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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Two's company as the boys get some practice in

The forecast was good the sun was out and the guys were up for it so we headed to Perranporth for what would hopefully see hill conversions underway.  Paddy and Todd were keen and got themselves sorted ready to go.

Paddy looking sweet

Todd tests out the new Bi-paraglider, it was good but packing it away is a nightmare .....

The wind stayed light and switched on and off the hill at will!  Still we did manage to get the hill briefs done and the guys put in plenty of useful ground handling in readiness for the next time.  Nice to catch up with the guys on the hill but lets hope for some more wind next time.

Quote of the day "there's a seagull ...... oh its flapping"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


After such a good day on Saturday we were looking forward to more of the same on Tuesday with light winds and sunshine forecast.  Waking to a bit of mist and a bit more breeze than forecast it was no worries as we were not due to start until after lunch so surely it would clear by then??

Paul B (Oakhampton) arrived to start his paramotoring course and we went through the theory and paperwork side before heading to the field where we met up with Kieth W (N.Devon) and Ollie C (Plymouth) both on CPC Paragliding  courses .  It was still a bit misty and the breeze was still there but we decided to get the most out of it so after a few PLF's we cracked out the Paragliders for some ground handling.

Nice technique, you can't get enough ground handling practice

Whilst Kieth and Ollie paired up Paul (who had a little before) got going with myself.  We had a fun time learning to deal with the glider in the fresher breeze which proved a huge confidence builder for the guys and pretty soon the fear of being dragged uncontrollably was over come and they played with the wings.  Progressively the wind eased back allowing some forward launches and finally the hand tows getting Paul all set for his first tow on the winch.

Looking good as the mist returns

Unfortunately the mist did not go away so we called it a day. Whilst no flying everyone learnt a lot and it will come in particularly useful when the guys go to the hill :)

Quote of the day "I think i can see the gate"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back Home, lets go ..........

Well after all the excitement of the last week it was good to get home and back out into the field and was a cracking day it was, bright and sunny with light winds.

We had a fairly busy day on with a good including from Paraglidng Taster days, Hang Gliding day one, Paragliding CPC and EPC, Paragliding qualified CPC on new wing and last but not least Paramotoring, so it was all go.

Kaz gets going with the day Oner's

Things got moving nicely and we worked steadily through the morning getting ready for towing after lunch.  Tim looked after Jim D (Dorset) on the Hangy and the guys got along well in the pleasant breeze whilst Kaz looked after Chris (Plymouth) and Sam k (Camborne) on their first day on the Paragliders and I fiddled about in general!

Todd opens up the bag, is it a snake??

Todd got his crispy new Mojo 4 out of the bag for the first time and fell in love with it straight away as it floated happily above his head in no time.  Pete V put in some useful ground handling now on his second day with the aim of Paramotoring along side Ollie C who is well into his CPC and John R (Indian Queens) turned up at lunchtime to pop the Paramotor together.

In Love

Ollie puts the groundwork in

After a bit of wind chasing things settled down and we got underway.  John R put in a super flight on the Paramotor now flying his own wing which made the launches a bit harder work but he did fine and got it sussed in the end. he looked really happy in the air and his landing was fine even though a bit quicker than he is used to!

Tim gets Jim to hang about so he can talk to him ....

Then the tow got running with Todd getting his first flights on his new wing and now well ready for the hill, even even popped in another line break to add to the fun.  Ollie moved nicely forward through weight shift, normal flying speed and into speed bar so another day or two should see him sorted.  Peter V did well and soon relaxed to get the release flights out of the way and start on turns putting him half way through his EPC.  The Taster day boys did great both settling down with each flight as they floated across the field and everyone a stand up landing, nice.

last but not least by any means Jim got the Hangy in the air and proved to be a natural :) it was not long before he was off the tether and flying sweetly towards Tim, again every landing a stand up one, ideal.

As the guys packed up John popped in another flight on the Paramotor to gain some more experience and hopefully be ready to try his own unit next time out.

A great way to get back to work after my trip and a super bunch of guys to get going with. thanks to Phil L for his help and we look forward to seeing more of him, week ahead looks good ......

Quote of the day "I
just love it"

Rain Stops Play

The forecast was spot on and we awoke to Thunder, rain and low clouds and forecast to get worse.  A mixture of relief and disappointment between us but the weather is the weather.  A relaxed breakfast followed a relaxed packing session with kit being stored ready for the flight home.

Phil finally found the feather duvet in his room which would have kept him warm all week if had only found it earlier which would have removed the necessity for sleeping in his one piece.

The one piece romper suit

The rain - a bit different from last weeks picky

Sam regretted his visit to Butterfly Valley nearly as much as Al and Lee

We spent the day chilling and I got some shut eye in as it looks like the weather in the UK is on the mend and we have a full day booked for tomorrow in the school.  Topping up with food before we left for the airport as it has the reputation of being one of the most expensive on the planet for food then it was good byes to those that were staying on and we were gone.

Sam treated himself to a new purse

Just as well as the boys try to shake some lira out of him

Mike looked genuinely happy to see us leave!

The flight back was fine ,even early but passport control had a 45 minute wait, whats going on it's 1 o'clock in the morning!  The guys drove home and I slept with Lee and Sam, ideal, not quite as bad as it sounds!!   Arriving home at 06.45 the sun was up and the sky was blue - here we go .............
So ended the trip, what an experience, good company with everyone  making it fun and friendly, some interesting flying taking all of us way out of our comfort zones and some very funny times. thanks guys and girl and thanks to Phil L for getting the ball rolling ...  again? maybe?

Quote of the day "Thank "Tomato" for that!"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Al a Carte

So with all the compulsory moves out of the way today's morning flight we could chose our poison. Wyn, Phil, Mike and Lee opted for Ampmax Spin followed by and Ampmax with stall, and having a go at SATS, Sam went for 180 reversal with wing over, 360 roll reversal then wingovers, Al decided on stalls followed by spiral and wingovers and myself ob 180 reversal, 360 roll  reversal, Spiral and wing overs, well that were the plans and not a 'moon over'  on the menus.

So fully briefed off we went and yes the bus was a mixture of silence and chatter.  All out at 1700m launch and everyone was keen to get going as the cloud started to build.

Lee away first as usual started us off we could hear Jocky on the radio getting him going, first two manoeuvres good, attempt at SAT, nearly then radio communication failure as Lee's radio went for a flight of it's own!! Still he had a fun time and enjoyed himself on the way down.  Off we went in a steady stream and did our best Sam was up for ever having elected not to do any rapid descent moves and had a ball getting the top marks for wingovers.  Acro Al added Helico's to his repatuire accidentally furthering the legend.

I spiralled like I have never done before, then performed a coupe of acceptable 180 reversals before getting as close to a loop as I am ever likely to in the first 360 reversal , that quietened me down!  The next one was good setting a record time of 17seconds, well tht's what they told me. Wingovers overcooked added to the fun.

the wrong end of something

It's not just me Wyn can do it as well :))

and finally Al got it wrong and set up for the Helico!

Next it was the turn of the rest of the SAT boys with Phil leading them in. They all did great Ampmax Spins and stalls before going for it.  The results ... Phil, just in then out but close, give it a bit more and ....Spin with stall recovery, try and try again so close but no cigar but a fantastic effort. Mike C first attempt no quite, second go spun then into stall and out, 3rd go yeeeeeehowwwwwww he's in and loving it, nice recovery. Forth go for Mike and no problems so cool, now knackered Mike took it easy with some nice wingovers to the beach to a huge round of applause to become the King of SATS.  Finally Wyn comes out, like the others first moves good but try as he might he could not quite get her into the SAT and the video revealed why, hand position is critical, still he landed with a typical Wyn smile.

Al on approach, the sign says it all

Lee comes home

 Phil back in one piece

Wyn as happy as ever

So with us all down safe and sound it was hugs all round along with a lot of relief. It was a happy band that headed off for the debrief. With one last flight left in the offing if the weather plays ball despite at first thinking of giving it a miss everyone is now hoping the weather forecast is wrong, we shall see....

The King of SATS

The boys crack out their best moves

With flying canned for the day we chilled in the bar watched various Gopro videos of daring deeds including Glens of his loop which he looked pretty happy with :)

Happy Bunny 

Quote of the day "Heinz Beanz Meanz SATZ"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turning inside out over Turkey

07.00 briefing then into the truck and up the hill like a load of suicidal lemmings. The truck was quieter than normal possibly something to do with the brief that included full stalls and searching for Spin (who ever he may be?).

No hanging around at the top, Lee led the way for Kernow so was the first to experience the delights. One by one we followed and one by one we got into all sorts of situations with Al K stealing the show with a an inverted stall recovery moving into a strong spin and spiral before a perfectly executed "moon over" so gaining the new name of Acro Al.   Seriously, everyone did well although some had an easier time than others.

Wyn gets it right 

Sam demonstrates the manoeuvre whilst Phil monitors it

it must be the stress of it all .........

A full breakfast followed by the second briefing where we were set up for spiral dives, roll reversals of varying degrees finishing off hopefully with lovely wingovers.  Cloud on the mountain gave us a break with the bus heading back up at 15.30 so we all went away to ponder.

The guys run over the next task list

whilst Mike gets some shut eye in

After a brief respite it was back into the truck and off up  the hill in the ever increasing silence ......  Arriving at the top it was cloudy and cold but as ever the chances were we would get a slot  and a slot we got.  Take off's varied from nil wind forwards to gentle breeze reverses off the north launch which is also now paved Kaz will be pleased to know.

cloudy on launch as we get set to go

Lee ready for first away

Heading out to the manoeuvring area passing over the lower cumulus brought us back into sunshine above the blue sea with a tiny white boat in it.  So here we go Spiral dive, good locked in stabilised, nice ease it out gently , fantastic got it :)) now one to the left ok not too bad, back to the right, yep got them sussed, all going well.  Next, oh no another stall, ok lets be more gentle on the release, super, things are looking good.  Sharp 90 degree turns fine, 180 reversal into big wing over.... woops not so good resulting in a spin and recovery (fortunately).  Ok maybe we should do the search for spin, yep got them fine.  Into wingovers, big wing overs, not to bad but need to control the top tip a bit more, LOOK at the wing, oh that's better :)  Land phew.

here we go again

and again

                                               and this bit is actually under control, I think

We all went through something similar with slight variations and all landed feeling a little queasy but in one piece.  Debrief was fine leaving us with a choice of manoeuvres for tomorrow, Sat Spin Loop the choice is ours .... you just gotta check out the blog tomorrow.

Turkish night at the hotel saw a happy bunch now joined by Michel K and Terry all full of it. The belly dancer was the main attraction for some ..... turning Acro Al into Agro Al but we controlled him. early night for me to put my menu together for tomorrow.

The good boys and......

 the lechers ......

Quote of the day "well that's off the Al a Carte then"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Picture says a thousand words

Ok brief resume as let the pictures tell the story....

Up at 06.00, update on task briefing, yikes..... Off up hill at 07.00, onto at 08.00  take off from then on...  Lee was first off from the Kernow lads followed by a steady stream at 10 minute intervals.  Everyone did well  with some more exciting then others (mike c springs to mind) but in fairness some radio problems did not help, or as jockey said was it clotted cream in the ears ???  The flight consisted of B line stalls, frontal collapses, dynamic frontals, accelerated frontals, BIG BIG Ears and finishing off with wing overs.  Lee was noticeable with his Moon overs which will be added to the next course!

A good looking bit but you did not see the bit before

Ok this was the bit before

followed by this

and this

and finally this

So with the first flight out the way we debriefed and had a break whilst we waited for the weather to become suitable for "manoeuvres", something to do with the parachute pulling you under the water!

a "well behaved" B line stall

and a BIG BIG Ears (they can get exciting)

The second flights started with a super glide out seeing all of us well high when arriving in the area,
. we then went into the Asymmetric tasks in simalar format to the frontals ending with but including a 360 asymmetric before moving onto stall searching and once again the wing overs.  Yep you guessed it some were more exciting than others .......

Final debrief then off for supper and a wind down (or was it a wind up) before heading to bed ready for another early start,,

even the meal seemed ablur just like the rest of the day

What, Who ??

Note to ones self, let go of the A risers after initiating a frontal collapse

Quote of the day  "la la la, la la la"

Tunder in Turkey

The forecast rain arrived along with some loud bangs and bright flashes, well at least the forecast was right!  So a more relaxed morning with our initial briefing for the SIV at 11.00. Breakfast saw several discussions varying from time travel to the size of Al's hands We made our way to the meeting place where we were greeted by the "Team" and we met the others on the course some doing SIV and some Acro.

You know what they say about a man with Big hands

Only a few inches in it .....

Jocky gave a very reassuring chat and outlined what we would be up to on our first flights , B lines, Deep Stalls and Wing Overs, sounds like fun ........

Next it was off to the beach for a site brief with Chris, Jocky's launch Marshall and another Instructor to get the lay off the landing area and how they would like us to do it.

the morning briefing and we are taking no chances .....

....... whilst Sam takes a few

The rain was still falling so we headed home for an hour or two before returning to pick up Bouancy aids and waterproof radio bags (hmmmmm) and a further brief briefing from Johan the other Instructor who will be in the boat.

With flying canned for the day everyone split up to mull it over before meeting in the bar as evening approached.  The last supper ensued with some trying to drink away the worries whilst others wanted to keep a clear head ..... tomorrows another day.

Quote of the day " you nervous?"