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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Like the old days !

It was breezy at Perran, in fact very breezy!  However thinking back 20 years ago it was the kind of conditions we used to fly regularly on gliders a lot less capable and harder to fly so I decided to give it a go.  Sure enough it was a fun take off and picking the right moment was important, as was Big Gray's duck out of the way. Once up and away the T2 C handled conditions easily getting around at will and actually feeling pretty relaxing to fly despite it being bouncy.

Having floated about for a while and assessed the top landing options I decided to either beach land by the main Perranporth car park or to fly back over the camp and land by the entrance off the main road, that is the beauty of Perran it gives you options.

Forsaking the less windy beach landing I played with a a bit of lift and circled back over the camp  arriving at the entrance 150' higher than I left the cliff. "S" ing off the height things got a little exciting near the ground, a combination of wind gradient and gorse bushes i think but the actual landing was fine.

It cast me back to when that is the kind of thing we would do at the end of the day just for fun along with giving some easy practise at both thermalling and out landing without having to commit to XC.  So next time you are out and the end of play is coming think about it and get a little more out of your days flying.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fitting it in at Perran

 Chris H gets to try out the Element
 Steve M gets to try out his new Rush 3
 Who is this man ??
 Bunker Buddies
Coming back to earth, eventually !

It was an interesting day at Perranporth where the wind was up and down and switching around throughout the day, bit like the flying.

With such conditions timing was of the essence and luckily we got it pretty much on the nail through the day.  Chris H (Sennen) was along to start his hill work to get him sorted into the BHPA having done various bits abroad and with some other schools.  Chris managed to pop in four flights in total including 3 top landings and one slope landing.  His first two flights were on his own wing which saw him zooming around the sky not very high making me a bit suspicious of the wing size.  Not having a placard on it made me more suspicious so we popped him onto the Large Element which saw him floating around with everybody else making his life a lot easier.  By the end of his flying he had got soaring nicely sorted and even managed to try out Big Ears a couple of times.

Russell s (Torquay) turned up after work by which time the wind was on the increase and by the time he was ready it was also backing to the SW so once again he will have to wait a bit longer.

There was a good turn out of pilots having fun and nice to see Simon C back in the air along with Mark F.  Steve M got to try out his new Ozone Rush 3 which saw him way up there having a ball with the only problem as how to get down!  Looks like his new wing has got the thumbs up already :)

Knocking it on the head in mid afternoon Chris took the chance for a bit of theory input and rounded off with his EPC exam so setting him up for the CPC next time out.