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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday wishes come true!

 Lyndsey gets airbourne on the Tandem HG
 Up and away as we head out into the blue
 Cruising the ridge and chasing seagulls
 A rare site as I get to fly my T2 C
Nigel gives his birthday present the thumbs up :)
We took the forecast on face value and headed to Sennen Cove despite it blowing nearly 40 mph when we left home.  On arrival it was still brisk but ob the drop and by the time we had rigged it was perfect with lots of lift and a good direction.

A quick test of the air on my T2 C confirmed conditions were good so we wasted no time in getting Lyndsay A (Polzeath) up into the air on the tandem hanger, a birthday present he had been bought by his wife.  We had a great flight  using the whole of the ridge, playing with the seagulls, and generally putting the world to rights.  Whilst up we could see others arriving and by the time we landed there were eight 8 other hangers rigged and ready to go.  Lyndsay had a fab' time and proved to be the perfect passenger making life easy and the landing tippy toe.

With Kaz leading the way the others began to take to the air  and soon several wings were up there having fun.  Nigel W who's birthday it was and who had wished for a 18 to 22 NNW wind and sunshine as a present got just what he wanted and made the most of it.  Nigel popped in three super flights on his Wills Wing Sport 2 looking far more settled than on is first flight on Tuesday and by the end of the day had added another hour to his airtime and gained his CPC hill rating. Congratulations and I am sure it was worth the wait.

Michel K dropped by and we took the opportunity to go up tandem so he could get back into hang Gliding and he did a fine job flying me around the sky giving us both much more confidence for his return to the sport.

A total of 10 hangers finally got to fly and nice to see Sam A back in the harness having fun along with the more experienced guys and gals.

As predicted at 15.00 hrs the wind eased back and out came the Paragliders so we took the slot to get Russel S up for his second soaring flight in what proved to be variable conditions. Russel did well managing to"top land" on his first flight whilst a sink cycle saw him on the beach on his second one, still he moves closer to his hill conversion. Several of the hangies got out their paras and had a fine time so getting to fly both in the same day as the conditions changed, ideal.......

Chris H showed us what he can do with his Paraglider on the ground and we look forward to getting him sorted into the system over the next few weeks and flying with him.

I rounded off the day with a final fun flight on the T2 C in nice gentle sea thermic conditions as the sun set having the whole ridge to myself  . So nice to get back on that glider :) 

A Carlsberg day!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hanging out at Sennen

Carez gets set to go at Sunny Sennen

For a change the forecast was spot on and we made the most of it.  Arriving at Sennen at mid day it was still breezy enough and a bit north but by the time we had rigged it had eased a little and backed a tadge so being nice and flyable. 

With three students along for hill soaring joined by Kaz and carez and myself it was again nice and sociable and even sunny and not too cold.

Paul l from Plymouth was first off on the student front putting in his fourth soaring flight having already done three at Chapel porth a few weeks ago.  he made a fine job of it and had a great time flying the ridge before coming in for a nice top landing in the now empty car park, luxury.

Martin h (Bristol) who had made a long trip was rewarded next again with a lovely soaring flight on his Wills Wing Eagle and whilst it took him a few beats to settle in he made a fine job of it especially as it was only his second soaring flight the first of which was nearly a year ago.  he did a good top landing which gave him plenty of practice at "S"ing off in the floaty conditions.

Nigel W (St Just) then got the chance to fly his local site on a Hangy for the first time and popped up on th Wills Wing Falcon to get his hand back in this being his second soaring flight on a hangy and again after a bit of a break.  I guess he enjoyed it as we could hear him from the ground chuckling to himself as the sea thermals added to the fun.  Not to be out done he also did a super top landing and looked very chuffed with himself .

Kaz and Carez were also having a fine time flying the whole ridge in classic conditions which saw Carez top out at 1000' ato with the help of the odd sea thermal. They both had a couple of flights and looked very pretty in the Autumn sunshine.

Back to work and the guys all went up for a second flight. Paul L this time had a go on the Calypso and took a while to settle into it but soon got it sorted allowing it to fly instead of racing around the sky, his top landing was a cracker and we look forward to getting him onto his own wing soon.

Martin H was far more relaxed on his next flight and had a great time as he clicked into seathermals seeing him well high and again giving him some useful practice on his top landing.

Finally it was Nigels turn to take up "Arrie" his 'ang glider (Wills Wing Sport 2)  for the first time.  A swift take off saw him away and some swift flying saw him scooting up and down the ridge. Bit by bit he relaxed into Arrie and was soon climbing p and away in the fun conditions.  Despite a moment of excitement Nigel had a  good time and redeemed himself with a super landing.

A nice day out with plenty done and congratulations to all especially Paul and Martin on completing their Hill CPC ratings and Nigel for finally flying Arrie. Looks like we may be back there on Friday :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vickle At Vault

After a fun day yesterday we headed back to Vault to hopefully get Russel s sorted on his Paragliding hill tasks.  As predicted the wind was lighter and as expected it was in a fickle mood which saw some pilots soaring and top landing, "just" and some soaring then "enjoying" a walk up from the beach.

The wind moved from the east to the south and whilst there was some fun flying to be had it was never good enough to put Russell up so he settled for some useful ground handling whilst the rest of us scrapped our backsides along the gorse!

Nice to see plenty out and a very socialble day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Varying at Vault !

Vault bay held on to its reputation as not only being one of the most scenic of sites but also being one of the most unpredictable.

On arrival it was ideal hangy weather and whilst Carez enjoyed its delights I rigged the Tandem in preparation for Maria d who having had a taster day on a hangy  had decided to find out what its like several hundred feet up.  A good turn out of hangies arrived including several from the D&SC club along with some locals and ex students and all rigged.  Paul L was along to hopefully complete his soaring tasks and with his wing ready to go I gave the air a quick test before popping back in on top. 

Maria arrived and by the time we togged up the gliders in the air were scratching as the wind dropped and moved to the east, within a few minutes it was too light and off!

So change of plan and out came the Paragliders, we had a fun afternoon and Steve T took the chance of having a tandem with me along with Adam J (not at the same time) who had one as a birthday gift. They both had a great time  in cracking conditions which by the end of the day, despite the forecast, had filled in again to become top end paragliding but by now all the hangies had long gone.

A bit frustrating but then again typical Vault and after 30 years i am getting used to it! 

Something to fill the time

Check out this link to get a brief idea of what the guys got up to in Algo' on the first week. Thanks to Andy Shaw for the editing and Simon for the footage.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcPZ6LcLk_0

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Varying at vault

 Mon Hang Checks
 Run Run Run
 Off and away
Back on the ground Mon looks pretty happy with it all

The strange weather persists and after a bit of a break since our return from Spain it was good to get out and about again.

Arriving at Vault Bay Steve D had just landed his paraglider after a short flight during which the wind went fromjust soarable to too windy over a matter of minutes or so.  However with the Orographic cloud coming and going the wind was as well so we decided to hang on.

Whilst Steve tested conditions again and got the Tandem Paraglider ready I rigged the tandem hangy to cover all bases.  With conditions slightly mellower and Steve M up to test the air Steve D continued with his Dual rating on the Paraglider taking me up for a series of flights in what were challenging enough conditions. Steve did a fine job even managing to protect his passenger (me ) from the cow pats on landing, such thought and much appreciated.

With the wind picking up  it was time for the hangy to go up and with Mon on board for a flight we had a great time playing with the lift, the seagulls and the clouds.  Mon was totally amazed at the whole experience soaking in every aspect of the flight.  We rounded it off with a nice landing along the road although we did have to wait for a gap in the clouds to find it!

Mon is booked in for a taster day next time out and it will be good to see how he gets on at the controls.  Nice to see a few other faces out although a shame it was to top end for Russell to finish off his hill flights.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Algodonales Day 15 End of Play

With Bill , Chrissy and Mike on an early flight they were up early for breakfast, on the other hand it may have been because Bill wanted to eat as many Golden Grahams as he could, the thought of leaving them behind was just too much for him!

They got away smack on time leaving things a little quieter and with the weather having broken the rest of us took it easy packing our kit.  Heading to Malaga we took a detour into Olvera where we had a super bite of lunch and Michel mixed up hairdressing with being sterilized, not a mistake you would want to make!

Arriving in Malaga with plenty of time to spare we made the usual trip to the beach for coffee and chilled before heading to the airport.  There were some pretty stunning but scary clouds around and once on the plane we made sure our seat belts were tight enough.  As it turned out it was pretty uneventful and we all arrived at Gatwick in one piece.

So ended Algodonales Paragliding 2011 trip and yet another good one. We had plenty of flying from ridge soaring through evening floating to super thermalling.  Everyone had a good time (well at least seemed to) and no one abused themselves (not that we noticed) and most achieved far more than they thought they would.

Thanks to all who came for both your company and your custom and it was great to meet and fly with some new faces who joined the "regulars".  Next years trip is already booking up so make sure you get in early if you would like to join us.  Adios ...................

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Algodonales 2011 Day 14 Caves and Birds in Bathrooms

 The flag flies for the final time this trip
 playing in the north landing field
 Mike eyes up Bills breakfast
 Not sure what this sign means
 The girls and the cave
 Chrissy explores the caves depths
 Great dam shame it never worked
Bird in the bathroom

The forecast was almost a dead ringer for last wednesdays with a southerly wind picking up quickly to strong by mid day.  We were up the hill early, first there but already it was blowing so we had some fun with Chris's power kite being dragged around and with the catapult trying to shoot the kite.

Others arrived and a challenge ws thrown down to the Fly Spain team on a shoot out.  It went right to the wire and a "lucky" shot by Rob M from Fly Spain knocked the rock down, unfortunately I could not respond so we went one down in the comp' stakes.

On the way down we dropped in at the north landing field where the guys and gals put in an hour or so of very useful ground handling practice before even there it began to get a bit breezy and gusty.  Back to the house for a fry up courtesy of Kaz and Gary then we split in various directions depending on individuals choices.

Somewent to the big supermarket, some to Moron, some stayed in the square and letched and some to the caves and Ronda.

A farewell meal in JJ's was a noisy affair with Bill and Mike demolishing the last of the meatballs, Johan must have run out by now, and the rest of us sampling the menu.  Fly Spain team arrived full of it and challenged us to a spot of pool which despite a shakey start saw Cloud 9 hit back with a stunning finsh from Chris H to put them firmly in their place, nice one.

Back to the house saw a bit a of a late night drinking session on the 43 before everyone tucked up in bed for the last night.  Looks like we wont have to wash the cars tomorrow ................

Quotes of the day  " My poles bent at 45 degrees and I cant keep it up much longer"  and "Bill will knock me up in the morning"

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Algodonales 2011 Day 12 Cloudbase and beyond

Another light southerly forecast so it was off up to Lijar main launch.  On arrival it was off to the west but launchable off the SW side. Some were going up some were gomig down and some were going round and around.  Bill was first off and worked hard to stay up but gravity finally got the better of him making the others understandably hesitant.  With one car already at the bottom volunteers were required to fly down and Michel, Chrissy , Barry and Nigel stepped forward.  They all showed the Spanish how to take off and Michel showed them how to thermal.

With reports of someone having deployed and landed under canopy near the gulley we did a quick pilot check  and fortunately it was not one of "ours".  A good reminder not to fly to near the gulley.

Whilst car one drove up car twoheaded to the west launch where it was smack on and looking good.  Mike, Gary, Chris and myself wasted no time in getting into the air and were already climbing out as the others arrived.  Pretty soon we were joined by the rest and everyone had some super flying with thermals to cloudbase and good lift making getting around easy. In fact a little to easy for Michel who wandered off down the valley and could not find the landing field. He finally ended up on the way to Olvera from where he was rescued by an unwary retrieve vehicle.  I had a stunning time putting a couple of hours and exploring the full capabilities of the Delta, very nice.

Some of the guys went back up for a second flight having landed in the notice board field which in Chris's case gave him his best flight ever as he flew with a Vulture nearly sitting on his lap for a full 10minutes, guess it had seen some of his landings and thought there might be an easy meal coming!

By the end of play everyone had had a ball and thanks to Bill even Kaz joined in the fun at the end of the day.  With a very dubious forecast coming it was a good day just when we needed it.

 The flag flies again this time at Lijar main launch
 Bill makes new friends and possibly new students for us
 Three stooges at Lijar
 Gary sets off from the west launch
 Mike joins him
...and finally Phippsy

 Quote of the day " we will give you a 2 for your landing" followed by " thats more than I would give for your take off".


Algodonales 2011 Day 12 Airborne radio and radical launches

 Things begin to get busy on the main launch
 Gary and Nigel make a fine pair off launch
 Wheel chairs and Wave clouds
 Chrissy looks forward to getting up there
 The Circus moves to the west launch
Need I say more .......

Well what an interesting day, light SSW winds forecast and bright sunshine, yummy.  As we headed up Lijar wave clouds were evident and the trees were blowing, hmmmm.  On arrival at launch gliders were already flying and staying up although it was breeezy enough.

The guys got sorted and just as well as the Germans arrived in force and things got pretty busy. Taking up residence to the left hand side we got ourselves a good spot and one by one the group got going.  Conditions were challenging resulting in a few miss fires from both ourselves and our neighbours one of which saw Bill ducking quickly to miss a pair of size 10 boots!  Nigel joined the bush club piking one of his very one as opposed to visiting someone elses but was soon out and ready to play again.

By the time they had all gone bar Mike who decided it was all a bit manic and reports from the air and landing field did litle to encourage him to risk the take off I was a nervous wreck.  However those that flew had a good time bouncing around in thermic/ wave conditions. In fact it got so bouncy for some that my radio that Chris had taken up with him in his leading edge fell out never to be seen again.

After about an hour or so the first ones decided to head down to land and we went to pick them up.  Gary stayed airborne and had a fun 3 hours before a large cloud got to friendly with him making it all a bit rock and roll and uppy so he too called it a day.

We made a return trip up the mountain and Bill managed to sneak off the west launch and glide out meet the vultures then circled up to 1000' ato before heading off to land complaining that it was a bit bouncy still up top.  Michel could not get off with his reverse launch and was convinced not to try a forward as Chrissy also joined the bush club, she who hesitates is lost......

We gathered the troops and headed down for an " early" day whilst pilots rushed to the main launch to get a late flight as darkness drew in.  Looks like a similar day tomorrowbefore we go sightseeing.

Quote of the day " I nearly Sh*t myself then I looked up and it was gone"

Oh by the way guys Peter le clerk was Petula Clark ........... makes it more challenging. Thanks for you post mark much appreciated.