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Monday, April 11, 2016

Buzzing about

A text from Wyn D and with all the chores done it was off to the field to hopefully finish off Wyn's Paramotoring conversion.

With his new set up ready to roll Wyn was keen to get going and with a warning of maybe having to run a little faster to get the Revo 2 23 off the ground ringing in his ears Wyn warmed up the Parajet.

Even with a bit of of a breeze his little legs were shifting but he made a fine launch and was so zipping around the sky under some nice looking clouds and circling up. 15 minutes of play and in he came for a stand up landing and happy face.

School unit gets ready to join in the fun

Richard W dropped in to join the fun and I had meanwhile popped the school unit together and tethered it up to a Delta 1.  We all got airborne and made a beeline for Pro design graphics HQ where a smiley Treeve popped out to give us a wave, well I think it was a wave ???? Only one figure, where was Fergie ??  The sight of a Paraglider floating down at Godrevy answered the question :)

The three of us had a fun fly in pretty thermic conditions spending the majority of the flight on tic over  as we circled the lift.  Drifting back to the field things got very lifty by the coast and took an age with the engine off to get down.  Landing in a nice southerly made life easy but within a few minutes it flicked to the north as a late sea breeze kicked in.

Richard took his leave and headed home to Tresillian whilst we packed up and socialised with  farmer Paul.  A buzzing noise saw us look skywards and there was Fergie heading up to 5500 feet before coming to see us and defrost his fingers.

A great afternoons flying and thermalling, well done to Wyn on completing his flying tasks a small exam and he is sorted. :))))

Quote of the day "Go Go Go "

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