and we look forward to seeing him again.

Also nice to Alan P along and thanks for the flight on your glider dad, it still flies just as nicely as it ever did :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Missing Pictures

So Sorry about no piccies but not only piccies missing but also Camera........someone somewhere has "aquired" Kaz's camera along with piccies from last Blogs.  Still although a real pain in many ways not nearly so bad as some of the things that have been going on in the world.

Will sort out something soon to get your smiley faces back on the blog... 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mist o meaners

No it was not really that bad but it was misty!  With a forecast to clear up as the warm/occluded front slowly passes by we went for it and with three taster day paragliders on it was always going to be a chilled day.

Setting up in the field we wondered if we had done the right thing but by late  morning things improved nicely just in time for the guys to get to grips with their wings. Steve T (Luton) , Trev R (Twickenham) and Christopher G (Truro) all worked well getting used to the canopies and working up a sweat in the humid conditions so losing a few pounds as an added bonus!

A welcome rest for lunch saw the sun pop out in amongst the rolling banks of mist.  Still by mid afternoon the hand tows were out of the way and the guys were ready to fly.  Trev led the way followed by Steve and Christopher, Coadys theory that one in three would jump into the air was up held but I am not saying which one it was.....

Each flight saw them improve and by the end of play everyone had achieved some nice flying and even some nice take off's and landings were in amongst them.  A nice relaxed day for us and a nice relaxed group to be out with, we gave the tandem tows a miss as the view would have been limited to say the least but we may get them out on the hill if things are good over the next few days.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jack, Russell and Kieth

Despite a bright forecast it was low cloud and mist in the field but not quite low enough to stop us from working!  Jack E (Stanstead) was along on his 16th Birthday for a Taster day Paragliding something he had wanted to do since the age of five! Kieth B (Dartmoor) was back for his second day and to hopefully get in his first flights on the winch having missed out yesterday and Russell S (Torquay) was along to continue into his CPC training also on a Paraglider.

Whilst Russel sweetened up his ground handling Kieth and Jack got going on their canopies and were soon looking good both in reverse and forward launch.  With the day forecast to get mistier we cracked on and by early afternoon got the guys onto the winch.  Kieth put in his first tow flights in fine style with some enthusiastic air running  so definitely not a jumper.  Jack proved to be a total natural and that youth is on his side by being well in line for student of the year award.  They both had some great flights and Jack rounded his day off with a release flight in front of the family who turned up to watch.

Meanwhile Russell was grounded due to the low cloud base so made use of his time by completing his CPC theory and exam which he passed and learnt some useful bits along the way.  Amazingly no sooner had he finished than the sky opened up allowing him to pop in some high flights so move a little further into his flying tasks, another couple of days should see him pretty much there.

a lovely day as it turned out and so nice to see someone achieving their ambition, quote of the day "that was one of the best days of my life"  :-))

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Floaty in the field

Tricky call to make Field or hill as both looked like goers but we opted for the field knowing that Perran would be busy.

It was a lovely day and with a mixture of Hangers and Paragliders something for everyone was to be had.  Whilst Kieth B (Dartmoor) got started on his first day with the aim of Paramotoring and Matt A (Bodmin) played with his Paraglider on the start of his second taster day Paul L Plymouth got flying on the hanger.

By lunch time Paul had finished off his EPC tasks and moved nicely into his CPC ones with high flights and circuits and making a fine job of them too with some super landing approaches to arrive near to the windsock every time.  By now Matt had joined in the flying and after a refresh flight moved into release flights with no problems at all.

After lunch tings got a little more lively with a super cloud street over the field creating regular lift. Paul popped up on the line and had a job getting down and learning just what turbulence is on the way. He did a grand job both on and off the tow  but proved it was a bit too much for the Paragliders.  Things looked like a test flight was needed so I took the Falcon up  and had a great time bouncing around up to cloud base then floating around the field at base for the next 20 minutes or so before it was time to land and do other things.

Based on this we decided to hold fire on flying for an hour or so and whilst the Paragliders ground handled Paul took his EPC exam and passed with flying colours at 100% so gaining his EPC qualification, nice one.

Kieth took an early bath as conditions were still lively enough and he had a long drive but Matt and Paul stayed on.  No sooner did Kieth leave the field than things got better and Paul was back in the air rounding off his day with base bar conversion and still perfecting his landings.  Matt finished off his day with higher flights and gentle turns seeing him getting up to 100' and loving every bit of it.

A good day all round and topped up by Kaz sneaking off early and getting some excellent soaring at Perran where the "guys2 had been flying all day so fun for all :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heading up on the M4

 Dougie and his new toy

Very sleek Dougie slips through the sky

Well after a breezy day with a NNE breeze and a chilled out day Dougie M (Plymouth) arrived late afternoon to pick up his new Ozone M4 Paraglider.  We are pleased to have Dougie on board and flying Ozone.  Having taught him to fly 4 years ago Dougie has thrown it all at the sport and moved deep into XC flying so when looking for a new wing he checked them all out and went for the one with top performance, excellent ratings, and top reviews whilst still certified for mear mortals!

Amazingly just as Dougie arrived the wind mellowed a little so we headed to St Agnes to see what it was like.  It was good despite still a little on the top end.  After a preflight check the crispy new wing was soon in the air with Dougie performing a first class launch, not bad seeing he had never flown one before.  i soon joined him on the Delta and we had a great time playing with the lift and seathermals although the M4's extra speed certainly made me feel slow.

Dougie looked very relaxed on the wing and his landing comments summed it up " this thing does not have a down button". add to this the fact that he fells it is more responsive yet less twitchy than his previous DHV 2 Artik and it sounds like the ideal package for him.  Keep an eye on him on his blog to see what he gets up to on it.   

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 up at Sunny Sennen

 A gorgeous day for Tandems at Sennen Cove if you picked your time

 Tim takes the last tandem of the day

Its a family affair, happy faces on a fun day out :)

Well actually there were more than four pilots there but we did take up four tandems on the Paraglider at what was a very Sunny Sennen Cove.  With a moderate to fresh NNW forecast we headed off full of hopes for a full on day for the hangers but on arrival things were noticeably lighter and the forecast increase never happened. 

Plan b swung into action and out came the Paragliders but even then you had to pick your time.  Still much fun was had and the Edmundsen family down on holiday from Stanstead, well very near to it had a great time as one by one they came up for fly on the Paraglider.

We had a some super flying cruising the length of the ridge and spotting the local land marks including various houses that daughter Rachel had stayed in over the years!  Working our way up through the weight range luck was on our side and by the time we got to Tim the lift filled in nicely to give just what we needed when we needed it, after a super 20 minute flight we popped back in on top only to see the lift dissapear and with it a couple of pilots to the beach!

Good to see a nice crowd out and despite being frustrating for the hangies they did have a very plesant day and nice to meet Trev H's mum, please come again.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Charlie

 Charlie sets off for another flight

 looking good and "off the line"

 Another stand up landing rounds off another nice flight

A good mornings work, Oh to be 16 again!

With a lot to try and squeeze into a "day off" we were in the field bright and breezy with Charlie K to get her a few more flights in before she headed back to Winchester and we headed out to sea!

In cracking conditions Charlie rattled off 12 flights seeing her move from low level flights on the hanger through to release flights and onto 150' release flights with turns building up all the time so putting her close to the end of her EPC and putting a big smile on her face.

It was a strangely relaxed morning and Charlie did well to keep going on her own not something everyone can do.  Thanks to Paul H on the winch it all seemed super smooth and we were done by 11.00 giving Charlie and Babs (mum) the rest of the day for "girly" afternoon and myself the rest of the day on the boat, magic

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unlucky for some ...

i hate putting the date on things when it's the 13th but in this line of work it does not pay to get superstitious!  Another early start saw Nigel C and myself in the field in sunnier conditions and lighter winds.  Nigel popped in a nice flight enjoying the morning light and judging his landing to the extreme so saving a walk.

08.00 and I was out of there on the "Bonnie" and off the the dentist where all went well so back in the field by just gone 10.00.  Nigel was joined in the field by Charlie K (Winchester) back after a Taster day some weeks ago on the Hanger and Russel S (Torquay) on his EPC on the Paraglider.

Charlie was soon back into the way of it and moved off tethers and into low level flights nicely having a great day and setting her for release flights next time out.

Russel S had a fab day finishing off his EPC (congratulations) before starting off his CPC and popping in his first high flights.  Russel did a fine job even as conditions got bouncier as the wind did a 180 and the thermals kicked in.

Nigel C had a less successful day with an aborted take off stopping play but at least giving him time to complete and pass his CPC power exam as did Simon G so giving him his CPC power rating and making him "legal",

Camera Back tomorrow..... promise

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Early Birds

With a forecast for increasing wind and dampness moving in we were up early and down the field by 06.45 to catch the slot with Nigel C on his Powered Hang Glider.  After the usual bit of tinkering to sort it out and a demo' flight to prove it can be done Nigel was harnessed up.  Powered take offs are different and take a bit of getting used to but with an act of faith letting himself "push" through the A frame Nigel was up and away for his first powered flight.  By 10.30 with the wind picking up and dampness in the air he had popped in several flights and was getting the hang of it.

Looks like we will do the same again tomorrow...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Completing Nigel (s)

More fun in the field saw Nigel W (St Just) complete his CPC tow on the hanger and his second XC as well!  He had a fun day popping in the high flights and practicing his spot landings  in a relaxed atmosphere, well done off to the hill next.

Nigel was joined by Nigel C (Wiltshire) on the tow who was refreshing his tow rating before having a crack at powered hang Gliding with a Booster unit.  Nigel C started off a little fast on the tow but soon relaxed and got back into it looking smooth by mid day so ticking all the boxes and being ready for the power phase.

Sarah B (Newquay) came along for an assessment day having done some training in France and wanting to get into the "British" way of flying.  She worked hard through the morning in the increasing breeze playing with reverse ground handling something she had not done in France.

Simon G (N. Devon) was along with his Paramotor for an assessment day and proved that he was well above CPC level although a few extra tips may help him out in his power flying. Simon was joined by Geoff H (Honiton) also on his paramotor enjoying a few days in |Sunny Cornwall.

Nice day nice guys nice weather

By Mid afternoon things were getting on the breezy side and with the wind veering to the NE we started to pick up some turbulenece so knocked it on the head.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Field play

It's always good to get back in the field and what a nice day it was to get back in there.  We had a mixed bag on with Nigel W (St Just) and Paul L (Plymouth) on the hangers, Matt A (Bodmin)on a Paragliding Taster day and Big Gray A (Torrington) on his power unit.

Matt worked steadily through the morning with the paraglider getting the basics together and making a fine job of it.  Meanwhile Nigel and Paul got onto the Falcon for the first time and kept me on my toes between them with various antics but nothing we could not deal with!  Big gray did what big gray does and after a bit of super glue repair he took off for a stunning flight playing with the clouds and having a ball.

By lunchtime the wind had filled a bit so we took a break hoping that things would settle a bit.  Whilst the conditions didn't the hangies did and on their return to the air they were different pi;lots making life much easier for both me and Tim the winch.  Big gray went and played with a mini cloud street on his power unit and Matt practiced reverse ground handling on a small canopy as the breeze was still enough.

Mid afternoon and things calmed down again allowing Matt onto the winch and he put in 3 cracking flights across the field each one better than the previous to round off his day with a huge smile, watch out for his second day coming soon.

Nigel and Paul both had a good days putting 12 flights each seeing Nigel pretty much at the end of his CPC and Paul his EPC well done guys.

Big Gray went home all smiles pleased at his flying and doubly pleased with his new wooden prop for his Booster, call if you need one!

Looks like a good week ahead so will try to get the camera back for some piccies

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Coastal Cruising

What a nice day it was and after a brief visit to Perranporth where the wind was well off to the south we headed over to chapel porth where it was smack on.  Catching it just right we wasted no time in rigging the tandem hanger and in what seemed like no time at all Christine M (Bristol) was up and away for her flight that was bought as a birthday gift by her children.  Chris had a great time as we cruised the cliffs with the seagulls and watched the waves far below.  A sweet landing rounded off her flight and it was big smiles all round, thanks guys.

Chris P (Scotland) was also down on holiday and took the opportunity to get himself assessed on his paraglider and into the system. We put him through his flying instability tasks and the CPC exam to make sure and to tick the boxes then Chris enjoyed the rest of the day flying as a qualified pilot.  having met Chris at the BOS series and him winning the club class it was no great surprise that he was on the ball.

After some fun flying on the Delta which made easy work of flying to Porthtowan and back and then topping out in some weird lift it was back to work as the tide receded and Karen M (Bristol) arrived.  Karen popped in a super soaring flight as both conditions and beach joined forces to get her only a couple of flights from finishing her Hill conversion.  Despite having not flown for 6 months she made it look easy and did a near perfect landing back on top.

Mixed in with helping Jerry on his tandem get him and his son jack into the air it was a fun day and great to see Jack enjoying himself with his dad as we left the site .

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Marvellous Mid Wales

 Day one take off at the Mynd

 Morning tea in the campsite, what a view of the Mynd

 4 hours clipped in and it can bacome a bit tiring

 Gliders lined up at Bache, guess which one is mine?

Picking up 3rd overall and pretty pleased :)

June 29th till the 3rd saw us away to Mid Wales for the final round of the British Hang Gliding Series (BOS) based near to the Long Mynd.

Day one saw us head up the Mynd where under a lively looking sky a 114k race to goal was set. Conditions were bouncy and pretty soon a large gaggle of us were hovered over the back and out on course.  Despite good looking conditions things changed rapidly with plenty landing in the first 20k.  Still I flew a good first section  before making a silly move (radio suck) and getting myself into trouble so landing at the 55 k mark. Frustrating as i should have known better but there you go.  Only two flexis made goal so not a disaster but still disappointing.

Day two saw us head north to Langollen where we had interesting conditions (rain). Still managing to get away with the first group just as the rain arrived we were rewarded with some fun flying on its leading edge before having to glide into the next band which blocked our course.  Another frustrating day as I just missed the lowest of saves on exiting ( well nearly) the rain and watching Geoff Brook (ex student) climb out from 150' to make goal, one of only two flexi's and win the day, WELL DONE GEOFF.

Day three and four saw us sit four several hours in nice weather on the Mynd and Bache respectively more frustration !

Day five was back at Bache with a 106k race via two turn points (Ludlow and Shrewsbury) back to base at Lydbury North.  Tricky to get off the hill and tricky to get away but several of us managed it and the fun began.  Again a good looking day quickly turned tricky and gliders were landing at regular intervals. Four hours flying saw me land just short of goal  (170meters to be precise) for a final bit of frustration! Still it was a lovely if challenging flight with some great views of both Ludlow and Shrewsbury.

A cracking comp, a cracking camp site, some cracking weather and great company, good to see the Kernow boys out at play.  The result,  Third overall in the series so really can't complain :)  Well done also to Grahm May (Daisy) on his 2nd place in the club class and Graham A for his 4th place.