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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings and Apologies

Seasons Greetings to you all and apologies to Ray D who got totally missed of the Blog report for the 22nd. Ray had a good day not only sorting getting into his harness easily but also polishing off his Speed bar task so completing his CPC and qualifying, well done Ray, how could I have missed you...........

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relaxed day

It was a more relaxed day in the field with the winch back in full working order and both drums running. Despite the forecast sunshine not appearing it was pleasant enough in the field with similar conditions to yesterday. Jerry W plugged away at his Hang Gliding EPC and got within spitting distance of it but still found getting consistent results a challenge over his 12 flights. Steve M and Graham A both had a progressive day working their ways through the final stages of the CPC tasks before enjoying some "free" flying have completed them all in fine style. putting away 8 tows apiece before we opted for an early day so they could take their exams which they both passed so become qualified pilots on the tow, congratulations.

Monday, December 22, 2008


It was a busy day on the tow field with all sorts going on. The day started with a winch problem resulting in only one line being available but due to Bills sterling service on the bike things still ran smoothly. Jeremy W was back on the line on the Hang Glider and was getting the hang of turns by the end of the day. Steve M and Graham A kept pace with each other as they progressed nicely into their CPC tasks ending up with the speed bar task so getting them nicely set up for the "instability" ones. Nick F finished off his paramotor restricted tasks with 3 great flights all ending in good stand up landings. Pete L joined him on his paramotor and had a good time. Kieth W was out for some towing for the first time after having his hip replaced and quickly got it sorted. Wanda S also dropped by but her first tow was not so good resulting in an early day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of my tether

Whilst most were complaining about the weather we had a good time out on the hill at Perranporth where we were tethering Hang Gliders. Jeremy W (Herofordshire) was back down and did a great job in the brisk conditions getting in loads of airtime giving him plenty of time to settle back in in readiness for towing tomorrow. Phil S came by to try out his new Woody Valley Flex harness for size and looked really cool as he "soared" as high as the ropes would let him whilst practising getting in and out of prone in readiness for his hill conversion when the wind is right. Kaz even gave it a go ad also looked nice and relaxed as she got the hang of it resulting in some super flights. Thanks to Al J for his work on the ropes giving a good day to all. Sorry no pictures but they would have been good!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hills are alive

It was good to see a "crowd" at Perranporth to enjoy what was a lovely couple of hours flying. By the time we arrived having done the morning chores ex students Bill n and Dean F had been up for over half an hour already. I quickly joined them along with four other ex students, Pete L, Wanda S Ray M (old Ray) Mark F to enjoy the lifty conditions. With a few other pilots around it was a very sociable morning. The wind filled in by lunchtime making it unflyable for most and seeing a couple of pilots land further away from the normal landing area than they wished! Still it was good to get out, enjoy the sunshine, socialise and make plans for our trip to lanzarote which still has a couple of places left if you want to come along.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Patience is a virtue

With reports from Carbis that it was still on the breezy for Paragliders we headed down after lunch hoping it would drop as forecast so Steve D could finish off his hill soaring tasks that he started on our trip to Spain. Sure enough it was breezy but after an hour or so it showed some signs of dropping so we got Steve to practice ground handling in conditions which he had not experienced before. He did well and after the initial excitement he was soon looking confident as he moved slowly but surely back across the field. Another hour and the sun started to get low in the sky, we set a 16.00hrs deadline which came and went and at 16.05 Steve went for it and was rewarded with a cracking flight under a brilliantly coloured sky. 15 minutes of soaring was followed by his first ever to landing before doing it all again and landing after the sun set.

It was a happy bunny that walked back to the car in the gloom. Watch out for him on the hill.....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something to do before you are thirty

Sim gets a high above Perranporth beach

Roma comes down for a low pass over take off

Pleased to be down or what?

Twins Sim and Roma T had decided to try Tandem flights before they are thirty and today was the day leaving them a few to spare. Conditions at Perranporth were spot on with a fresh WNW breeze and plenty of sea thermals to play with. Sim was first up and we quickly climbed out in the strong lift to around the 500' mark. It was a cracking flight ending in a perfect landing and big smiles. Next was Roma who had to overcome her fear of heights as we walked towards the edge. A classic launch saw us climb nicely away and it wasn't long before Roma began to relax and grip my wrist less tightly! We had a super time putting in 360's, stalls and low level passes before again getting a tippy toe landing to round things off.
Both girls looked pleased with themselves and had a fun time and not only that we had a great time too.
Nice to meet Geoff (South Africa)on the hill flying a model who was very sociable so say hello if you meet him. Also good to see Ady turn up and waste no time in getting into the air which is where we left him as we headed home.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time for Two

Mick looking relaxed at take off with hands open
Mick climbs away wings level and legs together

Steve gives a good inflation at the start of his first high flight

Steve on his way to the top

It was a damp day in the field despite a promising forecast. Still it did not dampen our spirits and by 11.00 we were hard at it. Mick F was back for his second day on the Hanger and had a cracking day moving onto release flights and gentle turns by the end of it with 16 tows to his credit. Guess what, he's going for the full course so watch his progress.
Steve m was back for more on the Paraglider having missed a day whilst away up country. he did really well working through the EPC flights before putting his first high flights and circuits giving him a total of 17 tows for the day. They both dropped by for a cuppa on the way home and Steve rounded off the day by taking and passing his EPC exam so becoming qualified and officially starting on his CPC. Gunny and Bill dropped by the field and helped out with the bike riding leaving Coady to socialize on the winch..quite a nice damp december day I guess.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Fun for One

With a forecast of rain moving in by evening we got off to an early start in the field where Mick F (Hampshire) was along for a go at Hang Gliding having checked us out yesterday. Mick did well with the ground work and was soon running across the field with the glider flying nicely above him. Next it was onto the winch following a short rain break and he took to it well. By early afternoon he was full, so giving us an early day, having put away 10 tows ending up with him flying smoothly at 40 ' and performing good landings. His appetite wetted he will be back for another day and then maybe a course, wait and see..

Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Sun than you can shake a stick at..

It was a lovely day in the field where we arrived to find no wind at all so rather than get caught out we settled down to do a littl theory while we waited to see what it would do. By 11.00 it filled in from the South so we set up only to find it increased to top end very quickly. I gave it a go to test conditions and confirmed it was on the breezy side by performing the amazing tail gate shutting trick..... Another theory session took us to lunch time after which it began to drop again. A couple of test flights and we got going. Graham A (Torrington) built on his previous experience and was soon performing nice turns across the field followed by good into wind landings. By the end of the day he was putting in his first high flights and circuits and even landing near the spot to round of a cracking day for him with a total of thirteen tows, well not quite, he dropped by for a cuppa on his way home and polished of his EPC exam in fine style so qualifying and starting on his CPC, nice one.
Nick F got back on the Paramotor and did a first class take off, flight and landing and was ready for a second when the pull starter slipped its knot curtailing activities for the day.
Phil S was down for some flying on his Hang Glider and just got better and better with each Tow regaining his confidence after a bit of a break (not literally) in preparation for the hill.
Pete L buzzed around the field on his unit and proved it was still windy "up top". Adam W dropped by for a few tows and did a fine job in the buoyant evening air.
Mick F (Hampshire) came to see us and will hopefully start his Hang Gliding course whilst he is down here working to add to his Paragliding that he already does.

A bit of a stop start day again but even so a lot got done and learnt and most importantly we had FUN! Sorry no piccies forgot the camera again...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunshine !

It was almost like being abroad again, with a sunny day and light winds. There was a lot of rain around but it seemed to avoid us so we didn't complain. Graham A (Torrington) and Steve M (Tresillian) both got their first taste of the winch in very light conditions. By the end of the day they were releasing the line and doing gentle turns down to land getting them well into their EPC's. Justin M dropped by for a few tows to keep his hand in as did Wanda S who put a few Demons to rest. Mark F got up and away on his Paramotor for a couple of super flights and was joined by Paul H on his Doodle Bug so making for a fun and varied day, not bad for late November. Sorry forgot the camera

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to reality

Ok it wasn't bright and sunny but at least it was flyable at Perranporth. With the wind coming and going throughout the day along with the misty stuff you had to pick your moment. Still plenty of pilots got plenty of soaring in. Justin M down from Nottingham got his first taste of hill soaring as he began a hill conversion with us having learned on the tow line "up north". He did a first class job cruising the ridge before coming in for a good top landing before the cloud lowered itself onto the hill. Kat' D had a fun Tandem flight as we flew up and down the ridge at cloudbase, well trying to stay out of it actually, maybe she will return on a sunnier day. Steve D turned up just too late hoping to build on his "Spanish" experiences as the wind dropped off and the damp came in.
A useful day...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

All good things come to an end

Desrted beach Boys soak up the sun before heading back to the UK

Thorny tree, by far the best thing on the beach

It was up and away early to get Peachy to the airport on time. As the sun rose (again) we all began to think the same thing...... Still having dropped Tony off we headed to the beach where we had a pleasant few hours and yet a few more laughs. The sea was clear as was the beach but as the morning wore on the greater bloated Brit began to appear with its offspring in its England kit. What it must be like in the summer I hate to think. The flight back was uneventful except for Steve having his fossils confiscated and as we got off the plane I was nearly blown off the stair way, yep it definitely was the UK. At passport control we spotted a couple of dubious looking characters who looked like they were on the lookout for someone and turned out to be "special squad". Yep you guessed it I was invited into a small room along with Kaz where we underwent a thorough interrogation before being released back into the community.

The end of a great trip thanks to the weather the location and mainly to the guys and gals that came along .. here's to the next one.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chocolate, Fossils & exploding bottoms (in the Sun)

Sightseeing , no exploding ones in this piccy
coming down from the evening lift Kaz approaches the field

another super meal out, almost as good as the ones we had in

Peachy "promoting" the wine, nearly as good as my spelling

Firstly apologieses for the smelling mistkes last nite but we had a bite to drunk. Needless to say it was SUNMNY again all day. We headed off to Montellano where whilst we waited for the wind to come on the face Michel learnt the finer points of ground handling and forward launching. Peachy got away first but was a little early and did an "out landing", Michel gave it his best shot which wasn´t very good. Ray was ready for it but no sooner did he "get it up " than the wind increased to what we considered a breezy state. This was confirmed by one of the locals getting it wrong so we resulted to Fossil hunting which provided some good results for Mark and Steve. Leaving Mark and Michel to sunbathe the rest of us headed off for coffee and sight seeing. The sight seeing largely consited of spotting churches and bottoms which were on the verge of going balistic, a trend that seems common in this part of Spain with the women........ An hour or so later we were back on the slope the wind eased. Pretty soon the guys and gals were up and away for yet another cracking evening flight with more hot chocolate conditions but not before Mark had a german girl come on top of him..... As the sun set the pilots began to land and the sun had truly set by the time the last of the group were down. A super evening meal in the local restaurant with plenty of laughs followed by a night cap in JJ´s rounded off another super day and the end of a cracking trip with 7 days flying out of 6 for some!! Tomorrow it,s back to the UK, what´s the weather like????????

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where´s Wanda and Hot Chocolate

Steve gets some soaring in company off the lower launch
Al climbs out in the evening lift

Ok there were a few there by the end of the day, but there was loads of lift

Michel flew far to long so got far to cold and needed to check nothing had dropped off (Tony checks)

Amore elaxed sart still saw us on site before the Germans, and by the time they arrived our boys and gals had nearly an hours airtime uinder their belts. Syeve put in another great soaring flight joining the more experienced guys already up their. Ray was ready to go when news came through that Wanda had landed on top somwhere hving got high into the stronger winds (we were using the lower launch). Ray and myselh high tailed it up the hill wher Ray picked up Wanda who had and exciting experience but made a good job of it by picking out a good landing spot and sorting it all out, Her first XC completed it was back down to the lower launch.
The day was filled by pilots flying when they choose with conditions varying from bouncy to silky depending on the time of day. Al and Michel mastered the art of top landing the lower take off to join the ranks of the sky Gods.
It was rounded off with a classic evening flight especially for Mark and Michel who are still raving on about just how much lift there was and just how smoothe it was, like flying through hot chocalate Mark reckoned. Quote of the day " is Ray coming off" (Kaz) .... Oh, forgot to mention it was bright and sunny, and guess what it´s forecast to be again tomorrow....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Megaday MegaSun MegaFun

Michel enjoys clear air (exceptfor the vultures) as we beat the crowds
Steve looks forward to joining Kaz up in the blue yonder

Most of the gang at the lower launch waiting for the wind to ease

the lights came back on but then the beer had kicked in

Another early start saw us first on the hill at Montellano where yes it was blue sky and sunshine again. As the wind came on Mark was first off for an extended top to bottom. Stve followed and did a good job of the flight but kinda got the landing bit less than perfect resulting in an interesting landing option, don´t take afence Steve. Ray got away next and semi soared before heading out and having learnt from Steves flight did a cracking spot landing all be it without the aid of an undercarriage. Allen got off just before it became soarable and joined them whilst Kaz drove down to get then back up. Wanda took off and began to soar pretty much straight away along with Michel whilst the others drove back up, they enjoyed a super 30 minutes just the two of them and the Vultures before the masses began to arrive. Soon the air was alive with gliders and our early pilots joined them. Steve had a cracker ridge soaring up and having a good 30 minutes pretty much as high as he wanted before deciding to go down and sort out his landing approach, job done , it was perfect. Kaz even got a chance to fly and had fun thermalling up with the rest of them.
Finally one by one they decided to land for lunch and with everyone back at launch I managed to sneak in a flight in what were by now fairly bouncy conditions with some cumulus forming overhead. Michel joined me just before I decided to head down.
With the wind on the increase we met up on the low launch where Mark jumped off to prove it soarable for Steve who put in his third flight of the day- The lift kicked in and gliders were all over the sky, again the guys slowly landed one by one with Michel being one of the last down declaring it as his "best flight ever", what more can you ask. It was a quiet and tired crew that arrived back in Algo´ to find it in darkness with a power cut, still a few beers by candle light in JJ´s sorted it out and the lights came on so that is where we stayed. Quote of the day "Ok Phippsy, you got me up here , now get me down "..... tomorrow more of the same I hope..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tossers on the hill (in the Sun)

So this is the launch at Montellano, Tony pops a cork in

Target practice in preparation for the Hun in the Sun

Al gets ready to sneak in an evening flight

Early start to beat the Germans saw us at Montellano by 10.00 where it was light and guess what´SUNNY: Steve was first off with a cracking forward launch much to Michels amazement. Ray gave it his best shot but decided to give it a miss after his first attempt. Tony joined the fray and got away clean having a nice buoyant flight down to join Kaz and Steve in the landing field. With no one else prepared to go for a forward launch I sneaked a flight in before the forecast wind increased to such an extent it was to strong in a matter of minutes. With the wind strong we practiced our juggling skills and catapult target practice (much to the disgust of some) before heading off for coffee before returning for an evening flight which Allen and Michel sneaked in but fair to say we missed the best of it. Still a fun day with some very funny conversations going on ranging from Sperm Wales to Two women one cup. Cracking meal out followed by number 43´s in JJ´s. Quote of the day " I´ve never seen such a big one" (Kaz)... forecast for tomorrow.... more Sun.... more Fun....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lost Souls in the Sun

The start of another "hard" day the boys contemplate life

Some old relics on the hill and a statue

Kaz gets things moving on the west launch

Downloading Marks inflight video, nothing is secret

The guys were up and ready for the 10.00 o´clock start and off up the hill we went. The forecast was for a light NW but we were hoping that the sun (yes it was sunny again) would pull the wind up the SE face. We sat there all alone but sure enough it did come up the face but no one was quite convinced enough to go for it as the Vultures were only climbing slowly. At 13.00 the first dusties arrived and having watched the guys at Ronda struggle we opted to head over to the west launch. Timing was perfect and within 30 minutes Kaz was off to spot the landing field. Catching a nice thermal over it she climbed back up to launch height proving it was working. The guys quickly got going with Michel and Allen leading the way both on identical Ruish 2´s looking like the terrible twins. Mark was next then Steve, Tony and Wanda all off whom thermalled up and away from launch. Ray brought up the rear and had a fantastic flight climbing out in thermals over the landing field to get his first serious height gains. Slowly the guys began to descend with Ray opting for an alternative landing field (the official one) where he performed an excuse for a landing on the road, lucky no cars were coming! Steve did his first XC getting totally lost and landing several K away to be found by myself as I drove along to get the others. The rest landed with Kaz with huge smiles after some cracking flying with the Vultures . Quote of the day "nice ass" and I wasn´t looking at the ears..... don´t ask. You will have to wait to see the flychaps "studs" photo ....... guess what we are in the bar

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sun & Fun on day one

Ray D gets away nicely for his first hill flight followed by a cracking landing on the spot
Steve D does a committed launch whilst the German looks on and awaits assistance for his

Peachy goes for it, butterflies and all

Mark F follows Peachy off at the start of a super thermal flight

After a Big shop for stores in the morning it was off up Lejar where the wind was a little off and a bit strong, but patience was a virtue and as the thermals kicked in things got better and better. Under a totally blue sky gliders began launching and climbed out with the circling Vultures. Michel was first of the group off followed by Allen, Steve,Tony and Mark in quick succession. Whilst the others thermalled up Steve settled down with a super flight down playing with lift on the way for his first hill flight since getting his CPC on the tow. Next it was Rays turn for his first ever hill flight and the nerves were showing. He should not have worried he did a cracking launch putting many others to shame and followed it up with an amazing flight through numerous thermals before performing a first class landing right on the spot. Wanda completed the group with a good launch and a super flight circling up before heading out to the field where she also put in a cracking landing.
Everyone safe and sound with big smiles and guess what we are in the bar!!! photos will follow when we get back.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hola Hola Hola

Al gets ready to go to make the most of the evening

Steve D can't believe he is actually going to do it on the day we arrive

Michel with his usual snake charming technique impresses the other pilots

Ok it was a littl late when we packed up

An early start saw us heading off to Bornemouth from where we, Phippsy, Kaz, Michel K, Allen K, Steve D, Wanda S, Ray D and Mark F caught a plane to Malaga where we met up with Tony M. Arriving at Algo´by different routes we found it flyable so after checking out the bottom landing we headed up the hill for an evening flight. Allen, Michel and Steve had nice flights down whilst the rest were either to knackered or a bit late for the conditions. Picking the guys up from the landing field we headed off to the bar where we are now!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some you win some you lose

Nick gives Tim some top tips like "where's your wing?"
Undeterred Tim gives it a go, is it a smile or a grimace?

The forecast was for it to brighten up and the wind ease back so we headed to the tow field. Graham A got straight down to it on the Paraglider refining his ground handling and looking pretty good at it despite the breezier conditions than Friday. Nick f rigged the Paramotor ready to take advantage of the forecasted slot. It wasn't to be, so Graham had fun with the hand tows which saw Tim and myself speechless whilst Graham got some good airtime, and Nick got through some theory.

With a complete Paramotor we gave Tim his first feel of Power as he ran around the field with it on his back looking remarkably at home!

So not a wasted day but could have been a better one. Still off to Spain lets hope the weather improves on our return..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Easy day in the field

The day was always a little damp but with graham A down from Torrington we decided to give it a shot. Graham on his first day at Paragliding did really well putting his Kite surfing skills to good use on the ground handling side. Despite a damp canopy he got firmly to grips with both reverse and forward launches on the Atom. With a gentle pace he got himself ready for the tow line on his next day out, hopefully tomorrow... watch this space.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Short packed" Day

The forecast was for the breeze to pick up by the end of the day so we got going pretty much as soon as we hit the field. Steve D was on the tow line on his Paraglider finishing off his CPC tasks by putting in 6 tows on the trot taking him through Speed Bar, Big ears and Asymmetrics all of which he completed in fine style.
Nick F put the Paramotor together and did a fine take off followed by some nice flying and finishing off with a first class landing only a few paces from the spot his new found confidence from yesterday showing through.
Pete L flew his power unit as the wind filled resulting in the need for some speed bar to push back up wind to the field demonstrating it was getting to windy for the Paragliders.
Mike K (Kingsbridge) got his first taste of Hang Gliding and did a superb job on the ground work before getting onto the winch where he had several good flights before the wind picked up making it time to stop play. We were wrapped up by mid afternoon but still a lot done in the field and leaving a couple of hours for some theory to boot, nice one.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Cracker for November 5th

Nick F heads off for his first flight on a Paramotor
Nick f looking good at 600' ATO Nick looking HAPPY at 0 'ATO after his first flight

Tell climbs out over the field at the start of his 2 hour flight

A break in the weather saw a good opportunity to get back into the field where we had a good day with a mixture of power flying and some ground work. Nick F (Exmouth) had a top day putting his previous work on the Paraglider to good use as we got him going on the Paramotor. After some familiarization work and some running around the field "under power" he was ready for his first flight. He did a grand job resulting in a total of 3 flights up to 1500' on the Paramotor giving him a huge grin along with plenty of airtime.
tell was also along to put in his final qualification flight on his Doodlebug which he did with a 2 hour flight taking in most of west Cornwall.
Steve M joined in the fun putting in plenty of ground work on the Paraglider which aw his confidence and ability soar so getting him set for the winch next time out.
Another good day with plenty of success, here's to tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Chilly One

With a small slot forecast early in the day Pete C and myself headed to Perran where we found the wind already off to the south so retreated to Chapel Porth where it was on but light. Keen to try my new Ozone Rush 2 I was first off and found good lift despite the light wind. Coady followed and it wasn't long before we were working the regular sea thermals. John W and Nigel E also got into the air but Johns flight was a short one as he lost lift towards Porthtowan resulting in a "beach landing".....

Meanwhile Pete and myself were having a fine time working up to well over 2000' ato and well back. Pushing back to the front from behind the Beacon was possible although a good bit of speed bar did help. Losing height to land due to frozen fingers (yes we do have some i boy gloves due in) it quickly cam apparent that the wind and lift down low had changed dramatically necessitating a swift slope landing. Pete meanwhile stayed high playing with the thermals until he finally took one to far and headed off downwind to land near Perranporth.
Conclusion... wear warm gloves, don't go to far towards Porthtowan and yes the Rush 2 does go noticeably better than the Rush 1

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back in the UK

Having arrived back from Spain where it was 24 C to the UK on Thursday morning to 4C it was a surprise when it turned out nice on Friday. We headed to the hill early as the forecast was for the wind to drop and we hoped to get some hill stuff in then get to the field to go Paramotor training.
However, the wind didn't drop till gone midday by which time Mick L was getting on with his first taste of ground handling on the hill and plenty of people turned up. It was a busy afternoon at Perran with up to 12 gliders in the air at one time using the variable lift.
Still a fun day and good to see this years ex students out there enjoying it..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Algo day 7 What goes up must come down

Early launchers gets off before the thermals start

Spot the landing field, and the gliders...

Pilots get ready inc' Paul and gay as the sky bubbles up

Arriving at launch it was plain that there was a weak inversion just below the hill but with the day yet young it was sure to break. Gay was first of the group off and joined gliders already in the air in gentle climbs. Paul was next off and sank out before holding level then slowly climbing back up in the improving lift. By the time Kaz got off things were improving and after losing 3 - 400´she slipped in under some circling gliders and was quickly way above launch along with the other two. All three pushed out well into the valley and towards twin peaks where they found plenty of climbs taking them as high as they wanted towards cloud base.
I headed down in the car leaving them to it under a steadily building sky. By the time I was back in radio contact they were all trying to get down which proved far more of a problem than getting up had been! Kaz was last down and had to pull Big Ears down to within a hundred feet of the ground to make sure of meeting Terra firma again. Off to the bar for a cooling drink and to recall the flights with other pilots all of whom had similar stories.
Paul left his packed lunch at take off along with Kaz´s cardigan (told him not to wear it) but it was the loss of his muscles that upset him most along with his hard sausage.

Another cracking day with the guys getting flying like they had never experienced before ended in JJ´s bar again where the No 43 drink has to be recommended. Last day tomorrow but we will be back in November so call if you want to come along....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Algo day 6 castles and sunsets

Nice little castle to visit whilst waiting for the wind to drop

Paul gathers nuts with "the hill" in the background

Plenty of flying friends to meet and thermal with

A cracking day with a bit of everything. It was windy in the morning so we had a chilled out day checking out accommodation options followed by a trip to Zahara where we watched Vultures from the castle before having ice creams and cokes at a bar with a most stunning view. We then went to watch the hangers training on a local slope before heading up the hill as the wind dropped off. Arriving at the top just as it became flyable Paul led the team off followed by Gay and Kaz leaving me to drive down. Luckily I found a driver so got a flight in myself to round off a super day under a super sunset, you had to be here to see it. Tomorrow the forecast is for a light NW so we may go to one of three sites, we shall see...........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Algo day 5 early sausage does the trick

Paul with his early morning sausage
Checking out other sites and huge bottom landings, even big enough for hangers

Paul enjoyed getting his sausage in early which as he put it " sets him up for the day"! With a variable forecast we decided to head up Lejar first before heading off to check out some other sites. This proved a good move with Paul and Kaz getting off the hill before the other pilots arrived in freshening conditions. The problem they faced was not so much one of staying up but one of getting down as the breeze was on the increase. Still both landed safely having enjoyed their flights. Gay held back as things were now strong enough at launch and we picked the other two up on our way to check out the sites.
The rest of the day was spent playing hunt the site followed by hunt the car, fortunately we succeeded in both. The two sites we visited looked great for both hangers and para´s so will be added to our list. Rain fell for most of the afternoon ans as far as we know only one other pilot flew today and then only briefly. Forecast for tomorrow is better.....