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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Playing about at Perran

Finally what looked like a good day for the hill arrived and the choice was Perran or Sennen, oh decisions decisions.  Taking a few factors into account we opted for Perran as we needed the lighter winds for Paragliding hill work and the forecast was always to back.

Once again there was a good turn out and a great atmosphere on site as the sun came out and the wind came on.  Good to see Paddy up for it again and building on yesterdays experience, Bev was out again this time joined by Peter Flynn hoping to get further into his hill conversion.

The fun gets going

With conditions coming and going Pete and Bev played ground handling which was quite a challenge to start with for Bev but she persevered and quickly began to improve in breezier conditions than she is used to.

Bev gets to grips with ground handling on the hill

Peter gets set to go

Picking our moment Peter took off for his fourth hill soaring flight and mixed it with the others doing a fine job before slipping back in for an interesting landing.  Meanwhile Bev put in the effort and by the end of the day her progress was amazing but with conditions never quite good enough we opted to wait for a better soaring day to come along.

Peter up with the rest :)

Paddy popped in a few more nice flights to get him settled in and hopefully we shall see him out more regularly from here on.

Phil l kindly lent me his Delta 2 (now on it's second outing in the UK) and i managed a couple of fun flights at the end of the day the latter actually being really nice with the late evening thermals coming through seeing it almost get away able ;)).

Adie plays the harp

The hangies had a fine if what interesting time at Sennen by all accounts so thumbs up for all.

Quote of the day " I can't keep it up"