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Monday, April 26, 2010


Bob H gets going with weight shift turns

Model student Karen M does a super tow and gets set to release

Said Z heads upwards on the Calypso

Martin S floats back down after a powered flight

A tricky day in the tow field and despite a solid forecast the wind was on the move all day. We must have moved a total of 6 times through the day which kept us fit although did take up a bit of time. Still things got done and progress was made.
Dave K (Bristol) got to serious grips with his tow training on the Hang Glider and was looking pretty good by the end of the day putting in release flights turns and even finding his legs!
Said Z was back after a long break and quickly got back into high flights and moved onto the Calypso whilst practising his spot landings.
Bob H moved deep into his CPC on the Paraglider with some super flights under the weak convergence that hung over the field giving some nice lifty bits whilst switching the wind direction around.
Karen M (Bristol) had her first taste of Paragliding and worked hard but was rewarded with 4 lovely flights the last of which was a release one, excellent take offs and landings to boot.

Martin S (Rosesudgeon) got back into the air with some warm up tows before having a couple of nice flights on his paramotor so building his confidence nicely.

Rodney G put in some ground work with a Paramotor on his back as he waits to move into powered flight and found the difference.

Pete L was also along for a bit of fun flying on his Paramotor and inadvertently visited the inside of the convergence cloud!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play Mate(s)

Jill S at launch on the Tandem

Jill back on terra firma and looking pleased with herself

AJ comes into land on the tandem after a cracking flight

Two very stout fellows

Perfect conditions and nobody left to enjoy them!

What a super afternoon following a bit of a damp morning. We headed to Freathy (near Rame Head) to carry out some Tandem Hang Gliding and hopefully get to fly my new wing again. On arrival conditions were good so having rigged the Tandem I snuck in a flight on the T2C whilst we waited for the passengers to arrive. Flying up to Tregantle Fort i was joined by a large Crow who flew alongside and just above my wing tip only inches from the wing. Racing back to launch at 70kph it stayed with me "soaring" the leading edge, unreal. Even followed me round a 360 before heading back to from where it came, bizarre!

The air was buoyant and smooth great conditions for playing and for Tandems so as soon as Jill S (Helston) arrived with family I popped her down (the T2C) and we got ready to Tandem.

Jill had a lovely flight in super lift giving us plenty of time to play with the glider and even time to let go of a little ballast. Take of was a one stepper and landing tip toe, what more could you ask for. Super to meet a lady with the drive to get up in the air and thank you to her daughter for treating her to the experience.

Next up was AJ who had returned from Torquay (nearly via Santander) for a Tandem following his Taster day yesterday. He really wanted to find out what it would be like several hundred feet up and that's what he did. Despite his concerns he loved it and was soon as relaxed as myself thoroughly enjoying the flying and the views. Big grin on landing said it all and maybe even a go on a Paraglider next!

As everyone left the site the sun came out and conditions stayed really nice so i popped in another flight on the T2C having moved the Hang Point forward a little. Even better, even easier to fly and even faster, she is ready to go! As a matter of interest i went back to the Fort and sure enough up popped the Crow again. This time i flew much slower and we played follow my leader around the sky whilst being watched by a couple in a van from below. Finally the appearance of a bird of Prey took its attention and it zoomed off to mock that instead.

A cracking time had and so nice to fly Freathy again and find a new Play mate....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Four Play !

Richard R gets his first feel of a Hang Glider

AJ makes the ground run in a harness look easy

AJ and Pete pay attention during the tow brief

Dave C looks good as he gates his first taste of towing

Well what an unexpected day and what a fun one. With a good breeze forecast and only one hanger booked in it looked like a quiet day ahead as it was to breezy for the Paragliders. However with Aj and his brother Pete both from Torquay deciding to give Hang Gliding ago instead of Paragliding and then Richard R (Fourlanes) also following suit suddenly it turned into a busy one.

They all joined Dave C (Bristol) who is down to start his flying training with us having already done some elsewhere and deciding to give us a try. The guys all did well and gave Kev t plenty of exercise as we worked through the ground work and into the hand tows. By early afternoon we were ready to roll on the winch and the guys lined up.
Dave's previous experience came through and with each flight he improved as it came back to him and was looking pretty good by the end of play.
AJ and Pete proved to be pretty natural pilots and despite fairly challenging conditions both of them quickly settled in having some cracking flights and excellent landings.
Richard R showed great tenacity as he came to grips with the hanger and rounded off the day nicely for us with a couple of lovely flights across the field again with good landings.
Another hard work day with loads of running on the tethers keeping everyone fit but also giving a lot of fun and big smiles all round.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Two timers

It was nice and sunny again opn the tow filed but also again it was a bit on the breezy side. Still with Simon C (Honiton) and Paul C (Plymouth) along for a go at Hang Gliding conditions were use able. Both guys are already paragliding pilots and Simon also has a history in microlights and both are keen to get Hang Gliding sorted for those windier days to stop getting dragged around!

With only Sam K out with the Paraglider and Sam A also on hangers it was a chilled day and an easy pace. Sam K did well in the morning with some ground handling but by lunch time it was too strong to safely and sensibly play with the Paraglider so he knocked it on the head.

On the Hangy front the boys both did well working through the ground work and hand tows before getting onto the winch. despite the conditions they had a super afternoon and by the end of the day were flying nicely across the field in "full" control with the tethers only there just in case. The two Sam's did a fine job on the tether ropes trotting alongside although to be fair they had very little to do in actually keeping the glider straight as the two pilots were on the case.

I did test conditions up top briefly where it was surprisingly smooth but also strong enough to see me do a near vertical landing from about 200'!

A good day overall and good enough to see both Simon and Paul convinced enough to continue with their training so expanding their flying opportunities.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Passing out

Ian and Ed B wait at the gate to fly as qualified CPC tow pilots

Lucy takes off on the Tandem for a fun flight and unique experience

Mike C, Bob (smooth) H & Sam K all happy at becoming EPC qualified

Coming back after a high flight with convergence cloud behind that Coady was playing in.

Jerry W gives Phippsy a man hug having completed his CPC tow on the Hang Glider

Never known a day like it. After a slow start in the field whilst the wind sorted itself out things rolled along nicely as the sea breeze kicked in giving good training conditions and even some nice bits of lift around to play with.

Sam K (Perranporth) now on his third day in a row was joined by Mike C (Peranwell) and Bob H (Tavistock) as they progressed into their EPC's. We managed to get them all going on similar flight plans and by the end of the day they had flown through the EPC tasks and got stuck into the CPC tasks with lovely high flights each. Add to this the EPC theory exams and they passed the first part of their qualifications.

Ian and Ed B (Newton Abbot) were along to hopefully complete their CPC's which they both did by performing some excellent Asymmetric collapses (after a first class demonstration by Bill N) along with a good number of additional flights as qualified pilots having also taken and passed their theory exams.

Jerry W (Hereford) was out to complete his CPC on the Hang Glider and had a good day passing his theory exam with flying colours and then adding a few extra flights giving him the chance to fly the Calypso before he headed home with a big smile.

Lucy and Dave (Bournemouth) came along for tandem flights on the Paraglider and both had a fun time enjoying the view and the unique experience.

A super day in great conditions and with everyone going home with a qualification it can't be bad. Ohh and saw the first vapour trails for a few days!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome back

Cirrus cloud off to the west

Pretty windsocks

Kev gets all arty at the end of the day

The sun continues to shine and we were making the best of it out in the tow filed. Sam K (Perranporth) was back following his first day with us yesterday and did really well moving nicely into his EPC tasks. By just after lunch he had mastered releases and was working on turns with tows up to 150' and looking better with each one.

Rodney g (Falmouth) also made good progress after his return to flying yesterday following a 6 month break and had a good morning putting in 3 high flights so is now ready to progress with his Paramotor training.

Jerry W (Hereford) was also back to finish off his CPC Hang Gliding tasks which he managed in fine style carrying out slow flight appreciation and spot landings, just the exam to go and he is there.

The breeze picked up steadily through the day so mid afternoon saw us working on the theory ready for exams tomorrow whilst Cpt Kev played with the windsocks.

Looks like another fine day tomorrow

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flying and Fire sticks

Laura does well on her Taster Day flights

Laura and Sam pleased with their first taste of Paragliding

Cpt Kev in the "Really Good Pizza Van"

Inbound as we play fun and games in the evening, and Jack caught it!

Chris W entertains at the KHPA social do, playing with fire

It was another full day in the field and again lovely weather to boot. The wind was kinder so we got going with the winch much sooner which was great as we hoped for a normal day to be finished by the time the KHPA social do started in the evening.

Some of yesterdays students were back and made good progress with consistency proving the key.Alastair A got things rolling as he had a good day completing his Tow conversion then enjoying playing and practicing various flight manoeuvres off the winch, he also has made a short video which can be found on You tube here www.youtube.com/watch?v=pju7GxVEyzY.

Bob H (Exeter) & Angela I were back on the Paragliders and had a super day moving nicely into higher flights and gentle turns which they built on through the day so hopefully to the top of the line next time out.

Derek J Put in several flights on his Hang Glider and looked like he was well back into it by the end of the day although he still strives for perfection.

Sam K (Perranporth) and Laura M (Tregony) both had cracking taster days which saw them flying neatly across the field and getting up to 60' by the end of the day. Laura also took the opportunity for a tandem flight which put the icing on the cake for her.

We managed to finish nicely on time then stayed on for some delicious Pizza's from Kev's wood fired oven Pizza Van which all who had agreed were "really good Pizzas" along with some fun and games as part of the KHPA social event which turned out a super evening and glorious sunset, not a vapour trail in sight!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A long day

Angela I gets set to go on an EPC flight

Derek J takes first release on his Sport 2 Bob H looks happy as he prepares to aviate

Ed B heads to the top to the top for a speed bar flight

Some of the guys relax over a spot of lunch

Sam A returns after a high flight on the Mars

Alastair A does "Nodding Dog" and stays on line as he does his tow conversion

With a full house booked it was always going to be a long day and with the wind forecast a little strong to start with but easing as the day went on patience was to be the name of the game.

Sure enough the morning saw the Paragliders ground handling in challenging conditions whilst the Hang Gliders got on with some flying. Graham A (Torrington) took the slot before it got too breezy to fly his Doodle bug in what proved to be lifty conditions.

Terry P (Exeter) consolidated on his CPC by flying as a qualified pilot to gain further experience for the hill and continued to improve with each flight.

Sam A finished off his EPC tasks and moved into his CPC with his first high flights on the hang glider much to his delight and seems to have grasped the basics so hopefully things will move on well.

Derek J (Caerphilly) was down to build up his confidence and had a fine day rounded off by a super high flight with perfect landing so putting his head into the right place.

Slowly the wind eased back allowing the Paragliders to get moving and by late afternoon they got onto the winch. Ian and Ed B (Newton Abbot) both had a fine time nearly finishing off their CPC tasks leaving only Asymmetrics and the exam to go so hopefully next time should sort them out.

Bob H (Tavistock) got stuck into his EPC tasks and earned the title of smooth Bob by the end of the day!

Mike C (Perranwell) also moved well into his EPC tasks looking very solid and having a great time.

Angela I returned after her taster day to start her EPC and had a good day despite her nerves as she completed her release flights and started on gentle turns.

Alastair A (Helston) came along to start his tow conversion and with several hundred hours under his belt did a fine job from the start and put in some excellent flights to the top.

It was 20.00 hrs by the time we stopped play but there were a lot of happy faces.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knees Up

Well not exactly. With Kaz in for an op on her knee as the result of a skiing fall and it too breezy to tow I took the opportunity of getting some more time in on my new T2 C Hang Glider. conditions at Carbis bay were excellent and I had a couple of super flights learning more about her and flying from Hayle estuary right across to St Ives and out past the Island. Shame i did not take a camera the views were stunning. Tim j came up to join me in the afternoon which saw us have a sociable flight again to St Ives and back whilst the Paragliders had to be content with Carbis Bay as it was a bit on the strong side.

As the afternoon moved on things began to ease a bit so I took the opportunity to try out Kaz's new Buzz Z3 Paraglider and despite the still fresh conditions it inflated superbly and was a delight to take off fly and land. This glider is set to be a classic with a great sink rate surprising speed range and secure feel yet light and easy to fly, if you get a chance try one!

A lovely day out and nice to see plenty out there enjoying it. Oh and Kaz's op' went according to plan so hopefully not too long before she is back in full swing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wobbly Wave

Kaz helps out Tim with the ground handling
Jackie W gets ready to inflate

Jackie W keeps it up in reverse and looking good.

Ian B super relaxed and cool "flying" with his finger tips

Bob H gets away as the wind plays ball finally

It was a challenging day in the tow field with a lot of Wave influence around making the wind shift from a smooth NE to a bouncy East every hour or so. In fact we moved the winch four times before we even started towing! Still we made the most of it and kept the guys and gals safely on the ground work until things settled down late afternoon / evening.
Jackie W (Crantock) was along for her first day of an EPC on the Paraglider and did really well working hard at the ground work through the day and being rewarded with two almost perfect flights across the field as the wind settled, she was all set up for her third when it switched 180 degrees but by then it was almost dark!
Bob H (Okehampton) cam back after his taster day to start his EPC course and did amazingly well on the groundwork dealing with the variable wind and improving throughout the day. He popped in 3 flights before the wind gave up and by the last his take offs had improved and he was looking pretty good.
Tim C (Falmouth) was on the second day of a 2 day taster and did well showing real signs of improvement through the day. His flying was really neat with smooth take offs and flying, landings were also good so big smiles from Tim.
Ian and Ed B (Newton Abbot) were along to continue their CPC's and both put in 3 flights but also did wonders for their ground handling along with some good theory session. Hopefully another good day should see them finish their flying tasks.
A tough day with not as much flying as we hoped for but you can't win them all and lots of that essential ground handling was sorted.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Record breaking

Joe W sets off for a high flight on the Mars

Caption contest shot!

Joe sets up to land

On finals, get your legs down time

The day started well with a good mixture oh hangers and Paragliders booked in and the Sun shining. By the time we reached the field and the hangers were rigged and the Para's had completed their "PLF's" he breeze had picked up, so after a couple of testing sessions with a Paraglider we called it a day for them and they headed off to enjoy sunny west Cornwall.

The Hangers then got on the line in what were excellent conditions for them and they made the most of them. Mike P (Bath) got onto his new wing and spent the day getting used to it putting away 8 flights and keeping kev on the winch and myself on our toes.

Joe G (Brighton) had another busy day moving into high flights and his CPC tasks which by the end of the day he had completed in fine style with a huge grin. Putting in a total of 24 flights through the day he set a new record and had lots of fun as he worked through spot landings, prone flying, stalls and even had a "nice" line break all of which he took in his stride. So after arriving with us last Sunday he heads back to Brighton with his CPC tow under his belt and looking forward to returning to complete his hill conversion soon.

After towing it was off to start the Pilot workshops which went well with participants starting on Airlaw. Everyone entered into the spirit and with a slice of Kaz's cake it was a fun session, see you guys next week.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spot On

Joe G gets started on his Hang Gliding course on the tow
Classic launch from one of the gang

looking good on a first tow on a taster day

Cpt Kev drives the winch

Alan S the boss recounts his exploits

A great "corporate" day out for the guys

It really felt like Summer in the tow field with a bright blue sky light breeze and lots going on. We made an early start with Joe G (Brighton) on the hanger to get him ready for the tow line when the others arrived having already done plenty of tethering on the hill. His previous experience paid off and he was soon through the ground running and hand tows and ready to go.

Kaz arrived with a group of paraglider taster days on a corporate day (Architects from Falmouth) and along with Pete C assisted by Bill n sorted them out through the morning whilst we towed the Hangers.

Joe moved quickly off the tethers on the winch and into his EPC tasks having a great day putting away 20 tows which saw him move onto the Mars and within spitting distance of his EPC. has to be said he is a very natural looking pilot.

Alongside Joe Terry P (Exeter) was finishing off his CPC tasks which he did nicely with some good spot landings and his overall flying looking much more together, well done Terry.

Mike P (Bath) was back after a 6 month break and spent the day getting back into the swing of things and also working on his spot landings.

After lunch the Paragliding group were ready for the winch so came to join in the fun. Martin, mark, James, Moon were all there for the first time whilst the Boss Alan had been on a taster day with us two years ago. They all did really well with the guys all putting in 3 flights across the field getting up to 60' in the air and all landing on their feet every time. Alan with his previous went a little further getting up to 100' plus and putting in some good turns to round off an excellent day for them.

It was pretty much full on all day but lots done and lots of fun had lets hope the weather stays.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Soaring and Surfing

Hanna and Lotty after a couple of super tandem flights
Cpt Kev gets a chance to fly a Hang Glider as Kev G gets his Tandem rating back

A first as Kaz flies alongside Phippsy on her Hanger

Ageing hippies

Joe gets set to launch Phippsy on his new T2 C

What a super day it was at Sennon where conditions were just ideal for the Hang Gliders. Graham A led the way proving it was nice and lifty on his Sport 2 and made it look nice enough for me to try out my new Wills Wing T2 C. Should not have been surprised really but what a super glider, very predictable, well co ordinated oodles of glide, sink rate and speed all combined with super handling and easy landings, roll on the comp's!

Next it was up and away on the Tandem Hanger with Hanna (16 ) and Lotty (14 ) (not at the same time) both down from Bath who had lovely flights over scenic Sennon combined with a go at flying the glider. Hannah had done some before in the USA and can't wait to learn over here as soon as she is 16. Lotty was really relaxed and just loved the whole experience as the smiles showed.

Kev G (Yorkshire) wanted some check out flights on the Tandem to regain his tandem rating and after taking me up had a fun afternoon taking his son Joe (who had already been down to the sea for a surf on his "new" board) and Kev T up in quick succession looking very smooth with it. Kev also got a go on my T2C and was looking for a swap on his Combat even before he landed!

Kaz had a fine time on her Hanger putting in a couple of great flights on what is now her favourite site. It was great to fly alongside her on my glider, who would ever have thought it??

Ex student Kieth S pitched up and had a nice afternoon flying the site for the first time and doing a fine job of it to round off a cracking day. Again so good to see the hangers out at play, but where were the "locals"??