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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Funday Afternoon

A breezy morning slowly gave way to a drop in the wind and with news that plenty were flying at St Agnes we decided not having a lot on to go for a fun fly with the gang.

The sky had plenty of Paragliders up although to be fair it was breezy enough for them and some decided to give it a miss on their floppies.  Whilst Kaz got her floppy out I decided to give the T2 an airing and quickly rigged her in amongst the modellers and paragliders.

Kaz had a nice couple of flights enjoying not having to look after anyone and just generally playing about.  Conditions for the Hangy were super  and I had a fine old time playing about and getting back into a performance wing.  a little bit of glider tuning payed off and she is ready for the season despite Michel trying to destroy her, so bring it on !

 Good to see plenty out having fun just a shame a few more hangies were not there to share it with.

Quote of the day "Well that explains it then!"

Sunday, March 09, 2014

The return of the Sun (and Jeremy)

What a glorious day with wall to wall sunshine all day.  We were back in the field which had dried out nicely and was looking superb.  Jeremy S (Taunton) was back to continue his CPC Hang Gliding after a long break (last flew in July) and was joined by Steve M (Exeter) for a taster day Paragliding.

Whilst Kaz got Steve sorted Jeremy rigged the Hangy and put in a few refresh runs across the field showing that he had not forgotten what to do.   With the breeze filling in Steve goon with basic ground handling and in fact made it look very easy and was soon reverse ground handling like a pro!.

The breeze continued to pick up and whilst it was ok for the Hangy it was too much for Para's so Steve went onto stand by.  Jeremy was soon clipped in and getting his feet off the ground for the first time in over 7 months.  He was soon back in the groove and looking good despite slightly challenging conditions.  Finishing off his final tasks Jeremy completed his stalls an slow flight appreciation to complete his CPC, excellent.

The wind stayed too high for the Para so Steve will have to wait for another day to complete his Pg Taster.  Nice to see some of the guys fro by on their way back from flying elsewhere and also to see Mel (Downderry) who dropped by to check us out with a view to learning.

Quote of the day " a sandwich stole my seat"