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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Force returns .........

After a bit of a break from the Blog it's time to get back at it and let you know what's going on with Cloud 9. Since the last blog post back in July we have had a good summer producing a nice mixture of Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Paramotoring students along with carrying out more Tandem flights than ever.  On our personal flying side we have had some good times and in Competition Phippsy took the British Open Series overall Championship in Hang Gliding, nice :)  and in Spain came a very creditable 7th in Nationals, so he still has it!

What with a Wedding, Grandchild and an Engagement it has been a busy
year on the personal front as well.  Things in Cloud 9 have changed a little with the focus turning onto training smaller numbers so providing a more personal and exclusive experience to those who want  high quality tuition and are prepared to put the commitment in.

Sam & Helly get married

First Grandchild - Isla courtesy of Lee and Lauren

Jenny and Damian get engaged :)

So with the first Tandems of 2016 taking place here's what happened............

Good looking forecast for a sunny day and moderate to fresh SE breeze, Birthday girl Katy rings for an update, we call Dredge who is on site and he informs all looking good, we head off.

Dredgie and Steve M try to de frost

Halfway there update from Dredge, it's got windy and after a short flight on his mini wing he's playing it safe.  We arrive and it's looking good for hangies but too brisk for danglers so Dredge and Steve M head off before they freeze up. We get rigged and ready with the Tandem. The wind moves a little more to a SSE as the Katy arrives along with her friend Claire (coming flying) and Gavin (taking photographs) so all is good.

Katy is first up and from the moment her feet left the ground she loved it. In super conditions we flew the whole of the site from end to end playing with the sea thermals before having a bit of a swooping play session.  Nice landing by the windsock saw a beaming Katy back on the ground and already talking about the next time!

the whole site to ourselves .... bliss

Claire was a little more nervous but despite them she did just what was needed and we made a super launch to make the most of the conditions.  Bit by bit her nerves went away and it was not long before she was up for some 360's stalls and tight turns.  With the moon in the background gavin got some super shots of us which hopefully will appear here soon.  Another super landing and the girls chatted away about their flights before heading off.

Claire - Phippsy - Katy
Smiles all round and what a Birthday ;))

A really nice afternoon made even better better by one of the original Kernow Hang Gliding Association members Colan T dropping by, don't know who was most please him or us to meet up, hopefully we shall see him again soon.

Quote of the day " Your GOING to love it"  and she did :))))