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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day of two halfs

Sam A starts to get the hanf of canopy control

Mick D ready for a forward launch

Mark F flies by on his Paramotor under a cracking (bouncy) sky

The morning was light and variable in the Tow field making it hard work for sam A (Tavistock) who was along for a Taster Day on a Paraglider. Still he did well and by lunchtime had cracked the forward launch nicely. Mick D also did well in the fickle conditions with some first class forward launches making it look easy. Mark F and Pete L went off on their Paramotors for a fly towards St Ives but returned early after Pete suffered a "snag" and to add more gloves, it was cold up there. They both flew again but commented on how bouncy conditions were becoming as the cumulus increased. Lorreta and Jim dropped by after lunch for some Tandems flights and we had a good time with spectacular views and big smiles, we may see the m again if they survive the Zip line they were off to try out on Monday. Sam also took the opportunity for a Tandem and we had a super fly around the field in broken thermal giving us plenty of airtime.

With the wind freshening I kept testing the air on the Paraglider but it was always more than challenging for Pete the winch man to keep me at a set height so we knocked towing on the winch on the head. So it was plenty of ground handling followed by some excellent hand towing for Sam who ended up with plenty of airtime at the end of his day. Must have done something right as he will be back to start a course later in the week .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nearly but not Quite

The wind socks tell a story

With a nice NW breeze forecast we headed to Perranporth for some hill work and hopefully to get some of lads soaring. on arrival it was well off to the north and whilst it backed it quickly picked up. experienced pilots were OK and enjoyed plenty of soaring but it was challenging enough for those new to the hill so Ray D and Steve M got to grips with some ground work in bouncy conditions and picked up a huge amount of experience by watching the others. The pink Mars got another outing and was fun to fly in the sea thermals. A nice day out although we did hope for more from it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where was everybody??

Phil S first flight at Carbis Bay
Phil relaxed and flying high

Kaz flies while Chris M ground handles

With a fresh NNE breeze forecast due to drop off and back through the day we headed to Carbis Bay with Phil S who had got up early to hopefully finish his hill conversion on his Hang Glider. On site direction was good and a 22-24 breeze was providing plenty of lift. A quick demo flight and Phil was up and away for a cracking soaring flight of 20 minutes plus followed by a first class top landing. A second flight followed in quick succession and Phil put in a solid 40 minutes playing with the sea thermals which were now giving increased lift before top landing again in fine style.. Tim J arrived to keep him company on his hanger so Phil thought it rude not to fly again which he did adding another 30 minutes to his airtime and as a fully qualified hill pilot, nice one.

Chris M (Tavistock) came along to check us out, and us him, as he needs to finish off his CPC that he started in Spain. As the wind dropped back Chris got a go in the Paraglider showing off his ground handling skills which were pretty good, next stop soaring and top landing. Kaz sneaked in a flight on her paraglider as things got mellower and even I manged 4 flights on Phils Hanger and 2 on the Mojo all good fun.

Oh nearly forgot Chairman Mark and Jason B put in a showing with the MK1 Hang Glider but it was to light for it!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"take my breath away"

It was a hard work day in the field where we kicked off at 10.00 with the wind already on the increase earlier than expected. Whilst Richard R (Newquay) got introduced to the Hang Glider at the start of his Taster Day Mick D (Falmouth) and Dave L (Camelford), who had returned following his Taster day to do a full course, played ground handling on the Paragliders. Mark F got his Paramotor out and set off an a stunning flight along the North Coast cruising at 4000' in what he reported to be silky smooth conditions. Pretty soon the winch was running and the paragliders got on early to beat the increasing wind. Both Mick and Dave did well putting in a couple of flights each moving them further into their EPC tasks. Anna C and Paul C (daughter and father) dropped by and had a Tandem tow flight each in conditions which saw us towing to the 600' mark, both landed with big smiles.
With it now a little breezy for the Paragliders Richard got going on the Hang Glider and wore me 9and others) out as I chased him across the field on the tethers. He did well and the more he relaxed the better he did ending up with a cracking flight and perfect landing. A busy day with plenty of fun and loads of sun who could ask for more.

Friday, March 20, 2009

High Flyers at Vault

The Tandem glider awaits....
Nicky was far less nervous than she looks

Flying high

Tristan after his flight looking happy

It was perfect conditions for tandem Hang Gliding at Vault Bay so that's what we did. Nicky and Tristan came down from Torquay and were rewarded with some super flying in celebration of Tristans 19th Birthday. Both did well not only putting up with my incessant chatter but also in taking control and flying the glider along the stunning cliffs. With no other gliders there we had the sky to ourselves, well apart from the seagulls and the falcons and the sea king helicopter. It was a cracking afternoon enjoyed by all, so good to be out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dual success's

Phil S takes off for his first soaring flight

Phil climbs out to enjoy a 30 minute flight

Happy pilot on landing
Rob ready to head back to Cheltenham after a job well done

With a bit more breeze forecast we headed to Vault Bay for some hill work with the Hang Gliders. Nick G was already there and had flown his Paraglider but things were now on the top end and picking up. Rob was down from Cheltenham for a tandem rating and it wasn't long before he was in the air as my passenger experiencing the delights of Vault Bay, having a close look at a peraguin falcon in the air and a not so close look at a seal in the sea. A couple of these flights and it was Robs turn at the controls with me as passenger trying not to interfere! He did a fine job and dealt with the wind shear on landing well putting the glider down right by the windsock target. By the end of the day he was sorted and even I began to feel relaxed as we took off on subsequent flights, would i fly with him, well i did.

Phil S dropped by and helped Rob and myself before coming up as passenger himself to get the feel of the site before having a go himself at his first ever hill flight. Conditions were breezy enough but he did a great job at take off and quickly climbed out to enjoy a 30 minute flight on his Rio during which his flying got smoother by the minute. Phil then put in a very acceptable landing on target to get his first soaring flight under his belt. Big smiles all round and nice cakes as well... Nice to see Ray D drop by to say hello with Nessie, he knows how to treat a lady.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Sun more Fun

Phil S heads upwards as pete L gets his Paramotor ready to go

Steve M gets to fly his new kit and settles in quickly (nice colours)

It was another cracker in the tow field, the warmest this year by far. Conditions to start with were breezy enough and with the added "bonus" of thermals popping out the valley the Paragliders hung back whilst I flew the "Pink Mars". It was only took a couple of tows before I joined a flock of seagulls and couple of Buzzards heading skywards pretty much smack over the winch. 10 minutes latter the view from 1200'+ was stunning pulling back upwind there was plenty of lifty bis to play with before landing back in the field to asses conditions for the paragliders. Next it was up on Bill N's wing to check it out and things were fine so Steve M asked me to test out his new Mojo 2 / Vevet 2 combination which resulted in another nice thermalling flight around the field. Just as things were set to get going the sea breeze arrived forcing a change of ends. Still it gave excellent towing conditions for both Hangers and danglers. Steve M made the most of them getting to grips with his new wing being impressed by its nimble handling and glide which resulted in a few longer walks back than usual! Ray D popped in a couple of super tows to keep his hand in along with Bill and Kaz. Martin J added to his tally for his tow conversion and did a fine demonstration of a Barnes Wallace invention on one of his "landings". Phil S represented the hangers on his Rio doing well especially as conditions got lighter towards the end of the day. Pete L buzzed off on his Paramotor to find out just how bumpy it was inland and came back with stories of rustling canopies.... Another fine day long may they continue..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is in the air

What a gorgeous day in the tow field even the baby sheep were bouncing around as Dave L (Launceston) and Mark W (Camborne) got to grips with Parachute landing falls on the crash mats at the start of their taster days on the Paragliders. Sam T (Liskeard) on a Hang Gliding Taster Days had near perfect conditions and made the most of them working steadily through the day finishing up with some of the best day one flights we have seen on the Condor training glider, nice one. Dave and Mark also worked hard and by late afternoon were flying nicely across the field up to 60' in the air before carrying out super landings with big smiles. Dave C (Newquay) came along for a Tandem flight on the Paraglider and enjoyed the stunning views. Mick D (Falmouth) continued into his EPC (Pg) and moved onto releasing the line and starting gentle turns. Luke H (Torquay) ) got on well putting in higher flights and steeper turns in readiness for his Paramotoring, another day should see him on high flights then it's time to get the power unit on his back. Emily from the Western Morning news spent the day with us taking photos for an article and also took a ride on the Tandem so watch out for her piccies in that paper.

Amongst all of this I didn't manage to get any photo's , sorry....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brass Monkeys

Good selection of gliders made up the 16 competitors

Launch que at Perranporth

Wills Wing T2 racing past launch (such a clean sail)

Air ambulance watches over Tim J (can't think why)

The South Devon clubs annual Brass monkeys comp' was held at Perranporth and was almost a dead ringer for the Frostbite comp' a couple of weeks earlier, well at least for the Hang Gliders. It was a cracking day with plenty of ridge racing and fun to be had on the spot landings. Whilst the top of the range gliders took the honours on the ridge race the intermediates showed them how to do it on the spot landings. Overall result, who knows? Phil Sambles took some stunning photos some of which are above and more can be seen here http://picasaweb.google.com/psambles/BCC_14_03_09?authkey=Gv1sRgCIiduJe874yuNQ&feat=email# worth a look. There were a couple of interesting "landings" involving three pilots.......................

Monday, March 02, 2009

Off to Chapel

kaz carries to launch at Perranporth
Nick G gets set up to go at Chapel Porth

Paul tries out the "Pink" Mars at Chapel

Gay J straight and level on finals

Arriving at Perranporth it looked flyable so whilst Kaz got her paraglider out to join those already there i rigged up the Pink Mars (Hang Glider) to give it an airing ready for the training season. The wind filled and went off to the south a bit so after a brief flight Kaz slope landed I de rigged and we headed to Chapel Porth with several others where we found a visitor from the southern club already flying. the wind was still a little off but the lift was steady so the Paragliders got going whilst i re rigged the Mars and quickly joined them. It was a super day with several ex students (Bill N, Gay J, Kaz P and Steve D) flying the site for the first time along with some of the more experienced pilots and having some cracking flying. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hang Glider which to be honest is pretty much the easiest thing to fly as long as you let it do the flying! Look out for it more on the hills mixing it with the danglers, you really can't miss this one.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hi Cliff

Well Cliff wasn't actually there but we took a day off and went to High Cliff which is a 750' cliff site in north Cornwall. Pete C Al J and Ady G made up the numbers and we had a super time cruising the coast at a grand above take off which was cloud base. Unfortunately the clouds were on the low side for an XC inland but Coady did make a valiant attempt up the coast towards Hartland point before decking it on the beach at Widmouth Bay. We were joined briefly by an Atos rigid wing which appeared from the North before disappearing to the south then reappearing and heading north again from whence it came, wonder who it was????? A super day for all, we really must do it more often.