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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A day at the Bay

A slot in the weather saw us at Carbis Bay where it was light but flyable up till around midday after which it dropped off. Still we had some fun with Paul H, Gay J, Bill N, Kaz and myself all getting plenty of take offs, flying and landings in along with practising ground handling. Pete and Roo dropped by to take a look with a view to having a go, watch this space. Mike A and Michel K just missed the flyable bit but enjoyed a sunny afternoon chatting and playing with the wings. Roll on summer

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lots of fun, plenty of sun and even some flying.....

Rays shows them how to do it at Mirador
Lunch break at Mirador except for Gunny

So it wasn't all flying, fun in the pool

Busy day, a good time to catch up with some ground handling

From the 8th through to the 22nd of January we escaped the winter weather in Britain and headed to Lanzarote with a group of pilots for some warmth. It was a good trip with a super group and the laughs went on and on. The first week saw the best of the flying with plenty going on including a couple of days at the stunning Mirador cliffs where Graham A got his first top landings in and by the end of theweek had racked up several hours. Everyone got in the air including "old" Ray (83) who put several other pilots to shame (not in our group) with his take offs and landings. Bill N and Gunny kept us amused, Mark W kept warm, Kieth W kept fit, Michel kept smiling, Graham A kept at it, Ray kept dancing, Barry kept going, Kaz kept shopping and I kept driving. Heres a few piccies until the full report gets published.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nice start to a New Year

Ok it wasn't brilliant sunshine but it was nice and pleasant out in the filed with a light northerly breeze which got a little fickle part way through the day but finished up an ideal one. Graham A was along putting in some Tows as a qualified CPC pilot alongside Steve D both of whom enjoyed the smooth air an practised their spot landings.
Paul H and Dave B cam along for Day one of their two day taster sessions and after a full morning of PLF's, canopy checks, ground handling and theory they were ready for some hand tows by just after lunch time. With a very light breeze it meant plenty of running but they soon got the hang of it and were ready for the winch. By then the family had turned up to watch which brought several wind changes none of which settled until finally we were pretty much back where we started! Still with a bit of breeze things got easier and they both put in some super flights across the field and even managed stand up landings looking like they almost knew what they were doing. Big smiles and we look forward to seeing them back soon.