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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marvallous on the Mars!

Motorway in the sky, yummy Paul and Dean at the end of another good day

A very nice fun day in the field was had by all in what turned out to be bouncy conditions with plenty of thermals around.

Paul L (Plymouth) was along for day one on a hanger and to keep him company Dean F (Falmouth) on his second hangy day joined in the fun.

Paul did really well working through the ground work and was looking pretty good by the time he was ready for the winch. We got him going early afternoon and after a couple of hops on the Condor he was getting the hang of it and progressing with every flight.

Dean then clipped in and proved he had not lost what he learnt by popping in a couple of nice flights and one more challenging one which taught him some new tricks!

After a short break we rigged the Mars as the breeze had picked up and conditions were a little more lively. A quick demo flight saw me straight into a climb from release and well on my way out of the field towards Falmouth before pulling out of a nice 5 up to return to teach, one day.....

Dean after a conversion flight was soon releasing and by the end of the day had started gentle turns to put him well into his EPC tasks and looking good. meanwhile Paul carried on on the Mars and had a cracking day putting him nicely in position for untethered flights on his second day. Well done guys and well done to Coady for some excellent winching and a super tow straight into a thermal :)

We rounded off the day with a visit to Perranporth where there were several Paras out playing including Adi recently qualified and making the most of it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clevor Trevor

Trev flies high above Struudick
On finals looking good

Congratulations between instructor and student

Karen comes in on the Tandem after a cracking flight

It's a family affauir as Trev and Karen both get in the air

Despite a dubious forecast and my senses telling me otherwise we headed off to Struddock thanks to call from site from Chris W advising that it was nicely flyable.

At Bodmin the rain cleared and on arrival it was indeed peachy for hangers so we wasted no time in rigging the Tandem whilst Trev H who was along for his hill conversion completion rigged his wing.

By the time we were ready and on the front with Suzy who was up for a flight on her birthday Chris W landed and further advised rain was on its way! Still it looked like brightening up so we hung on and 10 minutes later things were looking better.

Suzy had a cracking flight in classic conditions loving every minute of it and soaking up the whole experience. With lots of lift we could play as much as we wanted and shared the air with Alan H and Bill A (local legends) who kept a close eye on us thinking we were a low airtimer in trouble! After a super landing as the rain re appeared we had a short break before it cleared then it was Trev's turn to show us what he could do.

Trev did a cracking launch in conditions that he had not experienced before and had a cracking flight to go with it. With bulk hieght he was soon 360'ing and playing with turns looking every bit a pilot in control. Top landing was as good as the take off and the smile said it all.

Whilst Trev recovered Karen (Trevs partner) clipped into the Tandem. Despite her nerves she proved a model passenger and we had a lovely time cruising the cliffs. Starting off smoothly we built up to some fun flying as Karen relaxed a little and by the end of the flight i think she was almost enjoying it! Back on the ground her face was a picture as a mixture of adrenalin and relief flooded out, fantastic.

To round the day off Trev popped in a second flight looking even neater and smoother than the first. The lift was just as good although the clouds were a little lower giving Trev his first visit to cloudbase and beyond.

A top day as it turned out and the last of the pending hangy hill conversions out the way (8 in the last week or so) so time to teach some more :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fielding with Fledgelings

Dean gets things going on the hanger
Rick floats like a butterfly
Jelly fish invade the field

Emil leads the way for the Paragliders

Mark looks like he means it

Debbie pretty pleased with herself

Stupid boy

Paul gets it "sorted" and impersonates a starfish

It was fun to be back in the field after a nice break on the hills and good to see both new faces and some familiar ones out there.

We had a fairly busy day with four paraglider day ones and two hangy day ones to keep us occupied. Whilst Kaz and bill took the Paras I took the hangies and things got moving pretty quickly in gorgeous weather and near perfect conditions.

On the Paraglider front we had Emil (Dawlsih) and Paul H (Illfracombe) both looking to take up the sport whilst Paul and Debbie G (St Austell) were along for a Taster day having been introduced by Steve D to the idea.

On the Hangy side there was the troublesome twosome of Dean F and Rick W who after having had to suffer watching far too much hanging over the last few days decided to give it a try.

Everyone worked hard through the morning sorting out the ground work and by early afternoon we were ready to roll. The hangies got going first and proved that they could do it with a very promising start on the tethers. Then the paras came on line one by one and all of them did well improving with every flight and some even looking like pilots!

Then it was back to the hangies and by the end of the day both Rick and Dean were off the tethers and looking sweet without a grass stained knee between them!

A fun day had by all and nice to see Richard W drop in on his Paramotor to say hello as he plans his next adventure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stunning Sennen (finally)

Tony T ready on launch with the Green Meanie (thats the glider)
Adi inflates for his first flight of the "day"

Adi flies high whilst Nigel W launches to join him

Tony flies nicely on his second flight of the day

Yet more happy pilots at the end of the day :)

For a change of scenery we headed to Sennen Cove as the front cleared just after lunch. On arrival it was pretty much smack on and moderate so i quickly tested the air on Kaz's Hangy before getting Tony T (Brighton) ready to go to hopefully complete his hill conversion.

Alas the wind eased and backed making it not so lifty confirmed by a couple more test flights showing much less lift, Tony waited.

Meanwhile Nigel W popped in some useful time on his Paraglider soaring the Pill box end where the pest lift was. With the tide on the make we decided to send Tony off anyway whilst there was a good bottom landing to at least get one in. He did a good job but not quite good enough as he floated to the beach for a good landing after a few beats.

Whilst Nigel and Kaz floated about on their Paragliders we nipped down and had both Tony and glider back on top quickly in case things improved.

As Tony re rigged I took the Delta up and found improving conditions allowing us to fly to Gwenver easily a trip that both Kaz and Nigel made for the first time with big smiles. Adi C arrived having finished work also hoping to complete his hill conversion on his Paraglider and got sorted.

Then it all came together, Adi was off first in classic Paragliding conditions making a first class job of his two soaring flights and having a ball as the sun came out and the clouds puffed up. Two excellent top landing later and he is signed off so watch out for him on the hill, he's a lovely chap.

No sooner than Adi landed than the wind began to pick up a little more and with the tide now on the turn Tony T was back on launch. A much more relaxed take off followed by some more relaxed flying saw him soaring Sennen. He took a little time to get fully sorted but was after about 10 minutes was doing nicely and looking smooth. A good top landing and big grin later and he was ready to go again.

By now Kaz was also in the air on her hangy and having fun cruising between launch and Gwenver at will. Tony found breezier conditions and more lift and this time was off and settled much more quickly. He had and i quote " the best flight of his life" and he has flown a few things over the years before putting in a first class landing on top to complete his hill conversion and qualification, it was 20 to 9!

As it turned out a great afternoon although for a while we did not think it would happen for the guys. Well done to Adi and Tony and good luck in your flying for the future. Also good to see just how excited both Nigel and Kaz were with their flying as they move deeper into theirs.

looks like time to start some more students as we are running out !!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High flyers

Kaz and Michel get things moving

Tony T looking good as he comes in to top land

Phippsy in retro colours tests Al's glider

Al tests Al's glider

Happy Pilots < thanks for the piccy Mike

The Hangy conditions continue and we continue to make the most of them.

The chosen site was Chapel Porth for the day and with a spring tide by 09.30 there was plenty of beach just in case.

Kaz led the way on her hangy closely followed by newly qualified (Yesterday) Michel on the Calypso in fresh conditions which provided stacks of lift and super soaring conditions. Whilst they played Tony T (Brighton) and Al H (Bideford) got their gliders rigged and sorted in anticipation.

With Michel back on the ground we took Tont T to the front on his shiny mylar Wills Wing Falcon 3 for his first flight in two years, where have you been Tony? Despite pre flight nerves he did an excellent take off and enjoyed a very pleasant soaring flight before popping back in on top, just what he needed.

Al H then put in some air time on the Calypso looking every part a pilot so regaining his qualification after many years off. Next i test flew Al's own glider and sorted out the hang point before Al took it up himself. He had a great flight settling into the lighter handling and slightly less staedy wing well and loving the extra performance it gave.

Kaz and Michel sneaked in second flights getting even higher than before as the wind increased and backed a little more to the s/w as the front approached.

Sam A also made it down but was a little late and Bill N, Dean F and Rick W all kept us company as it was too windy for danglers. In fact I think it may have proved too much for Dean and Rick we shall see come Thursday if the weather plays ball!

So yet another hangy back on the scene and if the front clears tomorrow we should also get Tony finished with a bit of luck, how many is that??

Monday, May 16, 2011

Michels Monday Morning

Another Happy Hanger as Michel adds Hang Gliding to his qualifications - Well done

What a relaxed morning it was at Perranporth where Michel turned up to finish off his Hill conversion on the Hangy before having to go and launch boats as the tide came in, ideal.

Conditions were smack on and even a bit light as Michel rigged so i popped in a flight on the Paraglider to keep out of the way. By the time i landed and Michel had rigged the breeze picked up so after a quick demo Michel was off, up and away to play. he had a great time with no one else there just playing around and trying things out including some nice 360's. next came the landing and his previous days experience came into play resulting in a good one after a couple of test approaches. That's it he's qualified so now no longer needs to fly his Paraglider when it's too windy all we need to do is find him the right hanger, well done.

Conditions look like getting a bit lighter over the next few days but hopefully there will be enough breeze left for Tony t who is finally making a visit to finish off his hill flights on a hangy tomorrow, we shall see.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super Soaring Sunday

Dave K brightens up the sky

Pat G has fun as she gets her Tandem flight

Kaz and Sam A fly high

Newbies Paul C and Dave K duly pleased with their achievements

Mr Bloom goes flying

After a vary nice day celebrating yesterday we were back out on the hill bright and breezy with some more hangies to get going and sorted. Whilst the guys arrived and rigged i sneaked a cracking flight on the Delta (Paraglider) which made easy work of the strong enough conditions and still had some left to play with the lifty sea thermals coming through, if had not been for the students i would have been out of there....

Still back to work and Dave K (Bristol) was the first student off to complete his hill endorsement with a couple of nice soaring flights and top landings making his trip down well worth while. Watch out for him out on the hills in the Avon area.

Next to get a go was Paul C Plymouth also hoping to finish his hill conversion. Paul had a good flight looking relaxed from the word go and flying very smoothly. Top landing proved a little trickier and a moment of indecision saw him try to land to near the front and whilst he did make Terra firma a landing it was not! Still undeterred after a short break to gather thoughts and re asses he was off again for another nice flight but this time followed by as nice a landing as you could ask for, well done Paul and apologies for my tongue lashing!

Trev H having watched proceedings harnessed up and was soon at the front for his first hill soaring flight looking suitably nervous. He need not have worried, a super take off followed by a super flight was followed by a super top landing and a super smile so starting his hill soaring career. Trev popped in another before the day was out so hopefully only one more day and he will be sorted.

Michel having waited patiently then got in on the act and put in his second hill flight having done his first on Friday and looked smoother quicker to enjoy a solid 30 minutes and having some fun playing with the lifty clouds before making a good top landing all be it in the alternative location. Again one more day should see him sorted.

Add to this three cracking Tandem flights for Pat G (Marazion), Andre (Birmingham) and Ben F (Manchester, also known as Mr Bloom of CBBees fame) all of whom had a great time in stonking conditions and it was a busy day finally brought to a halt for the students as the tide came in.

great to see newly qualifiers Kev S and Sam A making the most of it and putting several flights each and doing very well too. Also good to see Robin M (Devon) get back onto a hanger and keen to do more so giving Paul C another flying buddy. Also good to see kaz back up there on her hangy having fun.

l done to all and it looks like another good couple of days ahead :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tidying up Tom & Managing Michel

Tom looking smooth and streamlined

Tot and Tom celebrate his completion

Michel flies high on his first hill hangy flight

Coming into land Michel concentrates for a change

Happy bunnies

We played the same game as yesterday and waited till early afternoon before heading out to Perran both for the tide and also to let a weak front pass and the wind veer which it duly did making it very nicely flyable by 14,30 ish.

After a quick demo Tom took to the air to finish off his hill conversion in conditions that were more bouncy than yesterday and with more west in the breeze so a little off the hill. Still he did a great job starting with a perfect launch making life easy. The lift was good and he took advantage of it to pop in a few 360's whilst racking up the airtime before coming in for another top landing and gaining his qualification.

Whilst Tom took a short break I sneaked a flight in on Luke C's WW Sport 2 and had a ball, these must be the most fun things around....

Tom then got back up there and again proved his take off technique is well sorted and had a fun 15 minutes before the wind backed a little reducing the lift. His top landing was a little short emphasising the need to adapt to changing conditions and giving Tom a valuable lesson one of many he has yet to learn as he starts out on his flying career. A debrief and some maintenance later he was back up there making it look all to easy again before redeeming himself with a good top landing and putting that big smile back in place :)

By now Michel K (Penryn) who had arrived was suitably nervous so we got him harnessed up and off he went for his first hill soaring flight. After a little wobbly start he smoothed out and got back into the hangy way as he racked up a 35 minute flight in what were the days best conditions seeing him way up in the sky which he now had all to himself as Big Gray opted to land, strange that!

With a little encouragement Michel got back in on top on his second attempt and promptly turned into a jibbering mess as he extolled the virtues of Hang Gliding.

Another good day with Tom completed and Michel nicely into his hill conversion and even some nice flying for me. day off tomorrow ( 60th wedding anniversary actually(not mine)) then hopefully more fun on the hill on Sunday Monday and possibly Tuesday by the looks of it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funtastic !

Matt flies by on the Tandem at the start of a fun day
Charis and Matt (and Phippsy) after their Tandem flights

Tom soars high on his first soaring flight

Coming into land Tom sets up and corrects nicely

The guys - Sam A, Tom D and Kev S

Rounding off the day like it started Rob beams as we fly by

What a cracking day out on the hill with lots on and perfect conditions all day :)

We arrived at 13.30 giving us time to rig and let the tide drop out so opening up the beach nicely for the hangy hill conversion boys. Whilst they got themselves sorted I took the opportunity to get Charis and Matt (Essex) up on the tandem hangy in super conditions. They both had super flights alongside the seagulls and in Charis's case alongside the most beautiful bird of prey as it soared beside us. The guys got the feel of flight on the hangy and both did well flying it themselves so adding nicely to the Taster day they had yesterday, the full package and how lucky were they!

By the time we landed the "students" were ready and Kev S ( Yeovil) led the way putting in the first of four soaring flights and converting onto his own glider and harness along the way.

Next up was Tom D (Warikshire) who was back down having completed his CPC tow with us a month or so ago for his hill conversion. Tom did an excellent job and soon settled into the flight looking very smooth and co ordinated after just a few beats. By the end of play he had racked up 3 flights and was looking very pleased with himself and so he should.

Sam A (Tavistock) was back for his second day on the hill and got back on the horse in fine style making a cracking flight on the Calypso before converting onto his own glider to complete his hill conversion and put some ghosts to bed, nice one.

At the end of the day Rob (Holland) took the opportunity for a Tandem flight so whilst the guys derigged we had another top flight in very lifty conditions just playing with the whole sky to ourselves before coming in for a lovely top landing. Rob just loved the whole experience and would have stayed up till dark (and beyond) if he had the chance!

Nice to see some other hangies out too giving the newbies someone to fly with.

A great day and whats more it looks like we may have a few more over the next few days :)

Dream makers

Adi sets off on his first hill soaring flight

Flying high a dream comes true

Chris watches the sun go down with the sky to himself

It was a fun day with both tow and hill work getting sorted to keep everyone happy!

We started in the field where Matt and Charis (Essex) were along for a taster day on the hangy whilst down on holiday in St Ives. In super conditions they both were a pleasure to teach as they worked through the ground based activities with looks of wonder as the glider tried to lift them off the ground.

Early afternoon saw them onto the winch and under Daisy's steady hand they got their first flight in. despite the now slightly bumpier conditions they both did really well showing good glider control in both pitch and roll and even landing on their feet every time. Matt rounded off his day with a couple of untethered flights getting a little higher and realising a dream that he has had for some time.

With news from Kax (on "staff training" at Chapel) that things were good for soaring Paragliders it was off to Perranporth for the evening where we met up with Adi C (Iloogan) and Chris B (Plymouth) for some hill conversions on their Paragliders. After a demo flight by Kaz Adi was next off and performed a lovely take off on his new Mojo 3 and was soon soaring the ridge alongside Bill N who had come over from Chapel to see the fun! A good top landing was followed by a less good deflation and then by a huge smile as Adi also realized something that had long been a dream to him as well.

Not to be outdone Chris followed suit and made a cracking first soaring flight with the whole ridge to himself enjoying both the experience and the views. Chris did an almost copy cat top landing and had a smile just as big.

Both guys then popped in a final flight as the wind eased and the sun set and both top landed to round off a super evening although a little more work on collapsing canopies won't come amiss.

Well done to everyone and lets hope we can get out for their second days soon :)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Windy Wales

Kaz's cake tasting session at Pontlottyn
Daisy explains to Big Gray avoidance techniques

Sunny walk by the canal and itchy bits

Looking good at the Malverns as I tog up to go

The start of an 85 K flight, yummy...

The first round of the British Open Series, and the British Open itself was held in SE Wales over the period 29/4/11 till 3/5/11. We headed up accompanied Daisy M early on the 29th having had a cracking afternoons flying at Carbis Bay on the day before where I actually got my Comp' hangy out to make sure it was still all there.

To cut a long story short the first four days were a bit on the breezy side meaning no tasks were set but unusually the weather was lovely with sunny skies making for some nice walks and chill out time, rare, normally its wet and windy!

Still the forecast as usual was looking better for the last day and those of us who stayed were rewarded with a fantastic days flying at the Malverns,a site where I had not flown before, with a race to goal via one turnpoint giving a total of 85K. Launching early saw me quickly to cloudbase at 6000' followed by a fairly straightforward but thoroughly enjoyable flight across wales to the goal arriving 6th for the day not bad for my first thermic flight on a hanger since August.

The rest of team Kernow had a fine time as well with Tim J, Gray M and Big Gray A all putting in the K's. Next round end of May in Yorkshire.........