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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three get High

The guys and Scruff ready the Falcon whilst Hangy Dave rigs the Calypso

A light SW forecast saw us in the field with hangies although as it turned out the wind was NW!  Still having use of the "Bird Seed" field helped out as the wind flicked about a little.  James C (London) and Phil L (Illogan) were both back for day three of their EPC's and Dave D (Newquay) also returned on his fifth day as hae approaches the end of his CPC tasks.

A recap flight on the Falcon soon saw Dave back into the swing of things and it was not long before he hopped onto the Calypso followed by converting to a chest release.  In amongst this he managed to complete his CPC tasks with planned approaches and Slow flight appreciation putting 9 flights over the day.

James and Phil kept pace with each other and grasped the fact that the correct airspeed makes life easy by mid afternoon.  They worked through turns and sorted out their landing flares as the wind progressively dropped.  As the end of the day approached they were ready for their first flights to the top of the tow in what was now pretty much nil wind.  Both did an excellent job to round off with super flights , super landings and super smiles, nice one.

Add to this the successfully taking of their EPC exams and they gained that as well so putting the icing on the cake.

Nice to see Paul H out on the winch keeping his hand in and doing such a good job despite me badgering him for this and that through the day.

Quote of the day " that's really cool"  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun for one

 Concentration as Phil gets used to the hill

Doing well in reverse and showing his best side

 It was not long before phil was playing with the wing and the lift
Guess that says it all

The afternoon showed some promise as the dampness lifted and the chance of some flying looked possible on the hill.  Figuring that Phil l would have had enough of work and that he could do with getting his hands back on the Para after a couple of days of Hangers we gave him a call.

An hour later and we arrived at perran. The wind was well off but it was a nice breeze and certainly good enough for ground handling. It was Phils first time on the hill but to be fair he did a fine job quickly getting used to the difference and it was not long before he had it sorted and could move around at will and even talk at the same time!

The dampness returned and the wind stayed off so we called it a day but although no flying it was great preparation for the hill for Phil, not long now :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Full on in the field

With a brighter day than the last few forecast we headed to the field with a pretty much full day booked.  Conditions were light in fact very light on arrival so whilst yesterday's hangy boys rigged the hangies Ian F, Anna P and Treeve T all back to continue their EPC Paragliding sat their EPC exams.

By the time the gliders were rigged , the exams were marked (all passing so congratulations) and The day oners Adam W (Truro) and Miles T  (Iloogan) had done their PLF's and airfield introduction the wind had filled a little and we set the winch out.

The hangies got going quickly and were soon rattling off their remaining release flights in fine style, Ian, Anna and Treeve soon joined in on the winch and moved well into their EPC tasks towing higher and building their turns.  Early afternoon saw Adam and Miles get their first flights on the tow with both having a good time and ending with their first release flights to put big grins all round.  Despite the wind being a little fickle everyone managed good progress and we should have a few new EPC's next day out.

Oh we did have the first set of muddy knees on the hangy not bad after two days and  27 flights!

Sorry no piccies but hoping to get some sooooon :~

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hangy Heaven

 James C does a super take off run 

 Up and away on an early tether flight

 Phil L joins in the fun and puts in a nice turn correction

 Adam W heads up for a release flight

Phippsy Discussing something with Kaz

With two keen students looking to start hang gliding we decided to head to the tow filed despite the damp conditions to get at least the basics done . We canned the Paragliding due to the dampness which as it turned out was a spot on decision.  Just as we left the house Phil L Illogan) who has recently passed his CPC Paragliding  arrived and decided to come along to watch........

James C (London) was along for his first go with a view to taking it up and Adam W (Penryn) who we taught Paragliding 4 years ago was along to try it as he had always wanted to even before paragliding.  Phil watched on as the guys rigged and joined in with the preflight checks etc. By the time James and Adam did their first runs across the field Phils mind was set and he joined in the fun.

The three guys worked well together and by early afternoon were ready to tow.  The weather cleared up, the wind filled in and conditions were near perfect for hangie day ones.  By the end of the day they had all mastered the basics of flight and moved nicely into releases setting them for tomorrow.

It was a full day for them with super results and convincing them all to carry on, watch this space :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Bunny

A picture that sya it all

It did not take Keith b long to arrive to claim his new baby.  we spent a fun afternoon showing him parenthood skills before he took it away.  Lets hope for a nice day to take it out to play soon :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Very Nice :)

We had a new arrival which came in a nicely crated bow all the way from Italy. Unfortunately we are only the foster Parents until the proper parent arrives to pick it up.  watch this space and hope for light winds and sunny skies soon ...
 All tucked up after a long trip

 Ready to play

Nice rear

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"The long wait"

 Dave gets to grips with the Falcon under a nice sky

First launch in 27 years under a very nice sky

Congratulations to Dave on getting back into it (still under a very nice sky)

Well actually as it turned an incredibly short one for Dave G (Taunton) who having been out of the sport of Hang Gliding for 27 years gave us a call on Saturday evening about the possibility of getting back into it.  We had a chat, a look at the weather and next thing he knew he was at Sennen Cove at 09.30 on Sunday morning.

Conditions were classic and we wasted no time in getting Dave in the air after a bit of refresh work on the ground.  On the Wills Wing Falcon 195 Daves feet left the ground for the first time on a hangy since 1987 and within a couple of beats he had settled back in.  We had a super day with dave putting in 3 cracking flights and top landings along with some theory catch up and CPC exam. Congratulations on your return Dave  and look out for himm on the hill in Devon and Somerset (and elsewhere).  Oh Jan' thanks for being so patient :)

Meanwhile Kaz , Sam A and Nigel W all had a good time with as much flying as they could take and nice to see everyone landing as sweet as could be, long may it continue.

Guess the guys hada good time at High Cliff and St Agnes as if the sky was half as good as at Sennen they must have done some miles.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love is ......

""We" carried the Paras and Kaz's hanger "

A damp morning brightened up early afternoon so we decided to nip out to Chapel porth for a quick flight.  Loading the hangers as both the forecast and conditions showed them to be the piece of kit to have we decided to throw the paras in just in case.

Driving past Porthtowan the sea looked quite quiet and on arrival the sight of John W and Nigel E indicated that it maybe lighter than thought.  Decisions!  Well to cover both options "we" took Kaz's  Hanger and both Paras to the front. Result we ended up flying the Paras and the rest is in the picture!

Surprising afternoon windy enough as it turned out :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soaring at Sennen

Cathy welcomed back by Alfie and Evie

We headed to Sennen Cove at mid day with the hope of getting some tandem flying on the hanger in and as it turned out that's just what we did.  On arrival it was still brisk but by the time we had a bit of a chat things began to mellow and it was time to rig.

Big Grey, Nigel w Paul and gay were all there already and flying had been had although conditions had been variable.  By the time the glider was rigged and Cathy G (St Austell) had arrived it was looking good.  We wasted no time in getting up there and had a fun flight flying over the village, playing with the seagulls and seal spotting in very pleasant conditions.  Back on the ground Cathy had to download her experience to Evie and Alfie who both wanted to have a go but i think a few years yet!

The wind eased abit and Paul W took the chance to get some flying in on his Paraglider and did a fine job of it too.

Next up was Adam W (Paul W's) son for a taste of Hang Gliding to help him decide whether to HG or Pg.  we had a fun time flying alongside his dad Paul until he decided to land as the wind filled again. Adam and I had a great time in the improving conditions before joining him back on the ground.

Finally at the end of the day Nigel w joined me for some landing approach practise and as luck would have it it was best part of the day with the lift really kicking in making us have to make a real effort to loose height to make a normal landing approach, you can fly with me any time Nigel if you have that kind of luck!

Fun afternoon plenty of flying and nice and social :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turning points

 One left over from yestarday, Phil L coming into land

 Treeve inflates to launch

 heading off up the line looking much tidier than yesterday

 Anna P does a classic launch

Happy Anna comes back for more

With the day looking pretty much the opposite to yesterday we cracked on with things as the wind was due to pick up.  On arrival it was already breezier than forecast so we wasted no time in getting the winch set and towing underway.

We had the same crew as yesterday with the addition of jack E who was back to do a bit more on his EPC course.  After a refresher on ground handling Jack was straight onto the winch and after a couple of refresher tows he moved into higher flights, releases and turns taking him right to the edge of his EPC by the time the wind picked up a bit more.

Yesterdays crew soon joined him with Anna P leading the way and they were soon all doing release flights before moving into higher tows and starting turns. Young James was as smooth as ever, Ian still a bit "jabby" and Treeve down the middle.  Anna did well despite a left right up down thing but we got it sorted by the end of play.

Steve W on his third day did really well and is pretty much ready to go to the top next time out.

With the wind at the top end and forecast to increase we settled for some theory before wrapping mid afternoon as the dampness appeared.

Well done to all for getting as much in as we did and look forward to seeing you back sometime.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fabulous for four and great for two more

 Anna P gets to grips with the basics of ground handling

 Treeve heads off into the blue on his first flight

 Anna nice and stright gets set for lift off

 Ian F does a great impression of a starfish

Classic end of day shot (Anna)

Spring must be coming and the students are starting to que up.  We had busy enough day in the field a bit of a shock after some "easy" times.

With four Taster day/day ones on we were kept busy in the morning getting through the basics in conditions that were strong enough to be challenging.  Still by early afternoon and just as the wind eased a bit everyone was doing well.  Ian, Anna, Treeve and James had all worked hard and had all grasped the basics and even getting to the stage of some nice ground handling in reverse.

Alongside them Steve W (Truro) on his second day and Phil L (Redruth) on his 6th day both did really well sorting out their stronger wind handling and both looked very competent as we broke for lunch.

A tow brief, some hand tows and conditions were perfect for flying so that's what we did. After Kaz did a demo/check out flight we got into full swing with Steve W cracking on into his EPC flights and popping in 5 by the end of play seeing him up to 100'= and doing some nice turns down to land.  Phil L slotted in between the taster days to consolidate on his CPC flights and had a great time looking like a pilot with it.

Anna led the way for the day oners and showed the guys how to do it with a cracking take off. James followed her off and put in a classic first flight followed by Treeve and Ian.  With conditions staying good the guys put in three flight each ending up flying sweetly across the field and all ending with stand up landings to round off a super day as the sun set.

Well done to all and it looks like they will be out again tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

More Wenching and a bit of waiting.

 Simon L sets off for his first high flight

 Phil L returns from a "Big ears" flight 

Simon looking good for the spot

Another glorious sunny if chilly start to the day saw us in the tow field as the frost thawed.  With the wind in a fickle mind flicking about we gave up chasing it and sat down for a little theory whilst it made its mind up.

By lunchtime it finally settled to a light NW and the fun began. Simon l (Plymouth) got things moving finishing of his final EPC flight before heading to the top of the line to start his CPC flights.  Over 10 flights he had a fine time popping in the high flights, getting into the harness, flying at "normally used speeds" and weight shifting all whilst honing his spot landing and planned approach skills.

Alongside him Phil L (Redruth) cracked on with his CPC tasks working his way through the instability moves and performing some excellent Big Ears and impressive Asymmetrics along with speed bar and yet more planned approaches.

Winch Wench got some more practise in towing me aloft under daisy' watchful eye which also gave the guys the chance to do some launch mmarshaling.  A super day with lots done by the guys leaving Phil just one day away from his CPC and Simon well into his.

A few days like this each week would be very nice :)  Quote of the day "Perfect Big Ears Phil" no his ears are actually normal size.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Frostbite Fun

 Daisy rigs under a classic sky

 Kaz gets things moving on her first flight on a hangy off St Agnes

 Richard H takes off as a que forms

 Andy R does a classic one

 Daisy joins Tim and Kaz in the air

Michel first off on a Paraglider as the wind eases a little

An early start saw us at St Agnes where things looked peachy for the KHPA Frostbite comp'.  A quick test of conditions confirmed they were then it was over to Pete C (meethead) for the brief.  As is the way we had spot landing followed by Open XC over the back.

Kaz was first away on her hanger and soon climbed out to over 600' on her first hangy flight off St Agnes. i joined her and we had a fun 25 minutes of thermal coaching before others began to launch and we went in for a rest.  It was not long before the sky filled with hangies and the spot landing fun began with some being more succesful than others!

By midday the wind eased back enough for the Paragliders to join in the fun but unfortunately as the wind eased so did the thermals!  Still everyone had a good day with it remaining well flyable for both disciplines right through the day. Tim j and myself played cat and mouse trying to eak out the elusive lift and between us must have racked up over 8 hours of flying!

Dave L tried out a Rush 3 and went home with it so I guess he liked it and we look forward to seeing him over the back on it soon.

Good to see a good turn out and well done on the visitors for braving the weather some coming from as far away as Cambridge shire!  Oh and the results.... Club class winner Graham A, Third O/all Andy R, 2nd Tim J and with a lucky spot Phippsy managed to take first prize.

Thanks to Coady for organizing and running the comp, be good to have him in it next year.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Winch Wench and Wonderful Weather

 The guys set up on a cracking day as the field thaws out

 Simon keeps warm as he returns from one of his flights

Phil plays with weight shift as he floates back down

What a cracking day, despite a freezing forecast it was sunny and warm in the tow field and whats more there was even some thermals about, heaven :)

Phils L (Redruth) on day four cracked into his CPC flights putting away 9 high flights  and working through speed to fly, weight shift,planned approaches and launch marshaling all whilst enjoying some cracking flying.  By the end of the day he was looking much smoother and almost like a Z3 man but we shall see!

Simon L (Plymouth) on his second day did really well despite the near nil wind conditions putting away eight flights seeing him pretty much to the end of his EPC only one or two more to go and he is off to the top.

In between the students Kaz joined Daisy on the winch to have a go with the sticks.  She did a fine job towing me aloft and got the hang of it quickly seeing me safely up and away to play with the thermals  drifting by. In fact her first go on her own was that good that Daisy declared she would have S*x tonight, we shall see...................

All in a super day and with the forecast for tomorrow  not too good it was like a rose between thorns