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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weird Day

The forecasts have been tricky for a while now and today was no different.  With all the indications for a NE going ENE and picking up quickly there was a chance for Carbis but only a short one for the Paras and who knows for the hangers.

Whilst inland the wind was a definite East and picking up early reports from Carbis were smack on and not enough!  Still in the end we went for it fully expecting a no fly day.  On arrival the early birds who had been there for a couple of hours were just inflating their canopies for their first flights of the day, good timing or what!  We quickly got in the air to join them with he view that it would blow out early.  By the time Joe H (Helston) arrived conditions were still good but picking up a little so we wasted no time in getting him into the air for his final hill conversion flight.

Joe had a great time in stonking lift mixing it with the others before coming in for a nice top landing as things picked up a little more.  Well done on finishing your school training Joe now you really start to learn how to fly!

After a bit of  a break Joe was ready to go again and despite the windy enough conditions got off OK, within a couple of beats the wind went due east the lift disappeared and Joe went to the beach, nice.  At this point most gave up and headed home whilst a few remained mainly hangies who had already rigged to see what would happen.

By the time Joe was back up the wind came back on but now breezy to say the least.  I took the chance to test fly James C's new Sport 2 135 and had a ball before popping back in on top to take a tandem Hg up.  Rob (Falmouth) had decided to upgrade his Tow Voucher to a hill one and had a great time on the hangy as we flew the cliffs in super lift. The landing was a bit of a challenge as the wind shear was unusually high but nothing we could not deal with.

James whilst keen to fly held back as conditions were more than enough for low airtimers and Andy R reinforced the point with an unusual landing.  Big Grey looked even bigger as he flew about on the ASKA  rounding off a really weird day in my book.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tandem on Tuesday

 A classic day at Perranporth

 Floating past launch nice and relaxed

 Back on the ground and big smiles all round

With an interesting forecast we went for an early start hoping to get some flying in before lunch as that was when the wind was forecast to move to the SW and it become more showery.

On arrival big grey was already rigged and had been flying his newly acquired Wills Wing Falcon and reported it not as lifty as he would have expected, hmmmmm.

Still we rigged the Tandem Hangy and hoped for more wind.  Bill n proved the lack of lift by flying his newly acquired toy to the beach twice. hmmmmmm.  Luck was with us and after a couple of flights on the Paraglider in improving lift Dave T arrived just in time for the lift to pick up and it become nicely hangable and ideal for a tandem flight.

Dave had no idea he was about to go flying as it was a birthday surprise from his wife so it was all good fun.  We were quickly in the air joining Terry P who it was good to see back in the air.  We had a cracking time floating along the cliffs enjoying the view and playing with the passing sea thermals before popping back in for a super landing.  Dave loved it and who knows we may see him again when he is next down on holiday.

Within and hour the lift had disappeared again so we headed home, nice to hit the slot just right :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back on the frontline

After an enforced break due to illness it was good to get out again if only for an easy day.  Hoping to get Phil l signed off on the hangy we headed to Perranporth where the beach was big and the wind on, ideal.  On arrival a couple of large showers were passing by so whilst Phil rigged the Hangy I nipped up on the ASKA now connected to our new Gin switch harness to see what it was like.

What a good combination they make making the ASKA feel even more secure and the harness as easy as it gets for getting in and out of, come and try it.

The rain arrived the wind went off and James arrived as well so we chatted whilst hoping for things to improve.  They did and pretty soon the rain stopped the wind came back on and it was time to fly.  Phil led the way finishing off his HG hill conversion with a super flight and top landing making it all look far to easy.  James took the chance to put in some more airtime on the Calypso in readiness for his glider (Sport 2) which will hopefully arrive next week.  Conditions varied little on James's flight seeing him scratching a bit before the lift really kicked in seeing him well high.

Well done to them both and especially to Phil who is now all sorted on his Paraglider and Hang Glider, nice work in such a shaort time.

Whilst the guys packed away as the tide came in i sneaked in some more ASKA time :))

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Wednesday

 Things get busy with plenty going on

 Kaz keeps an eye on Joe as he gets his first hill soaring flights in
Phil rounds off the day with a nice flight on the Falcon

It was one of those forecasts which looked very nearly perfect for some hill work and as it turned out it very nearly was.  arriving with the tide still in we wasted no time in rigging the Falcon 195 whilst James C and Phil L rigged the Calypso hoping to complete their hill endorsements.

Joe H was along for his first day on the hill fresh from the tow field and made good use of the time whilst we waited for the beach with some excellent ground handling as he settled into life on the hill.

Ian L (Bristol) and Roddy (Helston) were both along to have a go at Hang Gliding and got their first feel of a glider followed by some super ground runs along the top in the morning session.

With the beach opening up and Joe looking good on the ground we set him off for his first hill soaring flight which he did in fine style looking comfortable from the start.  Joe had a ball floating up and down with the others before landing back on top with a big smile. by the end of the day he had four flights to his credit and only needs another day out to complete his qualification.

Chris B (Plymouth) joined in the fun on his paraglider his first time back on the hill in a year and did a great job putting in a couple of super flights and looking like he had never been way, Again another day and he should be sorted, well done.

As the day drew on the lift got better and the wind began to fill in and soon it was time for the hangies.  James led the way followed by Phil and they both put in a super flight on the Falcon  each complete with top landing before James rounded off the day with a final flight on the Calypso to complete his hill conversion.

A busy old day with another hangy hill conversion sorted another on the verge and a couple of paraglding ones very nearly, if only there was a day like this every week!  Thanks to Ian and Roddy for their patience we hope you had a good time and look forward to getting you going for real soon.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Oh what a Pefect Day

 Helly gets the ball rolling with a nrevous smile
 Lauren doesn't look much less nervous

 Sam makes like a gorilla as we make our way to the front

 Up and away

 Do I always frown that much ?? at least Jenny looks relaxed

 Kaz comes up to join the fun


 Two feet and a BIG Beach

 Lee gets set to go

Off to the beach for a coffee

Well in fact pretty much as it turned out.  With all the children around we set aside Sunday for a family day several weeks ago on a take it as it comes basis.  The guys and gals decided a spot of tandem flying would be fun if possible and with a good forecast we headed out to Chapel porth.  Whilst we waited for them and their partners to arrive Kaz and myself tested the air which proved gentle but steady lift.

By the times the rest arrived things were better and the beach was huge (never seen it so big) and still getting huger.  Helly (Cardiff) was first up on the Tandem Paraglider and having never done anything like it before was suitably nervous. No worries she had a great flight loving the whole thing and even the gentle wing overs :) Helly was followed by Lauren, Jenny, Sam and finally Lee who all had a ball in super conditions with good lift all the way to Orographic cloudbase at around 300' giving some great views.

With everyone back on terra firma we left the kit under the supervision of Paul H and walked to the beach for a coffee and to show Helly it's delights.  Then back up the hill to pack up and head home for a chilled evening  .......... Everyone had a fine time and so nice to spend some time with the kids. thank you to those of you in the know for giving us some space, much appreciated :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Cool At Carbis

The tandem flies high over Lelant sands

 Cruising the cliffs, what a big beach

Debbie m enjoys her flight, photo's courtesy of Mike C, thanks   

We timed our arrival at Carbis just right as while the guys had been flying for an hour or so it was a bit scratchy. However withing 30 minutes of arriving things got better and gliders started to get high and play about.  Kaz tested the air and confirmed it was fine so we wasted no time in getting the Tandem Paraglider out and getting going.

Martin P (St Ives) was first up and had a lovely time flying over an area he knows well and waving at his wife walking the dogs on the beach, can't be bad.  martin enjoyed it so much we may well see him for a Taster day and then who knows, and living so close to one of the top sites it would almost be rude not to!

Next up was Debbie m (Newcastle) who timed her holiday in Cornwall just right for a Tandem flight.  After a bit of fun at take off we were up and away to mix it with the rest and play with the sea thermals as they popped through making life interesting. Debbie was very relaxed once we got up there and snapped off some nice piccies of a very different view of St Ives and the train.  As the train made it return journey we popped back in on top to round of a super flight.

Next was Andy G (Illogan) who had a voucher as a Birthday gift and made the most of it. Living so close Andy had seen our truck but never realised we did Paragliding as well as Hang Gliding so was delighted to find out that we did.  Again we had a cracking flight and the sea thermals just kept coming so we kept flying. Finally we landed back on top to round off the tandems for the day as the wind picked up a little and moved to the North.

With the skies clearing of Paragliders and the wind still on the hill enough James C took the opportunity to get his second hill soaring flight in on the hangy and did an excellent job of it from take off to landing.  One more like that and he is sorted :)

Nice to see so many out and great to see Phil L up (and above everyone) on his Buzz Z3 on his first day out as a fully qualified pilot from the school. Now his real learning curve begins .........  Well done to Nigel W for his first hangy flight off Carbis and a bit more experience under his belt.

Sorry no piccies but if you have some pop them to me and I will add

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Gracing the Skies

 Phil (left and high) completes his paragliding Hill rating

 James C up and away on his first hill soaring flight

 Phil l comes in on the hangy after his first hill flight on it

 Happy hangies

 Bill plays with the ASKA before heading off the hill

 Grace flies high as she takes her tandem hangy flight

Looking very pleased with herself as grace poses with myself and Noel :)

What a weird and wonderful day at Perranporth it was with pretty much every kind of weather in one day.

We (myself and Phil L) arrived early to hopefully finish off his hill paragliding before the wind picked up when we would start his Hill hang Gliding, nothing like cracking on with it!  On arrival it was windy and well off to the North and even a bit damp so we waited.  Slowly against the forecast the wind eased a little and pretty soon a few paragliders were soaring the bowl in nice lift although still a bit north for Phil.  Bit by bit the wind backed to the WNW and eased further until it was really scratchy, again not forecast. But patience is a virtue and Phil held himself on the ground  as we stared out to sea looking for a sign.  It came and within 30 minutes he was up and away in cracking conditions mixing it with the rest and looking very confident on his fourth hill flight.

Keeping a close eye on conditions he slipped in for a top landing after 15 minutes just before the wind began to increase noticeably becoming top end for paragliders.  Hill conversion completed in fine style, well done.

A quick test of the air and demo flight on the Hangy and it was time to get it in the air.  Now joined by James C also hoping to get his hill conversion going things were looking good.  James was first off and did a fine job on his first soaring flight slowly settling in and smoothing out as he cruised the cliffs, dodging the odd paraglider kept his concentration up ready for his first top landing which he went ok and even ended looking good.  Big grin from James and nervous look from Phil as it was now his turn!

No worried Phil did a great take off and settled down quickly his previous experience on the Paraglider serving him well.  In increasing lift and flying very smoothly he was soon above the Para's and "loving it".  Fifteen minutes later and he came in for his first top landing a little far forward resulting in a fly by, no worries his next attempt was fine and even bigger smile.

With a good breeze up we cracked the ASKA out on a small que formed with Bill N leading the way followed by Mike C and  James W all of whom had some fun flying on it and all soaring fine and again "loving it".  Bill put his order in there and then and I can see these becoming very popular, talk to the guys for an unbiased opinion and then to us for a test fly and hopefully buy :)

By now conditions were classic for Hangies (and ASKA's) and it was time to get the Tandem out. We had arranged to take Grace a young lady up who is raising money for two charities and for whom it was a real challenge.  With graces parents and grandparents present we did a test flight with Noel S her carer to check things out and get his opinion which proved great on all fronts, and Noel enjoyed it as well!

Next it was Graces turn, despite her nerves and doubts she did an excellent job at launch seeing us away cleanly and soon well above the cliffs. " How are you doing grace, you ok?"  reply " I'm smiling" guess that says it all.  We had a fabulous flight with grace enjoying every minute and its hard for me to imagine how she must have felt having to  different senses to appreciate what was going on.   I think she would have stayed up all day if she could have but we had others waiting so after 20 minutes we popped back in on top to a round of applause.  It was a very different Grace that unclipped from the glider that clipped in, Fantastic, and she raised a good sum for her charities.

A short break and it was Richard P (Bristol) who joined me having been given a voucher as a Birthday gift.  It was something he had wanted o try for a long time and he picked the right day.  We had a cracking flight as well playing with the glider and the lift as the sea thermals popped through. Another top landing and it was Johns turn.

John is James's uncle and had come along to see what James kept raving on about and figured that a Tandem was as good a way as any.  With dark clouds out sea and the wind picking up a little we had a fun time with Johns nerves easing as we floated along in the increasing lift.  It was an ideal way for him to relate to James's passion for Hang Gliding and so nice to see him take an interest.  15 minutes later and the clouds were getting closer and the wind picking up as was the lift, time to get in.  We judged it spot on  as soon after touch down the wind veered 50 degrees and the dampness started again giving us just enough time to pack up before the heavens opened.

A great day with lots of smiley faces. Well done to Phil on his paragliding hill conversion and First Hangy soaring flight, not bad since he only started learning at the end of January, to James on his first hangy Hill flight and he only started in Feb' and particularly to Grace on going for it and putting her trust in us.

High Noon

Back in the field this time with a forecast to pick up as the day went on so we wasted no time in getting going.

Jo and Sarah (Exeter) were along to start their EPC course having had such fun yesterday as were Ian F and Anna P (Gwithian) on their CPC and EPC's respectively.  Lowena H (Redruth) and Jack S (Truro) were both along for taster days with Jack looking to take up the sport.

Having done the hard work yesterday Jo and Sarah were soon getting their first tows on the winch and despite the nerves settled in well with some cracking flights. By the end of the day they were both releasing the line and having fun, what more can you ask.

Anna P had a super day finishing off her EPC tasks before heading to the top of the line at mid day and loving it. Anna looked very happy despite having to leave early to go to work and her confidence is high.

Ian F moved a little further into his CPC tasks getting the speed bar sorted as well as improving his towing nicely.

Lowena had a great day playing with the Paraglider before popping in a couple of classic flights to get her first taste of the sport, nice.

Jack who to be fair had done a little before did well both on the tow and off it with his ground handling looking very nice as well.

Conditions got breezy enough as forecast towards the end but a good day was had by all.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls and Ben and Ian and Steve and no fools

 Faye gets going with the ground work on the hangy

 They soon get to grips with it as Danielle floats it across the field

Old school colours on an old school Paraglider

the para' taster days share a joke

 It was like summer, so hot Steve melted away 

The hangies get it sorted  :)

It was pretty much full on with Three taster days on the hangy, Three on the Paraglider and three students well into their training.

We got going early with the hangy and started the Paragliders a bit later as the forecast was for the wind to ease during the day. Serena P, Danielle P and Faye W all from Newton Abbot way were along for a fun day out having a go at Hang Gliding. The girls had a great day egging each other on as they worked through the ground running stage and doing a fine job of it too. After lunch and with the wind settling down to a NE breeze we got the tram lines out and the simulater then it was off and away on the winch.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some people manage to pick it up and start to fly the glider. Whilst it would be fair to say they were not all perfect flights all of them got the basics together and had some super flying as they floated across the field. Well done girls and great to see you all supporting each other so well.

On the Paragliding front Jo A (Exeter), Sarah C (Exeter) and Ben P (Plymouth) were all along for taster days and worked hard in the tricky conditions with the wind flicking around in the morning. Afternoon saw things settle down a little and them all getting the hand tows sorted. The wind stayed a little on the fresh side for towing Paragliding students so we topped them up with some extra ground handling and despite not flying they all had fun, enough fun for Jo and Sarah to sign up for an EPC course.

Charlotte W (Marazion) dropped by for a Tandem flight on the Paraglider and had a coupe of super flights enjoying both the view and the excitement at the same time and what's more it was her Birthday so can't be bad.

Ian F (Gwithian) Steve W (Truro), I got it right for once, and Anna P (Gwithian) all honed their ground handling and again whilst not actually flying learnt two of the most important skill, ground handling and patience!

A fun day all round and many thanks to Phil and Bill for their help and photography skills.

Quote of the day  " Oh your so fit"  think they were commenting on my running skills and not my overall appearance :(

Carving at Carbis

 Dream come true after 29 years for Lee

Paul H after his first proper flight on the ASKA ;)

It was a brisk NNE at Carbis making the take offs interesting enough for some and exciting for others, still everyone made it through ok.

We got the day rolling by taking Lee down on holiday from Essex up on the hangy which as it turns out has been a dream of his from the age of 6.  We had a super time in classic conditions with plenty of lift.  Lee got to fly the glider and in fairness did a great job getting in tune with it easily and being probably the best passenger pilot I have known so far, sorry Michel... After a cracking flight we came in for a lovely landing round of the flight which in lees words was" more amazing than he had imagined" super.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and maybe we shall see him again when next down on holiday.

Phil L and James C were along hoping to get their first hill flights on a hangy and whilst they bo6th came up for a tandem we gave solo flights a miss due to the unpredictable take offs. still they both did well and the flights will set them up nicely for the next time (Tuesday maybe).

A good number of hangies were out enjoying the fun including Dave G (Taunton) who came along to keep his hand in whilst awaiting his new wing. Dave had a good hour or so in the air and learnt a bit more along the way.  Kaz, Chris W, Andy R, Big Gray and Paul h all had fun flying their stiffies.

With my work done i cracked out the ASKA and had a fun time  learning more about the wing and exploring its potential before handing over to Mike A who fell in love with it flying it like he meant it and looking very confident on it.  Even Kaz had a play on the ground and was suitably impressed before Paul h took it up for a fly getting as high on it as he had his hangy and landing with a stupid grin on his face, well not that stupid.

A fun day with lots learnt by many both in the air and on the ground and another dream made :)