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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trying us out ;)

As forecast the front passed through about lunchtime, the sun came out and the wind came on so it was off to Chapel Porth for some flying and a tandem flight.

Kaz poses :)

the sky to herself

Whilst Andrew H (Roche) who was coming along for a tandem before his 2 day taster with a view to taking up the sport made his way to site Kaz and I enjoyed some super smooth flying and i mean smooooooth.  With no one else on site  we had the ridge to ourselves until Mike C and Geoff r turned up along with the Andrew.

A good briefing saw a good take off on the Tandem and we were soon climbing nicely in the gentle but consistent lift. Andrew just loved it taking it all in and having a go at flying the glider as well as we chased the seagulls.  The blow hole was blowing and with a good swell up the view was stunning.  After a good flight the lift began to shut down so we nipped back in before it disappeared altogether.

Andrew chills after a super flight

A chill out and yes Andrew is convinced and we look forward to seeing him again soon.  A bit of chit chat and the lift slowly returned giving us all some fun flying to round off another day on the coast, nice.

Oh I left the slow cooker on high !

Quote of the day "I can't smell it but I am sure it is burning"

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Super Soaring thanks to Bill

Kaz gets the day going

Ok  the forecast was for thermals by 10.00 in the 4 up range and a wow backing as the day went on, a good day for a big XC from the field, oh well dream on.

With Tandems booked in and the wind already backing early Chapel was off of the cards so maybe we had blown both options.  Still a trip to the beach is always a good idea so loaded with fishing kit, kayak and swimmies just in case off we went.

Normal field was in long grass so not available but old time relationships come in handy and we get permission from the adjacent farmer to use his field despite it being abused in the past, thanks Bill.

It just gets better

A test fly proves all good so we get in touch with the Tandems and they are on their way whilst Kaz and me play in varying conditions.  Tandems arrive just as conditions really kick in, perfect timing especially as they have driven all the way from London for the experience!

The tandem shares the air with resident Buzzard

heading off along the coast on the Tandem

Darren R is up first and we have a super launch followed by a super flight over some super scenery and get a super view of the resident buzzard as it searches for lunch before heading in for a super top landing.  Natalie (Darrens sister) is next up and follows Darrens lead by making take off as easy as they come.  With a little less kilos on board we flew a little further both left and right before coming back to launch to play with the Buzzard who let us come even closer before putting on an airial display for us. A bit of play then in on top to round off some classic flying.

Inbound on the Tandem

Nat' R looking happy we come in to land

With conditions still improving we both popped in some fun flying with the ridge to ourselves before heading to the beach for ice creams, can't be bad even if there were no k's involved, maybe next time.

Kaz rounds off a cracking day

Quote of the day "do you smell burning?"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wind chasers

Another fine forecast and another fine day in the tow field.  James R was back as he moves further into his CPC Paragliding Rodney A (N.Devon) was along to start a Paramotoring course and Steve B (Yeovil) was along to hopefully finally get his dream of Hang Gliding sorted after starting it back in the 1980's !

With  a convergence line building again early there was a lot of lift around with seagulls thermalling away from 10.30 and climbing out from 50'above the field, hmmmmmm.

Kaz sorted Rod on the Paraglider and I got Steve going on the Hanger which despite having done a fair bit of flying in the USA did not include rigging!  They both worked hard and by lunchtime were ready for a rest before towing got underway.

The winch was set and I did a couple of demonstration flights both of which proved it to be too lively for students so we stood down.  A bit more ground handling a bit of field trimming and things calmed down as the afternoon drew on.  Just as we were ready to pop the guys up the wind moved, we moved, it moved, we moved and finally we settled and it nearly did!

Hooray it's in the right direction !

James popped up and moved a little deeper into his CPC, Rodney got his first flights in and looked pretty good and Steve  proved that he can fly a hang glider on the uprights although he does like landing on his wheels ;)

James has a go at spot landing .....

A long day saw us wrap at 20.00hrs with everyone ready for a rest as the convergence finally gave way, someone could have flown a long way today ...............

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tow training Tuesday

The forecast held good so it was off to the field with Peter F (N.Devon) and James R (S.Devon) both on day three of their courses having started last week, they were joined by Glen C (Newquay) who was along for a taste of Paragliding.

Whilst Kaz sweetened Peter and James's ground handling followed by their EPC theory I cracked on with introducing Glen to the canopy and basics.  By lunchtime things were looking good with Peter and James having passed their exams and Glen ready to tow.

James get set to start things going

Peter makes a lovely take off ....

... and landing

In near perfect conditions we got going and it was not long before P & J had completed their EPC tasks and were into high flights.  Whilst James carried on into his CPC Paragliding tasks with weight shift and normally used flying speeds Peter branched off into his Paramotoring course with plenty of ground handling.  Glen meanwhile got his first tows underway and by the end of play had also popped in his first release flight to round off a super day.

Glen gets his thoughts together

and is soon away on his first flight

Peter got a power unit on his back and did a fine job of ground handling with it so hopefully we shall see him in the air with it next time out.

A nice day all round and with smaller numbers in the field not only more relaxed but everyone gets a lot more done ;)

Quote of the day " thats is so much fun "  and we hadn't even gone flying yet !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Afternoon Delight and a pair of Peaches

A pretty miserable morning soon gave way to a brighter afternoon as the front passed by and with a NNW breeze and the sun coming out it was off to Sennen Cove for some Tandem flying.

Gareth and Amy were down from Wales for a few days staying at Lamorna cove (very nice) and took the opportunity to get up into the air at one of our most scenic sites.  On arrival it looked windy enough for the hanger so we rigged it smartly but by the time we had finished it was more like Paragliding weather, lucky we can do both!

Peachy tests the air 

Gareth was first up  and with a little help from Peachy who tested the air on his mini wing we were soon away having the ridge to ourselves, oh i love it when it is so quiet ;)  Gareth soon overcame his nerves and it was not long before he took control of the glider as we soared over Sennen village with a crystal clear view all the way out to the Scilly Islands.  A few 360's and a bit of play then we popped back in on top for a fine landing.

The wind was still a little breeezy for Amy who weighs next to nothing so Rob P Peachys brother took the opportunity to have a fly whilst we waited to see which way the weather would go.  Rob loved it and was soon appreciating just why Tony does it and what he gets out of it as we played in the sky.  Yep Rob had a go at flying and have to say watch out Peachy he could be a natural!

Inbound with Rob

Back on top and things mellowed a bit so it was Amy's turn.  The guys helped us off and we soon climbed out into the blue for another cracking flight. Amy spent most of the time with her arms out streched flying like a bird and saying just how amazing it all was.  With some good video footage from the GoPro it was a very happy couple that were reunited back on terra firma as the evening set in.

That says it all

What's more got home in time for tea :))

Quote of the day "that was Bl**dy Amazing"

Sunday, June 21, 2015

1 down and 5 up ;)

Gill gets the day going at Perranporth

Forecast WNW backing as day goes on steady 16 -18 so probably more like 20 then. Off to Perranporth then for some Tandem flights with an early start as a busy day ahead.

Arrive on site and a Pg is just launching in a moderate breeze.  First tandem arrives and at a full 55 kg decide to ipt for the hangy as wind forecast to fill in a little.  Gill (Bideford) is well excited and her children even more so as they head into the dunes to go sand surfing!

 Tandem number two arrives so get them both briefed and ready to go.  Gill is first up and we have a lovely launch and climb in the smooth lift.  10 minutes in and the wind begins to back and drop, scratching time......  we had a fun further 15 minutes hanging in there before the beach beckoned and we came in for a super landing to squeals of excitement from Gill, nice.  Whilst Gill carried up the spare kit Gary T helped me get the glider to a launchable point from which i could soar it back up.

Back on top and the wind had filled again but now off to the west we opted to move to Chapel where reports were good.  Arriving just in time to see Nigel s launch and climb out nicely saw us rigging as Tim j confirmed all was good.

C'mon Steve you know you want to!

Nick form North Cornwall was next up and having already done an aerotow tandem in New Zealand had something to compare us too.  A couple of paces and we were away for a cracking flight over the stunning scenery in super lift.  Nick just loved it finding it much more comfortable than his previous flight and just loving flying the glider.  A nice landing rounded off the flight and it was a huge grin from Nick.

Nick looking pretty chuffed :)

Flying high

Kaz got rigged to join in the fun and a a Hen party arrived, Rose (bride to be) Yevette (siste) Janet (mum) and Sian (Cousin) all looked pretty nervous or was it hung over as we got them briefed up.  Rose was first away and despite her nerves soon relaxed to enjoy an amazing flight as the others watched on and Kaz flew alongside.  Then it was the others girls turns and each one seemed a little more relaxed than the previous one, wonder why?

inbound with Rose

Happy Days

They were a great bunch and having been surfing and paintballing as well had a full on weekend, that's the way to do it:)  Hope the wedding goes well and look forward to seeing some piccies :)

the boy is back in town

Good to see Luke C down and back in the air having fun, hopefully see him out some more as he down for a month.

Quote of the day "what, up there!"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oh what a perfect day :)

Well things have been a little on the busy side of late and whilst we have been out having fun and training time to write blogs has alluded us but we will try to make up and today was just one of those days you have to write about.

With a couple of Tandems on the cards the chosen site was Sennen Cove upon a light to moderate NNW forecast.  One Tandem rings in and decides it too far to drive from Perranporth so it's only one now, still more flying time for us :))

9.30 on site wind smack on and breezier than forecast so off with the hangies and lets get rigged.  Kaz rigged, tandem rigged and Phippsy's rigged, lets go flying.  Kaz pops in a super flight to test the air and I am not far behind her soaking up the sea air and beating up the ridge with the vb full on and the wires whistling.  Another car arrives in the car park and the Tandem passenger is on site, in to land swap gliders and it's time to fly again.


Graham who is down on holiday and had the flight as a gift is well up for it and after a few paces we are off and away.  With the sea just an amazing colour we soared over the cove mixing it with the seagulls and loving the views, they never fail to impress.  With no one else to take up we had a good long flight before swooping in for a nice smooth landing back in the car park  which was still nice and clear.  Big smile from Graham and with a full SD card out of the GoPro he should have a some memories to share.

Graham, Steve and Bella have a super day out

Toys to be played with

Kaz has introduced Phil to the Zero and after a bit of ground handling he takes off for his first flight on a mini wing.  To be fair it did take a little while for Phil

Peachy on his Zero

to get the hang of it but he had a fun flight on a day when otherwise he would have been grounded.  Kaz popped up on it next closely followed by Peachy on his Zero, fun for all.

Classic Sennen

The rest of the day was spent hooning around and when Kaz and Peachy went for a swim I had the whole ridge to myself which meant Big time Playtime, just super. won't go on about it anymore but you get the gist ;))

Quote of the day " that was quite exhilarating "