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Friday, February 19, 2016

Floopies, Stiffies and smiles

Forecast looks good but experience shows that it may or may not be accurate, however we are pretty sure we will fly something, somewhere at sometime !  Late morning and we are off to Perran with a full compliment of toys on board, just as well as it turned out.

Arrive just as a large cloud passes through  and whilst some had had scratchy flights in the morning  nothing missed.  Roy S and son Sam arrive from Plymouth hoping for Tandem flights but with conditions light and off they head to Perranporth for a coffee whilst we wait it out with a few others.  The clouds are WNW but the wind stays stubbornly SW hmmmmmmm.  Roy and Sam return and their timing is excellent as the wind veers and guys start to fly on Pg's despite a quickly strengthening breeze. We rig the Hangy to cover all bases and by the time we have it done it has eased back.

Roy gets into the PG harness then out again as the breeze drops again so it's Sam (11) to go first saving a full 6 !/2 stone :)  We have a super flight with a mixture of ridge lift, sea thermal, sink cycles and lift cycles before coming in for a nice landing.  Sam was great and enjoyed every minute of it being as cool as a cucumber, a nice lad.

Sam gets into the air

and loves it ;))

The wind fills and the lift increases so perfect for Roy and we waste no time in getting in the air for another cracking flight. Again the sea thermals played ball and we had a ball with Roy getting to fly the glider whilst dodging the steadily filling skies.  A sink cycle saw and extended flight before back came the lift and up we went having to burn off lots of height to land.  Good to see Father and Son having such a good time together.

scratching as a sink cycle comes through, but all turns out good 

Nigel E arrived with his extended family and it's Ella who is up for a flight on the Hangy.  With James R already up on his Hangy it's not long and we join him just as conditions improve yet again making them idea for Hangies.  Ella was a perfect passenger as we played around soaring and swooping before circling up in the thermals for a stunning view along the coast.  A lovely landing rounded off a great days Tendeming and lots of smiley faces.

Pops, Ella and Phippsy with Big smiles

Good to see a nice crowd out having fun, shame you went home Frank!  And the coastguards were on an exercise so nothing to do with us ..........

Quote of the day "he likes not to be normal"  can't imagine who they are referring to ?

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