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Monday, August 24, 2009

Here and there

Well it was early in the morning and there wasn't anyone around
Kaz climbs out from launch at Chapel Porth

The Dual takes off at Freathy in gorgeous conditions

Setting up for landing

Dan, Phippsy and Cat' all pretty happy after some stunning flights

It was an early start to catch the slot before the forecast wind picked up. 08.00 saw us rigged and ready at chapel where the wind was on but very much on the light side. Still it was a beautiful day so we waited patiently until John W turned up along with some breeze and we enjoyed a fun couple of hours playing in the fickle lift. With the wind moving off to the south a bit we headed home for lunch and to check out conditions for the tandems we had planned for the afternoon.

A bite to eat and it was off east to Freathy to meet up with Dan and Cat who were down on holiday in an VW camper and hoped to get in the air on the Hanger. On arrival it was plenty windy enough so after testing conditions with Kaz and flying over the cafe where Dan and Cat were sat we were ready to go. Student Mike r took the opportunity to find out first hand what he is striving towards and had a super flight before as the other two arrived in the filed.

Next it was Cat's turn and with the breeze on the increase we had a cracker with stunning views of Plymouth Sound and Plymouth itself in abundant lift. Plenty of height to play with the air and put in a few 360's, stalls and wobbly bits. Rounded off with a good landing it made a unique part of her birthday present from Dan. Then it was Dan's go and we took off into strong lift going up like an elevator before exploring the ridge and flying with the seagulls. After a while and a few 360's Dan went a little quiet as the motion caught up with him so we smoothed things out. Another lovely landing saw us finish off a full day of flying just as the wind got a bit on the strong side. maybe more tomorrow, who knows

Amazingly we met up with Martin R and not even the sniff of a sausage!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday Boy surprise

Matt H comits aviation on the Dual Hang Glider

Trigg very committed on the Calypso

Trigg climbs out while the Dual soars above

Matt H looking happy as we come into land

Making the decision early to can towing on the forecast of increasing wind we loaded up with Hangers and Para's and headed to vault bay where we hoped it would be a bit drier as the drizzle was already into west Cornwall.

On arrival it was nicely on the south launch and nicely soarable for Hangers but a bit strong for the Paragliders. Trigg ( still down from Cardiff) was first off on the Calypso and had a really nice flight popping her down in front of the hedge just before a damp patch came through.

Not long after it was almost Sunny so Tony P (Birmingham) took the opportunity to come up Dual on the Discovery, well more as a test dummy actually, and we had a cracking flight in the abundant lift.

Next it was Matt H's (Plymouth) turn as passenger as part of a gift his wife had bought him for his Birthday and what's more it was his birthday today so what more could you ask for. We had a super flight cruising the cliffs with the seagulls and it wasn't long before Trigg cam up alongside on the Calypso. By the time we landed the wind was easing back so Tony P got out his Paraglider and made a clean getaway into strong lift. if anything a little to strong resulting in him landing in the field behind the hedge having run out of penetration ( a common problem i believe).

All good fun and plenty of smiles

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sneaky one at Perran

Mid afternoon and after writing the day off due to mixture of wind direction and dampness things began to look better. Trigg (Cardiff) was sat in the kitchen drinking tea as the sun came out and didn't take a lot of convincing to come and have a look at Perran.

On arrival the wind was only a little off and at a nice strength so within 15 minutes Trigg was in the air on a Hanger (Calypso). Doing well i followed suit on the Mars for a demo' flight to Pilot X, after a couple of beats i put her in on top and we swapped around.

By the time we got sorted and back to the front Trigg was scratching as the wind eased and swung off the hill, 5 minutes later he was on the beach! Decision made Pilot X unclipped and went Paragliding whilst I helped Trigg up. The wind further dropped resulting in a very tidy slope landing for the Paraglider and it was time to go home, nice surprise though and Triggs first flight at Perranporth

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hard & Soft Sausages

Mike R looking keen at the start of day one on his hang glding course

Mike R looking good on the tow near the end of day one

Mike R looking like he knows what he is doing as he floats down to land

Luke C putting in a nice flait to land on his feet by the spot
Luke C looking happy at the end of day 4 on his course having just completed his prone conversions

It was a fine day in the tow field where the hangers were out to play in force. Mike P put in a couple of tows early in his pursuit of the perfect landing and managed one on only his second flight, nice one. He then took an early day to give his muscles a bit of a rest and sort out a few dozen phone calls!

Luke C (Bath) was back for more and had a stunning day putting away 16 flights and moving well into his CPC tasks flying nice and smoothly. Another good day should see him sorted on the tow and ready for the hill so fingers crossed.

Mike R (Plymouth) was along for day one of his Hang Gliding course and worked his socks off with an amazing 21 flights taking him at least 2/3rds of the way through his EPC! His progress was steady and predictable, hopefully he will move onto the Mars next time out whilst Luke moves onto the Calypso. Another nice one................. piccies will follow

Ohh dont't ask abou the sausage thing but there is a trend developing, strange it's always when Martin R is down, hmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making the most of it

Mike P watches as Mark F sneaks in for a spot landing

"Words of Wisdom" ?

Paul R heads off across the filed on his Taster day

Mick L completes his hill conversion sharing the air with Kaz

It was a very pleasant day in the tow filed with a mixture of hangers and Para's going on. Paul R (Plymouth) was along for a Taster day on a Paraglider and had super conditions. He did well with the ground work before moving onto the winch in the afternoon where he excelled himself putting away 4 flights by the close of play. Paul clicked in pretty quickly with keeping the glider "on line" with minimal input from me, a good sign if decides to carry on.

Mark F (Camborne) was on his 5th day with us and had a stonker working through the remainder of his CPC flying tasks including speed bar, active flying, Big ears and asymmetric's amongst others and then had a bit of thermal to play with to boot. Another good day should see him ready for the hill, nice one.

Fiona A (Torrington) moved withing spitting distance of her EPC putting away release flights and building up her turns and altitude looking very smooth in her new Woody Valley Velvet 2 Harness. Another day should see her heading to the top of the line.

On the Hanger front Caroline P kept at it and made some progress with smoother flying and better take offs but the landings still need some work.

Mike P put in plenty of flights and got his turns sorted nicely but again needs more work on his landings, maybe not chasing the sheep would help!

Overall a good day with plenty of flying in lovely conditions and great to see Big Nick on the field taking pictures so will hopefully get some up soon. following packing up towing we headed to the hill where Mick L was hoping to finish his hill conversion which he did in fine style putting away 4 super flights and top landings in again good conditions. big smile from Mick so please look out for him on the hills and guide him on his way. Long day but a good one, more of the same tomorrow I hope.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hop skip and a jump

What a super day it turned out to be despite an average forecast. With four Taster days on the go a couple of Hangies and some tandems it was always going to be a busy one. Will (south Devon) and Anna (London) who were down on holiday were joined by brothers Julian and Justin H (Ivybridge) on the Paragliders for their first goes at the sport. They all worked well through the morning in near perfect conditions and were ready for the winch by mid afternoon.

Caroline P (Looe) and Mike P (Bath) got some flights in on the Hangers before the Para's got on the line in what were light ish conditions for them.

The Guys had a great time on the winch with Will and Anna clicking into it straight away and the brothers making me and Pete C work a little harder but getting it sorted and ending up with some cracking flights across the field and god stand up landings by the end of the day.

Will and Anna then took the opportunity to go up Tandem as the wind went corner to corner across the field giving the maximum tows allowing some super flights and views.

By the end of the day everyone was sorted and talking about doing some more, we shall see...

sorry no pictures but may be able to get some from Mike P when i see him

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Perfect arrival, smack on time

no need for zoom from where we were stood

in bound

The forecast was for misty fog and that's what we got, by mid afternoon we had canned the day as visibility was low on the north coast. However on the south coast things were a little better so we nipped over to Falmouth to watch the Red Arrows at Falmouth week. Despite a low base of 5-700' they did a fine job and from our vantage point we not only had a spectacular view but were treated to them flying directly overhead at very low level, you nearly had to duck!
Chilled day off................

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't speak to Mike!

Geeta comes in for a landing after her tandem flight

The Tandem flies high under the cumulus

Soren looking happy as we drift back down to land

Ben sets off for his first release flight and checks tha canopy as he does

Shelly looking pleased with herself at the end of her Taster Day

What was planned to be a quiet day in the field quickly turned into a busy one seeing us fully booked.
On the Hang Gliding front Luke C (Bath) was out for day 3 of his EPC and had a great time moving onto the Mars, perfecting turns and rounding of his day with a high flight and circuit to complete his EPC tasks and start him on his CPC. Well done Luke and the smile on your face said it all.
Mike P (also Bath) was back for day 3 of his EPC after a 4 month break. He managed to get back o where he was and move nearer to the end of his tasks also moving onto the Mars and starting tighter turns, another smiley face.
On the Paragliders Shelly (Lizard) was out for a Taster Day and worked well through the morning getting the ground work sorted under Kaz's watchful eye. After lunch she was onto the hand tows then finished off her day with 3 lovely flights across the field at heights getting up to 60' and looking like she really enjoyed it, maybe try the Hanger next time Shelly??
Ben C ( Falmouth) was out on day two of his EPC having decided to carry on after his Taster day and did well perfecting his ground handling before getting onto the winch. Ben was as steady as ever and moved nicely into release flights whilst getting his landings better each time.
Rod G (Falmouth) continued on his quest towards Paramotoring getting the basics of Paragliding sorted and again after some groundwork got onto the winch and put in some cracking flights to take him to the edge of his EPC tasks.
Mark F had a cracker looking very competent on the ground in both forward and reverse and the same in the air (without the reverse bit). On the tow he quickly finished his EPC tasks and completed his day with some High flights and circuits mixing it with the low cumulus that was floating by to not only enjoy the flying but the views also.
The fun continued with Joe T , Geeta and Soren all coming up for Tandem flights on the Paraglider and having a great time again enjoying what was an amazing view with the clouds peeling off north cliffs along with the thrill of flying.
Nice to see Martin R (Plymouth) and his son Mike who came to look at a glider which they took away with them and look forward to getting Mike going on a Hang Glider soon.
Well done to the team for keeping the day running smoothly but please remember Dont't talk to Mike!! (well not all day anyway.............
Ohh nearly forgot, after leaving the field it was off to Perranporth to meet up with Justin M (up north) to finish off his hill conversion which he did in fine style so tidying up his paperwork. Nice to see many of this years ex students out there flying and a few of years gone by as well. Bill N looked even more resplendent in his New Flying suit now complete with subtle embroidery.......

Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping fit

Reena gets airborne on her Dual flight

cruising past take off before the wind dropped.......

After a wet day things were forecast clear up a little towards evening time so with a couple of Hang Gliding Tandems booked we headed to Perranporth in a positive move. Gliders rigged and things were looking good until more rain arrived and the passengers didn't! Still it wasn't long before it cleared and the wind filled in nicely. Testing the air on the Mars proved it to be good with nice lift up to 300'. After 45 minutes of soaring the passengers arrived so it was time to come down.

Flicking into the Dual Hang Glider we were off again with Reeana on board but as we launched the wind dropped making things a little scratchy. We had a fun flight mixing it with the seagulls gaining enough height to o a low pass over the windsock to get the photographers to duck. 25 minutes later the wind dropped further so we opted for a beach landing which was a beauty coming in like a WW2 bomber.

Then it was the long walk up .................................

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Freedom, oh the Freedom

Luke C moves well into his EPC on day two
Rachel enjoys a birthday present on the Tandem

Looking happy to be on the ground, or at the flight ??

Jason on the font as we come in straight and level

It was a much more relaxed day in the field with no taster days and only a couple of tandems alongside the students. Luke C (Bath) was along for day two on the Hang Glider and Rob Lee for his third day also on a Hanger. Luke kicked off with a tethered flight proving that yesterdays training had set in so the day got easier for me as the tether came off giving him his freedom. Rob did well building up his release flights to a hundred feet complete with plenty of turns and every one a stand up landing. Luke followed suit moving through low level flights into release flights so completing his freedom and ending on a super one with excellent turns again all of them stand up landings.
Over the day they put in 21 flights between them which both filled their heads and tired their legs, nice one guys.
Rachel (North Devon) and Jason (Penzance) dropped by for Tandem flights and both had a good time enjoying the views before enjoying the rush of feeling weight less, all good fun and big smiles. Looking a bit damp tomorrow morning but there after so we hope to get out to the hill later in the day

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Variety pack

Luke C gets things moving on the Hanger
Ben doing very nicely at the end of his Taster day

Rob L so relaxed as he takes off even I look cool

Fiona A on her new Mojo 3 with matching helmet (it's a girl thing)

If only the Devil could cast his net.............

Tim H gets back in the air on Pauls U2 and loves it,
shame his legs fell off just below the knees!

A busy day out in the filed under a blue sky, pretty much as good as it gets.

We had a real mixture going on starting with the Hang Giders we had Ed M on a Taster day, Luke C starting his EPC course, Rob L on day 2 of his EPC and Tim H (Italy) getting back into it after a 8 year lay off. The day "one'ers" had a good day by the end of which they were both flying nicely across the field looking like they were in control, well for most of the time at least! Ed got a real kick out of it and Luke set himself up nicely for his second day when hopefully we will get him of the tether rope.

Rob Lee put in some very nice flights off the tether rope and even managed his first release flight so moving him ahead nicely. Tim H got his hand back in on the faithfull Calypso before getting to fly a WW U2 which he loved (thanks PaulH). Looks like he will be back into flying which will be good especially as Tim is one of those guys who is fun to be around.

On the Paragliding front Ben (Falmouth) was along for a Taster Day and had a great time despite some initial nerves which he did well to overcome. He made easy work of the ground based tasks and flew perfectly on the tow line to end up with 3 cracking flights across the field getting up to 60' , well done. Rod G (Falmouth) made good progress into his EPC clicking well with the Atom moving his flying ahead and ending the day with his first release flights. Mark F transferred from a Two Dat Taster to a full course and had a super time quickly moving into release flights and then on into gentle turns. His last flight was in very buoyant air giving him plenty of time to practice turns on the way down.

Fiona A got to fly her new Ozone Mojo 3 and looked very pleased with it putting in some lovely flights and moving her onto her first release flights so getting her EPC a bit further down the line. In fact she had a great day having had success with her dogs (no not including graham) in the morning at a Dog show.

Throw into the mix a Belgium pilot on his Paramotor and the radio modellers open day next door and there was plenty going on........ looks like more of the same on Sunday :)

New toys and broken brakes

Bill N looking dapper in his new flying suit

A new career is found for Bill as a Male model ?

It was always planned to be a chilled day but plans rarely work out. Starting well we had a pleasant hour or two on the beach relaxing, so far so good. Then we headed to Perranporth to drop off some kit customers and have a little fly around. Bill N looked resplendent in his new flying suit and what's more it even seemed to help his flying!. Fiona A took delivery of her new Ozone Mojo 3 wing and also the opportunity to get some ground handling in on it. She did really well finding it easier in many ways even compared to the training wings, looks like a love affair has just started.

It was good to see plenty of people out enjoying the air with a good number of visiting pilots also. Sam A and Dave l both relatively recently qualified had a great time doing both themselves and us a school credit with their flying and attitude, thanks guys.

just before we were leaving a phone call from ex student Voytek turned into a plea for help as his brakes had failed (on his car) on the last day of his holiday and he could not get home. So we had an interesting evening in a campsite with two wind up torches, several Poles and one German (frank) reassembling the bits someone else had taken apart. Still by just after mid night it was sorted and he left with his family for home...... did you make it Voytek ??????????

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hats off

Paramotors all lined up and ready for the off

Luke H sets up for a landing, power off

The day was to be a paramotor day with Luke H returning after a long break to hopefully sort out his CPC tasks. In the filed it was a gorgeous day and although fickle to start with the wind settled down with the sea breeze by 11.00hours.

Paul H was first off on his "new2 unit and had a super flight to test conditions and show Luke the way. Luke then put in 3 nice flights although the landings still need some work. Pauls third flight ended prematurely with a dead motor out over Godrevy but he had plenty of height to glide back to the filed for a nice landing.

Pete l also made it along and had some nice flying enjoying the stunning views as the breakers crashed into the North Cliffs. Even I managed to get airborne to get a piece of the action. An early day was called after Luke found his prop had a split developing.

After sorting out the phone calls Kaz talked me in to trip to Perranporth for an evening flight where we arrived at 19.35 and enjoyed some lovely flying on the Paragliders until sunset. here endeth a very pleasant day.............

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hands up, legs down

Rodney G gets away on his first flight

Mark F looking sweet on his third

Mike S coming in for landing after a Tandem flight

Chris H rounding of his Taster Day with a Tandem

A super day in the field under a cracking sky, not saying it was thermic but we had "dust devils" popping off around midday.

Rod G (Falmouth) and Mark F (Camborne) were back for their second days and were joined by Chris H (Hampshire) who was along for a Taster day on the Paraglider. The guys played ground handling through the morning whilst the wind played tricks moving around the field from NW to SW and back again as a line of convergence set up over us, should have popped up into it but someone has to work. By lunch time everyone was pretty much sorted but conditions were bouncy or the novice pilot so after a couple of test the air flights we gave the lines to Coady to play with whilst the students played.

Mid afternoon saw a little high cloud calm things down and the guys got going all having some cracking flights and all having some stand up landings, only one case of "jumping into the air" and only one case of me having to politely announce "brakes up" so not to bad.

Chris h came up for a Tandem as did Mike S (St Austell) and both enjoyed some super flights in what was still very buoyant air. Nice day and with the weather set for a few more things are looking good. Piccies will follow

Sunday, August 02, 2009


With a bit of a dodgy forecast the decision to go training was a tricky one until the shear enthusiasm of they guys wanting to go out took over so off we went. as it turned out it was the right decision and a good day followed.

Mark F (Camborne) and Rod G (Falmouth) were along to start Paragliding and Paramotoring respectively whilst Rob P was along to start on a Hanger. Fiona A was also out for some Paragliding after having to suffer a day of Hubby grahams Hang Gliding yesterday. They all worked well through the morning getting the basics sorted and after lunch we got the hand towing going which saw all the Para's getting their feet off the ground as the wind picked up.

By the time we had got Rob on the Hanger sorted it was top ending for Paragliding so we concentrated on the Hanger and got the winch going. Rob had a great time moving from "moon walking" through to 10' flights across the filed with each one getting better and better before finishing on a real beauty to round off a good day.

It stayed too windy for the floppies but they still had a good day putting in place all the necessary work in readiness for the winch tows which with a bit of luck should be on Wednesday. Nice to see such keen guys all starting together, stay tuned to monitor their progress............

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Knockout day on the hill

Graham A finishes off his Hill conversion in fine style

Rebbekah S plays in the air while the guys chat

Coady takes me to the edge like a lamb to the slaughter

The dual flying high under a cracking sky

Will P enjoying a dual flight as we pose for the camera

With the rain clearing as forecast it was off to Perranporth again for some hill work. we arrived smack on Que as the wind filled in making it a bit strong for Paragliders but ideal for the Hangers which we were there for.

A quick test flight confirmed it as good and Graham A wasted no time in getting airborne on the Calypso to start day two of his hill conversion. By the time he left just after lunch he had put away three flights and top landings to complete his hill conversion and was looking very pleased with himself.

Rebbekah S was back for some more flying and had a good day putting in three great soaring flights getting height gains to be marvelled at and putting her glider back on top each time. Despite a challenging take off she held her nerve and sorted things out showing what can be done if you don't give up.

Pete Coad was along to refresh his dual rating so after a quick flight with myself he took over as pilot and put in a couple of beauties making me feel almost relaxed! He then took up Kev T and Glen F to complete things so is now once again qualified as a Dual Pilot on hangers. With the Dual out i took up Holly A (Grahams daughter) and Will P (Tony P's son) to give them an idea of why their dads do it which they both seemed to enjoy.

The day was rounded of with a series of Tandem flights in succession when a family holidaying on the site decided it would be a fun thing to do. They all had a great time in conditions as good as they get for Dual flying with some amazing lift to be had.

A long day again with us finally getting away at 21.00 but a fun one with plenty going on not to mention Mark W's arrival and Rick H's valiant efforts to act as a catch line for the Dual.........

PS Where were you D/D ??