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Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Sun and more Fun

Dougie as passenger starts his Tandem training

Louise takes off at the start of a fun flight

Tam gets ready to launch

The view from the Tandem to the right of launch

and the view heading back towards launch, look hard and you can see the gliders on the top

Well it turned out nice by mid afternoon with the sun coming out on what was a good day. We started early in the field at 07.30 getting Tell up in the air on his powered Hang Glider (Doodle Bug). He put in acouple of nice flights taking a trip out to the lighthouse at Godrevy to see the surfers as well as enjoying some low (ish) flights around the field. Next it was off to Perranporth arriving at 10.15 to fine Kaz and Paul D smiling after having some lovely early morning flying with the hill all to themselves (Kaz says sorry to Tony P).

We cracked on with Dougal M's Tandem Paragliding rating by introducing him to the ground handling, launching and landing techniques as the wind had dropped to barely soarable. With the breeze picking up Dougie came up as passenger for a couple of flights to get the jist of it, the wind increased further as did the lift and by the time we landed it was "strong enough".
With tandem flights to do on the Hang Glider that was next out and it wasn't long before Louise down on holiday was clipped in and ready to go. She had a super flight cruising the cliffs and experiencing the joys of soaring flight, the stall demonstration resulted in a kind offer.

Next it was Tam's turn who had the flight as a Birthday gift, we had a cracking flight playing with the sea thermals and talking about pretty much everything as well as putting the world to rights before coming into land, think we may see him again some time.

With the wind still a little strong for Paragliding Kaz took advantage of the Tandem Hang Glider for the last flight of the day as the sun shone and the sea thermals kicked in giving us some nice hieght which we had to burn off to land.

A nice day with a bit of everything going on maybe this is summer ??

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Sun and lots of Fun

Guy gets his feet off the ground on a Tandem launch

and gets them back on it whilst posing for the film crew

He looks pretty happy to with a huge grin

Well we did actually see the sun although can't say we saw a lot of it, still enough to get my shirt off in. Another busy day With Basil S from Exeter along for a Taster Day on the Paraglider and Mark D from Hayle for a Taster Day on the Hang glider. Both had a fine time and both did well getting in some good flights by the end of the day despite us having to move the winch several times due to wind changes, thank goodness we weren't on the hill!
Basil excelled on his first flight by jumping into the air but soon settled down to get three cracking flights in. Mark made a poor attempt to follow Basil's misdemeanor but only lifted his legs up and missed out on the jump. however he too soon got the "Hang" of it and ended on some cracking flights across the field getting me running at full chat.

Guy G came along for a Tandem flight and thouroghly enjoyed it getting a couple of flights in and experiencing both gentle flight and a less than smooth one with some tight turns leaving him with a big smile.
Tell put in some more flights on his Doodle Bug unit with some super take offs and equally good landings to move him towards his restricted licence.
Pete L got in a couple of flights on his Paramotor with good take offs so also being on the verge of his licence, nice one.
Mick L finally got to fly his new Mojo 2 and found it much more sensitive and responsive than the school wings especially when combined with his new Velvet 2 harness. he soon got it sorted and put in his "Big Ears" exercise and the first of his Asymmetrics to get on the verge of completing his CPC tasks.
Gay J had a cracking day finishing off her CPC tasks with Big Ears and Asymmetrics before putting in a few bonus flights in the evening air.
Chris S was back building up his experience flights for the hill and was looking good so maybe it will be off to the hill tomorrow, we shall see. Another long day but plenty done and lots of happy faces thanks to Bill N for pulling the lines, quote of the day "I like a girl with impressive asymmetrics".........

Friday, August 29, 2008

Still no Sun but lots of Fun!

Another day with sun forecast but we saw none. However every coud has a silver lining and ours was super conditions for the Taster days that came. Harry R (Falmouth) and Will G (Plymouth)were both along for a crack at Paragliding and both had top days doing really well and each ending up with 3 super flights across the field getting up to 40' for distances of 200m, cant be bad. Chris M (Truro) came along for a taste of Hang Gliding and joined in with Lee H (yes the same one that's learnt to paraglide). They both did well in the light conditions and despite being a little shaky on their first few flights they settled down and by the end of the day were flying the hanger across the field with me in hot pursuit on the tether rope.

Tell made great progress on his Doodle Bug (powered Hang Glider) with four flights during whitch he enjoyed the local scenery from above and rounded of with a power failure just to keep him on his toes.

Ray D got another four flights under his belt on his new glider and now looks very much at home on it. The day was ended on a high with Chris M having a Tandem on the tow to show him what's ahead if he decides to take it up, we shall see....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where's the sun gone?

With an early start planned and a sunny day forecast we were up at 06.00 only to find it grey and damp. Still we put things on hold and made good use of the time trying to sort out the motorcycle. late morning and things improved so it was off to the field where Matt R from Gloucester way got things going by starting his Hang Gliding Tow endorsement. he was quickly into his stride putting in 5 flights before lunch. Gay J joined him on the winch on a Paraglider working through some more of her CPC tasks leaving just a couple to go before qualifying. Her ground handling efforts payed dividends making her life easy and relaxed. Ray D got his first flight on his new Mojo 2 and also settled in nicely finding it much more responsive than the good old Element training wings, he to is approaching the end of his CPC tasks.

Tell from Wiltshire was along for a Doodle Bug conversion course which we started off with some low power tows to get him the feeling of what was to come and also let us check him out. As the weather closed in again Matt finished off his tow endorsement looking nice and relaxed on the line so is now ready to enter the Suffolk clubs tow comp, well done Matt. Tell made use of the by now damp conditions by getting in some take offs low hops and landings on his Doodle Bug looking like he knew what he was doing by the end and even giving us the confidence to send him up into the blue yonder next time out...maybe tomorrow... watch this space.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mix & Match

The day started early at 07.00 with Mark F (Norfolk club) starting his Tandem tow rating on a Paraglider. We got in the first couple of tows with Mark as passenger before the real fun began when we swapped roles. An hour break at 09.00 whilst the days taster students arrived,did the theory bit then it was full on. Andy G and Gina (Bristol) got going on the Hang Glider. whilst Ashley (N.Devon) took a Paraglider. Things went well until some unexpected rain arrived putting a hold on things. Still it cleared things dried out and off we went again. The wind was in a changeable mood resulting in a couple of winch moves, no big drama and far easier than moving a hill.
Mid afternoon and the winch was pulling the guys into the air for their trial flights with Ashley first off. he had three super flights across the field which he rounded off with a Tandem flight to get the full experience. Andy and G found the Hang Glider a little more challenging but both did well with moments of brilliance when they managed to relax!
Mark F had the full round of tandem conditions from nil wind through to "strong enough" and chuck in a line break its fair to say his Tow tandem training is complete, nice one. A tough day to get things done but we got there in the end and everyone had fun, thats what it is all about. will sort piccies when get time...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tasty day in the field

Nick takes to the air on an early flight
a couple of flights later Nick looks good getting some "air"
Keir flies straight and level
Keir rounds off his day with a nice flight looking relaxed

Despite a less than perfect forecast we headed to the field to carry out some Hang Gliding taster days with Nick C (Cubert) and Keir L (Mawgan Porth). The morning went along well with the guys getting to grips with glider introduction and the ground work. As forecast it got a little damp around midday but as it turned out this gave us a plesant lunch break (something we are not used to) before it began to clear allowing us to get on with the hand tows. Pretty soon it was almost bright and in a nice breeze the guys got ready for their first flight on the tow line. Conditions continued to improve and by the end of the day they were both flying nicely across the field almost looking relaxed with it. It was good to see Dave T come along for a look and help out on the tethers so allowing Kaz to take the photos. A good day with Nick and Keir not only having fun but keeping us amused along the way.

Anyone want a shortened mini ? How short is that? ask Keir

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tandem Tuition

Dave T takes his first tandem up as a qualified pilot
Tandem launching in perfect conditions
Nicola C looks happy (or relieved) after her tandem flight

What a cracking day it turned out to be with no less than eight tandem flights in stonking conditions at Chapel Porth. Dave T from Cardiff was along to hopefully gain his tandem rating on the Hang Glider and set the ball rolling as passenger. After being shown the ropes it was his turn in command taking yours truly up for four flights in succession to gain experience and what a fine job he did of it. Armed with his new rating he had his first inexperienced passenger in the shape of his sister who had a super flight up and down the cornish coast before landing in fine style, nice one.

Woody (down on holiday)was next into the air who as an experienced Paraglider pilot enjoyed getting a taste of Hang Gliding in conditions which were too windy for paragliders. He had a fun time "flying" the glider and realizing that actually it's nowhere near as difficult as thought.

The day rounded off with Nicola C (Truro) who had a voucher for her 21st birthday present getting a super flight alongside the seagulls and out over the beach giving a very different view to what she is used to. Turns out her ex maths teacher was no less than Patrick B who she remembered from his powered Hang Gliding fame, sorry did mention the tree Pat....

With the beach disappearing and the wind increasing it was time to quit whilst we were ahead, where was everybody else ??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunsets on the righteous

Dean F gets his first taste of Perranporth

Lone Paraglider (Dean) and even lonlier instructor

It looked good from the ground, guess it was even better from the air

All good things have to come to an end, dusk is 1/2 hour after sunset honest

Well, possibly,possibly not! The rain cleared and the wind veered easing back as it did so giving the chance of a flyable slot in the evening. Arriving at perranporth the wind was still well off to the south but over a period of 20 minutes it came smack on making excellent soaring conditions. After a couple of demo' flights Dean F was ready for his second go at hill flying in two days on two sites. He was rewarded with a super flight in smooth conditions with loads of lift giving plenty of time to settle down and even enjoy the stunning sunset before coming in for his first top landing, ok still a little work to be done on these.

There may even be a slot tomorrow morning so he could get three on the trot if up early enough, that would see him complete his hill endorsement, how cool that would be, watch this space.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Early bird catches the worm

With the forecast for the wind to pick up during the day we made an early start heading to the hill at Godrevy. Dean F got his first taste of walking up hills having only ever flown on the tow line where life is easy. Arriving at the top conditions were fine so after a demo' flight by yours truly dean was set for his first hill flight. He dealt with the lift at take off well and was soon up and away soaring the front of the hill. We opted for a bottom landing after 10 minutes or so as it was already breezy enough at the very top. After a debrief it was back up for a second go which went pretty much according to plan except the added bonus of some thermal lift took Dean up and up even after flying well away from the ridge. unperturbed he dealt with it well before using Big ears to aid his descent ending in a classic landing and a huge smile and sense of acievement.

Mick L also came along to pick up hai new Ozone Mojo 2 and a had his first taste of it ground handling just as the wind freshened and play stopped. Still we made the most of it and set dean well on his way to his hill qualification.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Final frontier

Ready to go at the "lower" north launch on Chabre
Off and away, what a clean sail....
have to say felt a bit of a "prick" after landing short in this field

The last task was another downwind 116k dash via turnpoints into the flatlands. The game plan was to win the Nationals which meant going for it to move up from 2nd to pole position. Plan started good and things went well until until 2/3rds of the way around it got a bit slow. Pushing hard to make up time i took a chance on the last turnpoint and gambled on picking up lift on the final leg to goal. It didn't happen with the result that I landed 3.5k short in a field of 6' high thistles!! Still a fun day and a super comp in one of the best places in Europe to fly.
We really must get some of you out there some time
Ohh and yes it dropped me from 2nd to 7th..........

Friday, August 08, 2008

Rest rest rest

looking "cool" in the lake
James perfects his flips
The Wills Wing boys (plus a few wanna be's) having fun

We managed a third task on Wednesday which was 123k and proved to be a little on the tricky side. I managed to get around but after a super start and run to the third turnpoint got myself into a lot a trouble in some very inhospitable areas. However luck was with me and despite being on finals to land managed to get up and away to complete the task. Not done my over standings any good dropping me to 2nd in the Nationals and 3rd overall.

Thursday and Friday turned into rest days due to some rain on the former and strong winds on the latter. Lets hope we get one more task in on the last day (Saturday). We had the Wills Wing Pilots meal in the evening which was a good one with plenty of laughs, food and drink, all you need is to be a Wills Wing pilot and you are in.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Race race race

Disscusing tatics at launch with Myles K and Grant C (soon to be British Champion), damn shouldn't talk so much
Wind dummy gets ready to go off the south side

We got flying again today with a 74k task via 4 turnpoints south to a gliding club. I had a good day getting away on the first gate and having a preety quick run. 4th into goal and 2nd Brit by a few seconds. Topped off by free beer and a swim in thr pool there made a good day. Dunno about scores yet but think they should be pretty good, find out tommorow....

Monday, August 04, 2008

No Play today

The day turned out a bit on the breezy side with a lot of wave around. The comp' went up to Aspe but it was canned by mid afternoon. Avery tiring day doing very little. Results from yesterday put myself as 4th overall and 2nd to Bruce K in the British Nationals, a top day!
Still sunny and very hot, hopefully more flying tomorrow.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Game on

Tension at take off as we wait for the off
James my new friend always ready with a cold beer at the goal field

Day one of the British Nationals was a good one with a 110 km task set taking us on a round trip of the main valley. Again things were a little fickle on launch with the wind switching. It was mainly a blue day although there were a few clouds by the last turnpoint. personally I had a super day moving along at a reasonable pace and joining up with Bruce K for a steady 100kph 12k glide into goal. On Landing I was greeted with a cold beer supplied by my new friend James who then helped me de rig before dragging me off to the pool for a cooling swim, all very civilised. Dunno the result yet but should be top 10. Pc suffered with an old skiing injury and after 3 hrs of flying landed in some pain, dont think he will fly a hanger again this holiday.

One glider tumbled but pilot ok after deploying chute and landing in a tree, strange as conditions were not that rough. Hopefully more tomorrow. Sorry still not sorted the picciess.....

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Warm up in the sun

It was the last Day of the Dutch Open so I took the opportunity to fly the task, a 122 km trip both south and north of Chabre ridge with a little bit of west. It was super flying day although take off got a little fickle as the wind flicked from south to north. Any way got away safe if a little late and played catch up getting around the course in 2:55 mins which proved to be as quick as anyone, still its a lot easier when you are not actually in the Comp'!
Kaz left me at take off and spent the day in the gorge where she enticed several other retrieve drivers!
Pete C (yes winchman PC) arrived to greet me as I landed in the in the campsite with a cold beer so rounding off a very pleasant day, lets hope they continue. The British Nationals start tomorrow..... will add piccies when can get hold of a card reader

Friday, August 01, 2008

Oooo La La

We arrived in Laragne early yesterday evening to temperatures up in the high 20's to low 30's. Met lots of flying friends and watched the 4 pilots who made goal (in the Dutch Comp) land, 3 were Brits. Set up tent made tea and went to bed zzzzzzzz.
Today it was forecast to storm so we opted out of going up Chabre and headed to Sederon instead to check out the flying sights and hopefully get a spot of Paragliding in. At the top of a 600m site it was already picking up and getting thermic so I got off quickly and had a nice thermic flight before checking out the bottom landing field and very nice it is too. Kaz and Chris opted not to fly after watching another low airtimer having a spot of bother on launch, wise choice I think.
Then it was off to a bar for a spot of lunch followed by an afternoon in the Gorge building dams and chilling out in readiness for the British Nationals that start on Sunday. Will try to keep updated as we go along.