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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mixed up day ;)

We had a plan and guess what ? it worked ;))  It was an early start in the tow field meeting up with Steve L,  Julian and Pete L at 07.00 .  The winch was up and running by 07.45 and the tows were underway.  The guys cracked on and soon settled down working their ways through the flying tasks.

Steve polished off his CPC with a couple of cracking Asymmetric's making easy work of them and showing good control throughout then continued to pop in some fun tows to concentrate on spot landings.

Julian made great progress looking like he had really got it together and along with Pete they moved steadily through low level turns into higher ones before finishing off with their first high flights to the top of the tow so completing their EPC's tasks and starting the CPC ones, excellent :)

A ground handling session took up the latter morning when we were joined by Peter F with everyone improving nicely as the wind began to fill in as forecast.

Next we had a couple of hours break whilst we waited for the wind to sort itself out then it was off to Perranporth for some hill soaring.  Our timing was spot on and within 30 minutes of arriving it was looking good for the guys .

Bev gets things moving

 With ex student Bev P (N. Devon) showing the way and that conditions were good Steve got himself ready for his 3 rd soaring flight. It did not take long and he was up there looking smooth and co ordinated and showing just how well the school Elements go up!

Steve L (top left) shows what an Element can do!

Top landing to complete his hill conversion 

 A nice top landing and it was Pete F's turn,  same plan and same result Pete did a super flight in the increasingly busy sky, still in fairness the more experienced pilots did give them plenty of space.  Both Steve and Pete popped in another flight each to complete their hill soaring conversions and it was congratulations all round.

time to chat with Pete (top left) smiling after finishing his hill conversion and ex student Colin gets set to go

Carl R (South Devon) who had recently completed his Tow course had been introduced to his new Ozone Buzz Z4 and under Kaz's watchful eye done plenty of ground handling to get used to it, and he liked it.  With conditions still improving we got him briefed up for his first hill soaring flight.

Carl off on his first hill flight

and looking like he is enjoying it

A great take off was followed by a fantastic first hill flight as he climbed to the top of the stack and cruised the ridge making it look all to easy!  15 minutes later we coaxed him into land and with so much height he did a great job and patiently "s"ing off the height before performing a first class landing.  Big smile then it was off again and pretty much the same story again, can't complain at that.

Carl's second flight , lovely 

So with 2 EPC tows , 1 CPC tow and CPC hill conversions completed along with half a one it was a top day. Well done to all and nice to see Bev and Colin (recent CPC's) both out building experience and learning as they go along.

Weather looks good for the next few days or so.  Will try and find some piccies from somewhere so if you have any please send me some  Steve W ?

Quote of the day "  :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))"

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short and sweet

Nice day forecast and with Pete L down for the week we decided to nip out with him to sharpen up his ground handling and hopefully get a few flights in.

Pete gets sorted under Kaz's watchful eye

Whilst the first part worked well giving Pete plenty to work on in the thermic conditions the second part was not so effective as we had to wait for things to calm down before letting Pete loose on the line.  Still I had some fun tows "testing the air" so can't complain.

You can't get enough ground handling and trust me Pete is getting plenty!

Quote of the day  " keep pulling and I'll get it up"

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey ho lets go

After yesterdays half day with Peter L (Plymouth)we had put in place the ground work to make today an easy starter.  Pete was joined by Carl R (Plymouth) and they both were soon chatting away and had to be encouraged to get the gliders sorted!

Ready to rock and roll ....

With conditions just nice we were soon underway with Peter putting in his first flights and having a ball as he did so. Whilst Pete started his EPC course Carl was rapidly approaching the end of his CPC  course so showing was was to come for Pete.

On the way up

They both made great progress and by the end of play Pete was releasing the line and moving into shallow turns to see him nicely into his course.  Carl also had a ball doing the instability tasks and was quickly through Big ears before finishing off with Asymmetrics before having a couple of fun flights complete his day and CPC.

Approaching the top

approaching the bottom

A good day all round and with the guys putting in 15 tows between them enough to keep Kaz busy without over stressing her :)

Quote of the day "be gentle with me"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surprise surprise :)

A damp morning and towing was on hold intact it was pretty much canned.  Pete L (Plymouth) turned up anyway as he was in the area so we had a chat over a culpa and low and behold things brightened up!  So being as flexible as we are it was not long before we were heading to the tow field to get the basics underway.

Pete did really well despot conditions being breezy enough and in actual fact clicked with the ground handling really quickly.  It was not long before Kaz turned up and with the hand tows completed we got the winch  set up and ready to roll.  A couple of test flights was enough to convince us that it was less than ideal for Petes first flights so we called it a day to wait for better ones.

Time not wasted though as tomorrow hopefully we can crack on and get straight into the flying.

Quote of the day "that was interesting"

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hill Billy's

Don't you just love Sennen Cove particularly when the sun is out , the breeze is on and the holiday makers have not yet arrived!

Dave B (Praze) and Steve L (Ivybridge) are both along for hopefully their first hill soaring flights having got well sorted in the tow field over the past few weeks. In what were light but lifty conditions the guys got set to go after a bit of refresh ground handling whilst we waited for the morning breeze to return.

Two wise men saw Dave hangs in there

it's not long before he is up and relaxed

They both did a fine job in the varying conditions putting good soaring flights some of which they had to work for whilst others were easy peezy!  Top landings made life easy most of the time although the odd slope landing helped out as well.

Classic Sennen shot as Steve gets some soaring in

Mixed in amongst their flights Kaz and myself managed to sneak in some fun flying on the Paragliders making a change from yesterdays Hangy day and Robin W who hopes to learn to fly in the future took the chance to get up on the Tandem Paraglider and just loved it and to be fair did a good job of flying it as well!

By the end of play they had pooped in 7 flights between them and both looked very pleased with themselves.  Another day in the field to finish off Asymmetrics with Steve  and one more day each on the hill should see them sorted, nice .

Happy bunnies

Good to see some of the guys from down west out enjoying the day and good to catch up with them.

Quote of the day "that's why you use a winch"  "puff puff puff"