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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heading East

The forecast looked good and the tide was going out so it was time to ale a trip to the east to Freathy to not only catch up with some of our friends in devon but to hopefully get some hill conversions underway.

There was a good crowd assembled on arrival and in  fact a good turn out from Kernow who seemed to make up at least 25 % of those there.  With the wind very light indeed we did a site brief and hill soaring brief with Bev P (N.Devon) and Paddy (Falmouth) took the opportunity for a refresh having not been out since leaving us back in the spring!

All done and the guys played with a bit of ground handling as the breeze filed a little but the lift didn't.  Bit by bit it improved and soon pilots began to launch.  Kaz popped in a demo' take off and Bill N a demo' landing then Paddy was off and away with a warning to keep his eyes out for and increase in the wind as a large cloud lingered out to sea.  With Bev on launch it was clearly picking up and the site of a pilot getting a bit of  dragging was enough to encourage us to hold fire.

Paddy now well up there headed the advice and headed back for a landing although not quite as quickly as I would have liked as the cloud approached.  Still with a little encouragement he came in and did a super landing collapsing the wing nicely just in time.  A few minutes later the masses headed on with various degrees of success, some making a few dents and grooves in the field.

We waited for the cloud to pass and in a short interlude Adie popped up to check conditions but soon returned with the advice that it was lively to say the least so we clued it a day after a brief try on the Aska confirmed the wind had now picked up into the high twenties!

A fun day out and nice to see some old friends and some ex students  as well. Phil L actually got his glider out and flew it in the UK for the first time doing a fine job in the challenging conditions.

Quote of the day "he has got something in his sack"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Early Start

07.15 woke up, something strange, could not hear the wind !  ) 08.00 at Chapelporth and taking off. perfect.  Kaz soon joined me and we enjoyed a nice flight until the wind began to back and drop away to nothing.

Morning Sunshine

Waited a while but it was not coming back so took a walk up the Beacon to enjoy the view in the morning sunshine.

Flying over , more coffee for Kaz

Hungry now so off to Smokey Joes for slap up breakfast. Home and managed to do some useful work, can't be bad.  Good to get feet off the ground and on it, must do more walking this year :)

Quote of the day " that was quick"

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oasis Day

No we did not have any pop stars on site but with such a super day in between so many rainy ones it was like an Oasis in the desert.

Surprisingly we were not overly busy considering the lack of flyable days but guess it takes time for people to get back in the swing of things.  Still for those there it was a bonus and they made the most of it.

On the Paragliding front we said hello to Rodrey G  (Torpoint) who came a long for his first day having done some several years ago on the hill and decided to give towing a try to save sitting around so much.  Bev P was along armed with her new Mojo 4 for some post CPC experience flights to get used to the wing and prepare for the hill and very excited she was too.

The Hangies were represented by Richard H (Bristol) along again for some post CPC flights to get used to his wing and prepare for the hill.  Mark L (Torquay) made up the gang continuing with his CPC tasks after a bit of a break as he flits between Germany and the UK.

Whilst the wind flicked around a little the guys  got set up then it was off to the bird seed field where Bev had been ground handling her new Ozone Mojo 4 under Bills watchful eye.  It was not long before we got the first tows in with me test flying Bevs glider (v nice) followed by Richards Elan 159.

Then the guys got going and it Richard who led the way for his first flight on his "new" wing. With my observations ringing in his ears he tow up straight as an arrow for a nice release. the extra input required to turn caught him out for a while but he made it safely back down with a nice landing.

Mark had it easier on the Falcon although the break from flying showed for the first few.  Bev was next and did a cracking flight on her new wing making it all look pretty easy and landing sweetly on her feet.

Rodrey had a good day and as did Mark on the hangy

Not to be out done Rodrey put in his first towed flight and also did a fine job.  A shift in the wind saw us back in the "normal" field and the guys racking in the flights.  By the end of play bev was nicely settled in , mark was back up to speed and flying in prone, Richard was getting the Elan sussed and Rodrey was grinning from ear to ear, so i guess a good day all round!

 The sun set and Phil drank the coffee as we packed up , rain and wind again tomorrow :(  Apologies to bev for not getting some piccies of her new toy.

Quote of the day " it's a little stiffer than you are used too"

Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Years Resolution

Well apart from all the normal ones it is to keep up with the Blog more regularly, whoops sorry this one is a bit late!  Blame it all on Phil L who wanted the accounts sorted, still all done now so down to the serious stuff:)

First flight of 2014 starts :)

A chilled morning and with Kaz not feeling so bright and staying at home Phil  and myself headed out to Chapel as the wind finally eased back from Gale force to not so windy.  Conditions were just about right on arrival and we it was not long before I was in the air enjoying my first flight of 2014. Phil soon joined in and we played with the sea thermals before popping in a nice little run along the coast from St Agnes head to Porthtowan and back to kick off the XC League in Cornwall.

Climbing up in front of T/off as the others rig

Keeping an eye out for Big Clouds and rain we slipped in before one arrived  but it was not long before it cleared and we went back up to play.  The thermals never quite kicked in strongly enough and whilst one managed to drag daisy and myself up to 1100' ATO it was not the kind that you would drift away with.

Approaching Porthtowan

Heading back to Chapel with Phil L

Great to see Michel K back up on his Hangy having fun and doing a super job, boy does he go up on that  Wills Wing Sport 2 135 i spent most of the time studying it's under surface, but then it was the same with Sam A on another one.  Good to see a few others out including Big Gray, Nigel W and Archive Andy all flying well. Lest hope it is the start of a good season to come.

Quote of the day "no one answered!"