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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hanging out at Carbis

What a super day was had at Carbis Bay, is not always the way when you postpone the Frostbite it turns out nice, just like last year!

With a few tandems on the cards we headed off mid morning arriving to find new Hangy convert Chris H already up and flying in the fresh conditions.  Kaz rigged whilst I got the Tandem sorted before getting the T2 C out of the bag in the hope of some flying before work began.

With the wind well off to the east Kaz decided to wait a while so I took the opportunity to get some airtime in.  Conditions in the air were good with nice thermic climbs to 1700 as and the wind drift set for lands end ......... retirement beckons ;)  However the launch was one that took a bit of experience and those on the ground made the right decision to wait.

Sure enough the wind backed and pilots began to launch and have fun whilst I landed to get the Tandems going.  By now there was a good crowd out and the sky filled with hangies including Kaz who did a fine job  with a super take off and equally good landing.  Down on the dunes someone looked like they were trying wipe not only themselves out but also a few passers by as they presumably taught themselves on what looked like a Green Ozone Zero ........

Kaz takes off in fine style

Carl R dropped by and headed for the dunes with his Zero and by the time we got back in the air he was having fun and looking sweet.

Callum gets set to go

Callum T was first up on the Tandem and having been suitably wound up by the terrible twins (Dad Shuan and "mate" Matt) was nicely nervous as we stood at launch.  He did a great job resulting in a nice take off and we were soon mixing it with the others as we soared the cliffs and got some amazing views in the clear air.  His nerves soon disappeared and it was good to hear his enthusiasm
 for flying as we chased the seagulls.  A nice top landing and it was time for number two.

Hangies having fun

Paul B who had fortunately called up only a few hours before to see when he could book in and was amazed when the reply was "well about14.00 would be good!" was next up.  With conditions staying perfect we soon climbed away from launch and into the blue.  Paul has done a lot of things but nothing quite like this and loved every minute of it as we chatted away.  Another nice landing and it was time to play again :)

Paul gets off on the Tandem

A lovely afternoon with a total of 9 hangies out all of which flew  most several times giving total of around 30 flights and not an incident between them, nice.  The Critique committee did a fine job of analysing everyones flying and it is interesting as to the difference between the disciplines as to what is accepted as 'normal and OK" in one whilst in another nothing but perfection is strived for ;))

One to look out for ;)

If any one would like to pick up a radio controlled model from the bushes give me a call and I can give you a very good description of where to find it, yellow with red tips ........

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