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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big Mistake and minor injuries ....

Having postponed the Frostbite comp' for another couple of weeks based on a forecast of quickly dropping winds and a NNW breeze things looked very different as Saturday arrived.  We were off early to St Agnes whilst Tim J and Big G headed north to Dizzard point, a good plan based on the earlier forecast.

St Agnes and the wind was only a smidgen off at about 24mph , ideal.  A test fly on Kaz's Sport 2 135 proved all was good and the lift everywhere.  Danni (Falmouth) arrived after a slight detour 'ready" for a tandem flight that she was treating herself to for her birthday.  She was suitably nervous as we went through the pre flight briefing and a little more so as we set up ready for launch!  No worries though a few paces and it was up and away into the buoyant air and over the stunning scenery.

Preflight  nervous wave

in flight less nervous wave

Bit by bit the nerves evaporated and we enjoyed a cracking flight with amazing views as the sun shone brightly. Danni explained that she tries to experience a variety of things and doing as a selfie birthday gift is an ideal way.  By the time we set up to land she had no worries and was the perfect passenger making my life easy, thanks.  A fast approach, a sweeping turn and a super landing all resulted in a cracking smile from both of us, nice.

St Agnes beach and NE to Perran and beyond

Sw to st Ives

No nerves at all smile :))

Whilst the wind eased a little it did not drop as forecast and Kaz was soon up on her hangy joined by Little Al who was out making his return to flying this time on his own glider.  They both had lovely flights and were joined by Chris H and his Paraglider who acted pretty much as a bollard, being pinned for most of it!

 Al  landed and Kaz followed him in, a little slow on finals, a bit a wind shear, slight donk, a twist in the wrist and a visit to A&E and 6 weeks rest. Unlucky, have to say that something so gentle should result in that.

Having dropped Kaz off I nipped back to St Agnes where my glider was left rigged.  The Paragliders were now up in force although it was still a little top end for most. Popping in a couple of fun flights on the Hangy with nice gentle climbs to over a 1000' before pulling back to the front, didn't want to push my luck by going XC, rounded off the day and confirmed that postponing the Frostbite was a BIG MISTAKE, sorry guys and whats more the forecast rain for tomorrow looks like coming in late if at all!

Still can't win them all.

Quote of the day " ******"  (it was from Kaz)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Out to play

Moving a greenhouse, phone call from Fergie, finish shifting blocks load up the Paramotor and off for a rare afternoon of power play.

Fergie and Treeve were just about set up when I arrived at the field and it was not long before fegie was in the air with his usual super take off, nice.  The good old school unit fired up from it's winter rest with little problem and with it connected up to a Delta one I was set to go as fergie demonstrated a perfect landing, no pressure then!

Climbing out above take off and heading NE

With a very light breeze it was a good run that saw me into the air and up and away for a super flight with super views and time to check out a few nearby ponds.  The delta flew nicely with the unit making good speed and light handling even if it does keep your hands high!

Fraggle Rock ?

45 minutes later the cold got the better of me and I popped back into the field where the boys were looking a bit dispirited.  a broken stud, no not Treeve, was the issue so stopping play on their power unit.  No worries needing to wam up gave them time to use the school one.  Despite the reduced prop size and power they both did a fine job as the wind dropped even further, who needs big powerful motors??

it all goes a bit limp as Treeve comes in

Happy days

A final flight as the sun dropped behind a few clouds used up the fuel and it was happy faces all round come the end of play. Must do it more often.

Nice surf as the sun drops

Quote of the day "what a lovely length"

Friday, January 16, 2015

Up and Down and a bit around .....

Promising if a little showery forecast saw us head to Chapel Porth meeting up with Mark H (Honiton) on site and also finding Big g already there.

It all looked good and we head to launch with the Hangies. By the time we are rigged the  wind is dropping and Wyn D is thinking of getting his Pg down.......  Mark h takes off and climbs in light lift on his rigid and I join him on the T2 C.  Mark lands wind comes in and i climb to 1500' in between the showers.  Finding a route through between the rain takes me out to sea and around the back of the cloud depositing moisture at launch where i can wait until it clears, perfect.

We wait for the wind to return and Mark complains .......

Wind drops again I land and Wyn takes off on his Para, another flight on the T2 C with him and Kaz joins in on her Para. Wind picks up all land and big G takes off on his Hanger, all change again.  Rain comes in wind gets even stronger we shelter Big G goes home, rain stops wind disappears then returns from the south we wait.

........that his glider is not in shot!

Kaz derigs , wind fills in comes on Mark and myself enjoy a mother flight before practicing spot landings at the back, Mark wins.......  Mark picks up his new Ozone Pod harness and heads home.

Interesting day and one of those where you really needed to keep an eye on things to stay safe and make the most of it.

Quote of the day " never seen such a big one"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Phipps and Chicks (2 portions)

It was always on the  cards that there could be on for some hanging on the hill.  With Jenny S (Falmouth) keen to get another flight in on her hangy before she goes away and us keen to get her sorted before we go away we all willed it good.

Fly in the ointment was that Jenny was in Exeter until 11.00 so timing was critical.  Somebody between us must have done something right as the wind eased and backed coming on nicely at Perranporth for 14.00 hrs which was the earliest she could make it by.

Both Jenny and Kaz wasted no time in rigging and it was not long before Kaz led the way into the air for the hangies as mike B (Plymouth) played down low on his Para.  Confirmation that conditions were good and Jenny was next off.  A good launch with the usual squeal and she was up and away settling in quickly and soaring high above the cliffs.

Jenny climbs away from launch

Whilst the girls played having the sky to them selves, there is something I never thought I would see, I tidied up the rigging area where various bits of glider padding were blowing around in the breeze.  The lift was good and with the addition of a steady stream os sea thermals the girls had a ball.  Kaz was first in having made a good effort to lose height before her approach making landing much easier.  With Kaz's glider flat rigged Jenny came in next again having to burn off height over the beach before coming in. Two good landings and much smiling and congratulations ensued, Jenny now having completed her CPC tasks and looking forward to life on the hill.

the girls rule the sky and fly high

Debrief over and we were ready to go again but an approaching shower stopped play for 20 minutes,  shower gone, tide moving in so I took the chance for a spell on my T2 C and had a fun time until the sun went down before popping back in.

Happy Chicks

A super afternoon if somewhat compact, great to see both Kaz and Jenny get their acts together and waste no time in flying making the most of what was on offer.  Well done to Jenny on going her CPC  Hill rating and we look forward to her longer spells in the UK in the future.

Quote of the day  "what you done with Jenny's bra Phippsy ?"

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Suckers ..........

Light ESE going south as day goes on sees various pilots head to Vault Bay in anticipation of a a classic paragliding day.  Peachy arrives,  decides whether to pop his Zero in the van, why not ?? in it goes Kaz asks are you going to pop the Hangy on, no think it will be normal Pg's all day, off we go.

The Judging panel

At vault there is a line of chairs filled by bundles off clothing encasing four pilots all bracing the more than fresh breeze coming from the SSE.   Aghhhhhhh where is my Hangy, sucker,  how long have I been doing this? how many times have I said why not just take both? I must be a slow learner or maybe I am regressing!

Peachy zooms by and .....

..... sets up to land

 Still at least the Zero is in the van and it is not long before it's out of the bag and in the air in nice and lift conditions seeing it climb easily and getting around fine. Back in on top and a word with Peachy and he is up and away on his Zero zooming about on half trimmers letting out the odd yelp as his eyes streamed in the wind. We had a fun fly together with the whole ridge to ourselves. The assembled judging panel gave some constructive criticism of his landing but Peachy was rightly pleased with his flight overall.

Mike C gave it some thought of launching on his Delta but even he thought better of it which tells it's own story.  Whilst several of the onlookers cracked and headed off Phil L jumped ship and stayed and was soon clipping into my glider to go and put it through it's paces with some "strong" wing overs and impressive spirals.  He even managed to put it down in a cow pat free zone which was much appreciated.

Bill as bouncy as ever and out on a Sunday!

Tim J arrived with his hangy and fortunately (in this case) chatted for a while before rigging.........

Bit of rain came through but with sunshine off to the west we held on whilst Simon S (N Devon) tidied up some theory paperwork, great to see him and Julie S out enjoying life ;)  Rain cleared wind eased so I gave it another shot commenting on some approaching clouds before launch.  Yep the lift increased and I was soon be sucked up somewhat faster than I appreciated,  tracking right took me away from the wind lines on the sea and just as cloudless approached the lift dropped off and the active flying began.  Next the sink and down I came nearly as fast as I went up picking my time it was in and back on top not wishing to find out what would happen next.

Feet on the ground and there was not enough wind to keep the canopy up, the wind went well off to the south the sun broke through the temperature warmed up and we headed off to have a look at Carne!

what a difference ............

..........   30 seconds makes to the wind ....

Wind on and light it was out with the Delta for Phil and myself, couple of beats and landing just below the hedge.  A long wait no more wind a glide down to the lower field giving the beach a miss as the tide was well in.

giving Carne a go as the sun shows through

Yummy, nice ham egg and chips Peachy

Interesting day and interesting to look at what happened where on the historical data ....... a good reminder of just how quick things can change and how important it is to keep an eye on it and have options.

Quote of the day "look Phippsy is getting sucked straight up ...."

Friday, January 02, 2015

Something for everyone at Perran

08.00 decision made lets go to Sennen ........ 08.15 all change lets go to Perran! Half way there and remember have forgotten two Paragliders, turn back, call Adie .... problem solved, thanks :)

Dredge gets the ball rolling

On site and Dredge is there bouncy as usual and it is not long before he is off on his Mini wing to play on the dunes whilst we rig the Hangies.  Jenny S is keen yo get her first flight in on her own wing, Wills Wing Sport 2 135, and whilst she rigs I check out conditions on my T2 C. It's breezy but fun and with the forecast to drop it is looking good.

Guess it's January then, Peachy dressed for the occasion

45 minutes later I pop back in on top, test Jenny's glider and things are fine.  Jenny does a super launch and is soon settling into her wing on only her third soaring flight. a few beats and she is well up there and soon joined by "Little' al on the Calypso making a come back and taking it easy to start with.  They both have  super flights in classic Hangy conditions whilst the mini wings play below.

Jenny and Al share the air

Jenny and Glen play

It is all going on

Next challenge is to get Jenny in, a bit of practice flying on the uprights first then in she comes, a super landing on her second attempt gets a round of applause from the watching danglers. Nice one, covert into her own harness next and she is away, watch out for her on the hill.

Looking good on approach

Looking happy after a great flight

Little Al makes it all look easy as he comes in to land and hopefully we shall see much more of him this year.  A bit more playtime on my glider  whilst Frank H and Alistair S finish off their theory exams under Kaz's watchful eye then with things easing little it's back in to see if we can get them up there.

Little by little it eases and Frank is off and away to join the increasing numbers.  A couple of good flights and two more top landings and he completes his hill conversion, well done Frank a fun journey and plenty more fun to look forward to.

Frank gets set to go as the sun and the wind begin to drop

Alistair having waited patiently gets in the air and has a good flight despite the lift dropping a bit and things getting busy,  Smooth flying see's him staying up  nicely and he too slips in for a fine top landing, a couple of more flights and he will be sorted.

The look of joy, well Mike actually

Great to see everybody out having fun and making the most of it Phil L played with every toy he had before letting me borrow his Delta for a play at the end of the day.  Peachy Zeroed in and had a ball before flicking to his normal wing s did several others so giving them plenty of airtime which otherwise they would have been stood on the hill.

Lets hope this is the start of a good year for all.

Quote of the day "everybody duck" and it was nothing to do with poultry .....