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Monday, July 09, 2012

Cracking on

It was back to Perranporth for Pete and Steve who made the most of the time whilst the tide was in by doing their EPC exams which they both passed nicely.

Whilst the qualified pilots waited for the wind to fill the boys got going on their EPC flights and worked steadily through the day.  Both did a great job and despite trying to pace themselves racked up a total of 15 flights between them seeing Pete complete his EPC and Steve not far behind. To be fair they both flew way above EPC standard and if it was not for me coaxing them out of the lift they would still be up there!  Well done guys and hope to see you again soon.

Ian F took the opportunity as the wind filled to complete his hill conversion and as the masses left and conditons improved he had a fine time along with martin J and Steve W all newly qualified playing in the evening lift boosted by regular thermic help from the beach as the tide came in.

Even Kaz and myself managed to join in and get some flying in with them. Cracking day if only we could have more like this :))

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Making the Most of it

It was good to be back out teaching after a long spell of inclement weather and that's putting it mildly!  based on hope rather than the forecast Pete B and Steve P came down from Bristol in the hope of doing a Paragliding EPC.  With a forecast not ideal for towing we opted for the hill and got them going at Perranporth.

In near ideal conditions they worked nicely through the ground based training whilst the experienced pilots on the hill tried to make the most of what little lift there was on the ridge.  early afternoon saw them doing some ground skimming flights  having got to grips with both reverse and forward launches.

Next they were off down the dunes a little for their first real flights and both of them put in 3 crackers looking every bit as though they had done it before.  By the time they had walked back up the sweat was running and the legs fading so we called it a day, well in fact it was more like two days work to be honest.

Simon L got his first taste of the hill putting in plenty of ground handling whilst waiting for conditions to improve. however he decided to make the most of what was there and finished off his day with a brief soaring flight before heading to the beach, still another step on the way.

Russell S  dropped down to hopefully finish off his hill conversion but the fickle conditions denied him his top landing despite two attempts, maybe a bit of weight loss may help........

Fun to see James C playing in amongst the Para's on his hangy (Sport 2) and his unorthodox top landing ended fine despite nearly scalping a few on the ground.

looks good for tomorrow so hopefully the boys will crack on.