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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday at Sennen

A reverse forecast of yesterday saw us at Sennen Cove early where the wind was fresh and the sun shining.   Whilst Kaz rigged her hangy I got the Tandem Hangy ready and it was not long before Paul D from yesterday arrived for his flight.

We wasted no time and soon we were up in the air building height before heading across the Cove onto the main (village) ridge where we could play in the lift.  Paul who does a lot of Kayaking got a very different view of an area that he has paddled around many time sin the past.  Visiting pilot Ian P came up to join us on his Hangy to enjoy the view which included the Isles of Scilly which looked very close in the good visibility.

Paul and Launa celebrating their Tandem flights

A nice top landing and it was a very happy Paul that could now share his flying experience with Launa who had come up with us yesterday on a Paraglider.

Whilst we waited for some more passengers to turn up Kaz popped up on her hangy for a flight making it look all too easy.  The colour of the sea, sand and sky were stunning and with Kaz's glider in amongst them it was a real picture.

Kaz flies in on her hangy

Enlarge a little and you can see the Isles of Scilly on the horizon

With the tandems arriving the wind got bottom end for Hang Gliding Tandems but was still a bit strong for the Paraglider.  I had some fun on Kaz's glider and flew out over the sea where Paul and Launa were now happily paddling away in their Kayaks.

The wind eased and Kaz went up on her Paraglider to test the air.  5 minutes and it looked good so I got the glider out, 10 minutes and it looked light so I hesitated, 12 minutes and Kaz came in as Bev launched and the lift dropped away.  One of theses days I guess.........

Bev gets some airtime in

Bev hung in there for a good 20 minutes in challenging conditions flying well but there was just not enough lift to get her back on top and final she opted for the beach where she got a round of applause.

The afternoon went on pretty much like that with it being flyable and fun for some but never good enough for others (including the Tandems).  Tim J gallantly ?? took off on the school Falcon (Hang Glider) and did a great job of hanging in there whist  I struggled to stay up on a Paraglider.  Again it was never good enough for him to get back in on top and another headed to the beach.

a cheery wave from Tim on on of his many low passes

nice ;)

Colin N made good use of the afternoon ground handling and not only continued to improve, particularly in forward launches, but must have pst a kilo or two in the process.  Finally we called it a day as the sun shone and the wind dropped and the girls went for a swim.

                                                                 Ground handling fun

                                Belly thong (cropped to protect the guilty) and it was not Colin ...

Frustrating n ot to get everyone in the air but a lovely place to be and good to meet up with such friendly guys, it never ceases to maze me what some people deal with and what a great attitude they have, amazing.


Nice to drop in on Bev and Martin on the way home for a lovely meal at their Caravan, well cooked Martin ;)

Quote of the day"  you take the back and I'll take the front" ............

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday at Sennen

With the wind forecast to begin to fill around mid day and the showers clear we opted to give towing a miss in the morning which was just as well as we he'd some very heavy showers indeed!

With sunshine showing further to the west and the breeze picking up we headed to Sennen Cove for some hill soaring and Tandems.  Arriving whilst things were still a little scratchy we got the kit out in preparation and waited for things to improve.  Regular teasing of the air on the Paraglider kept us in touch and finally things began to improve.

Kaz comes in after testing the air and just look at that sky, and those socks ...

Jim D and Martin L both came along to have a look at the hill awaiting their Hang Gliding conversions but with long breaks from flying neither were keen to give it a go.

The tandem passengers arrived with Gavin C on the Hanger whilst James N (St Agnes), Launa and Paul D (Torquay) ready for anything!  With it becoming nicely soarable James got hooked to the tandem Pg and we were soon off the hill and in the air.  Conditions proved to be a bit on the light lift side and we hung on in there getting a good view of the pill box at regular intervals.  With some nice clouds coming the lift soon improved and we climbed nicely up and away seeing us move off to fly over the village.

touch down and more socks

We had a super time with James lapping it up and really appreciating just how stunning Sennen Cove is.  Back on the ground and it was Launa's turn but with the wind picking up as forecast we opted for the Hangy.  By the time we were briefed and clipped in guess what, the wind eased again so it was all change and into the Paraglider.

Launa had a cracking flight and to say she loved every second would be an understatement,  best thing she has ever done, well sorry about that Paul!!  In super conditions Launa got to fly the glider and did a fine job of it too before we cam in for our top landing to round off an amazing experience.

The wind continued to play around and we got Paul all set to go on the Paraglider but just as we set out up came the wind again.  Once more it was all change so we took the opportunity to pop Gavin C into the Hangy and off we went for a fun fly as the sun began to get lower in the sky.  Cruising the ridge a group of youngsters having a BBQ gave us a cheery wave and offered us a burger and beer as we went by!  Top landing back by the cars Gavin was re acquainted with Rachel who had bought the voucher as a birthday present back in January.

Big clouds inland and hidden socks

Conditions were again on the move so we decided to pop Paul's flight on hold and with a good forecast for tomorrow we kept our fingers crossed.

A long afternoon but so good to fly with such super people and thank you guys and gals for your patience

Quote of the day "probably the best, not definitely the best"  thats someone who is having a good time :))

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two out of Three ain,t bad

Three day one'rs turned up at the office on what looked a very promising day as the glorious sunshine continued.  Ian L (Falmouth) David LP (Truro) and John W (Newquay) were all along to get a taste of Paragliding and to see if it was for them.

Back in the "normal field) where the grass had been half cut, no not what you think, it was super and you could not wish for a nicer place to be working.  By the time the gliders were checked and ready the wind had filled in a little and the ground handling began.  One by one the guys got it sorted and we were soon getting the hand tows underway.

By now the wind had picked up a little more so we held fire whilst we had lunch and got the tow brief out of the way to see what happened.  Still a bit top end so we put in some more practice at reverse handling whilst I checked the weather and answered phone calls asking if it was flyable at Carbis.  The answer no, although NE and moderate in the field it was NW and light at carbis only 4 miles away! what is going on.

Ian L gets to grips with it backwards :)
An hour later and with the wind easing a little we got towing underway with John leading the way.  Ian followed suit and Dave decided to give it a miss as Paragliding was not going to be his next sport, that is why we call them Taster days!

John and Ian both popped in some nice flights but the wind soon filled again so we called it quits rather than push our luck, there is always another day to finish them off .

Ok, maybe we pushed him a little too hard ...

 Not as good as hoped but still a lovely day with good company plenty of laughs and pretty relaxed, what more can you ask.

Quote of the day "Did you feel that?"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Carbis Capers

Early Start in the hope of catching the breeze before it dropped off.  Arriving on site at just gone 07.00 Dave B (Praze) who had already been to the front advised it was on the top end, now there is a surprise!  Still with the forecast to drop we got tot the front and sure enough it was windy enough.  a test of the air on my Delta 2 proved the point and it on hold for Dave and time to get the Zero out to play.

Kaz comes in on the Zero

Bill plays on his ASKA

A bit of weeding to help clear launch (how about everyone who flies there puts in 10 minutes worth each visit?) whilst Dave took another exam passing nicely, saw a bit larger setting out area in readiness.  The wind continued to blow, Calamity Mike took off< Graham K gave it a go but thought better of it and Kaz flew the Zero and Bill N his ASKA.

Dave joined by Carl R (Plymouth) waited patiently but if anything it got breezier so we called it a day and headed home to sort out Carls new harness and parachute leaving Fergie and Treeve playing on the dunes.

Carl chills in his new Haska

A couple of hours at home relaxing and getting Carls kit sorted whilst keeping an eye on the weather and things seemed to be mellowing.  A coupe of phone calls and we set off back to Carbis where we met with the sight of Colin N's wing taking off and soaring around, looking promising.

On the front it was a lot lighter but off to the north so whilst Carl rigged Kaz tested the air.  By the time Carl was ready things were a lot better and the fun began.  Carl and Colin had a ball getting some super soaring and plenty of practice at top landings, with Carl putting in 8 flights and Colin 4.

Kaz and Colin fly the windsock

sharing the sky - and the view

Richard and Chris (Bristol) turned up and both had cracking Tandem flights enjoying the stunning views as we played in the abundant lift.

Dave B returned from concreting duties and popped in a couple of good soaring flights the second a lot more comfortable than the first ....... to complete his hill soaring conversion with a big smile.

So a good day all round as it turned out, just goes to prove you can never tell.

Quote of the day "I didn't want kids anyway?"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fickle winds

It was back in the field for what looked like a perfect days towing but things are not always as they seem.

 Jenni S was back after her break visiting mongoose's in Uganda and all excited about seeing her new Wills Wing Sport 2 135 for the first time and she was joined by Josh L who was up for day two on the Paraglider.

New toy for Jenni

With a pleasant breeze we got things set up but just before we pulled the lines out the wind changed direction and the clouds built a little.  The next couple of hours saw the wind move around at will and the birds climb out in the abundant thermals, ideal for the experienced but  to so good for training!

all rigged and looking good

So we waited it out until finally it settled in a N to NW and we could get underway.  Jenni was soon back up on the hangy and settling in nicely whilst Josh worked his way into his EPC tasks having decided to go for it.  With conditions improving through the afternoon they both had a fine time and made good progress resulting in Jenni being ready for the hill and Josh nearly completed on his EPC tasks.

and you even get a hat!

Big Grey put in an appearance with his powered HG but the grass may be a little on the long side for that at the moment.  A long day with plenty of waiting around but at least we just moved around a field and not around half of cornwall looking for somewhere to fly!

Quotye of the day "that brings a whole new meaning to tugging off"  something to do with pull starting a booster I think .....

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fitting it in on Friday ;)

Another day when the plan worked out, well pretty much so.

Kaz over Sennen courtesy of Chris

We started off in the tow field with Josh LD (Glastonbury) coming along for a taster day on the Paragliders along with Gary T (St Austell) returning after a years lay off to continue with his EPC.  Julian  was also out after completing his CPC on the tow for a few experience tows in readiness for the hill.

A bit breezy to start with but fine for ground handling so whilst gary got himself re aquainted with things Josh cracked on with the basics and was soon ground handling like a pro!  Guess if you are the kind of guys who likes to pump 4 million volts through your body you pick things up pretty quickly!

The wind mellowed and we got towing under way in nice conditions and under a clear blue sky, just like summer should be.  Whilst gary re capped his turns to complete his EPC flying tasks before popping one in to the top to start his CPC Josh got his first taste of towing.

He did a fine job even if his break dancing days did re visit him briefly .......... . By the end of play as the wind filled again Josh had got it sorted and was looking good if a little tired and had decoded to carry on, Julian had had a great time without me in his ear all the time, and gary was stoked with his first high flight, so plenty of happy faces, oh and Daisy had learnt to winch again!!!

So with time to spare we upped sticks and headed to Sennen Cove where we arrived just as the wind eased back to a comfortable level for the low airtimers. Whilst we waited for the beach to get a little bigger as the tide receded Julian got his hill brief sorted and some ground handling as well.

A couple of test flights and conditions were good so Steve L popped in a nice flight on the school Element to keep his hand in whilst he waits for his Buzz Z4 to arrive (Tuesday I think)  and had a fun time.  With the beach getting bigger by the minute Julian was off and away and did a great job on his first hill flight soaring the cliffs and looking super smooth as he did it.  The lift eased a bit which kept him going up and down and up and down until finally we brought him in on the front for a fine landing a big handshake and a huge smile.

Peachy, Kaz and Chris  all had a ball in the evening air before we settled down for an on the hill BBq and a bit of a chin wag.  Cracking day, looking forward to more of them :))

Quote of the day "that's a shock"  - oh and if any of you have some nice piccies please send and will add to post thanks

Monday, June 02, 2014

A Carlsberg evening

Well nearly anyway. Carl R  was back down to hopefully complete his hill soaring conversion after a cracking evening a few days ago.  Unfortunately on arrival at Perran not only was it light and off but due to an incident on the beach the coastguard requested us not to fly as the Police helicopter was due to come in and take some photos.

Sure enough in it came and with it the wind filled in and squared up, sods law!  Still it was not there for long and after a quick test of the air Carl was off and away on his 3 rd hill flight and once again making it look easy.  He had a fun 15 minutes before coming in and popping his Z4 back in on top in good fashion.  Wasting no time he was soon off again but this time the wind dropped and the lift with it.  One by one the other pilots slope landed leaving Carl scratching along the dunes on his own.  Patience is a virtue and he needed plenty of it but finally we did manage to get him back in on the front so saving a walk up.

The wind did what the wind does but eventually it came on a bit and gliders began to stay up. Bev P gave it a go and did a fine job in the light conditions before heading to the beach after a go 10 minutes or more.  Carl as ever was up for it but a couple of beats saw him come in for a slope landing.  With rain on the horizon we were just about to pack up when the wind filled all be it a bit off to the left.  Making use of the slot he ws away and soon climbing nicely in the moderate breeze.  With plenty of height it was another top landing to round off his his hill conversion with a big smile.

Off to the pub to celebrate as the first rain drops began to fall. Nice on Carl on completing your qualifications and it's been great teaching you, have you got a twin who wants to learn??

Quote of the day "last one to fly it packs it"  guess that will be Phil then

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Waving goodbye ? .........

After a cracking day off out on the boat watching Clipper racing and Red Arrows flying we had a chilled day and with a couple of Tandems booked in headed out to Chapel to check the weather and see what was going on.  Not a lot as it turned out with a few Para's laid out and little breeze we opted to head home and do something more useful.

Falmouth bay ;) 

A few hours later and joined by Martin J (Plymouth) who had dropped in to see us we headed back to the hill as the breeze filled.  Sure enough pilots were flying but conditions were up and down and not good enough to get the Tandems down.  Greeted by the sight of a  low airtime pilot taking off was a little concerning as the available beach was limited to say the least giving them no plan B.  Things worked out OK (just) but it could well have been a different story and hopefully lessons were learnt by  those concerned .......?

something nearly as exciting

something for Kaz (that took a lot of organising!)

Waiting for things to improve and my blood pressure to reduce a little dampness helped to cool things down.  With gulls soaring high off to the right a launch into the light breeze found light lift a I cruised along to the right.  lift increased all the way until it was super smooth and taking me higher and higher.  the gulls were still climbing well out to sea and looking at the clouds the presence of wave lift was plain.  Others joined in the fun before the wave moved off the ridge and we all descended seeing some scratching whilst the others popped in back on top.

The rest of the afternoon continued in the same manor and during one of the sinker bits one of the more experienced pilots decided to try and get to Porthtowan. Disappearing around a small outcrop he vanished below the top not to re-appear. a bit of frantic radio work and running around confirmed they had landed on what beach was left. Unable to walk back along the beach as the tide had cut off that exit a bit of cliff/gully scrambling finally saw them back in the land of the living just in time to see others specking out nicely as the wave returned.

So an interesting one in more ways than one.

Quote of the day "I wish I listened to Adie"  normally you can't help listening to him !