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Monday, October 27, 2014

Short and sweet

With a morning slot on the cards we headed back to the field with Trevor to make the most of it and wasted no time in rigging the Hangy.  test flight proved all good and Trevor got clipped in  and was soon on line.

With yesterdays experience to work from he made steady progress over another eight flights with even some moments of brilliance!  Still a bit of a way to go but I am sure when he next returns it will happen, oh the test of teaching analytical people ..........  By 11.30 the wind was on the pick up and Trevor was full so we called it a "day" and headed home, good timing as it turned out as by the time the glider was in the bag it was definitely breezy!

Quote of the day " who does your washing?"

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Easing back into it in the UK

Back in the UK after a cracking couple of weeks in Spain ( see previous blogs) on our annual trip it is always good to get out training again.

Did it rain whilst we were away ? Judging by the amount for water in the buckets and in the electrics of the winch I think it did.  Still it was not long before all was dried out and ready to roll.

Trevor E (Cullumpton) was along to have a go at Hang Gliding and after a delayed day yesterday we were up for making the most of today.  Whilst Kaz got to grips with cutting the grass at home Trevor and myself headed to the field and got on with the basics in what turned out to be ideal conditions.  A nice green field, a steady breeze,  16 degrees C and no one else about a bit different from the last two weeks then! but great for learning in.

Trevor gets rigging

Kaz's view

By lunchtime we were sorted and Kaz duly arrived with sandwiches and coffee perfect timing.  A demo' flight then it was Trevor's turn.  A bit of "moon walking" soon turned into low hops  with Trevor becoming  not only more confident but also more competent with each flight.  After 8 flights both Trevor and myself were "full up" so we had a leisurely de rig before heading home for tea and paperwork.

A well tired Trevor de rigs in one piece

Well not a bad way to get back into the UK and hopefully we will get a few more days like it over the next few weeks before we head off for a "proper" holiday.

Quote of the day "does it not have voice recognition?"  ... guess who is a software analyst then.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Algo 2104 Day 15 - Oh what a perfect Day

So the last day of Algo 2014 arrives, the sun does it thing and we have a mega blow out at breakfast trying to eat up whats left, well actually I am so busy sorting stuff out I forget to have anything at all! Bags are packed and a check of the house, even the vans get a wash, thanks guys.  Good news we can leave our kit in the house and pick it up after flying :)

The start of the last day

Packing ;(

A solid NE forecast so it's off to Montellano again to face the heat and the Eastern Europeans, well at least we get something to watch ;))  Colins wing is still in dock and Jesus has fallen to the stomach bug so it will have to fly home on its own, is no one safe??

 The name game is slowing down with Simon stuck on an E. Colin explains the difference between a horse a mule and an Ass, well glad we got that one cleared up.  We head straight to the top where we found our foreign friends already at play in just about soarable conditions.  Car two puts the windsock up in the landing field and joins us whilst Ollie hides himself away again and ends up walking up the hill having stayed there over night.

Chilling in the bushes

I tuck into my lunch wondering why I am so hungry so early and the guys get sorted.  Michel, Carl Julie  Ollie and Martin are all soon ready and one by one we "pop" them into the developing que in our own  style, no one argues, ideal.  They all play about in the lift as the air begins to fill but eventually the weight of numbers is to much for the lift and and gliders begin to descend.  All except Michel, who is tucked away off to the left, land at the bottom where Peachy is revved up and ready to return them to the top.

Michel does what Michel does

By the time they arrive things are improving again along with the wind.  Simon gives it a shot along with Martin and both give us out first real bush munching of the trip, the pressure grows.  With varying degrees of success or failure pilots go to launch and we take advantage of the regular free slots whilst they untangle themselves.  Kaz is in up and away, off to join Michel on the far ridge.  The guys are all happy to sort themselves and so I enter the firing line ......... dare not cock this one up, a bit of luck and a nice breeze and I soon join Michel and Kaz away from the crowd.

"The Que"  .... what Que ?????

Kaz shows them how to do it

Carl and Ollie now well seasoned opportunists are not far behind as the wind increases on launch giving the rest of Team Cloud 9 plenty to entertain themselves with.  We all had a super flight with Kaz nearly touching the Vultures and practically speechless at the experience.  A nice mixture of ridge and thermal lift gave plenty to play with.

Gliders all over 

The guys on top decided they had had enough so headed down and we pull out front to go down and join them all landing nicely with stupid grins.  A final pack of the wings, a discussion regarding speeding cars with a farmer and we were off to the lake leaving a sky full of colour behind us.

Kaz packs after a super duper flight

Ollie last man down

Final pack

Carl sneaks into another photo

The lake was a good as ever and even Michel showed off his bronzed body cooling off in the very acceptable water.  With the sweat washed off we had a relaxing drink before heading back to the digs to pick up our kit and we were out of there.  A final game of pick your partner saw Julie with a man in uniform, Simon and Carl level pegging, Colin doing pretty well in the more mature stakes and me ending up with a goat.

Michel shows off his wares

this one had to be cropped to protect the guilty

one for the girls ......

Group shot then we were off

It all went quiet in the back as the children fell asleep and we headed south to Malaga,  meal on the way, the cars dropped off and we were on the plane.

Goat Jam at Teba

So ended Algo 2014 with everyone in tact and hopefully having had a great time and moving their flying forward a bit as well.  A Big thanks to you all for coming and making it so enjoyable, well done to Kaz and Peachy for the domestics and keeping car two running sweet.  My final flight on the last day was much appreciated, thank you. Thank you also to those of you who kept in touch from the UK it's always good to have your support.  Next year who knows but if you are interested let us know and we shall see .......

Quote of the day "my wife and daughter for 2 donkeys and an olive tree"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Algo 2014 Day 14 - Duration and Spot

The sun pops up the cereal goes down and the smell of fried bacon and eggs wafts through Casa Zahara it can,t be bad.  Change of site today with a NE breeze forecast and thoughts are it could well be busy but we have a cunning plan ..........

The eater outers

the eater inners

Once more to the fountain of youth we go where the children get out and round one of the Wet T shirt competition get's underway with Julie winning by just two points ;)

Children at play

I meet up with Old Franz, it's great to see him looking so well at 77 and after a couple of pretty bad knocks, his enthusiasm is still infectious.  Off up north we head to Montallano with the car steaming up as Julie dries out in the back.  Check out the bottom landing field with the not so new newbies, plant a windsock then up the hill. Wow where to park?? there are a lot here already.

On launch it looks like a giant Duvet with canopies laid out everywhere this could be interesting.  The wind is off but this does not deter out friends from the east as they "launch" a stream of pilots into the bushes and occasionally the air, a frenchman and a Spaniard express their thoughts to the "instructor" and things calm down a little, we watch and wait.

Michel looks ahead !

Martin set to join Ollie

Julie off at the start of a long one

The wind comes on, the gliders out, and it's time to start playing.  The usual suspects make clean take off's to join those already soaring and boat up and down the ridge in an orderly fashion.  Colin makes another flight and carries out his flight plan impeccably landing sweetly in 'Gunnies" flield.  The car picks up those that are down and returns them to the top where things are getting more interesting as the wind fills.

Colin in the zone

Julie is still in the air and reporting lovely conditions so those that are keen get set to join her.  We implement cunning plan and in no time at all our pilots are off and away looking like Oasis's amongst a desert of talent, does that make sense???

The wind continues to fill so we decide to head to the lower launch with a view to flying back up onto the ridge behind.  It's busy there also and intact not too lift with very few climbing out and most going down, we wait.  Baz cracks and goes for a coffee, we wait.  10 minutes later it's improving and with info' from those in the air that top launch is still struggling Colin leads the way for us.  Simon is next and soars the ridge before making a break for the higher one, not quite connecting and landing nearby for a walk back.  I give it a shot and find a nice little thermal which soon see's me up and away to the main ridge. Martin goes for it but misses it and heads to the bottom just as news comes through that top launch is looking much better.

Parawaiting in the shade

Simon ready

and away

and up ......

It does not take long for us all to get back up there and the team launch again to enjoy some super flying into the evening.  Ollie comments on hoe nice Michels wing looks from above, Michels suggests they go to the castle on the pimple out front, Ollie lands out, gets chased by a dog and stake whilst Peachy does an impression of the italian job trying to find him with 3 pilots all directing him in different directions, oh the language.  Ollie returns and flies again joined by Kaz and the remainder whilst Colin plays on the lower ridge having it pretty much all to himself.

Peachy keep control

As the evening set in they finally came down one by one with Martin sussing that the wind was catabolic at the bottom and doing a fine up slope landing to set a trend.  Julie had to come down for a pee having spent over 5 hours in the air and been the focus of some Polish guys camera for most of it.

Landing field beers :))

What a day, guess we will not cook in tonight then, it was a slightly smelly crew that invaded the Italian restaurant that evening but at least Peachy had time to wash his arms ...........

Quote of the day "that's the longest one I've ever had"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Algo Day 13 - Lucky for some

Oh no not yet another nice flying day in Spain with bright sunshine, the temperature in the 30's and  excellent company to boot, sometimes life is just too hard.   Whilst the breakfast crew chewed their way through the mountain of bread that we had accumulated others swapped photos and viewed videos of previous antics.

Pilots unloaded and cars got loaded and then we were off to pick up a "spare" wing for Colin then via the fountain for water then off up the hill.


At the top the wind was east, well east but with a forecast for it to veer and get lighter there was no panic.  A few took off and proved it un sharable and with the wind so far off not even possible to make it to the landing field, we waited.  A session of catapult shooting took place with Carl as the target but he was just to quick for us.  Julie got her camera out but we are not sure who it was for the boys or the girls you decide.


The wind started to move on and a few more took off with some staying up and some going down, we shuffled.  More improvement and the guys got their kit ready with Peachy heading up the team in a positive mood.   Light lift and thermals and a sky god launched to float about and thermal close to the ridge, oh that will be a spin then.  I get the binoculars out whilst Carl legs it into the bushes. All is ok just a cut or two and carl returns hot and sweaty after dealing with the canopy and the pilots wife in a bush ........

the fun begins

 Peachy looks not so keen but togs up again and legs it off with another good launch.  Martin follows Peachy and totally ignores the large area of lift before heading towards the landing field area where he finds some more to enjoy a super flight practicing thermalling in the quieter air, nice.  Carl and Ollie get out there having their own mini comp' and both do well although I think Ollie took the top spot.

Ollie at full chat

they are out there somewhere

With the car full and ready to roll Simon takes off in the knowledge that it could be a long wait and flies out slowly sinking.

Julie, Colin  and Michel, "I need more wind", wait as things get flicky on the hill and the guys land one by one. Some are going off the side launch and some off the main then the wind blows over the back!  Thats's it with car two heading back up we bundle and trundle to the west launch where the wind well off to the to the north, hmmmmmm.  Car two checks out the north launch where some are launching but going straight down.

Simon pops up and climbs away

Simon pops up having found some super lift and reports from the air that pilots are now launching again from the south, we head back.  Yep it's back on how bizarre, Colin is off like a rat up a drain pipe with the others not far behind including Michel in lighter wind than before. Simon is landing after a couple of hours wanting a drink as we glide out.  Peachy drives so I can fly but it is a nice gentle one down being chased by Ollie all the way, still good to get my feet off the ground after a long hot day.

Round two ready to go

Beer and dancing in the landing field can't be a bad day then.  Kaz and myself go out for a romantic meal in the square and I pop a cork in my pocket, whilst some stay in and some stay out.  Looks like a change of site tomorrow :)

Fun boy 3

Quote of the day "You like"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Algo 2014 Day 12 - Buttocks, Belly Buttons and Big Ears …....

Another super sunrise greeted the early risers but it was accompanied by a bit of a breeze from the South east which was at least pleasantly cooling with a forecast of 30 degrees plus! Based on a no rush to get up the hill philosophy everyone took it easy and we even managed to get up to the square for a bit of internetting and blog posting, still no wifi in Casa Zahara despite Michels best efforts!  

Candy Crush Kid Rules

With reports of it windy on launch we made a plan and it was …........ to head to Canete del Real for a look at the site having not been there for about 8 years although we still expected it to be windy there before heading to the Lake for a swim with a faint hope of evening flying if very lucky. Julie was back up and running and the banter in the car took it's usual turn once again

Baboons at lunch ?

What do you reckon then ?

The first part went well and we arrived via the Grave yard to find the wind smack on but blowing more than enough. What a super spot for lunch with a view that never ceases to impress, what a place to fly, we really must make it happen sometime ;) With a couple of radio modellors arriving and doing some impressive if somewhat close flying we made our move and headed west to the Lake. In car one the name game was in full swing as we moved through various porn stars from those in the back and into more cultural characters from those in the front. Car two was a bit more relaxed with a spot of dozing going on ….........

Vultures wait for some fresh meat up on the rocks

The new set up at the lake as trialled by Kaz yesterday were super and it was not long before there was a lot of splashing and sploshing in the very acceptbale waters. Drying of in the hair dryer wind our attention was drawn to a certain part of someones anatomy causing much laughter to all but the owner. Coffee and Coke and a view of the hill, a few gliders launched, then a few more and a few more and we were on the move.

Quaint English Couple


Scary but true ......

One car detoured into Algo' to pick up the newly arrived Ollie C who had just driven into town whilst the other detoured via Jesus place to check on progress on Colins wing which revealed some but not a lot, maybe tomorrow. Ollie got car one up to speed on his life to date by the time we arrived on top just in time to see Baz doing a Flamenco dance with a guy in a Paraglider, very impressive.

The boy is back in town

The guys did not hang around with Michel leading the way doing a nice backward departure to a round of “applause”. Kaz was next and soon cruising out from the hill to report it a bit bouncy close in but nice and smooth further out as she climbed out. It was brezzy enough, more like Britain than Spain suiting us but not all giving those waiting something to watch whilst waiting.

Which way Michel ....

Simon gets off as the gliders stack up above

Kaz ready to rock and roll

Martin made the launch of the day giving Ollie something to live up to which he didn't! Carl and Simon were the last of our group off and by then it was breezy enough resulting in some of those taking off further back struggling even more.

The launch of the Ladybird, recently recovered from being turned into a Praying Mantis !

Julie the patient one

Out front gliders were climbing well and fun being had by all but on the hill the wind was continuing to increase and Julie decided to give it a miss, good move. “keep out the front guys” was the advice of the day, some did some didn't ….... Martin decided it was starting to pick up and headed down to round off a super flight with a super landing in super conditions. The rest stayed up and it was about another 15 minutes when they all decided enough was enough and head down. By now the wind was a little more along with the lift so it was Big Ears and speed bars all the way down to land in the field where there was practicaly no wind. 

Ollie shows then how to do it

 By the time we got down there evryone was packed so it was off home to recover before heading out for eats , dancing, the table football championship (well done to Carl for coming second (again)) and even a few drinks.

What will tomorrow bring ?????

Quote of the day “ talk to me”