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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tony gets a go

Tony T looking happy with his new wing (so do I)
Tony flies high on his first soaring flight on the Green Meany

Flyby showing off the Mylar sail

Debrief and big smiles after a good top landing

Derek G ready for the off

A couple of Puppets go flying

Derek enjoys a birds eye view

With a good forecast it was off to Perranporth where it was a glorious day. Bill n was first off on his new Buzz Z and looked very smooth despite the light conditions, nice colours Bill. After a quick test fly on Tony T's Falcon Green Meany it was his go..... Unfortunately the breeze was on the drop and with a poor first beat it was an extended flight to the beach, still no worries it gave me a chance to fly his glider back up and what fun it is!
The Sky filled with Paragliders and it got a little busy for a time but i managed to find a slot to pop the Falcon in on top where we waited for the breeze to pick up. Bit by bit it did and soon Tony was ready for the off. This time no problems and he was soon soaring up and down the cliffs getting smoother with each beat. 20 minutes later he made his first top landing approach but was just a little high so performed a nice flyby. the next one was on the nail and he landed sweetly with a big grin, well done Tony.
Derek G (Austrailia) came up with me for a couple of fun flights on the Tandem Paraglider and we had fun playing with the gentle thermals and chasing the birds (feathered ones)
A cracking day with plenty out enjoying the sunshine.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shiny Green Meany

Despite a showery forecast we headed out to Perranporth in the evening to meet up with Tony T (Brighton) to deliver and test fly his new Wills Wing Falcon 3 170. Dodging the showers I managed to sneak in several flights and what a lovely piece of kit it is not only in its flying but in its build quality. Performance is amazingly good bringing the "Sky floater" class a leap for ward whilst maintaining the light roll and pitch inputs needed to make flying fun.With its "Bright" Green leading edge and Mylar sail it is very noticeable and looks stunning in the air, trust me you will not miss it. With a Spring high tide we decided it unwise to set Tony off just in case so hopefully tomorrow. May find some pictures later

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day to Play at Vault Bay

We had a fun day playing at Vault where it was good fun on the Paragliders. Nigel E was first there and soon joined by Kaz and myself. We all had fun in the plentiful lift messing with the low clouds and practising our flying. By Midday several others arrived including Ray D, Dean F, Rick W and Laurence O all ex students to enjoy the flying.

Abigail G (Australia) came out and had a super flight on the Tandem cruising the cliffs with the birds and staring at the "sun bather" on the beach!!!! A nice landing rounded of a cracking flight, she's up for the Hang Glider next time out.

Steve D (another ex student) turned up mid afternoon and wasted no time in getting in the air and he was still whistling when we left. a very nice day....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting a Good Grounding

It was off to the field where the forecast was for a light SW breeze. By the time we arrived it was already a bit stronger than forecast so we held the winching and played ground handling. Ian and Ed B (Newton Abbott) were along to start their EPC courses and with Ian having already been on a Taster Day with us and Ed having watched things moved on pretty quickly. Despite the "challenging" conditions with plenty of thermal around they both did really well and were soon moving the canopies around the field in reverse looking good.

Lunchtime saw me test conditions on the Paraglider as a Tandem customer had arrived however one flight was enough to confirm it was at the top end and rough as I have known it on the tow line so we knocked Tandems on the head.

Ian and Ed did some theory before getting out there again and putting in some more ground work now flicking from reverse to forward and back again. Their progress was remarkable and in conditions that many more experienced pilots would struggle with these guys were handling well. we rounded off the day with some good hand towing to get them into the air which was fun and they both took their EPC Exams and passing so setting them up nicely for their next day with us. Despite no flying they learned an awful lot which will form the basis of their flying careers, you can never do enough ground handling ......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Day off, nearly.....

Rick W (blue wing) finishes off his hill conversion and mixes it with Nigel E

Well it was going to be but then the wind filled in from the west so it was off to Perranporth to hopefully complete Rick W's hill conversion. After a bit of a wait and a top to bottom whilst the wind sorted itself out it got good and Rick was off. He had a great flight mixing it with the other pilots before coming in for a nice top landing. The rest of the afternoon was taken up playing with other peoples gliders and even Kaz sneaked a go on Micheld Rush 2 and very impressed she was. A nice afternoon and great to see Rick up there and flying as a fully qualified CPC

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Sun More Fun and a Burger in a Bun

The boys get some useful ground work in, blues and green

Michel K comes in for a landing on the Paramotor

A man in love ..............................

Dave L comes in afetr the last tow of the day to worry the sheep

It was slightly later start in the field as we allowed for a late stay as it was the Open evening for the KHPA memebrs. Mike D put in some more ground work before strapping the Paramotor to his back and practicing with it doing remarkably well. Next we started it up and he put in three super ground runs with aborted take offs showing that he is ready for the big one. Unfortunately he had an early afternoon appointment which meant he had to leave early, still ready for the next good day when we should see him up and away.
After changing the cage and propeller back to the 115 size (more suitable for the smaller pilot) Michel K did a first class reverse launch on the Paramotor to enjoy a lovely 20 minute flight before putting in an equally good landing to move him into his CPC Paramotor course.
Then it was off to get the winch running and with yours truly at the controls Dave L (qualified yesterday started 15th march), Rick W Steve M and Adam W all put in some nice tows to give me some well needed practice, thanks guys.....
A short break saw Michel put in another flight on the Paramotor this time with a forward launch which whilst not as neat as his reverse he sorted out well and set off for another stunning flight cruising around at 2000' enjoying the views before once again putting in a lovely landing, he's getting there.
By now the proper winchmen had turned up and took over to demonstrate the system to those KHPA members who turned up for the evening to have a look. Has to be said not many arrived but those who did seemed happy enough and who wouldn't be on such a lovely evening with flying going on and a BBQ to boot. Dave and Adam used the lines getting the best tows of the day with some evening lift passing through. Another happy day in the tow filed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smashing day in the field

A 09.00 start in the field saw the Paramotor guys assemble to get the leg work in before the tow students arrived. having gone through the basics, introduction to the unit and start up procedures next thing was ground running with the unit. First was Mike D who cracked us up with his efforts but did ok realising just how different it is, next was Luke H who did a fine job looking pretty sweet but then he had done it on a previous Taster day. Michel K gave it his best shot with his little legs giving their all before Tim J took over, getting a little over zealous he wound in resulting in one ex propeller but no other damage, it happens.

Next we got the tow boys going with Sam A and Dave L finishing off their CPC tasks by performing Asymmetrics in both directions before putting in a couple of relaxing flights before lunch. Luke also popped in a couple of high flights so putting in the final flying tasks before getting into the Paramotor.

Lunch time saw Sam and Dave complete their CPC exams which they both passed so becoming full qualified on the tow meaning that they could play as independent pilots through the afternoon which they did along with Kieth W.

Sarah and Sam both enjoyed some Tandem flights in glorious sunshine looking happy with the experience.

then it was back with the Paramotor boys getting them ground handling with the unit on their backs, another ball game. By the end of the day Michel K was ready for the off and had a super flight on the Paramotor flying for 15 minutes up to 1500' before coming in and performing as super landing.

A perfect end to a busy day which included two more CPC ratings, well done guys. Sorry no pictures. Well done too to ex paraglider student Dougal M on his first XC of over 22k the first of many I think...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tim pulls five girls before mid day!!

gail gets things going with a flurry

Sam looking happy after a good one

Katy (1) with a laugh to remeber heads back to earth

Katy (2) tries to stay airborne by flapping

A cracking way to celebrate a Hen Party

Emma the organiser gets her go

Fun all round, nice one girls, have fun

An early start saw us rigged and ready with the lines tested before 10.00am when a Hen Party of five from St Ives arrived for Tandem flights. The bride to be Gail had no idea what had been arranged for her and came complete with fairy frock. It was a great fun morning the girls really making the most of it with a mixture of screams and laughter echoing around the field. As the morning progressed and the day warmed up things got a bit thermic and the latter flights included some nice thermalling to extend the flights as well as giving some good height for the wing overs. By mid day they were all sorted and left for Plymouth in high spirits with the bride to be declaring her companions as "the best friends in the world" for arranging it, good luck Plymouth!!

Dave L was back for some flying on the tow line and had a cracking afternoon despite a couple of wind shifts putting in a total of 17 flights taking him within a day of his CPC rating having completed all the flying tasks bar Asymmetrics, nice one.

Mike D put in some useful ground handling in readiness for his conversion onto the Paramotor which is the way he now wants to go hopefully starting tomorrow.

Thanks to Bill N for his help in checking the leg straps and riding the bike, Oh yes, and it was lovely and sunny, who mentioned a horse??

Friday, April 17, 2009

A day at the seaside

Mick h gets ready for tandem flight whilst Phippsy checks him for BO
Bill N "looking after" Ray D

Jane M and Dean F sharing the blue

Big discussion on Rick W's technique as he flies his first soaring flight

Happy days

Bill N turns in for a landing

What a glorious day it was at Vault Bay where we arrived early 10.00am on a forecast which showed the wind dropping as the day went on. Tony P. Bill N and Kaz P led the way getting in plenty of flying before anyone else got in the air. Next I was off on the Tandem with Mick H (Bodmin) on board and we had a super flight mixing it with the others, various birds of prey and the seagulls whilst enjoying the views and colours of the sea. Mick's a bit of an artist so the flight gave him a bit of a different perspective on things which hopefully will come out in some of the many pictures he snapped off with his camera.
Jane M (Tavistock) had now arrived for a bit of a recap day and confidence building session having not flown much since learning abroad and having never really ridge soared an top landed. Jane had a cracking day picking up a few tips on the way and getting firmly into hill flying in the UK by putting a couple of hours under her belt over 4 flights and looking very smooth and confident about it too.
With more pilots turning up it was good to see newly hill qualified Ray D taking to the air with the help of Bill N and getting his first taste of Vault Bay. He did a super flight mixing with the rest before popping in a nice top landing, well done Ray and well done Bill, good to see coaching at work.

Back on the Tandem Kathryn C (Lifton Devon) came along for a flight as her 21st Birthday present and thoroughly enjoyed it as we cruised the cliffs and soared with there Buzzards at very close quarters, some above and some below, superb. With the lift dropping off a little we had to bide our time before landing back on top for a tippy toed landing and big smiles.

Rick W (London) who qualified on the tow last year was back from his travels and up for his first hill flight in the UK. He did an amazing job once he got going and quickly settled into ridge soaring as his control inputs smoothed out. Pretty soon he was up there with the best of them which encouraged more pilots to take off so giving a good experience of flying with numbers. A nice set up saw him carry out a neat top landing (his first) which was soon followed by a second flight with similar results.

Dean F also got his first crack at Vault and vowed to return sometime. Nick G and Steve D had some nice flying although can't say I heard Steve singing today.....

A busy day with a good number of pilots out (10) many of whom had learnt with us over the past year or so (7) all of whom did us proud. By late afternoon the wind dropped as promised (in fact light enought hat even Michel had to walk back to his car) so it was time to pack up and leave. looks light for the next few days so we are off to the tow field......maybe back at Vault later in the week

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flown out at Vault Bay

The "guys" get ready whilst Graham K tests the air

Kaz P takes off one one of many

Graham K chills out. it really is that flyable

The two Steves enjoy flying together in uncrowded skies

Michel K looking happy as ever

Graham K looks up at the Tandem whislt trying the Rush 2

The forecast was for a SSE with a moderate breeze so we headed to Vault Bay equiped with Paragliders (solo and tandem) tandem Hang Glider and fishing rod just in case. Need not have worried as on arrival Graham K (Penzance) was already in the air on his Paraglider. It was a super day with as much flying as you wanted in perfect conditions. Steve D (Camelford) who learnt with us late last year could be heard singing and whistling his way through the sky enjoying every minute of it. Steve M (Tresillian) who only passed his hill conversion on Friday had an amazing time racking up not only plenty of airtime but also flights as he practised his take offs and landings gaining him lots of valuable experience. The more experienced pilots included Kaz P, Graham K, Michel K and myself just had a great time flying high playing with cloud suck, chasing seagulls and ground skimming whilst sweetening up our landing approaches.
Kaz and myself put in a fun 30 minutes on the Tandem to get some photo's and generally mess about.
Graham K took up the Rush 2 for a couple of test flights and was suitably impressed resulting in the statement "bl**dy beautiful" whilst Michel gave the quote of the day which was "poor quality rubbers" , don't ask what it was about................ A cracking day with great flying in super company and only 5 pilots out there.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunnies have fun in the sun

Nigel D starts his take off run

Nigel comes in for a good landing with the sheep

Robin D tows up into the blue yonder

Robin turns into land with the convergence cloud behind

Coady, a man at work

What an amazingly quiet day on the tow field, almost relaxed. Nigel D (Bude) was along for a recap day on the Hang Glider after a long lay off and had a super day getting back into it. After a few low and slow flights to get relaxed he was off to the top of the line for high flights an circuits. his flying improved through the day a did his landings and his confidence. By time of close he had put away 14 flights all with good stand up landings, nice one.
Robin M (Newton Abbott)turned up mid afternoon and had a good time towing up on his Paraglider and playing with the elusive thermals to complete his Tow endorsement /CPC rating assessment putting in 11 flights. he rounded off with the CPC exam which highlighted a few holes in the theory side which we filled in making it a well worth exercise as well as picking up some useful ground handling tips .
Geoff H (Honiton) had another super days flying on his Paramotor declaring himself "flown out" by mid afternoon. A super Easter all round, day off Monday

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boys and new toys

It was back to the filed for a good day with plenty going on. Andy T from the Devon and Somerset Condors was along and took control of the winch for the morning to be assessed for his senior tow coach rating and did a fine job looking after the set up whilst some pilots enjoyed some nice thermalling.

Ian and John S (London) were along for a Taster day and Robin M for a Tow conversion/assessment (to get him into the "system") and regulars Sam A and Michael D out to continue their training.

The taster day boys did an excellent job through the morning working their way through till lunchtime when they were ready for some hanbd tows whilst the others practised gronud work looking better and better. After lunch things got moving and it wasn't long before Ian, John and Robin got their first goes on the winch. By the end of the day Ian and John had put away 4 flights each with each one getting better and higher than the previous. Robin quickly slotted into towing and was onto high flights in no time putting away 7 flights before we finished up.

Michael and Sam both did well moving deep into their CPC's Sam stayed on into the evening and rounded off his 9 flights with Big ears putting him spitting distance of completion.

Tell was down with his gorgeous new Wills Wing U2 Hang Glider which he kindly let me test fly first and what a delight it is why more pilots don't fly these is beyond me, put a huge smile on my face, thank you Tell. Oh and he seemed pretty happy too.

Geoff H was out on his Paramotor enjoying the Cornish scenery making it all look very easy and controlled. Another super day, thanks to Bill N for his help and to Robin for fixing the puncture on the bike......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Highs on the Hill

Ray D on his first soaring flight "hanging out"

Ray D on finals looking good

two very happy people

Steve M looking sweet as he cruises the cliffs on one of his four flights

The start of the day saw us at Chapel Porth where things were looking pretty good. Several pilots got some good flying in whilst we waited for the tide to drop enough for Steve M and Ray D to get their first hill soaring flights in. With a nice beach below Steve was first off and enjoyed a cracking flight along with the other pilots up and down the cliffs before coming in for a very nice top landing to a round of applause. ray was u next but no sooner was he ready than the wind dropped and the lift got light. With the tide now on its way back in we upped sticks and headed to Paerranporth where there would still be loads of beach.

On arrival it was still a bit scratchy but fortunately our arrival signalled an improvement in conditions and it was not long before Steve M was ready for the off again. A tidy take off was followed by a tidy flight and a nearly tidy top landing in near perfect conditions.

Ray D followed suit and did a fine job soaring up and down even if he couldn't get into his harness. 15 minutes later he arrived back on top with a huge grin to congratulations.
Steve was soon off looking more and more confident by the minute before doing a very neat top landing. Then it was Ray again who with his harness adjusted had a more comfortable time of it which reflected both in his flying his landing and his smile.

Steve popped in another flight to round off his day and his hill conversion and we managed a couple of super flights on the Tandem playing with the sea thermals.

Well done to Ray and Steve, watch out for them on the hills

Nice to see lots of people out and meet the visiting pilots who were out enjoying the flying and the company. probably the best day on the hill in Cornwall this year. Looks like the tow field tomorrow as the wind drops lighter

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A lot of Sun, A lot of Fun and A lot done

Mike P gets ready at launch
Heading upwards Mike P gets ready to release

Mike D puts in a small correction at take off

Looking happy Mike D heads in for a landing after his first high flight

Kaz enjoys a super flight after finishing her Asymmetric collapse exercise

In the field at 08.00 we were ready for an early start with Mike P on the Hang Glider to make the most of conditions before he had to head off at 11.00. With a nice breeze he was quickly into it moving onto release flights and turnd down to land. By his deadling of 11.00 he had put away 15 flights and made good progress to approach the end of his EPC.
The other Mike, Michael D arrived at 10.30 but had to wait a little while the breeze dropped back as forecast to Paraglideable. he spent an hour or so practising his ground work and made great headway looking tidy in both reverse and forward techniques. With conditions still a little breezy i took the opportunity to see if there was any usable lift under an excellent looking sky but failed to make the most of it.
With conditions improving Mike got on the line and did several flights before we had to shift the winch as the sea breeze gave way to the SW wind. Things were now even better and it wasn't long before Mike was ready for the Big one and rounded off his day with two super high flights the last of which was nicely extended with some buoyant air giving him some nice lift. Big smiles rounded off his day along with his EPC and first steps into his CPC all in 3 days.
Bill N and Kaz also got some flying in with Bill being kicked in the A** by a pony (actually I think it was a thermal) and Kaz completing her Pilot rating tasks with a couple of very nice 50% Asymmetrics followed by a little thermalling to boot. Another good day, looks like we should have a day off tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bright and Breezy

We were up early and off to the field to get some Hang Gliding in before the wind picked up to much. It was a lovely sunny morning with plenty of cumulus and a moderate SW breeze when we set up. Mike P was along for his second day on the Hang Glider and had a good time putting away 8 flights in the ever challenging conditions. He did a fine job with some good flying turns and landings to move him nicely into his EPC tasks, ready for release flights next time out, maybe tomorrow.... By 11.30 it was to breezy so we spent a pleasant hour on the theory in the sunshine before having an early day. Short but sweet with good progress made.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birthday Treats

Frayer and Mike check out the Hang Glider with Tim at the start of the day

What a cracking day it was with bright sunshine, light winds and happy people who could ask for more. The day got going with Mike P (Wiltshire) and Frayer W (Totnes) getting to grips with hang Gliders. Mike had done some before in America but had never rigged one, foot launched or foot landed one so we got him in at the ground floor. Frayer was along for a Taster Day as her 17th Bithday present which was yesterday. They both worked hard in the morning session getting used the wing on the ground and how to control it as it flew above them before having a well deserved break for lunch. However Frayers break was short lived as she came up for a Tandem flight on the Paraglider followed by Maria, who had her tandem flight also booked as a Birthday gift by husband. They both had super flights with amazing views, the sea looked gorgeous and the visibility was good.

Then it was back to work as they were joined by several experienced pilots (PeteC, Kieth W, Barry H and Kaz P) on the winch who were flying Paragliders having fun in the lively conditions "up top" where there was some useful lift around for those who could use it. By the end of the day Frayer had got the Hang of it and put in several nice flight across the field including some super landings, she alright or was that alleft?? Mike showed that he had done some before and rounded off the day with a great flight untethered putting him in a good position to move forward next time out.

Nick F was back with his Paramotor and enjoyed a lovely flight in the morning before settlin down to his CPC exam which he passed moving him closer to his full qualification.

Sam A (Tavistock) played ground handling for a few hours whist the hangers got on with it and conditions settled down and was looking pretty handy it to by the time he came to the winch. He had a nice afternoon putting away 6 high flights (the first he'd done) including good spot landings 180 turns and speed appreciation to move him well into his CPC tasks.

We wrapped at 19.00 to finish a full day, oh and everybody enjoyed the cake which Kaz brought along to celebrate my Birthday, it was like a Party out there.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Making the most of it

Mike D sets off for a release flight
Mike d gets ready to release the line

Dave L checking the canopy at launch

What kind of look is that, concentration or pain??

With the wind forecast to increase by early afternoon we made an early start arriving at the field for 08.00 am. Dave L was up even earlier leaving home well before 07.00 but arriving spot on time. Mike D also made it along although a little later having overslept after yesterdays exertions. Still the guys were quickly at it and it wasn't long before Mike was putting in his first release flights and then moving onto higher flights with gentle turns down to land. A total of 9 flights saw him well into his EPC tasks before the breeze picked up as forecast at 12.30.
Dave also had a good day putting the final touches to his EPC over 3 flights before moving into his CPC with his first high flights and circuits of which he did 5 giving him a total of 8 for the day. We rounded off with some ground handling just to make sure the guys were full before having an early bath by mid afternoon with the wind picking up further.
Useful day and whats more they can have day off tomorrow as we head to the hills.......