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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like clockwork

It was really back to work with a fun day in the field booked and a bit of nearly everything going on.

Steve W (Bideford) was along to start his Paragliding course whilst Marcus Kelly (Pembrookshire) was starting Hang Gliding with a view to power flying. They were joined By Emil K (Dawlish Warren) EPC Paragliding, Kieth B (Mortenhampstead) Paramotoring and Chris B (Plymouth) keeping his hand in on his Paraglider.

The day one boys worked well despite a very light breeze during the morning and both were looking good as lunchtime approached.  Kieth B after a little ground work popped the power unit on his back and practised ground handling with it and did a fine job building both his and my confidence.  Emil and Chris popped in some tows with Emil progressing well into his EPC building in turns and smoothing out his flying whilst Chris got back into the swing of things.

Mid afternoon saw it all going on with Steve and Marcus getting on the tow and both doing really well rounding off their days with release flights and both looking like they had the basics grasped, well done guys.

A couple of demo flights on the Paramotor and it was Kieths turn. After a couple of aborted launches he was up and away circling the field at 600' and having a ball before coming back to land in good style with one of the biggest grins i have seen for a long time!

Add in to the mix a couple of tandem flights one for Mark (Redruth) who had it as a birthday present who had a great time and may well return to learn so keep an eye out for him and the other with Chris's son Lucas who just loved it and was scared at the same time, still he really enjoyed it and can fully understand why Chris does it.

Good day all round and a nice way to get back into the groove.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

No peace for the wicked

Well i don't think we are that wicked but whist driving back from Dover the phone rang asking weather we could finish off Karen M's (Bristol) hill conversion as things looked good for Monday and she was down till then.

Indeed the weather did look good so after some chores and unloading on Monday Morning I hopped on the "Bonny" with paraglider on my back and headed to Sennen where things were pretty good.  After a quick demo flight Karen was soon up and away playing in the moderate lift.  Top landings needed attention as the car park was full so landing on the front was required but with a little guidance Karen quickly cracked it.  Two flights later she was sorted and fully CPC'd in both hill and Tow so now she can go flying with partner Dave who we taught on his hanger a few months ago.

Not wanting miss out i had a final flight during which Karen joined me as a qualified pilot and did a fine job consolidating her skills.  Safe flying for the future guys and hope to see you again soon :)

Send us some piccies dave ....

Fun and flying in France part two

The second week we moved base to St Andre where the British Nationals were taking place along with the French nationals so making a comp of nearly 100 pilots.

Arriving on Saturday afternoon gave me the chance of a warm up flight which was fun and bouncy with lift up to 10,500' reminding me of just what St Andre can be like!  The comp started on the Sunday and with a first class forecast the classic task of Dormilloes / Chamat was set.  Conditions were great with some of the smoothest 8 to 9 up climbs I have ever had taking us well up to the 12,000' mark.  An easy run saw us past Cheval blanc and into the amazing area beyond where the fearless go low and I stay high!  Racing along the ridge to the end a short climb and its out to the turn point, well that's the plan.

Whilst circling up I spot a glider way below in an area where I would not want to go and doing manoeuvres I would not want to do.  Next thing its upside down and a parachute is popping out only to get hooked up on its A frame,  Still it stabilises and descends landing on a scree slope at the base of a cliff.  Whilst pilots tried to climb high to get radio messages through to base i head out into the valley to land and get on the phone, the pan works and the pilot gets rescued by helicopter  although his glider still remains there.  Not a dissimilar start to the last time I was in St Andre for a comp!

We get two more tasks in both with some stunning flying and even higher cloud bases giving amazing views and glides, with no other problems to land for i make goal both days one back to laragne and the other a flight from Lachens back to St Andre.

The "down" days are taken up with swimming, wind surfing, kayaking, tree climbing and generally relaxing, nice...............  Jenny who flew home on the Monday was replaced by Da (Dad) who had a great time mixing with the pilots meeting lots of new friends and plenty of old ones.  Kaz flew her Paraglider and we met up with Michel K and Mike C who were passing through along with Pat and Kat B on their 3 month honeymoon!  A Great party rounded off the week and my legs still ache from the dancing or was it the 5k run to get fuel having run out on the Peage on the way back?

Another good week making it a very special holiday altogether only wish more of the family could  come,
 next year??.  Picccies to follow I hope

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun and flying in France Part One

 Girls in the Gorge

 The water fall and play pool

 Up the hill putting the tandem back together

 Campsite cooking

Lakes and mountains, perfect

The first week on our "summer holidays" were spent in the Laragne area which is a super spot for flying, gorgeing and generally having fun.  Accompanied by jenny (daughter) we took a trip down memory lane as whist we ar regular visitors jenny had not been there since she was 5 some 20 years ago.

The weather was great the water warm and the air full of gliders what more could you ask.  Jenny and myself took the opportunity to get some Tandem flights in on the hanger both off Chabre and Aspe which were both fun and exciting!  Much time was spent in the Gorge swimming , chilling and dam building as well as a bit of "sight seeing"...........  On the Friday team Kernow popped into the campsite so we headed up the hill to get a flight in before heading to St Andre. Tim, daisy and myself had a fun flight off Chabre landing back in the campsite after which the guys headed off to St Andre whilst we had a final night at Laragne.

A lovely week in a lovely place with lovely company, looking forward to going back there next year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Super Sunday

 Nigel W soars high on his first hill flight whilst Suan checks the breeze

 Happy Nigel back on the ground, pretty chuffed and so he should be :) 

Hangies get ready to fly as we get ready to leave!

With a ferry booked from Dover at 22.00 things were on a time schedule but with such a good day forecast we decided to make the most of it.  Arriving at Perranporth at 08.30 things did not look so good with rain and wind!  However, soon enough the skies cleared the wind settled and whilst a bit breezy for the Paragliders it was spot on for hangies.  After the mandatory demo flight a nervous looking Nigel W  stood on the edge for his first go at hill soaring a Hang Glider.  He need not have worried after a super take off he settled into the flight with sharp turns turning into smoother turns as he cruised the cliffs.  30 minutes later and after a couple of practice runs Nigel came in for a lovely top landing so rounding of a cracking first soaring flight with a big smile :), well done hopefully the first of many.

Next it was up with the Tandem Hang Glider taking Smooth Bob's nephew Kester up for a lovely flight in lovely conditions. We had a fine time playing with the air, chatting, and generally putting life to rights before popping back in on top.

We  must have done something right as Kesters wife Amy then decided to give it a go so after a short rest we were off again in super conditions, despite her nerves Amy had a fab time quickly relaxing into the flight and enjoying every minute of it. Rounding off the day with a super landing and big smiles it was a quick derig including short packing the tandem and off home to finish packing before heading to Dover then across the channel.

Great to see so many hangies out having fun, sorry could not stay to fly with you but hear that all had a fun time:)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Frolicking at freathy

 Andy S gets going on his first soaring flight at freathy
 Andy (left) and Bill N (right) have fun in the sun as the weather clears
Happy Andy all sorted at the end of his holiday :)

Despite a drizzly day down west we headed east to Freathy where we hoped it would be a bit drier and less windy so that Andy S (Buckinghamshire) could complete his hill Paragliding conversion and that i could test out Nigel W's 2new" Sport 2 155 hanger.

Luckily the gods were with us and on arrival the cloud lifted and after a handy demo' flight by Bill n who was already on site Andy S was ready to go.  He popped in couple of short flights to give him practice in take offs and top landing before the cloud lowered and the wind increased. i took the opportunity to try out the Sport 2 and had a fine time zooming around at an ever lowering cloudbase! what a fun glider :)

The cloud lifted and the wind eased allowing the Para's back up and Andy put in his third flight of the day racking up another 30 minutes or so before coming in as the wind increased and exploring the limitations of Paragliders and wind!  Congratulations to him on gaining his CPC Tow and hill on the Paraglder during his two week holiday and hopefully we shall see him again soon possibly in Algo on our October trip (which still has a few places in you are interested).

There were some other fun and frolics on the site involving sheep and brakes but you had to be there to appreciate them.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Spain at Sennen

Testing the air on the Delta, just lets you go anywhere :)

Sennen was just glorious and looking its best with bright sunshine and the wind smack on the hill.  The only downside was a car park that was full so making top landings tricky and a beach that was small (the tide was in) and full to capacity so leaving only a small area for bottom landing!

Still on arrival i nipped in a quick flight on a hangy sneaking back in on top as the car park filled, but by the time Shad was ready to go on his new Sport 2 the wind had eased and the car park filled, still we sorted out his hang loops and bits so he is fully ready to go next time out, let us know how it goes Shad and his family had a great time on the beach!

With the wind a bit less we entertained ourselves on the Paragliders as the lift came and went and perfected our slope landing techniques both with lift and without it. Rob M (Fly Spain) was over hoping to do some towing with us but had to settle for a lovely days surfing and flying instead pinching my Delta for some fun flying.

 Kaz gets some in at Sunny Sennen
 "Unknown pilot" shows off new line in flying footwear
 same "unknown" pilot
Andy S uses up the day and gets soaring

By late afternoon the car park was clearing the tide going out and the beach emptying so Andrew S (Buckinghamshire) got his chance to hill fly paragliders. After a spot of ground work to check him out he was off and away for his first hill flight.  Andy had a super evening putting in three lovely flights, one beach landing and two excellent slope landings to wrap up nearly an hour and a half airtime!  With the Sun setting we called it a day and left a near deserted car park.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Malcolm in the middle

Well not in the middle but pretty close beside me as Malcolm P (St Ives) came up for a Tandem flight on the hanger at Chapel Porth.  Nice to be back there so soon and again great conditions for Hangies although a bit breezy for the Paragliders as the day went on.

Malcolm had a great flight in classic conditions taking in the very different views of the cliffs and cows as we flew above them. We had a great time chatting and picking out various landmarks before floating back in on top for a first class landing.

Good to see plenty out with the Paragliders making the most of it before the wind filled in and Tim J and Kaz P representing the Hangies.  Thanks to Shad C for letting me test fly his nice new Wills Wing Sport 2 155 which we assembled on the hill, such a lovely glider yummy, hopefully we will get Shad up on it over the next few days.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Two for the price of one!

 Elliots view as we soar the cliffs at Chapel
 Elliots mums view !
Back on the ground after a super time

The forecast kind of put us between Chapel and Perran and between Paragliding and Hang Gliding as it turned out we picked both the wrong options to start with but turned the day around by being at the right place at the right time with the right kit by the end of the day!

Starting at Perran it was a bit off and a bit breezy although not so windy that Andrew S did not get his first go at ground handling Paragliders on the hill.  We had a fun hour introducing him to the hill before things went further off the hill and increased. At that point we opted to shift to Chapel with the tandem hanger.

Conditions were much better and it was not long before Elliot turned up for a flight as his 18th birthday present.  In cracking conditions we were soon up and away having a ball over a stunning crystal clear sea.  It was not long however before we spotted some rain on the way so nipped in before it arrived. As it turned out it did not rain but cloudbase came down to meet the land so a good decision made.  A short wait and it cleared then we were off again to top his experience up and had another super flight with the added bonus of some seal spotting, great!

Glad you enjoyed it Elliot and hope you had a great time on the rest of your action packed holiday in Cornwall

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Powering Up

We headed to the field mid afternoon with the Paramotor to meet Rod G (Falmouth) for some fun with fans on our backs!  The wind was pretty light but with some high cloud coming in we hoped it would calm the thermals down making conditions more mellow than the morning. 

i gave rod a couple of demo' flights on the school kit and was pleasantly suprised at the amount of smooth thermals around allowing me to circle up with the enging off and drifting away from the field before restarting to head back, great fun.

Rod decided to give it a miss as with the light wind take offs and landings were fast enough and for his first go not ideal. Still a fun time and nice to get back in the air with the power pack on my back!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Nicker bocker Glory

Kaz gets the day oners set to go
 Richard r leads the way with a nice launch
 Andy C takes it all in as he sets up for his first flight
 Young Nick does the right thing to bring the canopy back on line 
 Trev H demonstrates a perfect "Nodding dog" as he is silhouetted against the skyline
Nick C (mature Nick) looking pretty chuffed after his high flight and completing his EPC 
What a fab' day in the field with some super flying going on and some excellent progress being made.  In super conditions Andy S (Buckinghamshire) completed his CPC on the tow having started it yesterday although to be fair he does have lots of Paramotoring experience, still he has worked well and now looks every part a "free" flyer.  Kieth B (Dartmoor) also made good use of the winch finishing off his EPC tow and moving into high flights in preparation for Paramotoring which he will start next time out.

Meanwhile Kaz and Bill worked hard with the Taster Day / Day one boys getting them sorted and ready for the tow. Richard R (Warickshire), Andy C (Paignton), Nick M (Yelverton) and Trev H (Paignton, yes the same one) all did a fine job and by early afternoon were ready to go flying.

Nick C (Stithians) joined them on the winch and had a cracking day getting into the groove and completing his EPC tasks in fine style then rounding of his day with a high flight to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and view, well done Nick :)

The Day oners all had a good time and as their tows progressed each one improved ending with some excellent flights and landings and only one jump between them, well done guys.  We shall no doubt see Trev again as he adds Pg to his HG skills and hopefully we may see some of the others too when time permits.

Nick C and Kieth B both completed their EPC exams so gaining their qualifications, congratulations guys.

Rodney G (Falmouth) got back in the way of Paramotors with some ground work with a unit on his back and we look forward to his first flights soon.

 Great weather great day great company, and that includes you Peachy.....


Monday, August 01, 2011


 Kieth B looks suitably impressed as he gets set to go

 Russell a fine figure of a man in a perfect pre launch stance

 Kieth off and away as he moves deep into his EPC

Andy S gets into Paragliding 

The forecast was for a misty start but hopefully clearing by midday so we opted to delay things by a couple of hours which proved a wise move.  Arriving in the field the wind was very light but cloudbase was on the rise and by the time we really got going the wind filled in to a near perfect breeze and the air became very buoyant to say the least.

Andrew S (Buckinghamshire) was along on holiday to hopefully add paragliding to his Paramotor skills and had a great day showing us what he could do whilst picking up the different techniques between the two disciplines.  He worked hard and by the end of the day had put away 10 tows with half of them to the top of the line and shown us all the instability tasks so putting in a super position to get both his Tow and hill rating this week if the weather plays ball.

Kieth B (Dartmoor) returned and also had a cracker of a day moving close to completing his EPC tasks and looking very pleased with himself. As Kieth is aiming to fly Paramotors another day should see him to the top of the line then its time to get the Power unit out, watch this space!

Russel S (Torquay) made the most of the day putting in 10 flights and completed his CPC flying tasks as he Big Eared, Asymmetriced, Speedbarred and Actively flew through the day as well as sharpened up his spot landing Skills.  A bit of sweetening up and it wont be long before he is off to the hill.

Nick C (Stithians) put in a bit more time on the Paraglider but took and early bath again so keeping his feet on the ground.

Lawrence O (Brixham) was along for a Taster day on a PG and looked pretty chuffed with himself as he went from zero to hero learning the basics before getting onto the line and putting in some super flights all of which ended in near perfect landings. thanks to Rachel for buying him the experience you may just have started something off.

Rodney G (Falmouth) popped in to show us that he could still ground handle his paramotor wing and hopes to be back in the swing of it tomorrow when he brings his power unit along to try out.

Good to see Tony P out in the field and in the air, thanks for your help on the bike, did someone really say you looked like Steve Mc Queen, oh no that was Tim they were talking about..........