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Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Best Day Ever"

First flights off Lijar and the gang spread out over the valley
Graham K ready to roll at Ronda

Peachy and his harem watch proceedings

Kaz floats by as the sky gets busy

Age before beauty

Well that's what Bill said but it is the third time he has said it in the last 5 days! We had a cracking time flying off the SE side of Lijar first with the guys getting up to 6'500' asl (over 3000' ato) and staying airborne for up to nearly 3 hours. Bill took the honours managing to control his bladder the whole time but causing a minor flood alert after landing.
Michelle and Graham K both had super thermal flights and landing with big grins and no motion sickness. Tony P popped his thermal cherry and was soon well above launch mixing it with the best of them. In fact we got the whole group off nicely and whats more they all landed near each other so making an easy trip to the bar for lunch whilst we waited for Michelle and Bill to finally come down.

After a bite to eat we headed off to Ronda la v where it was nicely soarable and those that wanted got up and away again with Michelle and Kaz leading the way. Although a little busy the regular evening valley lift gave some nice height so allowing gliders to spread out. A few top landed and the others took the bottom option as the sunset and the lift disappeared. Ray did a kind of in between thing giving me some exercise!

A first class day all round rounded off with a 70's Halloween fancy dress party, there will be no pictures of me in a dress!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Inflating and Deflating

Yet another sunny day and more of the same. The SE launch was the place to be the guys were happy to wait until things looked a bit more buoyant before taking off. Ray was up for his asymmetric's and headed out over the valley before giving them his best shot. He did a couple of beauties so knocking them off his Pilot rating tasks. The rest had various success with the lift on their flights with some doing better than others. I managed to squeeze a super flight in taking off straight into a bouncy one then hoping around the sky with the Vultures who were in very sociable mood.

Coring down to land gave me plenty of practice in spirals and put me into the filed ready for pick up. Unfortunately a large rock had jumped out in front of the car resulting in some re arranged wheel rims. A bit of running around got it sorted whilst the other car crew enjoyed another flight off the NW launch.

With the forecast still looking good the team had an early night in preparation.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All change

Don't ask, it was far to early in the morning

The "new boys" get ready for an afternoon flight on their arrival day

Steve M joins them for a nice light off the west launch

An early morning saw me heading to Malaga with Kev and Sam at the end of a fantastic week for them with us flying every day. A slick change over and we were heading back to Algo' with the "new" boys Michelle, Tony P and Graham K.

Arriving at the house around 14.30 we met up with the others who had been sight seeing at Zahara and headed up the hill. A pleasant evening saw the guys flying of the NW launch so getting in a flight on their first day to acclimatise.

A fun evening followed in a local bar with the other pilots in the village eating and drinking as much as possible followed by some amazing pool by Tony and myself despite the German rules.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smooth Operator

Three man gun crew, Sam holds, Nigel loads and Ray fires

Para waiting whilst the wind sorts itself out

All go as it "comes on"

Sam's wiew of launch from way above

2500' above take off out across Algo to the Atlantic, stunning

Guess what, more sunshine and a SE wind so back up to Lijar main launch. The guys decided to hang back a little to allow the thermals to get going and the wind to drop a bit. The foot catapult was put into good use keeping both us and Fly Spains group well entertained.

Things got going by early afternoon with Kev and Bill leading the way and both having super flights in the nice gentle thermals which whilst not going as high as yesterday were more user friendly. Nigel E got a good taste of a slightly more enthusiastic one on his way down and did well to get a few 360's in it before heading off. Steve M had a nice flight before pulling out into the valley to perform his asymmetric's for his pilot rating which he did with plenty of enthusiasm. Ray got away cleanly and whilst not catching the lift had a good flight and a superb landing with out any help.

The guys were on their way back up by the time Sam took off thinking he had missed the best of it. After sinking out and scratching around he found some light lift over the landing field which he did a fine job of working all the way back to take off and beyond topping out above the masses. He then had a amazing flight of well over two hours cruising the valley in ever expanding lift so finishing his week in fine style.

The guys got off for their second flight and whilst they did well non could quite match Sam's efforts (or is it luck?).

As the afternoon turned to evening the wind went Catabatic shutting off the lift and making for plenty of bush take offs! Bit like being in Malaya Ray...........

A great end to the first week which has seen some lovely flying and both Kev and Sam's flying move ahead in leaps and bounds, shame they have to return to the UK tomorrow but good that 3 more are coming to join us and the weather looks set for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another day in Paradise

Breakfast at tiffany's Steve and Kev discuss omelette's

gaggle climbs out above launch with Bill and Sam in it somewhere

Classic Ray pose before take off

Things get a little quiter as the day goes on

Kev flies past launch and plays with the thermals

That's what the guys said when they woke up this morning and looked at the weather. With a light Se it was Lijar SE launch again which the guys got an early flight off in what turned out to be bouncy conditions. Ray m had the best of it being last off and flying straight into a nice thermal which after a couple of 360´s saw him well up before heading out for a sweet flight down to join the rest.
Back up at the top we waited for an hour or so before Bill N showed the way by stomping over the French to launch and quickly climb out in good lift to well over 5000´asl. Sam soon went up and joined him in fact going even higher. Next was Kaz and Steve M both of whom had cracking flights. Ray and Kev also put in a second flight each to round off a cracking days flying.

Lovely meal out swift brandy and pool in JJ´s who could ask for more. Quote of the day " best flight ever" well even better than previous best flight ever which was yesterday! Looks like more fun to come tomorrow by the forecast.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Nigel takes some zzzzz's before heading up the hill

Dunno how that got onto my camera!!

Bill with his incontinence pad

Ray kits up in the sunshine

Steve M looking like he means it, who's that in the background??

The wind to the south so it was the main Lejar launch making life "easy". The early flights were in light winds needing a good forward launch to say he least. Ray M did us proud showing a whole que of johnny foreigner how to do it. Bill, Steve and Nigel followed suit all having smooth flights down.

By the time Kev T got going things were a little better and he did a cracking job staying airborne for 20 minutes well down the mountain before hooking one and popping back up. This was enough to encourage Sam A off and he "stumbled" into a thermal to start off his first thermalling flight of well over an hour. By the time I got to the bottom landing field to pick up Kev Sam was alnding and the others had taken off for their second flights.

We had pilots all over the sky playing with the abundant lift, in fact it was more of a problem getting down rather than up.

Kev and Sam put in another flight off the NW launch in nice smooth thermals to round off a cracking day. Early night as the boys are flown out, well nearly early as Ray and Kaz went dancing. Piccies will follow when get time to sort. looking good for tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Waiting for the sun to rise

Steve, ray and Sam chill whilst Bill gets ready for the off

Fashion model Bill in his newly aquired shirt

A tricky day with various groups heading to various hills but pretty much all ending up with us on the NW launch by the end of the day.

Bill N again led the way with a cracking forward launch followed by Sam A in simular fashion. They both had nice flights down but only little lift as did everyone else who launched. Back on top we had a fun hour or o breaking into our own car inside of which wer our keys, modern technology.................

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keeping fit

Kev and Gerry try to count up to twenty

Kaz chills out at the NE launch

Bill leads the way

Kev gets his "tits to the ground"

Sam A looking like he means it

With a NE forecast it would have been nice to go back to the Big M but as it is resricted to Spanish only at weekends we made the plesant stroll to the NE launch at Lejar instead. Despite the fickle conditions which challenged plenty Bill N and Kev T got away nicely and had some nice fligts down to the South landing field. Despite several attempts and some "bush munching" by various pilots no one else got away so we headed back to the cars.

On the way down we stopped off by the North launch where Steve M, Kaz and Sam A all took off nicely for a nice fligt to the North landing field from where we picked them up.

A fun evening in JJ's followed with plenty to eat and drink, possibly a little to much in some cases!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Montellano Magic

Bill smuggles Sam into Algodonalas

Kaz, Steve M and Sam A enjoy the ridge

Sam A passes by launch

Bill N comes into land

Gunny gets set to go

It was a cracking first day out here had a super day at e in Sunny Spain in moe ways than one. We had a full day at Montellano with most pilots putting in three flights each and racking up the airtime. After a nice "downer" in the smooth early air everyone enjoyed some super soaring/thermalling in the mid afternoon heat before adding another evening flight in super smooth lift. Gunny made an unusaul approach on his 3rd flight to the bottom landing field resulting in an early bath.

A very tired bunch returned to the villa that evening pretty much flown out.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thongs and Bondage

Mark F gets to fly his new Ozone Buzz Z to brighten up and overcast sky

The "Thong and Bondage" club gets a helping hand

Pilot X looking pretty pleased with herself after finishimg her CPC tasks

Nigel W watches as Sarah takes one to the top and the line drops away

Nigel W comes in after the last line of the day

On what looks like the last good day before we head out to Spain we had plenty of flying and lots of progress.
The hangers had a full day with Saied Z (Bracknell) cracking the chest release, slow flight appreciation and prone flying looking much smoother all round. Landings are improving although those nice floaty tippy toed ones still allude him. Bit worrying during the day to see him tied to the front of the truck though, still whatever works............
Mike P (bath) had another good day popping in the high flights with prone conversions, slow flight appreciation and "spot" landings. He also was looking much sweeter by the close of play, another few landings by the windsock and it's off to the hill for him too.
Pilot x joined in the fun on the hangers and finished their CPC off with a cracking stall and slow flight appreciation whilst in total control. Super landings gave a good example to the boys and something to aim for. Well done Kaz, damn I've let it slip!

On the Paragliders Sarah and Nigel (St Just) had a stonker putting in 12 and 9 flights respectively with Sarah getting her first high flights in. They both did really well working into their CPC tasks including, speed to fly, weight shift accelerator systems and spot landings. With the day starting a little bumpy and then smoothing out the had a fine time and even managed to enjoy the views.

With over 50 tows put away a good day to end on before our "holiday" well done to all concerned..........Phippsy

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Up Up and away

Rear view of Rod as he puts his weight onto his back foot

Kaz got hold of the camera as Dan hang checks

Saied with his thong attachment

Ok back to the serious stuff Mike P flies by

Dan L heads off to his first release flight

Well not quite but it could have been with the amount of thermals around.
It was a cracking morning with no less than four "hangers2 out and only one para' and even then he was actually on for paramotoring! With the wind from the east we were pulling through the gate giving us a much longer tow and resulting in much higher ones.
Mike G (London) finished off his stay with some stunning flying trying out a "new" wing and harness as well as putting in some thermalling right over the start gate much to our envy. a great way to his "come back" to flying just a shame we could not get him to the hill but when we do all the hard work is well behind us.
Saied (Bracknell) spent the day sorting out his prone flying and moving onto the chest release and trying out slow flying appreciation. He had some nice tows but needs more work yet and really needs to relax annd let his flying flow, maybe tomorrow.
Mike P (Bath) had a super day looking very pleased with himself as he got to grips with the Large Fun 2 which he liked. He soon had the chest release sorted and was putting away the prone flights whilst getting used to the wing, good day Mike.
Dan L (Truro) was back to get seriously going on his EPC and had a busy day putting away the low level non release flights before getting going on the 50' release ones. His take offs and flying are great but landings do require legs to be under us, still he did have some good ones and i am sure he will get plenty more soon.
Rod G (Falmouth) got his first high flights in on the Paraglider and had a cracking first one releasing straight into a thermal and with a little encouragement circling the field before be talked out of it to come back down. By the end of play he had put away 4 in total so is now ready to start the Paramotor stuff...............
Mark B (Newquay) came along for a Tandem flight and had a fun time on the longer tow with superb views to be had on what looked like a summers day. Shame he was a little early for the thermals but still a great experience.
Geoff H (Honiton) was back out on his Paramotor having another glorious day flying all over west Cornwall and getting a sun tan!

Looks like last day of play tomorrow before the weather drops off and we head out to Spain for a couple of weeks,hope it's a good one.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Normal service is resumed

Up and under one of skywalker Mike G

Saied debates on which line to choose

Jerry W on his way to the top for the first time

happy boys at the end of a good day (sorry about the focus)

The weather got it's act back together making it a very pleasant day in the tow field.
Visitor Geoff H had a very nice flight on his Paramotor first thing enjoying a super flight up and down the coast before helping out on the bike for a large part of the day, thanks Geoff.
The hangers cracked on with lots of progress into CPC's for Saied and Jerry whilst Mike packed in the tows to bulk up experience for the hill. By the end of the day he had put away 21 of them and his 360's were looking sweet.
Saied moved well into his CPC with base bar and prone conversions along with 180 turns and spot landings over his 8 flights making him a very happy guy.
Jerry W made huge progress moving onto the Mars (4th generation) before putting in his first high flights and also getting onto the base bar. His overall flying looked good and his previous air speed gremlins have been banished!
Nigel and Sarah spent the morning ground handling a Paraglider and are now looking much better with it becoming less of a struggle and more of a game. Over lunch they put away their EPC exams both passing in fine style to gain the first part of their qualifications, well done guys.

Down the coast at Carbis the guys were having a good time on the hill with the Paragliders with plenty of flying and by the sounds of it plenty of coaching as well. nice to see Ray D drop by the field on his way home looking well pleased with himself.