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Monday, January 31, 2011

Back at it in the UK

Trev disappears to the top of the line through the gate

Adrian gets set to go

Shaun smiles as he comes into land

New friends in the filed

The forecast was for a lovely day and a lovely day we had although not as warm as in Lanzarote (18-20 degrees) it was sunny and crisp in the field.
With Adrian A coming down from Gloucester for the day and Trev H from Torquay both on the hangers the weather did interfere a little as it was considerably colder to the east giving us a slightly later start.
Still we got going by lunchtime and soon the guys were hard at it being joined by Shaun W (Camborne) on a Paraglider. The wind flicked about as did us moving the winch from the "Hay Bale" filed to through the gates as required giving some nice high tows for Trev and Shaun.

Adrian worked steadily getting back into it and by the end of the day was looking more confident with his turns and landings coming together well.

Trev did a fine job polishing off his CPC flying tasks with slow flight appreciation and stalls along with a couple of spot landings.

Shaun as steady as ever also finished his CPC flying tasks on the Paraglider with Big Ears and Asymmetrics before just enjoying some lovely flights.

Well done guys and good to see Cpt Kev back out on the winch and obtaining his NVQ level one in sheep management. Hope to see some hill days soon to get the guys out and up there.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day Eight - Well Well Well

Classic sky as we get set to go from the very bottom of Famara

The Ridge Runners on their return

Loz spaced out after sampling the BIG one

End of a cracking week (whres Wanda)

It started of like any other day, well not quite, first i had to spring Kaz from the hospital then we had to pack our kit and clear the villa. Fortunately (or not weather wise) the skies were still grey and overcast and the wind still strong but the forecasts still all said it would drop and there may be a slot for us to have a last flight at Famara.

Whilst Kaz myself and Ray finalised things the advance party headed to the hills arriving at the bottom of lower launch to find it windy and a bit off to the north. We joined them shortly after and whist we headed to a cafe to meet up with Marian to complete her CPC exam and theory Loz, Michelle and Wanda took a trip to South of Soo to see if things were better there.

By the time we had sorted Marion out (congratulations by the way) and returned to the base of Famara things were looking better and canopies were being got out. Michelle was flying south of soo but reported it bumpy and breezy although the lift was "fantastic". They decided to return to Famara and by the time they got back I was happily soaring the lower slopes and conditions were improving all the time.

Michelle wasted no time in getting his wing out and we both launched together for play time. The lift was good and soon we managed to get onto the upper slopes and past the higher launch. Next in good lift we crossed onto the main Famara ridge with another couple of canopies getting there about half way down. To cut a long story short whilst our companions turned back we soared up the cliffs to pop above the top and enjoy a superb couple of hours cruising the whole Famara run to the Mirador Cafe and beyond then turning back and cruising all the way back to launch where we landed by the cars at the designated land by time of 16.00hrs. To say Michelle was pleased is an understatement ecstatic is nearer but still a bit low!

Meanwhile Loz had managed the tough bit, getting across the first gap, and then also crossed onto the main ridge where he had the flight of his life taking in the scenery whilst trying not to be sucked into the clouds. Alas time was against him so the full run was not to be his this time. Still he had some fantastic flying and was bouncing nearly as much as Michelle when he landed.

A swift packing session saw us heading for the airport where it was tired but happy bunch of bunnies that flew back to the UK.

All in all a great trip with a huge variety of flying giving something for everyone, 6 days flying can't be bad and to have the icing on the cake on the last day was just amazing. Thanks to all who came and made it such fun and well done to all with Rays confidence building daily, Wanda cracking low level launches and working her way up the hill, Loz and Michelle have and I quote " the best flights of there lives" and Kaz for hanging in there despite being less than 100% but making the most of it. Ohh and well done to Loz for completing his Pilot rating tasks, nice one.

Lanzarote is always fun and whilst less predictable than some other locations does offer unique flying along with a nice and fun place to be, coming ??????

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day Seven - An interesting day....

Pool by the Pool (does this man look like a criminal?)

Phippsy in the pool (would this man drive you to an overdose?)

It started off well enough with wanda going for her normal morning run up and down the mountains and advising us that it was still really windy! So Whilst the rest of us chilled at the villa playing pool by the pool and swimming in the pool as well as a bit of internet surfing in Mac Donalds Loz and Ray went off to vist Timanfya National Park to see the Volcanoes at close quarters.

They had a lovely time been suitably impressed by the whole set up and so much so that Loz decided a souvenier was in order. Unfortunately picking up bits of lava one side of the National park boundary is very different to picking it up 1 metre the other side of the boundary and whilst they were chilling out having lunch were duly apprehended by the "Officials"! Still diplomacy is always the best solution and the return of the offending rock to its origonal location calmed things down so avoiding a twenty year stay on the island.

Meanwhile back in the villa Kaz who had been suffering from a nasty cough and chest was steadily dosing herself up with medication from the local Pharmacy and had been doing so for the last 24 hours. Now feeling somewhat ill we took a closer look at the pills only to find out that they were 3 times the normal UK strength hence a slight overdose of the advisable quantities. To be on the safe side we took a visit to the local hospital where they tested her for all sorts and interrogated her as to why she had taken so many and thought they had worked out why when they saw me.... Still they were very accomodating so much so that that they let her stay the night.

Forecast for tomorrow looks like we may get some flying in before our evening flight if all goes according to plan, we shall see.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day Six - Cave Men (and women)

The entrance to the underworld

Ray squeezes through the rock fall

Miechelle dreams of flying by
Mirador gets the thumbs up from Loz

A wet and windy start to the day saw us have a welcome lie in (except the runners) and relaxed morning. With the forecast to brighten up but stay windy we opted for a day of site seeing and adventure.

Firstly we headed to the "Green Caves" where Michel, Ray and Loz took the guided tour in to what is quite spectacular cave and always worth a look if you have not been there before. Lunch followed and then it was off to the "other" cave. With three headlights between us we were pretty well equiped and spent a fun hour and a half working our way through the cave to all emerge safe and sound at the far end and a little hotter. Has to be said Ray did not have quite the right footwear and Loz still suffering from a chaffed thigh due to wet running shorts walked more like a caveman than the rest of us.

With the sun out and visibility good we moved onto Mirador Cafe to take in the amazing views and sample the coffee, very nice and always impressive. Michel expressed his normal dreams of one day flying by the window as he completes the first half of the famara ridge run, hmmmm.

The scenic route back through Haria rounded off the day and a meal out saved cooking, nice.

Forecast still not good for tomorrow..........

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lanzarote day Five - Fabulous Famara

Loz shows them how its done

Kaz susses conditions

Mini thermalling course as Kaz works it up from down low

Ray gets set to go on the lower launch

You call that fun!

Light winds and blue skies saw us heading straight to Famara where on arrival it was nicely flyable on the upper launch. The guys got sorted but the wind eased and the lift dropped saw we waited for a little. Loz was first to give it a go and was followed quickly off by a German. Loz stayed up and the German went down, nice one. With the ridge to himself Loz had a fine time scratching in close then “s”ing in the light thermic lift before finally flying out to land by the road.
Kaz was next away hoping that some flying would clear her cough but the lift was less and she descended below the top. Heading out from the ridge an 500’ below she found some thermal and did a great job of working it back up before desecending again. In pretty much exactly the same spot but a little lower she found the thermal again and this time worked it all the way up encouraging the rest to take off along with many others.

Whilst I drove down to get Loz the guys played before coming down to join us for an easy retrieve. Coffee in Teguise then back up again where conditions were a bit breezier. Michelle got off quickly and the rest opted for the lower launch so we headed down. Again Loz led the way enjoying some nice soaring and thermalling as the wind veered to the north. Ray excelled himself by performing a first class landing just where he wanted it bringing a huge smile.

Final evening flight was back from the upper launch where Loz now in the groove showed the hill how to do a forward launch off a daunting site then just how far he could glide in a straight line. Marianne (a pilot needing her CPC signing off) performed some super Asymmetrics and Big ears to satisfy me and Michel proved he needs to work on his forward launch technique.

By the time we got back to the villa the rain had started but even so Loz and Wanda went for a run and came back an hour or so later looking decidedly wet

With the wind picking up and the rain coming down it looks like a couple of site seeing days coming up. Still could do with the break

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day Four - Distraction

Ray lets it all hang out

The guys and gal play in the surf

It's good to be alive

Michelle makes some new friends

Ray in a perfect pose

A late start as the sky looked a bit heavy (cloudy) and even a little moisture saw us heading SW towards Femmes for a look. Coffe at cloudbase saw a few interesting discussions before we moved further south to the beaches at Papagyo as the skies brightened.

Hitting the beach saw Loz, Kaz and Ray make a beeline for the sea and soon all 3 were frolicking in the waves and struggling to keep their swimmies on, especially Ray as he had lost his draw string!

Tucking out of the fresh breeze we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon sunbathing and generally chilling out, very plesant. All to soon the wing eased back and it was time to test the air on “Gunny’s Cliffs” still breezy at the top but kiting up from the beach allowed some fun flying to be had. Michelle myself and Loz all took turns in playing whilst Ray and Wanda practiced on the beach and Kaz took it “easy” as a coughing session ensued, possibly the result of too much sea water.

A trio of large German men at the foot of the cliff took a few snap shots of us before settling down to do a full Gay naked photo shoot on the beach which proveda little distracting! Late afternoon saw the dark clouds return so we headed home just as the the first few spots of rain appeared.

Hillarious meal at the white table cloth Resteraunt followed and the waiters there must have thought we were totally mad for any one of several reasons………

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lanzarote Day Three - "The Beers are on me"

Rays attempt at the Egg boiling comp' dont think we will let him loose again

Michelle has the whole of Famara ridge to himself

Kaz gets some airtime in at Famara

We went for a cheaper villa this year!

but maybe we will go for this one next year

The guys fly till dark

An early start after Rays attempt at the Egg boiling comp’ (well not as early as Wanda) saw us heading north to Famara where we were first on site, the win strength was good although the direction a bit off. Michel undeterred got his kit out and was soon in the air defying he laws of gravity and lift staying up very nicely thank you.

The rest went to the lower slopes where they got in some good ground work and Loz began to “master” the technique of wing walking. for an hour or so. A quick shower saw some stuning rainbows then with the wins squaring up it was time for me to put in some flying before it got a bit on the breezy side. With it now a classic Hangy day we took a trip to south of Soo then back to Teguise for Coffee and a stroll up to the castle where it was really windy. The Hangers continued to sky out cruising the Famara ridge run whilst we chilled.

Back on the hill things were settling down again and pretty soon the guys were off again. Ray began his wing walking lessons whilst the rest had a fun time playing with the steady ridge lift and the odd evening thermal and watching the sun set.

As darkness fell they all came in one by one with Loz bringing up the rear landing in the gloom and declaring, “the beers are on me”, (that’s him not me). Wanda was bouncing having done a super low take off then scratching her way up to join the others another challenge ticked off her list.

Back to the villa for a dip in the pool followed by a hot tub session beer and food. The team were all up for an early night and it was lights out by 10.30.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day Two - "Chung Chung"

The sun rises - yummy

Flying gets going at Macher

Loz cruises past take off

Bit of male bonding on the lava fields

Famara beach, the sun is out , the surf is up and the water is warm!

Chill out

After a good nights sleep all were up at a good time and breakfasted by 9.30 a glance up Macher showed a hangy just launching and a few minutes later a Paraglider joined it. Off we went and 10minutes later arrived at take off. Myself and Michelle wasted no time and were soon off into very pleasant conditions. Loz was next and joined Michelle whilst I landed to sort the rest.

In the air it got a little more lively as the sun heated the ground and the wind filled. Whilst it was still launchable Kaz Ray and Wanda decided to give it a miss which proved a wise decision as the wind moved off to the west and conditions got bouncy resulting in Michelle having a “Chung Chung” experience!. Michelle ladned back ontop after his fourth flight whilst Loz headed out to the bottom landing and getting stuck in lift just short of it.

We decided to head north to famara beach to play and see what happened. The sun was out the sea was warm and the surf was up so it was a no brainer really. While Kaz and Ray went swimming Loz and myself went surfing and Michelle and Wanda went sunbathing. We spent a very plesant afternoon rounded off with a nice coffe before checking out the lower lower launch at Famara.

Despite the wind being WELL off Michelle kited up the hill and played for an hour making the most of it and doing remarkably well as it turned out.

Back to the Villa again we ate in and chilled out in the hot tub with Ray and myself turning decidedly wrinkly! Bit cloudy in the skies but hopefully will clear for tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lanzarote 2011 Day 1 - Arrival

Kaz checks to see if it is flyable at Macher
Loz gets his kit off.....

Michelle does what Michelle does best

Off and away

Ray looks pretty chuffed with himself

Well bit of the day before as well actually. With michelle K and Wanda S packed into “Bluebelle” we set off from Cornwall at 23.00 picking up Lawrence OD and Ray D on the way to Gatwick. With a comfortably full van the trip was a nice one and all went well with even the plane leaving on time.

Remarkable on arriving in Lanzarote the car hire went to plan and even the weather was on form with bright blue skies and a plesant 20 degrees. After a swift visit to the super market we settled into the villa had a nice cuppa on the patio where from where we saw gliders beginning to launch from our local hill Macher.

The gang decided a trip up was in order and on arrival it was good to see plenty in the air and to meet some old friends. Michelle led the way and was soon up there(afterbeing down there) mixing it with the rest. Whilst Big ray and myself went to one side for some ground handling the others got themselves sorted and soon Loz (Lawarence and Kaz were off the hill. Kaz got the best of it flying out and picking up some nice thermals before heading out to land by the school, ehilst Loz went on a mini XC!

Ray and Wanda took the last slots and both had a nice flights out and down with Ray arriving in the school field and Wanda doing a super nil winder in the Powere line field.
Then it was off the “the port” for a relaxing coffee by the marina to unwind and watch the sun set. Back to the villa we had a cook in night and early to bed to catch up on some missing sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loving it in the field

Shaun does a very dainty take off

Trev njoys the Calypso's charms

Paul gets his head nodding

Old habits die hard (still saluting)

Terry on his personalised Rush 2

Last day before we head to Lanzarote and what a cracker it was. Bright blue skies and wall to wall sunshine greeted us along with a light SE breeze. Out to play were Shaun W (Camborne) and Paul W (Truro) both on the Paragliders and Trev H (Torquay) on the hanger, Tim was on the winch and Bill assisting just about everywhere.

aul W got things going and his second day with us had a ball finishing off his EPC tasks before moving into High flights and then well into his CPC looking better and better with each flight.

Shaun now on his fourth day kept up his steady progress working nicely through his CPC tasks so leaving only the "instability" ones to go.

Trev on the hanger had a fab' day getting straight onto the Calypso then cracking basebar flying and then prone conversions along with some super landings. Another Trev smile said it all and he is within spitting distance of completing his CPC.
Good to see Terry B drop by and put in a couple of flights, his first on the tow his Rush 2 and looking very smooth with it. Some gentle thermals were around giving extended flights and hopefully a sign of things to come.

With the students putting 10 flights each we had an early finish as I need to pack!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two go over the back

Jane and myself start to thermal up and away on the Tandem

Mike C and John W drop away as we drift back On our way and stunning views up the coast

All piccies taken from Go Pro film of flight

What a fun day at St Agnes with lots of flying and very sociable to boot. Arriving mid morning conditions were still a bit top end for Paragliders leaving Paul H, Gay J and myself wondering why we had not taken the hangers along! Still it was do able and several pilots played in the brisk conditions with the seathermals.

By early afternoon things had mellowed a little and more pilots got up and away with several thermalling up nicely but no one going for it. Recalled from a nice climb over the Beacon by Pete C I pushed forward landing just short of the car park before packing up the Rush and getting out the Tandem.

Pete's kid sister Jane was up for a go and soon we were up and off in the classic conditions. Whilst having promised to wait for PC before going over the back we gave up and after 20 minutes or so drifted back in a steady climb leaving the cliffs behind us. It was great fun having someone to talk to as we thermalled up past 1000' and gazed at the scenery. With the climb zeroing just behind the Beacon we decided not to down wind it to Mount Hawke but to fly back towards launch landing in a nice field by the road in for an easy retrieve (thanks Angie). Jane loved it and had a great time, hangy next time.

Coady kindly let me fly his new Delta which was a delight to fly and soon saw me up there again coring back, but alas with the truck keys in my pocket and Angie having gone home wiseness prevailed and a landing back at launch was the thing to do.

A lovely day with lots of pilots having lots of fun, although hope its warmer in Lanzarote!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slotted in

The forecast was for the strong wind to ease and back becoming light so the trick was to take full advantage of the slot. After some DIY shopping we arrived at Perran bang on the nail and by the time the hangers were rigged it was perfect for them and we enjoyed some cracking flying and playing with Kaz, myself, Paul h and Gay J all having a ball.

A good turn out of Paragliders were there waiting for the further drop and they were rewarded by mid afternoon when for a period the hangers and the Para's played together. As the afternoon drew on it got lighter so we broke out the Paragliders and joined the others until it became scratchy even for them at around 15.30.

Its so good to be able to fly either, saves a lot of sitting around and also allows you to stay safer by not flying either aircraft near its limits..........

Well done to Mike C on his first day soaring outside of the school after qualifying and good to see he was welcomed and helped by those on the site,

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Going long in the field

Shaun gets the day going looking good and even a bit of nodding dog !

Paul on his first day with us quickly gets to grips with towing

Really guys there is no need to salute, must be the Navy training

Karen M looks like she means it on launch

Dave concentrates on landing approach

The forecast was for a light to mod WNW backing SW and getting lighter with plenty of sunshine so we headed to the tow field leaving the hills to qualified pilots until the wind got too light.

It was perfect towing conditions and whilst Shaun W (Camborne) played with his ground handling Kaz introduced Paul W (Truro) to the how we do it and the basics of towing as it was his first day with us having been to a hill school previously.

By midday we were in full swing with "the boys" being joined by Karen M and David K (both from Bristol) on Paraglider and Hanger respectively who were along to keep their hands in and convert Dave onto his own glider.

Everyone worked well and behaved nicely with Shaun on his third day quickly finishing off his remaining EPC tasks before moving into high flights and getting stuck into his CPC tasks. He had a ball ending each flight with what seemed a bigger smile than the previous one each time.

Paul did well getting into towing steadily and moving through his basic flights into release flights and turns smoothly although a few habits needed ironing out but he took it all in his stride and finished the day with 100' flights and nice turns down to land showing his previous experience.

Dave had a fine time on his Hanger after a wobbly start but ended the day looking as smooth as can be and showing just how sweet nil wind landings can be. Karen was in her normal form towing straight then floating around for ages and even going upwards in any lift that happened to be around showing despite break from towing she had not forgotten it.

The icing on the cake was towing through the gates giving the guys some super tows with the extra length making the views even more spectacular. Well done to all and thanks for behaving so well!

On the hill Pete C took out our demo Delta M for its first flight and was very impressed both with its ability to get around but also with its sink rate, in fact so much so he bought one, if its good enough for Pete ........... large one sitting here ready to go