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Friday, July 31, 2009

How lucky are we

A seriously BIG Balloon

Nick and Paula enjoying their a wedding present

Steve J on his first flight whilst Rick gets ready to launch
Rick looking pretty

Guess who?
Steves enjoys more lift on his second flight

Who's who ?
An early start saw us at Perranporth for 07.15 am where Steve J was already waiting for us in the rain which was accompanied with a strong breeze. Still in a positive move we waited and it was not long before Rick h appeared, the rain stopped and the wind eased a little and even came square (ish) onto the hill.
Having tested the air , no time was wasted in getting Steve airborne for day two of his hill conversion on the Hang Glider. In conditions stronger than he had previously flown he did a fine job putting a good 20 minutes whilst sussing new techniques before coming in for a good top landing. Rick H was next up and had fun on a couple of flights which clearly showed Steve a trick or two as on Steves next flight he got at least twice as high as on his first. Both put in good top landings in the fresh conditions and both had a fun time with Steve now qualifying as a hill rated CPC in addition to his Tow CPC, well done.
Visiting pilot Dirk from Australia borrowed a Calypso and put in 20 minutes having fun to get his flying fix in the UK before moving on to Italy.
It was an early finish as we were off to pick up Big Nick and Paula for a short holiday which would hopefully included a Balloon flight booked for the evening along with Pete and Angie. Having spent a super afternoon on Bodmin Moor where it was still breezy we were amazed when Coady advised us that the flight was still planned to go ahead. As if by magic the wind dropped and 16 of us piled into the basket of a HUGE balloon to enjoy a flight of well over an hour across east Cornwall before a superb landing in Devon. if you haven't tried one i would fully recommend getting up in a balloon if you can. Nick and Paula had a great time with the only mishap my hair catching on fire which was quickly extinguished with copious amounts of champagne. Quite amazing when you consider the weather we have had that the flight took place on the booked date making it a very special day, sunshine's on the righteous.... and us.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And then the rains stopped

Pilot X up and away

Pushing out over the beach as the wind freshens

the windsock says it all

The Mars on it's way back up

Mars doing what it does best

After a very wet morning and afternoon the skies cleared and the sun came out with the passing of the cold front. The wind veered to the NW so it was off to Perranporth for an evening flight. After a quick test fly Pilot X was off and away for a cracking 20 minute soaring flight on the Mars. With the wind at 22mph on launch there was plenty of breeze to start with which rapidly picked up to 24-26. Still pilot X dealt with it well pulling forward to the edge of the lift band and playing around there until deciding to go for a beach landing rather than risk getting blown back on top.
We only needed to carry the wing a little way up the dunes before I could soar it back to the top where the decision to go to the beach was vindicated as it was pretty much full speed all the way to the ground on top landing with little margin for error.

Good to sneak one in at the end of such a damp day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mad dogs and Englishmen

Plenty of space to rig even with the Pre Euros in full swing

Paragliders enjoy the "quiet" air before the hangers get set loose

the view out front from launch as the thermals start up

An amazing walk like you ould never find in England 700' straight down to the left

Swimming in the lake which was as warm as you'd want it

A bridge to far ??

The 19th to the 25th July saw us at the British Hang Gliding nationals in Ager Spain where it was hot, damn hot. With temperatures up to the 40's and still at 34 in the evening it was a tad different from England.

The first two days saw some good flying with the second one a 122k "over the back" task where the scenery was stunning giving me one of my most enjoyable flights. Flying with the vultures is always a pleasure and along the cliff lined ridges there were plenty of them. The wind picked up by day three so flying was put on hold and replaced by swimming, kayaking, gorge walking (most amazing walk ever, possibly) and general lazing around.

It was not until the last day that we managed to fly again but with conditions getting a bit on the rough side the safety committee canned the task early so ending the comp' with only two tasks flown. results were that Dave Shields (Shedsy) is the new British Champion and yours truly made the top ten in 7th.

A great trip with lots of fun and even relaxing for a comp'. Ager has moved on from our last visit 23 years ago with a good road to the top and a few more facilities yet still remains very unspoilt. we may well put together a trip there which would suit both Hangers and Para's as the same launch is used by both and the landing fields are huge, anyone up for it??

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Race against tide

Pat M looking happy with his afternoons work
Rick h comes in for a landing legs crossed for the camera
Graham A on his first soaring flight as the windsock gets a "lazy lob"

Happy Bunny after the Big One

Pat M settles into hill soaring on his third flight

Bill N gets ready to take off as we leave the site

It was a day at the seaside at Freathy with a southwest breeze forecast anywhere from 10mph up to 18mph. On arrival it was nearer 30mph, but no worries it was forecast to drop and the tide needed to go out a little more to give a safe bottom landing option for our hill conversion pilots.

It remained breezy for the next few hours so we made the most of it tethering the Mars and after testing the air with Rick H we put Pat M (Northampton) who was down to hopefully convert to the hill having learnt up country and only ever aero towed. Pat did a good job showing us what he could do both in and out of prone whilst getting used to conditions on the hill. Next Graham A (Torrington) clipped in and was soon practicing his prone conversions in readiness for his soaring flights.

Time went by and the wind slowly began to ease back and by the time the tide turned and was on its way in again things began to get sensible. After a quick test flights Rick H was up and away on the Calypso to enjoy a good afternoons flying putting in several flights.

Graham A was next off and had a fantastic time on his first soaring flight on a Hang Glider which he followed up with a good top landing to much applause.

Whilst Graham absorbed what he had just achieved Pat stepped off the launch and was soon up and away on his first hill flight, despite a communications breakdown he followed the brief and after 10 minutes or so came in and did a very acceptable landing on top. With the tide now coming in at a pace Graham A was off again before the beach got to small and had another cracking flight looking smoother and making more of the lift before a near perfect top landing.

Pat sneaked in another couple of flights to consolidate on his new found skill landing nicely as what looked like rain appeared on the horizon.

A light shower arrived just as we had finished packing up along with an increase in the wind. However as it cleared the breeze dropped and by the time we were leaving the site Bill N was launching his Paraglider.

A great afternoon for the Hangers

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stockings and Suspenders

Back to the field after a few days on the hill and what a nice field it is, freshly cut almost good enough to play bowls on. Neil (Yorkshire) and Jo (Falmouth) (father and son) were along for a Taster day on the Hang Glider along with Caroline P (Looe) who was continuing her EPC.

Fiona A (Torrington) was out with a Paraglider after her Taster day a week or two ago to start her training along with hubby Graham who was up for some Hang Gliding as he nears the end of his CPC.

We got the Taster days going early and by just after lunch they were ready for the winch. Joe was first up and did a fine job with the moon walking before getting airborne for the first time. Neil followed suit and by the end of the day they had both put in some super flights (and landings). They both were well pleased with their progress, which never ceases to amaze me (most of the time), and went away looking forward to coming back sometime to do some more.

Fiona A meantime had been at the ground handling with the Paraglider and had progressed nicely making the reverse inflation's look easy and keeping the wing in the air for ever increasing periods. With weather on the decline Caroline P managed a couple of flights in the Hang Glider before the rain arrived so calling a halt to proceedings. Still a useful day with quite a bit fitted into quite a small slot.

Sorry, you just had to be there to appreciate the title

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The long wait

Martin H and Rick H check out the Mars at the start of the day

Kev T enjoys his new Buzz Z on the first of many flights

Kev looking happy and playing on the ground

Dave (only turns up at dusk) L puts in one of his qualifying soaring flights

Dave and Steve D sharing the late lift on matching Mojo 3's

With another nice day on the cards at Perranporth we headed out arriving on site at 10.00. The wind was a little on the light side for the Hangers and well off to the north. Still with a huge beach opening up it was a good opportunity for Martin H (Bristol) to show us what he could do without the tethers. It wasn't long and he was off for a top to bottom on the Hang Glider and did a good flight and tidy landing as planned. With the wind remaining the same Derek D had to wait as it was barely soarable on the Paragliders with lots a scratching going on inter spaced with periods of better lift, but not good for Hang Gliders top landing.
Kevin T picked up his new Ozone Buzz Z and fell in love with it straight away. He had a cracking day putting in so many flights we lost count whilst exploring the wings abilities (and his own), he must have put in nearly 5 hours by the end of the day.
Meanwhile we retrieved Martin from the beach and after a rest he was off again looking neater than the first. Another walk up a bite of lunch and off he went again with a flight about as good as they get despite the wind being even further off. The hard work out of the way martin could "relax" whilst we wait for soaring conditions which is his next task.
Slowly the wind came a little more on the hill improving things for the Paragliders but always not quite good enough for the Hangers although Paul h and myself had a couple of flights on them, Derek waited.
A lot of Paragliding went on with a good number of pilots on site including Sam A who recently qualified and had a good time building experience with the help of Uncle Bill. John W got to fly in his new Woody Valley Peak 2 harness and gave it the thumbs up, always nice to see a happy customer.
News was that Dave L (Camelford way) was on his way to hopefully complete his hill conversion so we waited for him to arrive which he did along with Steve D by about 19.30. Conditions were fine for him and it wasn't long before he was up there on his Mojo 3 cruising around at the top of the stack, these things really do go up well. 3 good flights and top landings later he was sorted and with a big smile is now a fully qualified CPC pilot so watch out for him on the hills.
Derek finally threw the towel in as the wind came on and dropped!! Still patience is a virtue and rather that than have given up early and missed it. We left site at 22.00, a twelve hour day on the hill.
Quote of the day "come with me Sam, it feels better down the front" ........................

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Never thought I'd see the day..............

Martin H gets in the air on the tethers

Steve J gets set for take off on his first soaring flight

Steve J flying high and looking neat

Instructor and student happy bunnies after Steves first soaring flight

Pilot X makes a good take off on the dear old Mars

In prone and looking reaxed (check out the fingers) Pilot x soars

Setting up for a top landing Pilot x sets their sights on Bill

Rebbakah S launches nice and level

Smooth flying from Rebbakah

Rolling in a turn rebbekah enjoys a good flight

It was all go at Perranporth where the wind was a fresh one and a bit off to the North when we arrived. Still it was good for tethering and soon we had the Mars in the air with Steve J (Oakhampton) on board getting his first taste of the hill having completed his CPC tow a few days ago. He did well and adapted to the environment quickly getting in some nice "soaring" on the ropes. Next in was Martin H (Bristol) who was along to hopefully get his Hang Gliding sorted having been trying for several years at various establishments so having both hill experience and some aerotow. He also did well and after a few sessions was looking good especially as he had not flown for over a year. Pilot X clipped in to get the base bar conversion and prone bit sorted and had a good time soaring whilst practising the maneuvers to and from prone all nice and controlled on the ropes.
Lunch saw conditions improve and pretty soon Rick H was up there having a fun time in nice and lifty conditions. Steve J was next off and had his first soaring flight in classic conditions looking smooth from the start. He then put in a fine top landing to round it off and had a huge smile on his face which stayed there for the rest of the day.
Derek J was next off and settled back into flying easily to enjoy the lift before popping the glider back on top to complete his 3rd soaring flight, nice one.
Pilot X stepped forward and was soon up there on the Mars and like Steve looking very smooth from the start and putting the practice on the tethers to good use. After 15 minutes they set up and performed an excellent top landing which sent Bill scurrying from the hole.
Steve J made the most of it putting in a second soaring flight and landing as the beach began to shrink and the lift began to drop to finish off a top day for him.
Rebbekah S took the last slot of the day and built here experience with a good flight which she had to work hard at as the lift dropped off before popping her glider onto the beach with a perfect landing.
Another busy but useful day and so good to see more Hang glider pilots working their way through the system, long may it continue
Oh and there was some Paragliding late on which saw Pilot X flying both disciplines in a day, never thought I'd see the day ...............

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunset Boulevard

Only the Sun to share the sky with for Rick H

What time does night flying start??

A perfect way to end a day

After a breezy day there were signs of a drop off in the evening. taking a picnic and the camping stove we headed to Perranporth to watch the sun go down and possibly fly. On arrival itwas still top ending so a spot of metal detecting which resulted in enough for an ice cream took place. After an hour or so things were on the drop and no time was wasted in rigging the Calypso.

Rick H (the come back kid) was off and away just before 21.00 into good lift. He enjoyed 3 super flights giving him plenty of time to get back into his flying and also much needed practice for those top landings all of which were on the good side. With a Wills Wing U2 on order Rick's making the most of the waiting time to get his experience back after a 25 year lay off so expect to see him out and about on a hill near you.
Back on top at 21.50 it was a quick pack up just before dark with a nice cup of tea to boot.

Friday, July 03, 2009

A very nice afternoon out

Dave L up and away on his first soaring flight

Flying with the vampires, Dave and a full Moon

Who looks happiest ??

Having canned the days tow training early on as the wind was already strong enough and due to increase we busied ourselves sorting the kit out. Mid afternoon saw us head east (along with Tony P) to visit "Big" Nick and Paula where we spent a pleasant few hours relaxing in the sun.

Then based on the forecast for the wind to drop we headed to Freathy where we arrived at 19,30 ish to see a couple of hangers in the air along with a couple of Paragliders which were "hanging" in there. Still patience is a virtue and after an hours chat things calmed down a little as forecast and we got the paragliders out. A quick test flight on a Mojo 3 not only confirmed it was nicely flyable but also what a super glider the latest Mojo is, an ideal first wing with loads of performance in both sink rate and glide, the legend lives on.

Dave L had arrived to hopefully get his first flight off the hill and waited patiently whilst the others took off to enjoy the smooth lift. Then it was his turn, he got away nicely and had a cracking soaring flight quickly getting the hang of ridge soaring. With the moon up and the light failing he came in and performed his first top landing having put a good 15 minutes airtime in. Not sure who was most pleased Dave or his wife Michelle who got to see him fly for the first time.

A lovely end to a nice day out with the unexpected bonus of Dave getting started on his hill conversion.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Begining and End

Waking up to a clap of thunder and heavy rain did not give an ideal start to the day. However a quick study of the weather charts revealed a likely slot for training starting at 13.00. We were there and almost smack on time things improved and we got going.

Caroline P (Looe) who had a taster day with us a few months ago was back for more and had a fine day on the Hang Glider moving into the early stages of her EPC. Caroline's enthusiasm is infectious and she had us all in stitches with some of her "comments".

Steve J (Oakhampton) was also on a Hanger and had a fine day tidying up his flying to complete his CPC tasks and exam so becoming qualified on the tow, congratulations. Next stop the hill and it may be as soon as Monday looking at the weather.

A nice relaxed afternoon/evening even if we did get a little damp at the end not that it stopped Steve from flying, this man can't get enough.