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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Congratulations and Jubilations

It will all make sense by the end

After a top day yesterday at Perran for the Hangies we opted for Sennen cove today as the forecast was for a brisk NNW mellowing through the day and backing to the WNW by the end of the day so hopefully giving something for everyone.

With a busy day on we arrived on site to find it perfect for hangies and the wind indeed well to the North.  Whilst the students began to arrive and rig their hangies I took the chance to fly my T2 C on the site where I flew it for the very first time. Sharing the air with Paul h, Sam A, Nigel W and Kaz all on hangies it was nicely sea thermic seeing me top at well over a grand and looking down on the incoming Isles of Scilly flights.

 Iang L tries out the "comfy" harness on his Sport 2 175

 As the breeze moderates things get busy

With Ian l ready to go it was time to land and give him a guiding hand.  Fresh from getting his hill conversion sorted yesterday along with conversion onto his new Sport 2 175 Ian was now ready to try out a new harness as well. After a good briefing he was up and away and soon looking far more comfortable than in the training stirrup!  A couple of nice flights consolidated his flying and convinced him on the new harness and it was a very happy Ian that headed back to Bristol with his new toys.
Malcolm P gets set to join the Para's on his hangy making the most of the day

Phil l was also out on his new Sport 2 155 that he converted onto yesterday and had a fun time whizzing around the place under Pauls watchful eye.  Malcolm P (Crawley) was down again but this time to enjoy some free flying and had a great time getting in a couple of super flights to top up his fun box before heading back up country.  Add in Gay j on her hangy and there were a total of 9 flying it would have been 10 but Michel turned up just a little late as the wind eased back.

By early afternoon the wind began to ease a bit and back as forecast and with perfect timing Paul and Ben from Plymouth turned up on site to have tandem flights. we broke out the Tandem Paraglider and with Kaztesting the air first on her glider it was not long before Ben was up in the air taking in the amazing views over Sennen Cove, Lands End and as far as the isles of Scilly.  Next up was Paul (happy birthday for tomorrow) who with an interest in Paramotoring wanted to know how everything worked. We also had a super flight and made a first class landing with both guys helping out by staying on their feet, thanks guys.

Paul H has some fun on his ASKA proving it's lighter wind capabilities

The paragliding hill conversions were now underway with Kaz taking one whilst i took another and a steady stream of them took to the air one after the other.  Alan H (Bideford) was first to go and put in a couple of good flights on his own kit dealing with two jobs in one and completed his hill conversion before being let off the leash and flying as a qualified pilot.  John S ("Speaky", Helston) was next and followed suit although still on the school kit but hopefully his new glider arrives next week.  With his hill conversion sorted Speaky had a cracking third flight un supervised and did a great job of scratching up before topping put on the Element as only Elements can!

"Snakey" (John S, Stithians) had more to do and popped in three flights to complete his hill conversion on his new Buzz Z3 and looked very pleased with himself and almost relieved!  Russell S (Plymouth) worked hard to get his conversion signed off not because he could not soar but landing approaches needed sorting, however we finally got there and the look of jubilation on his face was classic.
The two Johns show their appreciation

Emil K (East Devon) finally got the right day off from work and and made the very most of it popping his first hill soaring flight and following it up with three more to get himself just one flight away from qualification with a bit of luck. Emil's enthusiasm and patience are both to be admired and it will be a shame not to see him in the field from here on.
Nigel and Kaz fight with the tandem whilst best buddies Chris and Emil get some practice in

 Chris B makes the most of what was left at the end of the day

Last but not least Chris B (Plymouth) who had patiently waited through the day, along with a bit of surfing, got his chance late on and put in a superb soaring flight in not so easy conditions showing that he had not forgotten how to do it despite a bit of a lay off.  Chris flew smoothly and efficiently maximising every bit of lift to stay up before a nice little sea thermal popped him up and in he came for an excellent top landing.
Best buddies
With pork chops on the stove and the sun setting we rounded off a superb day, in fact couple of days and thanks for the wine, the chocolates and PENS :) 

Finally it's time to eat
Quote of the day "that was one of the best days of my life"

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sporting at Perran

 Michel sets off on his second flight of the day on his Sport 2 135

What a cracking day..... as the front cleared along with the rain we headed to Perranporth with a roof full of hangies and high hopes.  Conditions were ideal and after a quick test the air flight we got Ian L (Bristol) up and away on the Falcon to get Perran sussed before letting him loose on his new Wills Wing Sport 2 175.  After three nice flights and landings and having finished his hill conversion off (congratulations) he took time out to rig his new wing whilst Kaz got some nice flying in on her hangy.

With Michel turning up with his Sport 2 135 and Phil L with his new  Sport 2 155 we had the full range on site! Michel wasted no time in getting into the air as soon as conditions were good enough and put in a couple of super flights making it all look far to easy.  He has a nice feel for the hanger which came through in both his top landings which were very nice.  Best of it was I got the chance to test fly the new wings and pleased to say they were all perfect straight from the box.

Ian L gets his Sport 2 175 off the ground in fine style

 and quickly looked very happy on it

Ian got his chance and made a fine launch on his new wing settling in quickly to the lighter handling, higher performance and more subtle pitch of the wing.  After a good 15 minutes it was time to get him in and it is fair to say it did take a few attempts . However, each one got a bit better and by the fourth we had him back on terra firma with a big smile quickly followed in by Michel as a rain shower headed our way.

Phil set to go on his Liquorish Allsort (Sport 2 155)

With the brief shower gone it was Phil L's turn to join in the fun and after waiting for a little more breeze to return he put in his first flight on his new wing.  Again he made it look easy and quickly got the measure of the wing and was soon playing with it.  15 minutes later he brought her in for a cracking top landing first time, excellent.

 setting up for a classic top landing (see did not even mention the correction, oops!)

 By the end of play Michel had two flights to his credit and about an hours airtime and no overshoots, Ian also had two in the bag and had learnt a lot about top landing approaches and Phil put in three and only overshot once.
 Ever smiling Michel had a ball, and chuffed he should be

I rounded off the day with some fun flying on Phils glider (thank you) which once again confirmed what great wings the Sport 2's are :))
 happy bunnies all round

Quote of the day " I like to get in this way" 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Few in the field

Graeme A comes back to take off as towing gets going

With a good day forecast it was a shame that a couple of those booked in failed to show for one reason or another however for those that were there it was a bonus.

In very light conditions we got the kit out and whilst kaz sorted out Treeve T (Hayle) and Graeme A (Plympton) who were on their CPC's I got Dave D (Truro) started on his taster day.  With no wind to speak of it was always going to be a challenge but Dave was up to it and was soon running across the field and making forward launches look easy.

Treeve comes in on the spot

By the time Malcolm P (Croydon) had arrived with his powered hangy a little breeze was filling in making life easier. Treeve and Graeme cracked on into their CPC 's racking up the flights and the spot landings as conditions continued to improve.  As conditions got nice we popped Dave onto the line and he put in his first flight in fine style looking every bit like he had done it before.

Getting the ears in as treeve moves into his final CPC tasks

Malcolm took advantage of a rest in the towing to get his powered hangy up and away and had a super flight as the sun came out taking in some amazing views around the coast and across to St Ives before coming back for a wheeled landing.

Malcolm omes back on his powered hangy after a super flight

Towing recomenced and by the end of play Graeme had sorted getting into his harness, Treeve had completed his CPC flying tasks and Dave had had an amazing taster day ending on a cracking release flight, nice one guys.

 Dave D look happy as he gets his first flight on a Paraglider in

So an early finish for a change with everyone flown out and plenty of smiles all rouns, looks like we may have a few days off if the weather forecast is right.

Quote of the day "just superb"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Topping out at Perran

A tricky call whether to go towing or to the hill but in the end we opted for the hill based on the wind being brisker than forecast in the morning.

On arrival at Perran it was breezy enough but plenty of paragliders were having fun so we joined in whilst we waited for the students to arrive.

First on site was Anna P (Gwithian) hoping to complete her hill conversion and she was shortly followed by Mike S (Exeter) hoping for the same.  With conditions varying between nicely soarable and scratchy (seeing a few on the beach) we had to pick our times.  Anna was first away and had a good time soaring mixing it with the masses before a little bit less lift and one too many gliders saw her head to the beach.  Still no worries it was not long before she was back up and ready for another flight.

Mike S waited for conditions to improve  stood at launch and his patience was rewarded when Kaz took off and promptly thermalled up to a nice 650 above launch chased by Glen and a stream of others!.  Mike had a cracking flight popping back in on top to complete his hill conversion :).

Anna was quick to join in the fun and rattled off a total of 5 flights by the end of play also gaining her hill conversion so two very happy bunnies. Mike made good use of his new qualification having a ball soaring the cliffs and racking up nearly two hours airtime.

As things quietened down Steve V (Lelant0 turned up for a Tandem flight and was rewarded with a cracker as we caught the evening lift seeing us pop up nice and high and being on the verge of going XC the views were superb.  still we resisted and had a good time playing on the cliffs before landing back on top with big smiles if a little chilly.

Good to see the recent ex students making such good progress and behaving themselves, proud to say i would own up to all of them!

Icing on the cake was a phone call from Coady when we got home who sounded delighted to say the least having flown a nice XC to the Lizard from carn brea in challenging launching conditions on hi hang gilder, fantastic and good to see him back to his old tricks on a hangy .

 Quote of the day " best day at Perran ever"

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday magic

It looked like another good day for hangies at Chapel so that is where we went and indeed it was.  Paul H, Gay J and Nigel W were already on site and rigging when we arrived and although the wind was a little on the light side it was forecast to increase and all the signs were there.

The Tandem takes off

Mandy b and her daughter Ellie were along for a tandem flights on the hangy and a soon as Paul had tested the air on his hangy we wasted no time in getting going.  Ellie was first up to show mum how to do it and we had a great flight playing in the lift, chasing the seagulls and discussing life in general before coming in for a tippy toe landing. Mandy was suitably impressed so was up for it and it was not long before we were up and away again, conditions were still as good and we had a fun time joined by Nigel W on his hangy who just seemed to go up for ever.  Another nice top landing saw two very happy girls having shared the experience, nice.

 Up and away and having fun

 Mandy and ellie after some cracking flying

Michel had now arrived on site with his "new" hangy and after a 16 month lay off due to a "minor" op he was ready to get back into the air solo on it.  A quick test fly of the Wills Wing Sport 2 135 confirmed all was well so after a briefing on its characteristics he was clipped in and ready to go.

In breezy enough conditions he made a good launch and was soon settled in and climbing away in the increasing lift.  he looked like he had not forgotten a lot and whilst he had the sky to himself he even looked like his head was moving!  With some dubious looking cloud moving in from St Ives and Michel at around 600 feet we thought it best to get him down.  A bit of speed flying and burning off height finally saw him set up a good approach and make a very acceptable landing.  What came next was an unstoppable torrent of words extolling the virtues of hang gliding and how much Michel is looking forward to mastering the sport:).

Michel and his amazing machine (s)

Phil L also turned up but with the weather on the change and the tide coming in decided to give it a miss but no worries his new wing will be here soon......

Quote of the day "that was amazing etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Changeable at Chapel

With good low tides and the wind to the west we opted for Chapelporth to make the most of the beach.  Turning up just as the beach opened up and the wind came on Kaz tested the air on her paraglider before we got John S (Speaky(Helston)) up and away on his second soaring flight on a paraglider.  Speaky did well and as conditions continued to improve he quickly gained plenty of height. Keeping a weather eye out we could see an increase on the horizon so he popped back in on top with time to spare making a fine job of it.

Sure enough the wind began to pick up and by the time he was ready to go again it was more than top end so he held back.  good choice and even the other paragliders who had now arrived decided to give it a miss.

Out came the ASKA and I had a fun time playing while we waited to see what conditions would do.  The sight of Kaz and Phil heading off to get hangies confirmed it so I nipped back in to get the tandem hangy out.

Mandy B and Nigel p were both along for tandem paragliding flights but decided to give hang gliding a go and both were really pleased they did having stunning flights in classic conditions. Visibility was super and the sea was really clear giving good views of the seals swimming by.  Thanks to both of them for being such easy passengers and maybe come back and try the Paraglider on another day.

Wyn D took the opportunity of trying the ASKA out and after some ground handling to get the measure of it he was quickly up and away settling in easily and looking like he had done it all before.  despite being quite a bit heavier than me he had no trouble soaring and rounded off with a nice top landing all be it a foot too high!  Interesting to see a low airtime pilot on the ASKA and it just confirmed that it is not the reserve of highly experienced pilots only and can give airtime to all when conditions dictate, come and try it.

Kaz tried out the air for  the hangies and had a super flight on her Eagle and should have taken a quick flight on the ASKA to make it a full house for her.

Phill L was up and ready for it and was soon away on the hangy to keep his hand in as the arrival of his new Wils Wing Sport 2  is now imminent. Phil did a great job looking smooth and co ordinated and performing a superb top landing to a round of applause.

So another good day all round with pretty much something for everyone , nice..............

Quote of the day "it's small isn't it"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Working for a living

Don't ask

It was all go out in the tow field where with 4 hangies on and 3 Parag;liders all at different stages it kept us on our toes.

Whilst Tim and myself sorted the hangies Kaz took the paras  with the aim of getting towing going by mid day and as it turned out we managed it ahead of schedule.

Tom G gets set to go

James C and Tom G were back after their taster day a couple of weeks ago and were joined by John b also on his second day.  Henery G was along for Day one having been reccomended it by James and Tom so you can imagine there was a bit of banter and competition going on.................

Henrey gets his taster day flights underway

The hangies all worked hard and kept me running around until one by one they came off the tethers and I could "relax" a little.  Some did a little better than others but i reckon one more day should see them all click the secret of airspeed and roll control and then they will be up and away in no time,

Jackie D (N.Devon) was along for a Taster day on the paraglider and put in the ground work in the morning before joining in the towing and it all coming together in the afternoon. Jackie put in trhee nice fligts across the field and ended the day tired but happy.

Jackie D up and away on her first day whilst bill counts his fingers

......and looks pretty happy with herself

Simon C (Helston) was along to do a tow conversion and to get some instruction having been out of flying for a couple of years and had a good day seeing his ground handling improve under Kaz's watchful eye and getting his towing underway under mine.  By the end of the day he had completed half his tow conversion and was looking pretty relaxed, well at least compared to the start of the day.

Tim surveys his victims

Last but not least Treeve T (Hayle) made a welcome return to the field to carry on with his training on the Paraglider having completed his EPC last year.  treeve was sson back in the groove and popping in the high flights and moving well into his EPC tasks. great to have you back T.

Treeve gets back in the air as he starts his CPC

A full on day with plenty of running around but well worth it especially to see so many hangies getting on with it.

Quote of the day "show us your bits"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fine Flying Friday

It was back to Perranporth for the afternoon where it started off a bit on the breezy side and a bit northy but it quickly moderated and came more on making it good for hangies and ASKA's.  Hangy Dave (Newquay) keen to build on his recent airtime was first off and had a super flight on the calypso before top landing very nicely and having to head off to work.
Alison gets set to go on her tandem flight

Kaz made the most of conditions on her hangy and popped in a couple of tidy landings before helping me with the tandem hangy.  Alison M was along for a flight on her second attempt and timed it nicely with super conditions making for a cracking flight.  She had a fun time enjoying the whole experience and having a good go at flying the glider as well.  Fun to fly with Michel on his ASKA which still looks amazingly small as it flies by even with Michel on it.

To round the evening off Michel came up on the Hanger to get his hand back in after a long lay off and did an excellent job flying me around the sky for 15 minutes showing he had not lost all he had learnt and instilling confidence to both of us for his return to hanging!

Quote of the day "look left, turn left"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Very Pleasant

 Just the two of us

After a hard day in the office the weather looked like it was on the clear late afternoon so we decided to pop out to Chapel for a look.  On arrival it was low cloud and rain so we cooked up a coffee ate munchies and chilled.  30 minutes later brightness began to appear and e made our way to the front to find super sunshine and light winds.

With the wind a little way off to the right Perran was an option but we decided to stay put and have the site to ourselves.  What a lovely evening it turned out to be with gentle lift and gentle cloud suck passing through as some low stuff formed and dissipated..  After an hour or so the wind began to fill in and we had had our fill so called it a day. very nice :) Hope the guys at Perran had a good time too.

end of a perfect evening flight

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plenty at Perran

Well plenty of lift that is and not many pilots so making our life easy and that of the students :)

With an update from Bill mid morning that it was 26 -28 on launch we waited until mid day before heading out arriving just as it mellowed a little allowing Bill and Michel to get some fun time in on the ASKA's whilst i got the Tandem ready.

Richard G (Oakhampton) was first up on the tandem and despite being a little nervous of heights had no problem once we were up and away.  In super soaring conditions we cruised the cliffs and had a good chat about flying and life in general. Richard was amazed at how easy the glider is to control and how much smoother it was once in the air, I think "fascinated" sums it up.  Back on top after a nice landing we had a good debrief chat before getting set for my next challenge.

Sam J gets set to take me up

Sam J (N. Devon) was next to carry on with his tandem rating and after a couple of flights on his own wing to get used to the site we were clipped in and ready to go with Sam as pilot.  We put in a couple of nice flights with the take offs nice and tidy, the flying smooth and the landings .......

Taking a break i popped in some ASKAing in what were now breezy conditions again and made an unceremonious arrival back on top right in front of Sam and Simon who had just turned up for a Tandem flight, not the best impression!

 Sam looked relieved when I explained it was  the hang glider we were to go Tandem up on and not the ASKA. She had been given the flight as a birthday gift from her partner Simon who has a habit of getting her unusual gifts (Trapeze lessons !). Sam had a great time and like Richard was amazed at the whole experience just soaking up the views and the feeling of flying like a bird.  I think Simon enjoyed it nearly as much seeing Sams face when we landed back on top. An ideal start to a weeks holiday in Cornwall.

Hangy Dave does a super take off
Of and away and into prone

Conditions having moderated nicely gave hangy Dave (Newquay) the chance to pop in a couple of flights on the Calypso to keep his hand in for when his new Wills Wing Sport 2 arrives and he did a good job on both flights with his first top landing at Perran going remarkably well.

Max Wall impression as dave comes into land

Kaz also nipped up on her hangy and showed us how much lift there was around as she floated about up top.

By the time Sam J and myself clipped in again for a bit more tandem flying the wind picked up quickly and Sam made the wise decision to hold back showing the right attitude for tandeming and wait for a better day to complete his rating, maybe Friday.

Busy few hours and a mixture of conditions keeping us on our toes.

Quote of the day "just brilliant"

Saturday, September 08, 2012

3 2 2

That was the ratio of female students to male in the field today making a " pleasant" change to the norm, not that we mind have guys around!!

Jo and Sarah (Exeter) were back after a long lay off to move on with their EPC Paragliding whilst Sam T (Falmouth) came along for a Taster day on the Hanger, her boyfriend martin had tried a taster day Pg a couple of years ago so she thought she would try something different.

Along side them John S (Helston) was out to finish off his CPC tasks and Doug R (Bristol) was down to do a Tow conversion on his Paraglider so we had enough to keep us occupied.

Whilst Kaz and myself got the paragliders sorted and Jo and Sarah back into the swing of it Tim J put Sam  through the ground work on the Hanger.  Mid day saw everyone pretty much ready and in nice if slightly thermic conditions we got the winch up and running.

Doug got things moving with his first towed flight and was soon into it popping in the circuits whilst having some fun thermalling on about a third of them showing what can be done with a bit of experience, i got quite jealous......

Speaky (John) had a good time completing his CPC with Speed bar, Assymmetrics and Big ears to gain his qualification, well done.  The Paraglider girls excelled themselves by getting into the groove and put in some super tow flights building up the height and turns before finishing the day on a flight to the top each so completing their EPC task, again well done.  Hopefully they can find a way to carry on to CPC as we will miss them in the field especially their singing along with kaz to the Eagles, very apt.

Sam on the Hangy made it all look far to easy as she floated across the field with her first four flights being as good as they get.  Her last two saw her having to put a few more corrections in but she did a great job and you could see she had grasped the basics of flying a hanger pretty good for day one.  Hopefully she will be back as well and maybe her partner martin will join in having now been tempted to the stiffy from the floppy.

Nice to see guys out having fun at Godrevy and good to hear that some of the ex students were having a great time at Vault, make the most of it looks like a hangy week ahead......

Quote of the day " I don't want the day to end"

Soory no piccies but if anyone has some please email a few ;)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

4 by 4 at Carbis

With a moderate to fresh NE on the cards we headed to Carbis at lunch time to be greeted by the sight of 3 ASKA's in the air having fun.  Paul H, Bill N and Michel K were having a ball whilst James W zoomed around on his hangy having a ball.  to complete the pack i was soon up there on our demo' ASKA whilst the "normal" Paragliders were grounded.  Conditions were ideal whilst take off needed some care one up and away you could get around at will and it was smooth as silk allowing me to play with the wing more than normal!!!!

Having landed Kaz gave it a shot and had a good one whilst i rigged the tandem hanger in preparation for some flights later on.  Gerry showed interest in the ASKA and after a little introduction under Kaz's eye he was soon up and away with the 17m2 lifting his 16 stone easily giving him some super soaring when otherwise he would have been firmly on the ground.  Judging by his reaction after landing he may well be the next one with one?????

With the tandems arriving we got the ball rolling by taking Caroline T (St Erth) up for a flight which had been given to her as a birthday present.  Caroline just loved it and whilst used to flying with her husband in their own plane found the whole experience amazing and as near to flying like a bird as you can get.

Blue and Kate two young ladies down on holiday had spotted us from St Ives and were soon hot footing it to take off to take advantage of the classic conditions.  They both had super flights soaking up the whole atmosphere and having a go at flying the glider.  So nice to see youngsters getting involved and making the most of their holidays, enjoy the rest of your week guys.

Last but not least was Carol H (Truro) who was also on a birthday flight supported by her family.  A little nervous at first carol did a great job at launch and once away settled down quickly to have a great time and before she knew it she was flying the wing!  With everyone else having left we had the place to ourselves and made the most of it before popping back in on top to round off a cracking day.

By the time we left the wind had just about eased enough for Paragliders but alas there were none.

Quote of the day " how much ?"  Suggestion,  if cant fly a hangy get an ASKA ..............

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Toys and a Lucky boy

Despite a forecast for mist all day Richard M (Exmoor) headed on down to pick up his new toys.

On arrival it was damp and low cloud so after a nice cup of tea we headed out into the "shed" to introduce him to his Paramotor.  All new and shiny the Fly Products Race C Deluxe  never fails to impress and you could see Richards eye light up as soon as he saw it.

Richard M and his new Race C

It was nice to have plenty of time to show him the in's and out's of the unit before we hung it up to get the adjustments made to the harness and angle of thrust.  Next it was out into the garden and with a touch of a button we were blowing the leaves off the trees and the mist around, but not away!

Another cuppa and we went through the basics of his new Dudek Synthesis 31 Wing before settling down to do a bit of theory.  A glance out of the window showed a little brightness so it was off the field in hope of a flight. Amazingly about the only place along the north coast that was clear was the tow field so we wasted no time in setting up. A couple of trial inflation's with the new kit then Richard was off and away for his first flights on it.

Getting set to go with his new kit

Up and away

The extra speed over the school wings was immediately  apparent and Richard settled in to the lighter handling easily.  with cloudbase at only a few hundred feet he had plenty of time to experiment with the various throttle settings before landing his second flight just as the mist returned, good timing.

So it was a very happy chappy that headed home with new toys and also his CPC Paramotor exam sorted.  a good day and just ideal as it turned out making the whole thing very relaxed.  watch out for him in the skies over North Devon.

Quote of the day " I just love this button"

Monday, September 03, 2012

Minimum and Maximum on Monday

The day started early at 06.00 with a fishing trip to Hayle pool to catch tea and what a cracking morning it turned out to be with no wind and the morning mist lifting as the sun came up, oh and a few fish as well!

What a cracking start to the day

With only one student booked in it was always going to be a relaxing day in the field or so we thought.  Graham A (Plympton) alias Billy Whizz was along to start paragliding training having decided to switch from hang gliding due to the need for portability, shame though as he was a well above average hangy student on the few days he did.

Conditions were ideal and we had the field to ourselves, well other than a few sheep as we worked through the ground based activities.  Graham was as attentive as ever and soon picked up the basics, by lunch time he was ready to tow so after a refresh tow brief Kaz arrived and hopped onto the winch and we got going.

 Graham A on his first high flight at the end of his first day!

What a cracking afternoon we had with Graham improving with each and every tow in what can only be described as ideal conditions.  By the end of play he had put away 15 tows and manged 3 flights to the top of the line (and back) all with stand up landings looking as pretty as you please taking through all of his EPC flying tasks and even a few CPC ones.

Coming into land with the low cloud in the back ground

as the day drew on some super low cloud moved in over St Ives giving  spectacular views and gray even had enogh time to take them in putting the icing on the cake.

By 17.00 we had all had enough so wound the day up but Grays smile said it all.  next time out he will need to catch up on the ground handling and theory but all looks well for later in the week so watch this space.  well done to both Graham and Kaz  for making my life easy :)

 Well that just about says it all

The evening saw us in the pub at a meeting with the KHPA coaches which proved very positive and hopefully will ease the transfer of students as they leave the school and join the local fliers on the hill any suggestions or feed back on this from all levels of pilots are welcome.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Mist it at Chapel and Perran

The forecast was for a brisk breeze to ease and the drizzle to stop and it should be a nicely soarable afternoon at Chapel followed by Perran as the wind veered.

Alan H who had stayed down especially to join Kaz , myself and Phil L in the woods last night was looking forward to some dark chocolate and some flying, don't ask................

News from the hill was that it was clearing and dropping and Phil had been flying so we made our move. To cut a long story short we spent quite a long time at Chapel in misty / breezy conditions which whilst kaz and myself had fun on the ASKA did not allow the students to get in the air.

 Kaz gets some airtime in on the ASKA

John S joins in the fun and learns something too

The tide cam in and the wind veered a little so we upped sticks and went to Perran, guess what more of the same!  Still not wanting to totally waste the day Phil L hopped onto the ASKA after Kaz showed him how to do it and played on the SW slope getting grips with the basics and was followed by Simon L who had a great time before things began to get even damper so stopping play.  a good bit of fun but not quite what we hoped for still there is always the next time.

 Finally drizzle stops play