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Sunday, September 28, 2014

One stop - all Go

Having had a lovely day out yesterday with my Dad and eldest Son on the boat it was fingers crossed for a good day in the tow field today.  As it turned out we picked the perfect day with a light NE breeze set in from the start and a slightly overcast sky keeping things nice and smooth.

By 10.00 the Paraglider boys were rigged and ready to play and Geoff P on the Paramotor was well on his way to getting ready.  The winch was set and things got rolling with a demo flight of Asymmetric' s and Big ears in readiness for Frank H and Gary T to hopefully complete their CPC flying tasks.  They were joined by Steve B and Sean M both back after their taster days for more and looking forward to getting back in the air.

Gary led the way and was soon up there getting the Ears in and steering with weight shift, no problem. Frank followed suit making it all look the way it should and finding it to be "all right" ;)

Whilst Frank and Gary worked their way through the Big Ears and into the Asymmetrics which they both did really well in, giving it a little more than the minimum that is required, Sean and Steve moved into their EPC tasks.  A refresh on non release to make sure they had not forgotten what to do then it was into releases flights before starting gentle turns.

By the end of the day they were just starting bigger turns from a greater height having put 9 flights in each.  Frank and Gary having finished their flying tasks enjoyed the afternoon racking up some experience flights and competing for the spot landing, coming out joint first based on style and accuracy and getting 10 flights each.  They both took and exam each passing nicely so congratulations Guys, see you on the hill next time.

Meanwhile on the Paramotor front Geoff now joined by Fergie and Treeve popped in a nice flight to finish off his CPC tasks and get signed off so he is now able to fly out of the school and build experience before returning to get his Pilot tasks finished.  Hope to see you soon Geoff.

Fergie and Treeve had a fun afternoon practicing take offs and landings on their Paramotor and to be fair were both excellent, non of this "just got away with that" take offs or landings for them, long may it continue.

So a sweet day with no winch moves and perfect conditions, what more can you ask.  Thanks to all for making it fun, to frank for the Honey and to Phil for keeping things moving.  Oh forgot to mention it must have been smooth as even Phil L took a line on his Delta 2 and made it look easy.........

Quote of the day "you hold and I'll turn it"

Friday, September 26, 2014

6 out of 6 and 3 out of 3 ;))

With the way the forecast was set there was a good chance that someone would be happy and a faint chance that everyone may be but that would be asking too much, wouldn't it??

Off to Sennen Cove on a brisk NNW forecast and on arrival it looked like Perran with plenty there, guess it was a bit northy at Perran then.  Whilst Jenny S and Nigel A both rigged the hangies hoping to get some hill soaring Julian M held fire with his Paraglider, hoping to finish off his hill conversion, as things were on the breezy side.

The hangies get sorted whilst the danglers chat

I tested the air on the Zero before handing it over to Steve M for a test fly, he seemed to get along ok flying over to the village and getting plenty of height, nice one. Bill joined him on his ASKA and Kaz popped up on her Hangy for a cracking flight.

Steve M top lands a car on the Zero 17

With the Tandem Hangy rigged and ready Karen P (Tavistock) arrived and we waisted no time in getting into the air for a lovely soaring flight in smooth conditions taking a good look at the houses and waving to those having a late breakfast on their balconies.  Slipping back in on top rounded off the flight along with a big smile from Karen, a good start.

With the hangies rigged and ready a quick demonstration flight on the good old Mars confirmed all was good and we got Jenny ready to go.  A little hesitant take off was followed by a super smooth flight with Jenny flying nice and confidently looking like a pilot rather than a passenger, great.  A good 20 minutes then with a bit more lift she came in and popped the Mars back in on top with a typical Jenny yelp, excellent , looks like the Sport 2 next then.

Julian M and Steve L share an ice cream as Jenny gets some airtime in

and loving it she's flies nice and smooth

Nigel A was ready to go and made a cracking launch on the Calypso before settling into the soaring beat.  It took him a few beats to relax and get in touch with the wing but soon enough he too was looking smooth and in control.  With conditions getting a little lighter the Paraglider began to rig and Nigel get a little lower, hmmm.

Bill N popped up on his crispy new Ozone ZERO 19 testing it out for the first time and just loving it, guess he will be flying even more than ever now, the man will grow wings soon.

Bill N on his new toy, one of the many he flew .......

With a little rain on the horizon the Para's held fire and I hoped for a little more breeze as it approached. Sure enough the wind filled and the lift increased and Nigel gained height nicely before coming in for a first class top landing, great.

Nigel goes forth and flies !

Now with conditions changing it was Julians turn.  A little ground handling to get the measure of his nice new Ozone Buzz Z4 as it emerged from its bag for the first time saw him looking confident and ready to go.  A good launch and he was off and away to join the increasing numbers in good lift soaring nicely.  10 minutes later and he came in for a nice top landing and a big grin, only two more to go and he will be sorted.

Wasting no time after a debrief he was off again this time taking off on the slope.  All went well and before we knew it another two flights were completed in the freshening conditions, a lot learnt and his hill conversion completed, amazing.

As the Paragliders including Bill N on his "normal" wing landed due the wind picking Cerys R (yes the same one that cam up on the Paraglider yesterday) got the call from Blackberry picking and with the Tandem.  We had a lovely flight with Cerys getting to see and experience what husband Geoff has been doing for years and just loving it.  In perfect conditions we checked out Sennen village before coming back in for a tip toe landing to be greeted by Geoff.

Kaz popped in a final flight on her Hangy as the hill became deserted so having the whole sky to herself and enjoying it.  Good to see so many having fun and making the most of the day and especially good to Steve M after such a long time.

there is  apace that says it all 

Quote of the day "that was absolutely b**dy fantastic"  looks like he is back to stay ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fishing, Flying and Finishing

An early start saw me out on the water as the sun came up and a bag full of mackerel to pop in the smoker, a good start.  The wind was nil as forecast so we held off a decision on towing till mid day.  A recheck on the forecast and we canned it as when the wind did come in it was likely to fill quickly getting to the top end.

get the smoker out ;))

Kaz complete with new wetsuit decided to go for a swim out to the rock at Portreath so I thought it wise to paddle alongside on the Kayak just n case.  Rude not to dangle a line at the same time and the result was a nice 51/2 lb Bass, excellent.

get a bigger smoker!

The wind filled in so it was home to change toys and out to Chapel Porth for a spot of flying.  Meeting up with Cerys R (Geoff R's) other half in the car park having just driven down from Bristol was a nice surprise and even better when Cerys decided to have a Tandem on the Paraglider.

Down on launch it was perfect and we were quickly in the air joined by Kaz, Phil L and Geoff to enjoy as super flight and catch upon things.  Cerys had a super time getting to see what Geoff see's and experience what he rabbits on about!  Whilst up there we were lucky to see my niece Bethany complete her epic walk of the Cornish Coastal footpath arriving back at Chapel Porth with lots of waving from friends and family, well done Beth.

Chapel from Cerys's new point of view

 Back down and a swap of passengers saw Kaz and myself share the glider before off to the Driftwood for a few pints of Doom Bar with the Rogers.  What a super day ;))

Quote of the day " it comes to something when you have to get your wing out again to go flying with your wife"   that will teach you to put it away to soon! and don't mention Donkey's ..........

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cracking On in the field

Sunny September continues and it was off to the tow field for some training with Lawrence C on a taster day, Geoff P starting his CPC and Fran k H also moving into his CPC.

Lawrence C gets on with some PLF's

Whilst Lawrence got on with the basics Geoff and Frank got some ground handling in  and both looked pretty good at it to boot.  The wind played around a little but by lunch time with Lawrence sorted and the other guys nicely warmed up it began to settle a bit.  Well thats what we thought, a couple of winch moves and finally a nice NE breeze set in making it ideal.

Geoff was first away looking good after a few months off and back in the grooves he went to the top of the line.  Lawrence was next on his first low level tow and did a fine job to start with before loosing it a little and veering off to the left before return ing to the right a little too far and having to be backed off.  A slightly awkward landing resulted in a sore shoulder and end of play for the day, hopefully next time out life will be easier.

Geoff comes in whilst Franks looks on

looking good on finals

Frank joined in the fun and it was not long before the guys were ticking off the tasks working through  weight shift, normal used flying speeds, speed bar and active flying all whilst practicing spot landings on the way.  With 9 tows each under their belts it was a good days work seeing them only needing Big Ears and Assymetrics left on the flying tasks before heading to the hill.

Frank coming "home"

and looking pretty pleased with himself

Thanks to Peachy for being Steve McQueen and on site Physio, where else could you get that??

End of a good day for the guys

a born natural peachy finds his place in life ;)

Quote of the day " that was pretty good"  trust me coming from Frank thats amazing!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Back to work ;)

After a few days away it was good to have some keen pilots to get out in the field with and what a super day it was.

Whilst Kaz got the introductions down with the three taster days/ day ones I got On with Geoff P (Saltash) back for his second day flying his Paramotor.  With the wind still a little light Geoff got his kit sorted in readiness before starting his CPC exam and waiting for conditions to improve.

Steve, Paul and Peter were all along for a go at Paragliding and it was not long before they were clipped into the gliders and getting to grips with the basics under the watchful eye of Kaz assisted by Peachy and later on Phil, overstaffed or what, still can't complain:)

There's got to more to it than this ?

The wind filled just nicely making it easier work and encouraging Geoff to have a go on the Paramotor.  Up and away first time he popped in a cracking flight to put a few nerves to rest before coming in for a good landing and a big smile.

Geoff P buzzes off on his Paramotor

The Newbies were joined by Robin D back for his second day and spent the morning ground handling which I have to say was well worth while seeing a dramatic improvement over a short period.  With the hand tows underway Geoff took the chance for another flight demonstrating how take offs should be done, as near to perfect as you could ask, lets hope he keeps that standard up.

Lunch and it was time to get the winch out complete with shiny new alternator so no more jump leads!  A test flight proved conditions were good and convinced the guys we are not totally mad as they all seemed happy to give it a go.

Paul led the way and set a good standard for the other sot follow doing pretty much as asked, ideal.  Steve followed suit and Peter brought up the rear.  They all managed three flights and in fairness did a pretty good job ending up with stand up landings and some nice flying, ok we did have the odd "jumper".

Happy Bunny after his first flight

With the day ones sorted Robin popped onto the line and had a fine time moving deeper into his EPC finishing off with 200' release flights and good turns down to land. Hopefully he will move into his CPC next time out.

Sums it up

Geoff got another two flights in to round off a full day for him having also used his time to good effect with some ground handling to sharpen his skills.

So another good one with everyone happy, in fact so much so that Steve booked in for a full course and Paul will do when he next returns to sunny Cornwall.  Great feed back from the guys, thank you and it was pleasure to meet them along with Nicola (Pete's other half) hope you have a great holiday and enjoy the surfing next.


Quote of the day "It doesn't get any better than this"

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Yorkshire puddings

The final round of the BOS (Hang Gliding ) took place in Yorkshire and thats where we headed for 5 days of fun and frolics and even some flying ;)

Thursday saw us (me and Tim J) arrive just missing the briefing but there being no rush we pitched the tents then headed to Tailbridge where a task was set at 70 k to anywhere.  Gliders flew before the forecast rain and again after it but despite a few good efforts no one activated so it was an early finish.

Day Two Friday wet and windy, very windy so day canned and a mixture of chess, politics and beer saw the day disappear.

Day Three bright and windy so a trio north to visit Tims friends resulting in goof food , good beer good company and two dirty stop outs!  Can't be bad.

Getting set :)

Day Four  an early start saw us back in haws for the briefing and up the hill at Wether Fell under good skies and a warm day.  Task set at 114 K via a turn point at about 60 k.

Off and away

Take off straight to base at about 3700,  this is good lets get a better start by tracking south ........  1 hour and 20 minutes later after a lot of boating around guess what I am back where I started at cloud base over the same patch of hill!

Up to base

back with the masses

Up again and lets go ......

 Ok lets go.  A super flight with stunning views crossing the moors before making it out to the flat lands.

Coming out of the moors at cloud base :))

 Here things got tricky seeing a lot of grovelling at about 600 feet off the deck before landing next to the turn point for 4th place, missing 3rd by .4 of a point :)

Time for a rest

A cracking day with lots of smiley faces and Tim doing well for 7th place.  A fun evening and the Baked studs went down very well, thoughts for the future.

Day 5 Day canned early, why ???  Pack up tents go up hill and get glider rigged for test flying.  Tim has fun flight , Steve B and Shedsy both fly T2 C and land with big smiles and comments on how light and easy a glider it is to fly, and this coming from Moyes Boys :))))))))))

So the end of the series and a 4th place overall, not bad for an old timer!

The trip home, well interesting ending up via Worthing but I got there in the end.  A fine time away and good to catch up with all and have a few laughs.  We are looking for a new Meethead for next year any offers ??

 Quote of the comp'  "how long is yours upright"