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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Chilly One

With a small slot forecast early in the day Pete C and myself headed to Perran where we found the wind already off to the south so retreated to Chapel Porth where it was on but light. Keen to try my new Ozone Rush 2 I was first off and found good lift despite the light wind. Coady followed and it wasn't long before we were working the regular sea thermals. John W and Nigel E also got into the air but Johns flight was a short one as he lost lift towards Porthtowan resulting in a "beach landing".....

Meanwhile Pete and myself were having a fine time working up to well over 2000' ato and well back. Pushing back to the front from behind the Beacon was possible although a good bit of speed bar did help. Losing height to land due to frozen fingers (yes we do have some i boy gloves due in) it quickly cam apparent that the wind and lift down low had changed dramatically necessitating a swift slope landing. Pete meanwhile stayed high playing with the thermals until he finally took one to far and headed off downwind to land near Perranporth.
Conclusion... wear warm gloves, don't go to far towards Porthtowan and yes the Rush 2 does go noticeably better than the Rush 1

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back in the UK

Having arrived back from Spain where it was 24 C to the UK on Thursday morning to 4C it was a surprise when it turned out nice on Friday. We headed to the hill early as the forecast was for the wind to drop and we hoped to get some hill stuff in then get to the field to go Paramotor training.
However, the wind didn't drop till gone midday by which time Mick L was getting on with his first taste of ground handling on the hill and plenty of people turned up. It was a busy afternoon at Perran with up to 12 gliders in the air at one time using the variable lift.
Still a fun day and good to see this years ex students out there enjoying it..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Algo day 7 What goes up must come down

Early launchers gets off before the thermals start

Spot the landing field, and the gliders...

Pilots get ready inc' Paul and gay as the sky bubbles up

Arriving at launch it was plain that there was a weak inversion just below the hill but with the day yet young it was sure to break. Gay was first of the group off and joined gliders already in the air in gentle climbs. Paul was next off and sank out before holding level then slowly climbing back up in the improving lift. By the time Kaz got off things were improving and after losing 3 - 400´she slipped in under some circling gliders and was quickly way above launch along with the other two. All three pushed out well into the valley and towards twin peaks where they found plenty of climbs taking them as high as they wanted towards cloud base.
I headed down in the car leaving them to it under a steadily building sky. By the time I was back in radio contact they were all trying to get down which proved far more of a problem than getting up had been! Kaz was last down and had to pull Big Ears down to within a hundred feet of the ground to make sure of meeting Terra firma again. Off to the bar for a cooling drink and to recall the flights with other pilots all of whom had similar stories.
Paul left his packed lunch at take off along with Kaz´s cardigan (told him not to wear it) but it was the loss of his muscles that upset him most along with his hard sausage.

Another cracking day with the guys getting flying like they had never experienced before ended in JJ´s bar again where the No 43 drink has to be recommended. Last day tomorrow but we will be back in November so call if you want to come along....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Algo day 6 castles and sunsets

Nice little castle to visit whilst waiting for the wind to drop

Paul gathers nuts with "the hill" in the background

Plenty of flying friends to meet and thermal with

A cracking day with a bit of everything. It was windy in the morning so we had a chilled out day checking out accommodation options followed by a trip to Zahara where we watched Vultures from the castle before having ice creams and cokes at a bar with a most stunning view. We then went to watch the hangers training on a local slope before heading up the hill as the wind dropped off. Arriving at the top just as it became flyable Paul led the team off followed by Gay and Kaz leaving me to drive down. Luckily I found a driver so got a flight in myself to round off a super day under a super sunset, you had to be here to see it. Tomorrow the forecast is for a light NW so we may go to one of three sites, we shall see...........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Algo day 5 early sausage does the trick

Paul with his early morning sausage
Checking out other sites and huge bottom landings, even big enough for hangers

Paul enjoyed getting his sausage in early which as he put it " sets him up for the day"! With a variable forecast we decided to head up Lejar first before heading off to check out some other sites. This proved a good move with Paul and Kaz getting off the hill before the other pilots arrived in freshening conditions. The problem they faced was not so much one of staying up but one of getting down as the breeze was on the increase. Still both landed safely having enjoyed their flights. Gay held back as things were now strong enough at launch and we picked the other two up on our way to check out the sites.
The rest of the day was spent playing hunt the site followed by hunt the car, fortunately we succeeded in both. The two sites we visited looked great for both hangers and para´s so will be added to our list. Rain fell for most of the afternoon ans as far as we know only one other pilot flew today and then only briefly. Forecast for tomorrow is better.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Algo day 4 sunshine and sea !!

Sunny day at the beach....
..and a take off, almost like home....

...but then again maybe not....

Waking up to an overcast sky we decided to head to the coast to check out the beaches and the flying sites. As we moved out of the mountains towards Seville the weather improved and by the time we got to the coast it was hot and sunny. Having sussed the local flying site we hit the beach and went for a swim in the Atlantic which was notably warmer than the Cornish bit of the same Ocean. A lazy afternoon ensued with sunbathing and relaxing as the wind filled in at launch but also moved off so not becoming flyable. Another nearby site which is ideal for hangers is only 7k away gives the ideal combination making it a good day out and the drive worthwhile.
As we headed back to Algo we stopped watch the local kids on their motor crossers on a dirt track in the middle of an industrial estate, wouldn´t happen in England.
Back at Algo the rain had just cleared leaving a stunning sunset and the prospect of a nice day for tomorrow fingers crossed......

Friday, October 17, 2008

Algo day 3 El Torro!!

Kaz looks happy after a good days flying
Gay launches for an early flight after Paul on the west take off

the "guys" arrive at El Bosque

With a west breeze forecast we decided on an early flight off Lejar to get the forward launches sorted then headed off to El Bosque to check out the sight. arriving at lunchtime things were looking pretty good so we headed straight up and checked out the Hang Gliding launch which is a cracker before moving on up to the Paragliding one. Paul was first off followed by Kaz and Gay and all had nice flights with as much thermal lift as they wanted (well Paul could have done with more). Kaz played a little to long with some lift resulting in her landing short in a field which appeared to be inhabitted by large animals with large horns. A ple for help ensued as they showed more interest in her and Paul came to the rescue.

After a bite of lunch (Paul ate yet more hard sausage) we headed back up for an evening flight which was a super one with the guys staying up until the sunset in a mixture of ridge lift and thermal along with 20 other gliders on this huge ridge. Everyone did a cracking landing in the huge lading field before we headed back for yet more beer and food. Tomorrow looks like it may rain....what!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Algo day 2

Students launch before the thermals get going

Gay looks relieved after her first real taste of thermalling a Paraglider
"the problem is not going up but..."

After a hard day there are some serious decisions to be made.

Bright sunshine again and with a NW forecast we headed 20k south to check out another hill known as Ronda Vieja. Very nice to, on arrival we met up with Dean Crosby and his students who were just finishing off their morning flights. With conditions starting to get more lively Paul was first off the classic launch but failed to contact anything good. Kaz was off next and had a nice flight bobbing up and down in light thermals before checking out the bottom landing. Gay got off last and hit it just right going straight up and enjoying 4o minutes or more most of which was spent trying to keep herself down as the left was everywhere. Having picked everyone up it was back to the top for lunch where Paul his sausage!
It was also working at Lejar and Tebe and a steady stream of gliders appeared flying south from the former. Kaz and myself had a cracking evening flight in super lift cruising the slopes whilst watching a student getting sucked up and putting his first go at Big Ears to good use.
Then it was back to home for a lovely salad then off to the bar to up date the blog. Great that done it must be time for another beer... wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Algo 1

The hangers were up early and looking pretty

then the paragliders started to get ready

Kaz stares skywards before being the first of the group off the hill

Our first day in Algodanales was a cracker. Up the hill early we were ready and waiting as the breeze swung on as the sun shone onto the SE face. Kaz was first off into the bouncy air and had a fun time going up and down in the punchy thermals. Paul H was next and had a fantastic flight with lift of 8 ups and sink of 12 downs before deciding he had had enough after an hour or so. The suspicion that he is taking viagra was upheld as his biggest problem was getting it down!

Gay and myself watched the entertainment at launch until the wind flicked to the west when we headed down to pick the guys up. A refresher in the bar and it was back up for the evening flights with Gay leading us into the air followed by Kaz. They both had cracking flights playing with the smooth lift for nearly an hour before heading off to the landing field where I joined them on . Paul kindly offered to drive giving me the chance to fly, thanks Paul.

Writing this from the local bar which is only 30 yards from the apartment , life can´t be bad. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Late day

Paul B sets off on the Stubby for a flight

now you know why it's good to cross your legs

Paul B explains the finer points of the "Air Board" to Phippsy

Steve D looking serious at launch as evening sets in

Steve d heading off and up into the sunset

With the morning starting off damp we delayed heading to the field until 10.30 to let the drier weather come in. Paul B (Bristol) was quickly back in the air on day two of his taster days now on the Stubby. He did a fine job getting more confident as the day progressed and having the morning and early afternoon to himself as it was a little breezy for the Paragliders. by the evening he had put in 12 tows and was looking nice and smooth as he flew across the field.

Late afternoon saw the breeze drop and Steve D (Bodmin) who had hung around all day got his turn o the winch. He had a great evening putting away 10 tows all to the top of the line and getting him nicely into his CPC tasks. Sorry Ray but you knew it would happen, your ground work was good though. We wrapped up as darkness fell and Tell came into land on his Doodlebug power unit having had another cracking day buzzing around west Cornwall.

A late day bit a good one.. off to Spain to check out flying sites for a group trip in late November, call if you want in.....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Testing day

It was bright and sunny in the filed all day with a moderate southerly breeze. Steve M (Tresillian) and Paul B (Bristol) were along for a go at Paragliding and Hang Gliding respectively. Whilst Steve got on with the ground handling on the para Steve got to grips with Hang Gliding ground work. By just after lunch they were both ready for a go on the winch. Steve D (Bodmin) put in a nice high flight before the others got on the winch. Next it was Steve M's go and despite his best efforts at pulling the brakes the Ozone Element managed to keep itself in the air giving him his first taste of Paragliding flight. Then it was on the line for Paul who started off well with a nice "moon walk" flight before getting his feet off the ground on a low level flight. On his final flight a lack of airspeed resulted in a lack of roll control added with a bit of a twist ended up in a un dignified landing putting the Condor out of action so stopping play.

Tell put in another 3 flights on his Powered hang Glider Doodle bug combination and the two Steve's rounded off the day with some more ground handling as the wind picked up a little towards evening.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Carlsberg Day

Dean F gets set to join Kaz at the crack of sparrows

Kaz and dean enjoy the early morning air

that must be Rick that deans talking to, wondr what he's saying??

Mike G looks happy after his first high flight

Mike on his way back down after another high

Nice landing set up over "abandoned" Paramotors

WOW what a day. Up at 06.00 out on site at Perranporth at 07.15 where Kaz p was sent off to check conditions before Dean F launched to complete his hill conversion on the paraglider. Dean had a super couple of flights to gain his endorsement complete with excellent top landings. He then put in another couple of nice flights as a qualified pilots giving him nearly two hours airtime before 10.00. Gay j got her first flights on her new Ozone Buzz Z and did a fine job finding it nice and light to control with responsive being the word to use. We headed back to the tow field leaving them flying for 10.00 to get Mike G back in the air on the Hang Glider.

By lunchtime Mike was putting in his first high flights moving him into his CPC tasks, by 17.00 he had put away 24 tows and completed his CPC flying tasks looking very smooth and relaxed having also converted to a chest release. Jim M came along on his Rush 2 and joined in with Mick L using up some of the spare lines.

Pete L and Paul H entertained us on the Paramotors and i even managed to get a flight in on the school unit at the end of the day to see the superb views along the cliffs as the sun began to drop.
A cracking day especially for Dean and Mike and very satisfying for us to.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Making the most of it

With the weather forecast to deteriorate during the day it was a 09.00 start in the field for Mike G (London) on his 2nd “day” of his Hang Gliding course. Mike did well moving from the Condor to the Mars glider and also getting to his release flights and performing gentle turns despite having to take several breaks due to dampness. By lunchtime the wind was picking up and becoming a bit blustery so we called a halt to proceedings, quitting whilst ahead comes to mind.
Still a useful time putting Mike well into his EPC course with another 8 flights to his credit, hopefully Wednesday will see him progress into his CPC, keep an eye on him.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunny afternoon

Gay J gets her first tate of her new Buzz Z

Mike G gets his first taste of "the winch"

and quickly gets to grips with it

getting higher

and further

As promised by the forecast the rain cleared away late morning and the wind veered to the NNW although remaining strong. We decided to head to the tow field to get Mike G who had travelled down from London started on his Hang Gliding training. Mike having spent a disturbed night in his tent in what must have been one of the worst nights for ages was well up for it. We had a relaxed afternoon working through the basics and the ground runs before we got him on the end of the hand tows. Dean F dropped by to give some manpower whilst Paul and gay dropped in to hopefully check out gays new Paraglider (Buzz Z). By late afternoon the wind had dropped enough for Gay to try some ground handling and didn't she do well finding the Buzz Z lighter and more responsive than the school wings.

With conditions looking good we decided to give Mike a go on the winch and didn't he do well! Looking super relaxed he moved through "moon walking" into low flights and finishing off with a nice 40-60' flight untethered to add a huge bonus to a day that looked unpromising to say the least. Super sunset too. Thanks guys.

Friday, October 03, 2008

evening all

Having spent a large part of the day "sorting out Ady's hang Glider after he had an unusual experience on it at Vault bay a week or so ago it was off out to Perranporth to see if it was fixed. In brisk conditions with a fair amount of north in the wind a couple of test flights confirmed all was well so Ady jumped back on the horse and had a couple of lovely flights himselg getting higher at paerran than he has been before. his verdict on the glider " flying better than ever, glad I crashed it!". Paul h also nipped out for a flight on his hanger and had fun playing with the sea thermals as the sun set. Nice one