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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Perfect at Perran

The day looked nice and the breeze set fair so we headed to Perranporth for some hill soaring and tandem flying.  a bit breezier than expected on arrival so out with the Ozone Zero to test the air, it was lovely :)

Katz played on the Zero whilst Paddy built up the courage to give it a go ......  the first of the tandems turned up and with a desire to paraglide rather than hang Glide they were happy to wit to see if the wind would ease a little.  A couple of test flights on my Ozone Delta 2 confirmed things were heading the right way, confirmed by Peachy scraping along the top on his Zero, unfortunate timing.

Jo gets things going on the Tandem paraglider

happily up and away for a cracking flight

Jo who was down on holiday from Taunton did a great job on launch and we were soon up and away with the sky to ourselves on the Tandem Paraglider.  One by one the others came up to join us and it was a fun time waving to the passing pilots as the sky got busier.  Jo had a great flight and gave me a rest by flying the glider herself doing a first class job.  A bit of fun as we rocked and rolled then it was back in on top for a super landing and big smiles.  Great to to Jo and her family stay around to watch proceedings and show a real interest.

Kaz joins us as we float the coast

Jeff turn as we head towards take off

Next long was Jeff who had made the trip down from Liskeard for the occasion.  It was a present to himself for his 72nd birthday which is tomorrow.  a good briefing and slight delay whilst we waited for the wind to see again and we were away into some super lift.  Jeff loved every minute of it and was quite emotional as it had been a desire of his to do something extreme in memory of his brother, a real pleasure to help it happen and to be part of it.  Another cracking flight in amongst the Paragliders sea gulls and hang glider gave us plenty to watch.  Back on top and Jeff was just as excited, brill.

off over the blue

then up in it

Jeff just loving it all

Nice to see a good crowd out having fun  even if a few did have to duck pretty quickly as a Tandem Hangy nearly gave them a hair cut ........  and good to see Frank out again :))

We quit early to go and pick some weed leaving the hill to the arriving Hang Gliders whom i believe had more fun into the evening :))  thanks to Jill for me of the pic's

Quote of the day "we've only just met"  something to do with leg loops ;)

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